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1. What’s the worst thing you’ve ever done?

- Probably any of the times I’ve gotten into fistfights with people, because I kind of freak out at that point. I tried to choke the two people I fought with pretty hard. I get… mean when I lose my temper. It takes a lot for me to do so, though. 2. Do you consider yourself to be honest?
- Yes. I can’t lie for shit.
3. Name three places in the world you’d love to live in you had the money.
- The United Kingdom, Alaska, Switzerland.
4. Pick a language- which one would you want to be fluent in? - Augh, there are so many languages that I’d love to speak. Either French or Russian takes the top spot.
5. How do you handle bad friends? - Ehhhh. I’m usually bad about dealing with bad friends. Normally I just kind of stop interacting with them, I don’t go out of my way to confront them unless something serious happens.
6. What are you ashamed of?
- How I look (I don’t think I’m that attractive), me and sex (I can be quite dirty minded and I like sex/talking about sex, but I’m also incredibly inexperienced and I sometimes feel guilty after having sex and I’m not fully sure why? Also it’s a lot more difficult to talk about sex with people I want to do stuff with, which is stupid), and the fact that I’m kind of lacking in ambition compared to my family (especially my mother). Occasionally my being a huge nerd, mostly when dealing with my dad’s side of the family. They’re very judgemental about that kind of stuff and it always bothers me.
7. Wealthy, stunningly attractive, incredibly smart. Pick two and explain why.
- Wealthy and incredibly smart. I know I just said that I don’t think I’m that attractive, but there’s a lot of things I want to understand and work with that I’m just plain not smart enough to do so, and I’d rather have wealth so I can get the few really expensive things I want and then use the rest to help out friends/family.
8. What’s your worst fear?
- Spiders/centipedes/most creepy crawlies. Hate hate HATE them. I’ll freeze in place or run away from them.
9. You swap places with [insert favorite celebrity here] for a day. What do you do?
- I swap places with Robert Downey Jr. and become both Iron Man and Sherlock Holmes. Life dreams accomplished.
10. What event in your life would you do over again if you could, and how?
- I would go back to the last time I saw my grandfather alive and I would wake him up and talk with him. I will never forgive myself for seeing that he was asleep and not waking him up to talk with him one last time. He passed away a day or two after that and I’ve never been able to forgive myself for not seeing him one last time.
11. Are you happy with your life? 
- Yes and no. I’ve got a loving family, I’m on the path to graduation, I’ve got amazing friends, and I’m really enjoying Philadelphia. But I’m also single and pretty lonely, I’m worried about what I’m going to do/where I’m going to go after graduation, I need to find a roommate ASAP and it’s going to be frustratingly difficult to do so, and a slew of other little things.


1. If you could choose any superpower to use, what would it be? Why?

2. Name three things you’d do if you won the lottery.

3. Which author has been most influential to you and why? What was the first book of theirs you read?

4. You have the choice between the ability to use magic (but it messes up technology when you’re near it) or the ability to get cybernetic implants/augmentations (ala Deus Ex/Ghost in the Shell). Which do you choose?

5. What did you want to grow up to be when you were 5?

6. Strength (self explanatory), Intelligence (How book-smart you are/how much you know in a scientific sense), Wisdom (how street-smart you are/how to best apply what you know), Charisma (how attractive you are/how much you are able to influence people through personality), Dexterity (how flexible/athletic you are), Fortitude (how much stamina you have/how much of a beating you can take). Choose three to improve and explain why.

7. Name one thing that will, without fail, manage to turn you on/make you randy.

8. What’s been your favorite movie from the past year?

9. What are two places on earth you would never, ever go to?

10. Your favorite subject in school. What was it?

11. If you could pull a single item from any fictional universe into our world, which one would you want the most? (Assume that it would work exactly like it did in the work of fiction, and that you know how to use/fix it, etc.)

This was sent as a fan mail, so I'm posting it here.

7, 8, 18, 20 

— hereimstandingup

7: Game I’d like to visit?

  • I would choose either Fix-It Felix Jr. or Sugar Rush. I can’t really decide which one I would pick first, though.

8: Favorite quote?

  • The bad guy affirmation. It’s amazing how they worked with it in terms of what the movie’s theme is.

18: How did you join the fandom?

  • I joined the fandom back in June 2012, when the first trailer came out. I probably got into it late compared to some others, but I’m glad that I even found out that it existed!

20: Favorite song featured in the movie?

  • When Can I See You Again? by Owl City. It’s a really great song! 

1, 6, 18 and 19 — hereimstandingup

1. Meaning behind my URL

Ok, so, back in middle school, I was best friends with this one guy who was THE biggest Star Wars freak you’d ever seen (we got along famously, because I fuckin’ love Star Wars). Like, he owned so much collectable memorabilia that we nicknamed a part of his house “the Shrine”. But anyway, we wrote a little bit of a terrible awful fanfiction-esque thing that was literally Star Wars, just with everything based around music references (Star Destroyer is a guitar pick, Leia had headphones as her buns, the Rebel Blockade Runner was a violin thing, Death Star = disco ball, etc.) and called it Groovy Wars. We stopped almost immediately because it was a terrible idea, but the name we came up with for the main villain was Disco Vader, and for some reason that really stuck with me. So I started using it as my screen name online, and it’s kind of become my default online persona.

6: Favorite Band

Ooh. Hm. Well, my all-time favorite band is probably Radiohead, and it’s for a very specific reason - they were the first band that I got into entirely on my own. No input from friends or family at all, just me discovering one of their songs and really liking it. Right now, though, my current favorite is probably the Protomen. You can’t beat MegaMan rock opera that’s actually sung ridiculously well.

18: Phobia

     Two big ones come to mind. Spiders and really deep water (like, middle of the ocean vertigo inducing deep). It took a really long time to admit to the second one, because I’m a certified diver and my family really likes that stuff, but if I go underwater deeper than say, 40-60 feet, I get all kinds of phobias that I don’t have on land (claustrophobia is a big one). Spiders are just fucking creepy as shit. *shudders*

19. Middle Name

     Francis. Named after my mom’s granddad, if I remember right.


GABE! XD This is what happens at cons with us.. I don’t know why they recorded this, but I’m dieing XD

Rule 1: Always post the rules

Rule 2: Answer the questions the person who tagged you has written and write 11 new ones

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I was tagged by: Quietmind5591

  • 1) Current favorite song?

Abandon Ship - Deep Ella

  • 2)Current mood?

Honestly.. I’ve been feeling empty lately.  Like somethings missing. I just want to go back to 2010! or maybe.. find a snuggle buddy =  3=“

  • 3) Where is your happy place?

In front of my computer or driving. I love driving <3

  • 4) Current obsession?

Working. And it’s really nice to say that. Cause I used to try and get out of it, but now all I want to do is go into work to occupy my time and meet new people and save money.

  • 5) Your ideal job?

Animation, I think.  The more and more I think about it, I think I’d have a lot of fun doing it.  and maybe I could do something meaningful with my life.

  • 6) If you could offer one piece of advice to someone what would it be?

Don’t dwell on the past. There’s nothing you can do to change it, so get over it.

  • 7)Favorite tv show of all time?

Friends! I watch it everyday! I must have seen each episode at LEAST 10 times! HAHA

  • 8)What family member are you closest to?

My younger brother. He is seriously my best friend and I don’t know what I’d do without him <3

  • 9)Favorite author

Can’t say I have a favorite..

  • 10) Most random thing you’ve ever done?

um.. I can’t think of anything worth putting here XD

  • 11) Worst fear?

THE OCEAN!  The thought of something big enough to just.. swallow you up underneath you is terrifying.. out there all alone.. D: I'ma stop now dhashfk

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  5. When was the last time you cried? why?
  6. Favorite drink:
  7. Which is better: coffee or tea?
  8. What’s the most meaningful piece of jewelery you own?
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  11. What color is the shirt you’re wearing right now?