heres the list of life ruiners

My Christmas Wishlist

Here’s a list of things I want to find under my Christmas Tree or under me.

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I was tagged by @redexcess to list my top five ships. Sorry for not doing this sooner, life got in the way… Anyway, here are my five top ships:

1.Ian x Mickey

2. Ian x Mickey

3.Ian x Mickey

4. Ian x Mickey

5. Ian x Mickey

Shut up y’all! Okay, tagging @ghostofgallavich, @paulacobb17, @beautiful-ruiner, @sleepyfaceandsnark, and whoever wants to do this.

God, I’m pathetic *shakes head*
LoVe Story - YouTube
LoVe' s scenes from Veronica Mars tv serie and movie. The tv serie has a few years but if you've never seen it you must do it, you will love it ;) Video with...

Okay, so possibly everyone in the fandom has been here already and I’m just a moron, but this YouTube channel has EVERY L/V SCENE FROM EVERY EPISODE ALL LINED UP IN A PLAYLIST. 

Seriously, I just watched my way through Season 3 the only way I want to watch Season 3 these days - minus everything except Logan x Veronica. 

Current obsession: the way Logan says “What is this? Jealous?” circa 0:55 in this vid


Ugh. Sorry. I’m having video-related feelings to avoid editing my WIP.