Sometimes the feeling creeps toward certainty
That silence is the only thing that is real here
Every word a movement of air trusting
The other party to parse each meaning
We fumble toward meaning, stuttering touches
As easily as words and all we have to offer here
Are platitudes because of tears
Wills that break before they bend
And truths we cling hard to
In our screaming silence


Castiel x Reader

Word Count: 769

Song: “Paralyzed” - Fleurie

You couldn’t remember the last time you’d felt shielded by the drops of rain that poured from the sky; how the droplets fell down your cold, shivering skin. Wet hair, quivering lips, soaked clothes, and a pending violent illness. There was something in that moment that made the weather cling to you like a flower clings to sunlight. 

Drowning in all the right ways, you thought.

But you were not the only person standing out in the rain in the middle of the night with nowhere to go. There was a reason behind your seclusion; reasons you didn’t necessarily want to bring out into the open, but that one reason was already standing right in front of you

Eyes locked with eyes; chests tightened; jaws clenched. You shared solemn expressions and swallowed your pride.

Come away for the year,
dance with me in the rain,
there are places to see,
chances to take

The one person you never thought you’d see again was standing right in front of you, and you found it so hard to believe. He’d left you so many years before; promised you he’d be back, but until then, he’d protect you. You believed him. Of course you believed him. Everything in you screamed to believe him. 

But he hadn’t come back.

He stayed away from you.

You didn’t know why.

He’d never tell you.

But he was right there.

How was he right there?

I’m paralyzed,
am I hypnotized?
‘Cause I can’t see straight at all tonight,
and you’re standing right here,
are you standing right here?

“I know…” Castiel began to speak, but he got choked up. You weren’t very far away from him, in fact, you’d even begun walking toward him; a possible explanation for his reaction and hesitance to speak, “I know I haven’t…” He let out a long breath through his nose, “I know I left, but I said I would come back.” 

You felt small as you stood right in front of him. Your arms wrapped around your body, attempting to create a friction where you knew you probably wouldn’t find one. You felt insane. You felt crazy. You thought he was dead. You thought he’d gone off and died, yet he was standing right there in front of you—paralyzing your thoughts and making you feel so weak when you should have felt so strong.

“I just can’t believe that–that after all these years, Cas, you are still alive.” 

He cocked his head, his brows furrowing, “You thought I was dead?” 

You nodded, “Yes! I-I… Why wouldn’t I?” You raised your voice; he flinched, “Cas, you’ve gotta realize that you left me for three years. You left me hanging on a promise that I whole heartedly believed in. Everyday I prayed to you. I waited for you to pop back up. I waited for my bed to not feel so empty. I waited to feel your arms around me as a surprise in the morning. I waited for you,” You spoke through gritted teeth and hot tears as you finished speaking, your voice felt like it had abandoned you long ago; throat dry despite all the crying and the rain.

The sky grieved with you.

Crying the tears you couldn’t seem to pour.

Without speaking, Castiel grabbed you by the wrist and pulled you into him. His trench coat was soaked beyond belief but it didn’t seem to bother you. His actions surprised you more so than ‘bothered’ you. He wrapped his left arm around your waist, his palm on the small of your back. He then held out his right hand, quickly reattaching his fingertips to the skin of your left hand, bringing it upward into the air, interlocking your fingers. 

He began to dance with you.

A warm smile coveted his lips; wet hair causing curled ends to fall just above his eyebrows, some strands matted to his forehead. 

And suddenly his lack of a presence and your anger and your despondence disappeared. You didn’t feel lonely anymore and if you were going to be completely honest, he kept his promise

Bodies flowed throughout the long, dead-end street. A melody in your heads, one that no one else in the world would ever be able to understand but the two of you. Rain pelted down upon you, small shared smiles, tiny chuckles and laughs. 

Come away for the year
dance with me in the rain
there are places to see
chances to take

I’m paralyzed
am I hypnotized?
‘Cause I can’t see straight at all tonight
and you’re standing right here
are you standing right here? 

anonymous asked:

okay so im brand new to mythology and basically know nothing about it so where is like a good place to start?? is there books on it or? like how to learn about the myths and all that? sorry if this is bothersome i just wanna get into it but have no idea where to begin

Oh goodness, where to begin? It really depends what type of mythology you wish to learn about, as each culture has their own mythology, their own gods, etc. I learnt about Greek mythology first, which was pretty good because it’s very well known and there are many resources you can look at, and it got me enthusiastic to learn more about other myths (I then went on to read about Roman, Egyptian, Norse, Aztec, African, Japanese & Chinese, etc) - you might like to try that.

Below are some resources to learn about mythology you may find useful.



I suggest you try some of the great classics/plays/poems. Some I’ve read include The Iliad, The Odyssey, Medea, Metamorphoses, Bacchae. Here’s a great list of classic literature such as these. Also:

If you are a little nervous about reading something that may seem tedious (don’t worry, it’s happened to the best of us!) you can try some awesome adaptions of myths - they can be easier to read with a contemporary writing style. Maybe once you’ve read them you can try the classics!

  • The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller (really good alternative to The Iliad - about the Trojan War & Achilles)
  • The Penelopiad by Margaret Atwood (Odysseus’ wife)
  • The King Must Die by Mary Renault (Theseus)
  • The Dark Wife by Sarah Diemer (Hades and Persephone but Hades is a female)
  • Tales of The Greek Heroes by Rick Riordan, Roger Lancelyn Green

All the above are based on Greek myth, but if you want non-Greek myth novels Maddie made some good recommendations. There is also a good long list of myth literature here, and a masterpost of mythology fiction here.

Also try reading non-fiction! You can find non-fiction books about mythology in most bookstores, but if you want specific titles here are some that are known to be good:

Check out Amazon’s mythology section & BookOutlet always has great mythology books at super duper cheap prices.

Film & Media:

Watch movies, documentaries & tv shows! Great entertaining way to get into mythology. I don’t know many decent films but some include Troy, 300, The Trojan Women. I haven’t watched any of them because I prefer to read so I can’t really say how good they are, but you might find them interesting. 

If you want to watch documentaries…

I also can’t say whether they are any good or not - maybe read up about them first to check if they are reliable!

Anyway, that’s all I really have, I hope this is sufficient. Good luck & enjoy!


This is where the chapter ends
A new one now begins
Time has come for letting go
The hardest part is when you know
All of these years - When we were here
Are ending, but I’ll always remember

We have had the time of our lives
Now the page is turned
The stories we will write
We have had the time of our lives
And I will not forget
The faces left behind
It’s hard to walk away
From the best of days
But if it has to end
I’m glad you have been my friend
In the time of our lives

Gravity Falls- Unused Theme (Parody/Cover)
Gravity Falls- Unused Theme (Parody/Cover)

Sung and Written by: Perfectlyvindictive

Instrumental by: Neil Cicierega (you can find it here)


Summerween Tricksters

I don’t know
Where to find the time
To tell you things here
Are not fine

Something, Someone’s out there
Bringing Chaos
Where ever they tread

You are not alone
Where you live
Is where they roam

But fear not dear friends
I’ll be here until the end

We can fight them
How will we stop them?

Magic never seemed so real
Can’t believe this place exists
It seems so surreal

I have to keep my loved ones safe
Should we leave this awful place
Or stay and embrace our destiny face to face?

Ghosts and Gnomes
Giant Spiders
Sea monsters
Flying Skulls

(Gravity Falls is awesome! When I heard the unused theme I wondered if I could write lyrics to it…was this a good idea?)



Seems to me that some of you are hankerin’ for a good fanfiction, and boy howdy do I ever understand that. After all, it’s hard to come by, and kind of a crapshoot as to what you’ll get.

But you can always count on your old buddy Zeke to save the day (and not just because I need help paying my rent…even though I do….)

I’ve decided to open up fanfiction commissions!

How much will one of these puppies cost you, you may ask? Well, the pricing is very simple.

  • $10 for up to 500 words
  • $15 for up to 1000 words
  • $25 for up to 2000 words

There’s even a catchy little bonus deal, where it’s only $10 per every thousand words after 2000! So, for example, a 3000 word fic would run $35 instead of $40.

Please send me a message on Skype (metalgearquinn, look for “Zeke Pliskin”) or here on Tumblr if you’re interested. 

I only accept PayPal payments!!

Fandoms that I will write for:

  • Metal Gear Solid
  • Voltron: Defender of the Universe
  • Overwatch
  • The Witcher

There is a $5 upcharge for privatized taboo, otherwise, whatever you write will get published on my new AO3, zeke_pliskin.

I’m not opposed to any ship or content (INCLUDING SELF-SHIP), but I reserve the right to decline any requests that may come through. 


Are some examples

Of my work!

(all examples are on a retired AO3)

I look forward to hearing from you guys!!

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how is it a final fantasy when there's like a bajillion games, that doesn't seem really final.


how did you get here

are you from the past

did I link up to a webcomic author from 2002




Are you an “adult” and feeling like an outsider in the 5sos fam because of it? Are you tired of only meeting fellow 5sos fans who are too young for you to properly relate to and bond with? Do you get teased for being “too old” to like 5sos? Worry no more!

Introducing The 5SOS Cougar Squad, a network/friend group for 5sos fans over 18! 

Benefits of joining The Cougar Squad:

  • Friends around the same age as you
  • Friends to reblog your selfies
  • Friends to send you obnoxious group texts every day
  • Friends who’s always there to help you
  • F R I E N D S

How to join The Cougar Squad:

  • Be 18 or older 
  • Follow Sandie and Nancy
  • Reblog this post (likes are only for bookmarking)
  • Befriend us! Talk to us, make us edits/manips/drawings/blurbs/etc, tag us in stuff, let us know who you are!
  • Your blog must be at least 50% 5sos related

We will be picking around 10-15 members to join the squad, and members will be chosen and notified on August 15th!

If you have any questions, please send them here :)

xx Sandie (clummyhood) and Nancy (clifford-san)

badbigboss  asked:

idk if you know this or not but the rake things are rgm painting knives! the rake in particular is their #13. there's a ton of different shaped ones. you generally use them with oil paints and really thick paints/glosses/pastes to get really cool textures in the paintings (like when ppl paint with palette knives exclusively)

What omg I did not know this!!! Thank you so much for sending, I’m like so happy. We did it guys, we solved the rake thing mystery

Anyway i gave these things a quick search on the good ol google and i found our problematic child

look at her

also shes got some cousins. 

Its a funky ass rake family reunion guys. and oH MY GOODNESS WHAT HAPPENED HERE


oh wait here comes another one

what th e fugck. why he got those holes. this is th e thign you wou ld give to a person u hate when they ask to borrow a spoon for soup. wait shit hold on guys


i need 2 lie down

anonymous asked:

Every lady wants a piece of me. Except you since you only want ALL of JB -Mark

i didn’t want to be the scum to pull out the receipts but you leave me no choice

let’s be real about which one of us wants ALL of JB

why you gotta be like that in front of youngjae and jr…they did nothing wrong to deserve this

not once but TWICE. why are your faces touching why is this necessary does JB hear you through his skin ??

oh look JB has a third hand

uhm excuse you, get a room pls. i don’t deserve this. 

i am the one being wronged here

are you telling him how much you want ALL of him? is that why JB is giggling like a little girl ??

the only winner here is JB. 

On Whom The Pale Moon Gleams #8

Why are updates for this fic so slow, you ask? I don’t know. I’m sorry. D:
But I wanted to thank you for being so loyal to this story. This was my first ongoing fic and I started it half a year ago. :o Those of you who are still sticking around and encouraging me with lovely messages: Thankyou. <3

NaLu Lightworld AU - Chapter 8: old alliances
read: other chapters | on

Even for a world of light, the brightness that was now radiating from the key in Lucy’s hands shone with a blinding brilliance. Like last time, the light moved to form beautiful patterns, as if it were delicate threads being spun into a beautiful fabric.

Lucy held the golden key tightly as the magic energy flowed through her veins. Her eyes were wide, her hands trembling, but at the same time she felt a distinct, blazing feeling of empowerment and euphoria. 

And again,what appeared seemed to be a gate, but this time it immediately closed again,leaving behind a monster even greater than Happy.

Lucy’s jaw dropped. She had summoned this beast?! It was a lion – only taller, more ferocious, with shining, gleaming fur and clever eyes that shone like the stars.

Its mighty jaw opened – and it spoke. Everyone clutched their heads as the lion’s heavy voice sounded for the first time.

Keep reading

Room With No Windows
The Maine
Room With No Windows

This town it’s a black hole,
sucking me in,
And fucking me up,
Yes, it does

I could just stay and keep praying for things to get better
But they won’t
And the only two things holding me here
are whiskey and women

Oh, you’re so naive
Just like a child
And I’ll be happy
It just might take a while
Cause you can’t make me smile
Oh, you can’t make me smile

Top!Lu does not exist. No.

Friend: “I don’t really get why LuHan’s always bottom. I mean, you ship Selu, right? He’s the youngest, and LuHan’s the oldest so, doesn’t it make more sense for–”

Okay, no seriously I need you to stop talking because I’m actually going to hydro-vomit onto your face if you don’t zip it like right now bro, for real.









Can you imagine

Baby Xiao Lu trying to top Oh Sehun. THE Oh Sehun. 

As in the guy who dances in a wet shirt and gets everyone pregnant with his hip thrusts Oh Sehun

Honey, the only thing LuHan can top is a cup of ice-cream 

and that ice-cream doesn’t look to be having much of a good time.

So no, LuHan does not / will not / will never top…and I’m obliged to say “in my own opinion”. *eyeroll*


It’s. Really weird.

Honestly, can you really imagine this foetus sticking anything up anywhere? AHA, I don’t think so.

His ass belongs to Oh Sehun guys. Baby’s got his Daddy, we can all chill.

Note: I put Sehun’s last gif above LuHan’s.

The way it’s supposed to be.

purls-of-lizdom  asked:


  • which one hogs the blanket: Booster, because he’s always cold and Ted is a furnace.
  • which one cuts the other’s hair: Neither, because the idea of an at-home haircut horrifies Booster to his very core, but whenever he catches Ted idly taking nail scissors to his bangs to get them out of his eyes he drags him to the barbershop.
  • which one makes coffee for the other every morning: Booster, because by the time Ted drags himself out of bed Booster has already gone for a run and had two cups of tea.
  • which one picks up the pizza: Ted, often despite Booster telling him not to.  (“I got the works!  That includes vegetables!”  "Yeah, and bacon.“)
  • which one likes their music on full volume: Neither, really, except when Ted gets really excited about something he’s inventing and starts blaring the 1812 Overture on repeat.
  • which one complains about the crumbs on the bed: BOOSTER.
  • which one is ticklish: Booster again.
  • which one sings and which one plays the music: Neither because they have exactly zero musical talent, but Booster claims to be really good at the sneeblehorn, which hasn’t been invented yet.  Ted’s not sure whether to believe him.
  • which one proposes:Ted.  It’s kind of an accident.  They’re making margaritas one night and they realize they don’t have a blender and after turning the kitchen inside out and a disastrous attempt at repurposing the garbage disposal they just take the tequila straight, and Booster points out that if Ted had ever done the right thing and made an honest woman of him they’d have, like, three blenders right now.  And napkin rings.  All of their napkins are unringed, Ted, how could you?

…And it’s a joke and they laugh, but the next day Ted realizes that, huh, was there always a jewelry store next to his office?  Did he just never notice before?  And he slows down to look at the rings, and they’re actually not as gaudy as he would have thought, they’re kind of nice, and wow, there’s even gold ones with a blue inlay…

And somehow he finds himself slowing down to look at those rings every day for a month, until one day they’re not in the window, and he freaks out and marches into the store demanding to know WHO BOUGHT HIS RINGS, and of course the answer is no one, they just changed up the displays, but if sir would care to try on one of the rings…

And he’s never quite sure how it happened but suddenly the rings are burning a hole in his pocket and he doesn’t know how to bring it up because it was a joke, he knows it was a joke, Booster’s not even into that kind of stuff, not after his father walked out when he was a kid, but the rings are there and they fit and they seem to be stuck with each other permanently no matter what they do so they might as well get a blender out of it, right?

And so one night when Booster asks him where the remote control is he kind of freaks out, okay, he knows already, if they’d gotten married they’d have a remote control caddy, hereare the stupid rings, get off his case!

And Booster gets very quiet.

And Ted turns red and starts to take the rings back and says he’ll return them and Booster stops him because that's his ring, Ted, don’t you dare return that, you’ll just spend the money on ugly ties instead.

And much, much later (and much naked, and much tireder), they set a date.

(And immediately start coming up with ways to make this wedding as annoying and ridiculous to all their friends as possible, but I think we all knew that was going to happen no matter who proposed.)