Hi babe :) Let me introduce myself first, i’m Agostina from Argentina and i’ve been a fan for a reallyyyyyyyy long time as you can see. Hereare some photos of all of these years and some bad blood makeup I did on myself <3 I’m finally going to see you for the VERY FIRST TIME this july 10th in New Jersey. I can’ tell you how sad it it was for all these years to see everyone getting a concert but us after hittinh 1 million likes in facebook and doing everything universal told us to, But what always made me happy, was seeying other fans meeting you. Almost felt like I was there everytime, almost everytime is people I don’t know, then some of my friends, and i can’t believe i’m so lucky I may have the chance now. There’s so many people i wish i could take with me cause they deserve to see you SO MUCH, but i know the time will come for everyone that deserves this. If it’s just the concert for me this time, my life will be almost made anyways, but I really hope you see this and i can give you the hug i been waiting to give to you everyday for the last 7 years of my life, And I also would love to give you the gifts all the swifties from argentina are working so hard on, and make them feel there. Why is this so important to me? let’s go back to the star. First time i heard one of your songs i though you were becoming ust another artist i’d admire but i never knew you’ll be on my mind everyday since that day. Never knew i would have so many amazing friends, memories, heart attacks lmao, fights to defend you, tears, smiles, Never knew i’d have so much HAPPINESS because of you. I never thought i’d feel like i have someone by my side who’s proud of me no matter what, never thought i’d learn how to love myself, never thought i’d feel part of something so special like being by your side is. Thank you from the botton of my heart for being there eveytime i was heartbroken, sad, happy, fangirling, laughing, being myself without regrets. Thank you for teaching me that what people say only makes you stronger and you don’t have to go down to their levels to prove them wrong. Thank you for made us feel like a part of your family, i never knew you and i feel your family more mine than my own. I hope you know that there is literally no one like you, that Andrea is the best mother in the whole wide world an angel sent from above, i cry just thinking of her because you are what you are thanks to your amazing parents. I got the permanent fearless mark on my skin and i that will be my biggest lesson til the day I die. There’s literally no way i’m not remembering you and everything you taugh me FOREVER, So, there’s nothing that warms my heart more than so many people tellng me how I deserve this and they want to see me next to you as much as they wish it happened to them. My 3 best friends actually said that’s it, she needs to see her, and even through they’re not fans they’re taking me all the way to NJ just to see my biggest dream come true. All of my friends want to help me as much as they can, and it breaks my heart bc i know they all deserve this, I can’t believe i’ts my turn after being in that place for so long, never felt more blessed. So i may not made it alive but i’m asking you to let me give you a hug, all of our gifts and all my love this july 10th. I know i’m heart i’m meeting you. And if it’s not my time, I promise you i will keep a smile on my face because you taugh me to never let anything make me bitter. And this doesn’t seem real, I feel like dreaming impossible things, Thank you for making me feel less alone than ever. Words can’t express my love for you and what i’d give to see you forever happy, But i know that we’ll be alright because you have us and we have you, We’ll make it alive everytime like it has always been. I can’t believe I can say this,but…: SEE YOU SOON. taylorswift

Top!Lu does not exist. No.

Friend: “I don’t really get why LuHan’s always bottom. I mean, you ship Selu, right? He’s the youngest, and LuHan’s the oldest so, doesn’t it make more sense for–”

Okay, no seriously I need you to stop talking because I’m actually going to hydro-vomit onto your face if you don’t zip it like right now bro, for real.









Can you imagine

Baby Xiao Lu trying to top Oh Sehun. THE Oh Sehun. 

As in the guy who dances in a wet shirt and gets everyone pregnant with his hip thrusts Oh Sehun

Honey, the only thing LuHan can top is a cup of ice-cream 

and that ice-cream doesn’t look to be having much of a good time.

So no, LuHan does not / will not / will never top…and I’m obliged to say “in my own opinion”. *eyeroll*


It’s. Really weird.

Honestly, can you really imagine this foetus sticking anything up anywhere? AHA, I don’t think so.

His ass belongs to Oh Sehun guys. Baby’s got his Daddy, we can all chill.

Note: I put Sehun’s last gif above LuHan’s.

The way it’s supposed to be.

Gravity Falls- Unused Theme (Parody/Cover)
  • Gravity Falls- Unused Theme (Parody/Cover)
  • Perfectlyvindictive
  • Gravity Falls Parody

Sung and Written by: Perfectlyvindictive

Instrumental by: Neil Cicierega (you can find it here)


Summerween Tricksters

I don’t know
Where to find the time
To tell you things here
Are not fine

Something, Someone’s out there
Bringing Chaos
Where ever they tread

You are not alone
Where you live
Is where they roam

But fear not dear friends
I’ll be here until the end

We can fight them
How will we stop them?

Magic never seemed so real
Can’t believe this place exists
It seems so surreal

I have to keep my loved ones safe
Should we leave this awful place
Or stay and embrace our destiny face to face?

Ghosts and Gnomes
Giant Spiders
Sea monsters
Flying Skulls

(Gravity Falls is awesome! When I heard the unused theme I wondered if I could write lyrics to it…was this a good idea?)


This is where the chapter ends
A new one now begins
Time has come for letting go
The hardest part is when you know
All of these years - When we were here
Are ending, but I’ll always remember

We have had the time of our lives
Now the page is turned
The stories we will write
We have had the time of our lives
And I will not forget
The faces left behind
It’s hard to walk away
From the best of days
But if it has to end
I’m glad you have been my friend
In the time of our lives

Las Vegas Fundraiser Recap—IN IT TO WIN IT!!

Before I went to the Fundraiser, I ventured out in Vegas for a little bit. Here’s a picture collage of my travels:

From left-to-right… bottom:

1.The Shops at Crystals (I could only afford to window shop 0_0 )

2. Tom Ford @ The Shops at Crystals *clap clap clap-clap clap*

3. M&M’s World—SOOOOOO many M&M’s to choose from………….

#’s 4-6. Views of the Strip

It was a complete honor to be apart of the team that brought this event together…& there were a lot of people that made it out, too! :D Here are a few highlights from the “IN IT TO WIN IT”—Battle To Beat Cancer Fundraiser for Renee Sheehy in Vegas:

  • My LT Vets Family & I gathered at DISTRCT @ 4:45pm to see if there was anything we could to do to help set-up for the event. We set-up chairs, tables, & got the paperwork ready for dancers/spectators to register for the event. We had a small hiccup in regards to trying to get everyone inside of the venue quickly, but we got the hang of it. ;)  Here are a few pics of the inside of DISTRCT (that’s me in pic #2):
  • The Fundraiser started @ 7pm, & that’s about the same time as when LT arrived. LT gave each one of us hugs…1st Lau….then Larry. Now Larry did something to me before he gave me a hug—he re-positioned my blouse—he was covering up my cleavage (I didn’t have THAT much cleavage). Really, Larry? 5 minutes later, I soon realized WHY Larry     did that: HE SAW THAT GIF….oh my gosh…that GIF. Y’all have re-blogged that GIF so many times…..ARGHHHHHH! 0_0
  • Laurent et Larry both gave an interview with Ms. Renee with Channel 8 News….watch the interview here, & if you pay close attention, you can see me in the background giving Larry a hug ;) They BOTH brought their SoloWheels…& with an open parking lot area, they sure did have fun on those things…
  • I was pretty much in charge of the door—making sure everyone that entered had a stamp on their hands for entry/re-entry purposes. They also had a pretty tall security guard that kept order on the inside & outside.
  • There was an artist outside (Cliff from ISI) airbrushing a canvas of LT (originally a photo from Shawn Welling) that was to be auctioned off after he was done. Here are a few pictures of Cliff at work:
  • The order of events: as each dancer registered outside (about 48 in total), they battled 1 vs 1 on the inside. Cristyle from Jabbawockeez was the DJ for the evening. The judges for the battle were Smart Mark & LT. The Host, M.P. Art, made Smart Mark sit in the middle of LT to “cut the umbilical cord”…LOLOLOLOL! Larry cried a little….hehehehhe!!! Bailrok was also sitting with the judges…a few pictures of the judges panel:
  • When the 1st Round of Battles was done, everyone took a break. There were mini-cyphers happening inside of DISTRCT. Then, Round 2 began for the remaining dancers. I was able to go inside & watch Round 4…there was some intense battles going on….Lady Tchozn was one girl to watch out for…I told her she was an AWESOME dancer…. 0_0…here’s a picture of her staring her opponent down:
  • Yak Films was covering most of the battles….getting all types of great angles from inside of DISTRCT. There should be multiple videos coming out very soon from Yak Films (Yak Battles)….Yoram from Yak Films is a pretty cool guy, too.
  • Right before the Semi-Final Round, the judges did a Showcase…here is my video of LT…
  • After a very intense Final Battle between Skitzo & Lady Tchozn (Yak Films has the battle out already…click here to watch)…Ms. Renee raised the hand of the winner (Skitzo), & I was given the task to give the 2nd     place winner $200 Cash. I happily handed the Cash to Lady Tchozn—she was on fire—& she was pleasantly surprised to see me again :D
  • After the Battles, everyone went outside (more air was out there). The boys rode their SoloWheels all over the place….Larry even caught me with my legs locked as he zipped by on his SoloWheel (that really caught me by surprise). I asked Lau how long did it take Larry to ride his SoloWheel by himself….Lau said “A long time”….lololol…..he even said that Larry took a large spill in San Francisco…they need to be careful on those things….0_0
  • As everyone else left the venue, only a few of us remained in the parking lot area for an additional 2 hours after the fundraiser (LT were still there as well). There was a dancer who challenged Larry to a battle, which Larry accepted. Even kitamulathamsampier​ used her car lights to shine on the battle  because EVERYONE needed a better view. I have video of that, but unfortunately, the volume was really low….so you REALLY have to turn up your volume to hear what was being said in the video. Click here.
  • After a very long night, everyone was STARVING…so we all gave hugs to the boys & headed back to our hotels (LT wanted to go to a club…we pretty much figured that out).

Thanks again officiallestwins​ for allowing me to be involved in this fundraiser for Ms. Renee….she is SUCH an amazing woman. I enjoyed spending time with the whole LT Team that helped make this event happen!

Sadly, I did not get to attend the San Francisco Workshops today…..I’m so bummed right now…..but…I’m going to the LT Workshop @ IDA Hollywood in 2 days!! WHOOP!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m about to start packing right after I post this Recap….

Until next time…




take a shot, hot friend/assistant jake is here

are you drunk yet??

Could we end this faster please

destruct the sky

fill-up the seas

we can

i know we can

calcify our minds

destroy the land

from bottom to the top

this school is running over

all of us children here

are not but getting older

no lessons learned

still worried over

color of the clothing-skin

and who we each are holding

what the fuck

is even going on?

revolving of the moon around earth

the burning yellow sun

only a test

that’s all this is

see if you can remain calm

in the midst of 

all this shit

the confusion, pain, and hate

the changing of the date

the crumbling down

of body-cars

the ego-masturbate

Maopai scrambled about, frantic almost. She was letting
out these childish whines as she dug through the snow, her
ears folding back against her head.

     “ No no no! Where did Maopai drop them? “

It was obvious the small monster was in great distress over
this situation.