heres my face guys lol

(lol ignore the shitty quality and the fact that there is no music playing rip)

okay so here is my cover of 6/10 by dodie clark! I decided to post this on #worldmentalhealthday because this song has helped me through a lot, I relate to it and the fact that there was a song that touched on the topics of anxiety really made me feel not alone. Remember that you are not alone, seek help if you need it and you are so so sooo loved. 💛💛💛


 he’s so cute i wanna cuddle with him ❀

i’ve been tagged by @rainkth , @rainksj , @rainmyg @rainknj and so many others to do the bias selfie tag so thank you~

i literally stan everyone btw lol but hobi is my sunshine and i love him soso much

i tag the rest of the #rainsquad @rainpjm , @rainjjk ofc and also @dorky-hansxl , @mytaeddy , and @17pjm bc you’re all super sweet and i love you ❀


The Breach - Lazy Habits


all aboard the bear train to mogarville