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Back In The Saddle

Here is Part Two to “Salt And Pepper”

Pairing: Jeffrey Dean Morgan x Reader
Words:  1090

Read “Behind Brown Eyes”

-Jeffrey comes to visit the reader on set. Has he made a decision?-

Thank you @mamapeterson for looking over this for me!!

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You were eating lunch in your on set trailer when someone knocked on the door.

            “Come in,” you called out, expecting Jared or Jensen to come in to have lunch with you like they did sometimes.

            The door swung open and you looked up to find Jeffrey standing there. You hadn’t seen him in the month since the con, the night he walked out of your hotel room without saying anything after your ultimatum.

            “Jeffrey?” You were frozen where you sat, confusion and apprehension bubbling in your belly.

            “Hi, Y/N.” He stood just outside of your trailer.

            “What are you doing here?” you asked, putting your fork down.

            “I came to talk to you.”

            Sitting back, you nodded and gave an invitation, “Come on in.”

            Jeffrey stepped in and, after closing the door, sat down across from you and pulled in a deep breath. “What if I told you that you were right?” he asked, the words rushing out in a cluttered mess.

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Blabbermouth (Jimin | Fluff)

Prompt source: Daily AU Prompts


Member: Park Jimin

Genre: Summer Fluff

Words: 1.498 (Drabble)

Summary: Wow, um. When I told you your shirt was inside out I didn’t expect you to take it off and fix it right here in front of me. Excuse me while I pass out because of your hotness.

N/A: This was pretty fun to do!

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Summer in Los Angeles is like going to a sauna in hell. You can fucking imagine. I mean, I’ve been living here my whole life, so you can take my word. It gets really hot.

Each and every new summer season I feel like my body will melt against the pavement whenever I abandon the safety of my house –and the air conditioned that inhabits there and that I call Bobo. Don’t ask why. Never.

You live right next to the beach, so cool.’ They said. ‘It’s not that hot, you are overreacting.’ They said.

Well, let me tell you that those empty statements are not precisely helping me while I wait in an outrageously long queue outside a new coffee shop. We have exactly fifteen hipsters in front of us –They are fifteen, I swear, I counted them– that are waiting patiently for their iced coffee while this sun of justice hits me on the face with all its power. Which is quite a lot.

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Long Post about Meg Turney and my Apology.

I hate Meg Turney.

Before the raging starts, I want to explain why.

When I got into RT and Achievement Hunter, Meg was a big figure there. I could barely go a page in Tumblr without her smiling face or cosplay pics showing up. And the more I got into the company, the more I saw of her. And unfortunately, it’s what triggered my onset of distaste for Meg along with a larger, overarching issue.

The multicolored haired, nothing-but-bikinis-for-costumes, Nintendo DS toting females have seemed to make it damn near impossible to be respected as a female gamer. I’ve been living under the idea that the only way to get respect is to wear barely anything at all, be super fit, spend thousands of dollars on clothes, accessories, makeup, and hair to be even remotely believed when I say “I’m a gamer!”. If I wasn’t at every Con, with a handmade 10,000 hour costume; if I didn’t spend my weekends soaked in anime, getting my next Minecraft tattoo, or spending hours to wear layers and layers of makeup that I wasn’t a real female gamer. I have blocked not only pictures of Meg but several other women because the site makes me so goddamn angry, I start crying. Because I’ll never measure up. Because of my life, I’ll never be able to afford the items needed to be that person. Because of my job, I can’t have multiple tattoos visible or wild hair colors. I can’t and it makes me so depressed and angry. I’m losing weight but I’ll never be confident enough to wear half of the costumes even if I make them specifically for me. It literally burns holes in my confidence and self respect.

And here’s where I want to apologize to Meg.

See recently, I went through a really deep dark period with my depression. Finances were impossibly tight, everything was caving in mentally, so I shelved my games and spent the time working on fixing problems or sleeping because I was so exhausted. My friends and family kept constantly checking on me because it got very bad and very scary. Nothing like adding suicidal onto the list of mental things I was trying to manage.

Around the time of my birthday, Doom came out. My cousin got it for me as a gift and we even went to the midnight release. The game store employees know me by name and face because of the number of midnight releases I go to and how often I’m in checking out games or reserving them. I got behind the wheel of my XBox One again and blasted my way through several levels while everyone fell asleep. I found the secret Doom doll that got me a fist-bump from the character. I got high ratings for my kills and scores. It was awesome.

I ended up back at the store a few days later to pay on my copy of Lego Force Awakens and struck up a conversation with the staff about the horror games I wanted and how I’d need to get a PC together to play them (most are PC exclusive). A man came up, listened in on part of the conversation, and asked me if I liked gaming. I told him yes, I love it. He then made the comment, “Like iPhone games? That Kardashian game thing?”. I’m used to this; happened a few times before. But the 2 employees literally jumped in and told him to leave me alone. When the guy asked what he did wrong, the response from the one staff was, and direct quoting here, “She grinds more than most of the men coming in here. She’s hardcore Halo and is kicking ass in Doom. Leave her alone.”

It was then that I actually stood there and realized that this wasn’t the first time that someone questioned the kind of gaming that I do but that other people have stepped in and told the questioner but I am a gamer, that I’m pretty intense with a lot of games, and that they need to back off. It was then that I realized that maybe I don’t spend forever and a day pounding away at Destiny but I am 100% in Dragon Ages 1, 2, and Awakening; I haven’t beaten the purple coin challenge but I got the “If The Came To Hear Me Beg” achievement for assassination in Halo: Reach on my first try; I’ve not played every Zelda but I have played every Halo and Modern Warfare; I’m the only one of my friends or family to beat Alien: Isolation AND the DLC on the hardest setting.

Fuck yes, I am a gamer. And the manager, my new favorite person, told me how awesome it is that I come in, scrubs on from work or themed outfits for midnight opens, or fancy dress on weekends, and just “do your thing”. Because my thing, whatever it is, is rather awesome.

So to Meg Turney, I’m very sorry. I unfortunately misjudged and misinterpreted your style, your smile, and gaming for something negative. You have incredible skills as a gamer, in fashion, and as a person. My bestie saw your panel last year about bullying and couldn’t say enough about how sweet you are. When I get back to RTX in 2017 (finances won’t allow this year), I hope to give you this printed up and apologize in person. I’m very sorry and I hope that if you read this, you will forgive me. I wish you nothing but the best and hope to meet you one day and tell you that.

And to everyone else, female or male, I hope you see that there really are no rules. You play for you and you alone. Happy gaming, everyone.