Percy’s One-Liners

Anonymous asked: Would it be possible to make a compilation of Percy’s one-liners?

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MBTI & Fiction writers
Sylvia Plath - INFP

“And does not my desire to write come from a tendency toward introversion begun when I was small, brought up as I was in the fairy-tale world of Mary Poppins and Winnie-the-Pooh?

Did not that set me apart from most of my school mates? — the fact that I got all A’s and was “different” from the rough-and-tumble Conways — how I am not quite sure, but “different” as the animal with the touch of human hands about him when he returns to the herd.

All this may be a subtle way of egoistically separating myself from the common herd, but take it for what it’s worth.

As for free will, there is such a narrow crack of it for man to move in, crushed as he is from birth by environment, heredity, time and event and local convention.

If I had been born of Italian parents in one of the caves in the hills I would be a prostitute at the age of 12 or so because I had to live (why?) and that was the only way open.

If I was born into a wealthy New York family with pseudo-cultural leanings, I would have had my coming-out party along with the rest of them, and be equipped with fur coats, social contacts, and a blasé pout.

How do I know? I don’t; I can only guess. I wouldn’t be I. But I am I now; and so many other millions are so irretrievably their own special variety of “I” that I can hardly bear to think of it.

I: how firm a letter; how reassuring the three strokes: one vertical, proud and assertive, and then the two short horizontal lines in quick, smug succession. The pen scratches on the paper … I … I … I … I … I … I.” (x)

Don’t Cry For Me, Vox Machina

@BananaMcGee1 Here’s a stat for you to find: How many times have any of the players cried on the show?
Anonymous asked: It would be cool to have a list of all the times the cast and characters cried in the show.

Hey, this stuff gets emotional, man.

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Ironically enough, after making that post about people on tumblr who say “I’m a biologist and I know that gender is a social construct and there are more than two genders!” and how bullshit they are, I’ve gotten a lot of people saying exactly that to me. It’s hilarious, because they completely ignore things such as brain structure differences between males and females and supply no facts at all to even suggest that they know what they are talking about.

Here’s an article on brain structure for your reading pleasure and a handy PowerPoint about the fertilization process so I’m not a complete hypocrite:

anonymous asked:

Why wouldn't Tessa have Shadowhunter speed and strength? Isn't Nephilim blood dominant?

She never seems to show it in canon though. 

She can’t keep up with the boys when they run after the Automaton at Ravenscar Manor (possibly you could write that off to corset and nice shoes). 

When she trains, she progresses as well as Sophie does, if the Nephilim blood was selecting for that speed/strength then it should have shown through. She should have been better than Sophie and we’re never given any reason to believe that’s true. 

She can’t bear runes either so what she gets from her Shadowhunter blood is not complete. 

The books use a very 19th century explanation of heredity too. I mean obviously Nephilim genes aren’t completely dominant because Will looks like his mother. So if you think about it more as complex heredity then it makes sense. 

The Nephilim Blood is dominant means “A Shadowhunter is a Shadowhunter, always,” but I’m not taking it as a science definition. 


I think either interpretation is valid from the canon we have. 

I choose to skew Tessa more toward her warlock heritage than her Shadowhunter heritage but I will admit that’s an active choice. I am deeply invested in Tessa being on par with Magnus - different powers but on that same level of scary powerful magic. 

If you were writing a Tessa with full Nephilim strength, I think that would be a completely defensible interpretation of the character. 

Bon Appétit

Anonymous asked: Is there a list of all in-game eating somewhere?

  • Times a member of Vox Machina has consumed something: 95 
  • Times that something was or included alcohol: 36

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DIY Anti-Puff Eye Roller

Create this easy DIY anti-puff eye roller with just three simple ingredients to help calm and soothe your tired and puffy eyes and reduce under eye bags! 

So what causes under eye bags?

As you age you’re more likely to experience bags under your eyes. Because the tissue structures and muscles supporting your eyelids weakens, this skin may start to sag. As a result fat that is normally contained around your eye may drop into the area below your eyes. In addition, this area may also retain fluid causing your eyes to look puffy or swollen. Typical causes of this include fluid retention due to hormone levels, salty foods or changes in the weather, lack of sleep, allergies or dermatitis. Heredity can also play a factor.

How to I resolve my puffy eyes?

It’s not always easy to know exactly what is causing your under eye puffiness, so starting by taking care of yourself is key. Curb your salt intake and manage those seasonal allergies with medication. You can also try using a neti pot, sleeping on your back, drink alcohol in moderation – and keep hydrated when you do drink! – use sunscreen, remove eye makeup before bed to prevent possible irritation, and don’t smoke. Cooling down your eye area also helps to relieve eye puffiness, and so this is where my DIY anti-puff eye roller comes in!

Made with aloe vera juice and caffeine extract, this DIY anti-puff eye roller also contains peppermint essential oil to for an instant cooling sensation. While this product won’t perform miracles in which your puffy eyes vanish forever, depending on the cause, it’s possible it can noticeably reduce your under eye bags when preventable causes are removed from the equation.

Learn how to make this DIY anti-puff eye roller here. Or re-pin it here for later.