heres a picture of me being an idiot

July 17th 2014

anonymous asked:

Okay i just saw a picture of Nick Bateman and thought about stiles crushing hard on him and scott being like dude he kinda looks like derek and stiles having a heart attack because omg scott you idiot derek is RIGHT HERE

I just looked him up and first of all um yes I approve of this hypothetical fan crush Stiles has on him.

And Stiles probably doesn’t make the connection at first, he’s just getting off to the idea of abs and stubble burn, and so what if he really loves starting out these fantasies with him in a leather jacket and tight jeans, alright, who wouldn’t want to picture that? And what does it matter if Fantasy Nick Bateman might sometimes be a little bit stronger than Normal Human Nick Bateman probably could be, lifting him up like he weighs nothing and pinning him to walls and growling against his neck? It’s a fantasy, it’s not like he gets bonus points for realism.

But then one day Stiles is just innocently ogling pictures on his phone while they all sit around together, and Scott makes that comment and suddenly it hits him all at once and he’s just staring down at his phone (so he doesn’t turn to stare at Derek) and he’s suddenly taking in that jawline and those eyebrows in a way he never had before (and holy shit he’s always preferred the black and white pictures of him because it makes his hair look black how did he not realize this?)

Sitting here, eating ice cream while I watch a movie that I’ve probably already seen hundreds of times, I think about you. With all honesty, I can’t see you with me. I can’t imagine you sitting by my side, eating the chocolate part of my ice cream -which I hate, by the way- and watching this movie with an idiotic grin on your face. I just can’t see that.
Sure, I can picture you holding my hand and kissing me goodbye on my doorstep, but I just don’t see you standing by my side when I’m on my period and cranky and buying me chocolate when I book I loved ended. I just can’t see you with me, with the real me.

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Picture as my screensaver is a compliment usually, because you are 1 of the most beautiful girls I saw. I deleted it when you asked me. I hardly "stalked" you, i messaged you on VF/Facebook a few times when we talked. ... Yeah OK, I was stupid asking for pictures, I just knew you didn't like me and it was shit, so i was being an idiot. Fuck it, you're wrong about me, but I know you will never give me a chance! I hope you're happy anyway! x

lolol i’m done here~ “compliment” (: just don’t use me as your fap material.