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Yuri on Ice - Skating Animation Changes Between the TV and BluRay/DVD Version

On the left, you’ll find the TV version, while on the right you can see the DVD/BluRay version.

As you probably noticed, they have re-animated Minami’s kick in his Free Skate, and they actually show the jumps in Leo’s Short Program instead of cutting to the audience.

From what I gathered, they also reduced the amount of audience shots in Phichit’s program, but since it was comparable to the one from episode 11, I decided not to feature it here. There were also some prominent improvements in Yuuri’s Free Skate in episode 5, but those were again mostly sequences that we’ve seen in later episodes in all their glory (that most likely just weren’t completed by the time ep 5 had to air).

Apart from these, I haven’t seen any changes in any other skating sequences, but if I missed something, then please tell me so that I can feature the gifs here.

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To celebrate this blog reaching 10k visits, here’s animation masterpost part II. I’m glad you guys found the first masterpost helpful. I hope you guys start using this information right away, practise is key. Happy animating !!

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Have the best of holidays, everyone!

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THANK YOU guys so much for over 1000+ followers! I’m so glad that you enjoy the stuff that I post. :D

I’m going to be heading out soon for dinner, but in the meantime, I’m going to start planning out some more one-panel comics tonight! Thank you guys for all of your wonderful ideas! I’ll try to do as many as I can when I return home!

Here is a sneak peak, I am making an Animated short featuring Solangelo! Here is a little teaser to get you guys pumped. c: This will be a five minute film when I am done. c:

My laptop is up and running again for the time being, and I couldn’t be more thrilled. It’s a story, but I’ll fill everyone in later. 

I’ve been a little busy so sorry for bringing this so late but here he is!!!!

A lot of you guys have been asking for a figure skating Suga and I was kinda scared cause  i’ve never drew it before… but I liked it as it came out so I hope you like it too <3

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