heres jonny

I’ll say yes- Jonathan Toews

Ok so here’s Jonny!!! Yes ok I am nerdy enough to do that. Whatever. Anywho! This is for @toewsj19 cause she was sad my love triangle didn’t end with her with Jonny so I promised her this story! Sorry it took so long babe! But you can think of this as a congrats for getting through your exam presents! So enjoy guys!


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              You stood in the hotel lobby in Winnipeg, staring at the man in front of you, tears pressing against your eyes.

              “Do you have to?” you whispered. He sighed.

              “(Y/N), you know I have to. Just a few more months then I’ll be home.”

              “Until it’s time to go back to Chicago” you said. He sighed once more. You reached up and wiped away your tears. “I’m sorry that’s not fair.”

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coolest video i’ve probably ever seen