Five O'Clock

Caitlyn put down her pen. It was nearly the end of the work day. That meant she had to act fast. Vi never stayed a second longer than she had to.

A few quick strides took her down the hall to her partner’s office. Through the half-open door, she could see Vi already shrugging on her jacket, enthusiastically counting down the last few minutes. With a little curl of a smirk she did her best to suppress, she knocked on the door.

“Vi? Do you have a moment?” She could almost feel the wave of frustration coming off her partner.

anonymous asked:

Uh, Cait? What's the address to that clothes lady you told me a while back? I can't fit these manlegs in my thighs and I don't think anyone's gonna take me seriously if I come to work in yoga pants or somethin'. -herecomesthepunchline

“Uh… Sally. On Marigold Lane.” Caitlyn blinks and stares at her partner for a moment, then recovers. “… would you like me to lend you a quicksilver sash, as well, or…?”