St Anne, Thornbury, Herefordshire by ChurchCrawler
Via Flickr:
St Anne’s church is situated in a very well-kept churchyard, and has another of the local low bulky unbuttressed towers! The church was once larger, as can be seen by the blocked three bayed C13 south arcade. The porch and its doorway are Victorian, presumably by Kempson who rebuilt the chancel in 1865. However on the north side of the nave is a blocked Norman doorway with a blank tympanum. Inside there is a Norman font decorated with lozenges but not a lot else of note. However I did like the four-bayed Gothic board with the Lords Prayer, Commandments and Creed on the north side of the nave, as well as the glass in the east window with central figure of Moses and flanking willowy angels with wings so small they would never have carried them off!

Two is company, but three's a crowd

Author: @lunaticalwriter

Artist: @snowzapped

Part of the @capreversebb challenge

  • Title: Two is company, but three’s a crowd
  • Rating: PG-13
  • Warnings: None
  • Relationships: James “Bucky” Barnes/Steve Rogers/Tony Stark
  • Characters: Steve Rogers, James “Bucky” Barnes, Tony Stark, Bruce Banner, Natasha Romanov, Clint Barton, Sam Wilson, Thor, Janet Van Dyne, Nick Fury
  • Word count: 6729
  • Summary: The Academy boys ventured into the time fog and stumbled into their multiverse counterparts. Will our heroes be able to return home?
  • Art link: here
  • Fic link: here
A Day In the Life - A Nuala/Cerridwen Fic (Bat Nannies Part 1/?)

Hello everyone! I wrote this little fic today because I thought it was cute and @crochanblackbeak said “Do it.” So, here we are. 

Based off of a headcanon by @silke-tara found here. I don’t know if she imagined this with a baby Rhysand, but it is what it is XD I hope you like it!!

AO3: here

Fic Masterlist: here

Part 2: here

Summary: A day in the life of Nuala and Cerridwen: Bat Nannies.

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Chat & Nino: The Bromantic Fluffcanon

Some of you may be aware of the classic Marichat trope where Chat Noir starts visiting Marinette and they kiss kiss fall in love.  I’m gonna turn that headcanon on it’s, well, head.  :D

  • something brought him here
  • fate, destiny, a cheese-loving cat…
  • for whatever reason, Chat Noir starts visiting Nino
  • as if Adrien wouldn’t take this opportunity to hang out with his bestie outside of his schedule
  • Nino has a fanboy meltdown
  • because OMG IT’S CHAT NOIR
  • they play video games, trade music they like
  • but something’s missing
  • Nino suggests that they sneak Adrien out of his house to join in their frivolity
  • Chat/Adrien is really touched by this and tears up
  • even though Nino is hanging out with his hero
  • he’s still thinking of his best friend
  • since Plagg doesn’t care either way, Chat tells Nino who he is
  • After staring at him for a minute
  • Nino has ANOTHER fanboy meltdown because his best bud is a superhero 
  • and because he’s also an Adrien fanboy
  • obviously ¬‿¬ 
  • after that, it gets easier for Adrien to sneak away during akuma attacks
  • because his best bud’s his alibi
  • …not that he has anyone to explain it to when Alya and Marinette (and even Chloé) disappear whenever Adrien becomes Chat

Bonus: Chat Noir vs. Chloé Bourgeois

My husband came up with the best one.

  • the Nino thing worked out so well
  • Adrien decides to use Chat to rekindle his friendship with Chloé
  • he knows how she usually reacts to him in this form
  • but he knows her weakness
  • He. Knows.
  • he’s just chilling on her balcony one day
  • and she comes out to see what the hell this idiot wants
  • …and sees the McDonald’s bag
  • they bond over their mutual love of Les Chicken McNuggets

(Technically Dave’s first Ladybug fanart and it’s this. *sigh*)

anonymous asked:

Lauren can you make a post with links to all the fics you plan on rereading? Plus, I loved your drawing it was super cute ❤️

since you asked so nice, I guess I will… I mean, it’s not that hard to google “[fic name] ao3″ because that’s how I’ll get all the links myself. But whatever, I’m bitter and people are lazy rip - see my bullet journal page here

fics to reread

Love Is A Rebellious Bird / You Are The Blood / Escapade / The Galaxy’s Edge / Sail Across Me / Butterfly Gun / The Dead of July / Run Away Home / American Rose / Relief Next To Me

In Vogue / Young & Beautiful / And Then a Bit / Amaryllis / The Finish Line (Is A Good Place For Us To Start) / Fake It Till You Make It / Take My Breath Away

Behavioural Ecology / Pull Me Under / Atlas At Last / Soft Hands, Fast Feet, Can’t Lose / Bloodline / Liberté / Shake Me Down / Fixated On One Star / These Inconvenient Fireworks

This Wicked Game / Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose / Through Eerie Chaos / No Matter Where You Are (No Matter How Far) / You’ve Got To See Yourself From Far and Wide / All the King’s Men / The World Turned Upside Down / For Now (and Forever) / Paint the Skies With Stars / Here in the Afterglow / Resist Everything Except Temptation

Feyre’s Bigspan -  An Inner Circle Fic

Okay so I took this from a headcanons by @the-heir-of-terrasen found here.  It’s kinda rushed but I thought it was funny.

AO3: here

Fic Masterlist: here

Summary:  Feyre seeks to end the biggest wingspan argument once and for all.

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A New Chapter (Ch. 4): A New Life

Characters: Dean Winchester x Platonic!Reader, Sam Winchester x Platonic!Reader, Dean Winchester x Mia Walker (OC)

Length: 1057+ words

TW: (Minor) Character Death

A/N: It’s a short chapter, but at least they’re reunited! Feedback is encouraged, but not necessary. Let me know if you want to be tagged, or removed from the Tag List!

Catch up on the Hell on Earth Series HERE

Five Years Later

Y/N graduated in Honours Nursing five years later. The girl whom had panic attacks at the sight of blood overcame her fears to do what she loved doing, helping people. She transferred from a General Science to Nursing in her second year, realizing that she wanted to do a more practical program. Luckily, her school offered a co-op program where she had placements for a term in the last two years of her program where she earned a little more money than she was used to through working in the library.

After the fight with Dean, Y/N had trouble opening up to people. The first person she ever trusted broke her heart, and their relationship in the span of months, and she never wanted to feel that pain ever again. So, she closed herself off from people, only talking when necessary. Jasmine was the one who broke her out of what shell, to help her trust in people again, and to teach her how to behave around other people.

She picked up a bartender job halfway through her first year, getting her license over the Winter Break when everyone went home. Jasmine was the one who helped her get her bartending license, and get her a job at the bar near the university, having worked at the bar since she started school. When money was tight, they resorted to dancing at the strip club. A lot of people from the university were seasonal workers there, trying to earn money to pay off their student loans. It was a competitive job, but through their connection from the bar, they were able to secure a position. Jasmine introduced her to her boyfriend, Matt, who was a physics major in their university. Their group of three expanded to four when they met Sean. He was a math major who was a TA in the same term as Matt, and through Jasmine’s prompting, the couple tried setting him up with Y/N with no luck. Despite their shortcoming as a couple, they became such good friends, and often ended up acting as “couple” in certain situation.

She was living comfortable in her apartment. When she wasn’t working or in school, she took up kickboxing, and boxing in general, aside from some self-defense class. She suggested it to Jasmine as a form of protection when they went home late at night, and Jasmine agreed. One of the things that Y/N liked most about Jasmine was that she never asked questions about her past. She’s mentioned that she’s had a hard past, and she didn’t like talking about it, and Jasmine understood completely.

Sam tried keeping his promise about keeping in touch as best as he could, but with Dean’s spiralling temper, it was hard for the youngest Winchester to talk to her as much as he would like. They rarely talked about Sam’s side of the story. He insisted the less she knew about the world of monsters, the safer she would be.

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Viktuuri Fic Rec

hello yes!! i have read many viktuuri fics, here are my favorites and some others that i think look cool!

Unwritten by kaizuka on ao3 (34k words, completed)

soulmate au where whatever you write on your skin appears on your soulmate’s! this fic was absolutely lovely, with lots of cuddles and cuteness! link here

i see quiet nights poured over ice by ohhotlamb (16k words, ongoing)

it’s the same storyline but with a ton more background, is from viktor’s pov, and makes viktor a lot more yuuri obsessed! link here

like your french girls by ebenroot (nic98ole) (102k words(!!!), completed)

au where viktor is an artist and yuuri is his muse. slow burn (i love slow burn so much oml). honestly i’ve reread it 3 times i love it so utterly much link here

Switched by GhostsOnSaturn (11k words, ongoing)

soulmate au where your consciousness sometimes swaps with your soulmate’s, it’s a very interesting concept and i can’t wait for more chapters! link here

Expomise by thankyouforexisting (49k words, ongoing)

honestly my favorite fic atm?? it’s a harry potter au where yuuri is kind of a clueless lil wizard and viktor’s character is much more reserved and they become friends! i’m so excited for new chapters for this fic!! link here

Blue Roses by Fauks (31k words, ongoing) 

childhood-y au where viktor and yuuri grow up together! i’m planning on reading this soon! it looks lovely and the plotline also seems interesting!  link here

Deluded by SuggestiveScribe (3k words, oneshot)

viktor and yuuri dance together. does include some angst but, well, it’s worth the read! the description was amazing omg,, link here

Five Kisses by oh_imintrouble (4k words, oneshot)

this was awfully cute?? i loved it sm?? and honestly i’m about to read it again, it was pure and adorable and skdkandk link here

Connected by bibliomaniac (18k words, ongoing)

this looks so interesting omg! in which yuuri was childhood friends with viktor and they part and when yuuri meets him again viktor doesn’t remember him. friends to enemies to lovers is literally my favorite thing in the universe i need to read this ASAP link here

 I Write Sins Not Tragedies by otaku_trash (10k words, ongoing)

in which viktor is a blogger and yuuri is a fanfiction writer. i need. to read this. link here

aand that’s all for now! thank you for reading! ily!

Painting Class - A Feysand Fic

Headcanon created by @her-misplaced-wings in one late night conversation and was posted: here

AO3: here

Fic Masterlist: here

Summary: Years after the events of ACOWAR, Feyre opens up a painting shop/studio on the Rainbow and gives painting classes to citizens, free of charge, while Rhys offers to cover their official duties for the night.

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Greetings Fannibals! So this is my contribution to the HannibalOdyssey Fest. It is a fantasy map of the place where we spend so much of our time. I present to you

The Land of Fannibals Map

So basically you can see where you live based on which area of the fandom you spend most of you time in. Are you a writer of angsty fics, then you make your home in Fic Forest near the Cliff of Tears. Are you a maker of Gifs and Edits, then Mirror Lake is your home. Or are you a wandering minstrel that travels the entire length of the island. The cannimals and I live in the Adoraburbs of the Prairie D’Art near to the foot of Crack Mountain.

Long description under the cut

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Awakened - An Elain Fic

Hey guys. So I started this fic a long time ago…but I never finished it because I didn’t know what to do with it. With a lot of help from the amazing @her-misplaced-wings, it finally turned into something decent. I hope you enjoy it!

AO3: here

Fic Masterlist: here

Summary:  Days after being forced into the Cauldron and turned into High Fae, Elain sits in her room and stresses over how much her life has changed until the power roiling deep inside of her threatens to awaken.

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What Was Yet to Come: Ch 5

Read Ch 1 Here

Fic Summary: Nico isn’t happy with his life at the moment. He’s stuck in a house he doesn’t feel like he belongs in with a hopeless crush he never asked for. He doesn’t feel accepted at school or at home and just wishes to get away. Will is scared for his life. Tensions are rising in the Wizarding World and, as a muggleborn, he doesn’t know what his future will entail. The only thing he knows for certain is that he’s very in love and highly annoyed with his friends. Their lives are thrown for a loop when the Wizarding World falls into turmoil and it’s all they can do to hope that the next day will be better than the last.

I’m super sorry this is a day late, I tried uploading this yesterday but my wifi wasn’t working right and I couldn’t get it to upload, unfortunately. But ayy, it’s time for plot to kick in, so enjoy :)

Word Count: 2225

Read on ao3

Nico had never been a fan of big cities. He preferred rural seclusion, being surrounded by forests and fields and wide open air. Being stuck in a space surrounded by tall buildings blocking out the sky, muggle cars honking and zooming around, and an overwhelming amount of people was not his cup of tea.

So he did his best to make the most of the views of the countryside before being surrounded by the chaos of King’s Cross station. He’d always enjoyed riding the Hogwarts Express, actually. From his first time, there had been something peaceful about it that he liked. Besides, at the moment the ride meant prolonging his inevitable arrival at his family’s manor.

He glanced away from the window and over towards the sleeping form of Will Solace who lay on the seat across from him. He allowed himself a smile at seeing his boyfriend so at peace. Boyfriend. Yep, he still wasn’t used to that word.

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