heres some tags for the blacklisters o/

D isn’t going to be on here for a while (okay so maybe until the 8th), so I’m keeping an eye on things! ‘,:) 

I’ve got answers and I’d love some questions! The tag I will use for any asks and text posts will be ‘#hello mr atlas’ and ‘#f/o takeover’ if you wanna blacklist them. This time around I’ll also be taking suggestive and NSFW asks, but if they’re too explicit they wont be answered. 

Y’know, boundaries and everything. 

If you’re being an asshole through asks, you will not be responded to (anonymous or otherwise) and they will be removed on sight. 

Asks are now open! 

Have Fun! :) [Rhys]

[Thank you to @myrainydayloves for setting up the event!]