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Prototypes of the Yaku and Lev nendoroids revealed. They will be released in 2018, along with Hinata and Kageyama (in Karasuno jerseys) and Oikawa (in uniform) nendoroids. Also, various announcements for more upcoming collaborations/events/merchandise, including charms of various Haikyuu!! characters when they were younger. [Color version of the Eagles collaboration and info here]

Source: Public raws for JUMP, Animate Twitter

  • Hazel: ya’ll’d’ve
  • Goku: *tears streaming down his face* i don’t know what ur saying

You are cloned out of an ancient fossil and taken in by a mob who claims you’re their god, and you have absolutely no idea what is happening.

Also, your main food source is probably extinct.

Uncut version here.

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anonymous asked:

I have seen a lot of people comment how they don't want Meghan Markle to marry Harry because she will waste taxpayer's money. Not a Meghan question, but how does the tax work for British family? I know they get the revenue from Duchy of Lancaster, does it increase every time a new working member is added to the family? The general tax cannot increase with every royal wedding, does that mean just the percentage of the total revenue the family receives increases?

The royal finances are reaaaally complicated but I’ll try to do a simplified version here. There are a few main sources of income: 

Taxpayer money- The security costs for working members of the royal family is paid for directly by the taxpayer. 

Parliamentary annuity- This is another taxpayer funded source of income. The only person who currently receives an annuity to fund their work is the Duke of Edinburgh. 

Duchy of Lancaster- This is a land and property portfolio which provides income to the monarch. The income comes from the net profits of the portfolio so it entirely depends on how well the estate is doing economically. She uses this money to fund the expenses of her family members for private and official duties and her own private expenses. 

Duchy of Cornwall- This is another land and property portfolio which provides money for the heir to the throne. In a similar way to the Duchy of Lancaster, it funds the private and official expenses of the heir, his wife, and his direct family (William, Kate, and Harry in this instance). 

Sovereign Grant- The Sovereign Grant is derived from the profits of the Crown Estate. The Crown Estate is a property and land portfolio which is not owned by the monarch as an individual or by the state state, but it provides income to the monarch.  15% of the net profit of the Crown Estate is given to the monarch to fund her official duties (it’s now 25% because of renovations to BP). This money funds renovations to property and travel as well as the costs involved in official duties. 

This doesn’t cover everything. Local visits are paid for by local councils and military ceremonies are paid for by the military and taxpayers. 

So to answer your question, there will be no increase dependent on the number of people who enter the family. The income is entirely dependent on the performance of the individual property portfolios they maintain. Charles is very good at managing his Duchy and has increased the income heavily so there should be no difficulty in finding money to support someone new. Harry also has his own source of income which came through inheritance from his mother and his great grandmother. 

Attention all Elsword x Ain shippers, regardless if you ship them sexually or platonically


Even if you have no special feeling about Elsword x Ain but love Ain by himself

by the way this is just re-iteration of what most of you probably already know if you’ve been a follower of mine for a while now

If you never gave a damn about Rose, 
then it’s time for you to give a damn

My long reasoning is explained here: Source of the Great Disaster

Short version is 

Elsword will try to restore the El and not stop:

  • There’s no mistaking it. He is a being with the same root as I… Elsword will definitely try to find Lady of El and restore the El. No, he will never give up its restoration..
  • They’ve changed up the story ever since Ain’s release so that Elsword is very much intent on restoring the El from early on in the game, instead of “wait what Lady of El is real? She’s not a myth?” in Hamel.
  • Elsword. Elsword, you want to find Lady of El and restore the El, right?
    Of course! It’s something we all dreamed of!
    Will you ever… change your mind?
    No. We came this far. I will restore the El no matter what.
  • He doesn’t know what it will do to Ain, because Ain never flat out says what he is, or why he came to Elrios, or what he went through to get this far.
  • Ain himself has entrusted Elsword to make the final decision. He left the fate of his existence up to Elsword without saying anything about what will happen to himself:
    I don't… regret this decision. So Elsword, you follow your own will. At the end of that path, the answer you want… will be there.

If Elsword restores the El then Ain will disappear

Ironic as it is, as the one who remembers Ain and has the ability to return Ain to his physical form, Elsword is also the one who can make Ain completely disappear, if he chooses to restore the El.

But Rose will likely stop Elsword.

Because she was sent by the Imperial Princess to find the source of this “great disaster” and by the end of Elysion she concludes that Elsword is the closest one to the source and lots of other reasons that are already explained…

It’s the whole “El is the source of the great disaster” theory.

The only person who can stop Elsword and make sure our Ain stays in Elrios without disappearing is


Sure, it will flip everyone out, the entire El Search Party, Elsword and Ain himself, but when they learn the truth...

What truth…?

Solace says “You’ll soon learn the truth of the world”…