heres my face guys lol


I was tagged to this selfie tag by the flawless @kpop-state-of-mind PLEASE LOOK AT HER FACE, SHE IS A GODDESS

So yes, I’m posting here some selcas, ignore my face, lol, I LOVE YOU GUYS. I’m sorry I’ve been disappeared for the last couple of weeks, this university semester IS KILLING ME.

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No makeup, no filter, and I let my hair hair dry. I used to go bare faced all the time, and now I can barely stand to look at myself without at least concealer and eyeliner on. After many different angles and me finally just saying fuck it, I settled on this picture that I think is halfway decent. Idk exactly what I hope to gain by posting this, but it feels like a good step to take.


all aboard the bear train to mogarville


The Breach - Lazy Habits

I forgot I told myself I’ll post the muscle study on Tumblr!!

But here it it! i hope it help!
Feel free to use em as references