heres me again with derp face

Budder Hubber

“WEEZY” screeched Adam as he finished.

Unpacking boxes is an exhausting task, made more exhausting by having to drive the moving van cross country. Oh, did I not mention that we were moving? To be honest it was a bit of a surprise to me as well when Adam finally asked me.

“TY HONEY BUN, WE’RE MOVING” Adam yelled with the authority of an angry bacca.

That was a week ago, and what a beautiful Sunday it was.

I was sitting in the living room of our apartment watching my favorite show, Benja and Bacca Do Dis, when I heard Adam yell that we were going to be moving. Immediately all I could imagine was the mess we were going to make packing. I could imagine Adam with his hair slicked back, sweat dripping from his brow as he tried to squeeze another thickly packed box in to the rear of the moving van. The very thought of his muscular arms packing another box gave me shivers all through my stylish eye covering hair and headset combo.

“Stop that,” Ian said, “you’ve got that look on your face again, the one like you’ve just thought about your budder hubber and it makes me uncomfortable. In the butt”

“Pfft, as if!” I said as I z-snapped my way out of the room.

“I CAN HEAR YOU BLUSHING FROM HERE” Ian yelled after me.


“YOU’RE NOT MY MOM” Ian screamed back as he derp faced alone in the living room. I really feel sorry for him sometimes knowing that when he gets too stressed he goes derp, it’s truly tragic.

I was still backing up and z-snapping when I bumped in to him, my budder hubber. Adam, Skydoesminecraft, my love. I turned around to stare up in to his eyes, placing one hand on his hairy-as-a-bacca chest. And then he drop kicked me and we totally did it or something.


venglef pls reed 4 fan fiktion plz


In retaliation reply to my dear yaboku yato( @ryuusea

I GOT TO CAPYPER LAND WITH HIYORI FIRST (and another first too ;^)

Ya’ll be prepared for me tomorrow!

BONUS IN PANDA KIGU! (cause those are my pjs)