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Since there's so much Davekat going around can you draw some Davejade? It'd be awesome if you can! Thank you ;w;

I have some davejade to finish but I’m not sure when ;v;

Anon:I saw you draw that picture of Dirk as Rin and Jake as Haru from Free?? And I was wondering if you could try to do more Freestuck sometime in the future because that was just great ;v;

I drew this once if it counts lma o it was just a crossover tho, I don’t think I’ll continue it as au hhh

Anon:What tweets from hussie are implying that davekat is now canon? I’m asking because i don’t have twitter 😒

I don’t have it either but anyway they’re here and here

Anon:I like many am exited that DaveKat appears to be canon, but we are overlooking the REAL question we should be asking: are they <3 or <>? What do you think?

I think Hussie is implying <3 but personally I prefer them as bros or <>, I mean I like Davekat and I’ve drawn it sometimes too for fun but in canon I just like them more as pale

Anon:You’re getting a lot of messages about the upd8 so you don’t need to answer this one too but I just wanted to say I needed canon smiling Karkat in my life, thank you very much :)

eheh you’re welcome! but there was already a canon smiling kk in the Karkat<>Gamzee panel 8′) (which didn’t happen in the retcon)

He’s the Teacher? (31/31?)


Anon: when are you going to be updating hes the teacher?? its just been a long time and it was left on such a big cliff hanger i really want to know whats going to happen. sorry if this sounds rude.


Anon: hi! if youre not too busy could you please wrap up hes the teacher..? please, thank you, you are lovely. xo xo

Anon: When are you gonna update HTT?

Anon: wht happend to he’s the teacher? It was rly good

Hey everyone, I’m so sorry I took so long to update this! I wrote a whole chapter but forgot what had happened previously so it just didn’t work. I had to re-write it. I hope it’s okay, please let me know what you think! xxoo I hope you are all well


“Dan?” I jump in surprise, turning to y/n who was stood with wide eyes.

“Hey baby, whats wrong?”

“Well… I decided I would do some washing while you made breakfast and well… I found this”

Shit… The engagement ring


Shit shit shit shit shit I left the engagement ring in my other jeans!

“What’s that?” I question, trying to play it casual as I walk over to her and take the small velvet box from her hands, examining it as if I wasn’t sure what it was before taking a deep breath and getting down on one knee.

Y/n’s eyes remained wide as she took in my actions. I take in a shaky breath before beginning to speak.

“okay, Baby I love you so so much… And I’m sorry, this isn’t how I wanted to propose. I wanted to do it at dinner with your parents, but they denied me. I know that I shouldn’t still do this after your parents have said no but… Well, I can’t give you a reason except for that I simply love you far too much to wait.

I know all of this has happened so quickly, but I’ve honestly never been happier in my life. The moment you walked into my class and clumsily dropped everything, I knew I was in love with you.

Since that day on, my mind has constantly been filled with daydreams of the future. I want us to have a beautiful home together… you, me, Amelia and Christopher. You’ve already made so many of my dreams com true. So please… make this one true too? Please marry me Y/n?”

Y/n had covered her mouth as tears rolled down her cheeks. To say I was terrified was an understatement, but the fear instantly disappeared the moment she nodded her head to say yes and moved her hand to reveal her gorgeous smile. I quickly stood, sliding the ring onto her finger before she wrapped her arms around me.

“I love you so much Dan” She whispers quietly as I try to hold back my own tears of joy.

“I love you too baby.. so freaking much”

I lean back and hold her face in my hands, we both smile goofily as I lean in to kiss her with so much passion.

<><> A few months later <><>

I woke up to the fabulous scent of coffee filling the house. I groaned as I stretched before heading to the kitchen in only my sweat pants.

“Morning baby” I said, wrapping my arms around Y/n from behind and placing a kiss on her neck.

“Good morning sleepy head. You’re going to be late” Y/n says before turning around and handing me a coffee. I smile at her, kissing her lips softly before bringing my coffee with me to get ready. I do my usual morning routine, however it seems to take longer these days as I get distracted by my gorgeous fiancé.

Y/n’s due in only 2 weeks and I’m constantly worried about her, even though she tries to reassure me that she is fine.

“You ready to go Dan?” Y/n asks, pulling me out of my thoughts.

“uh yeah, I’m ready. Are you sure you should still be coming to class love? I mean, the babies are due in 2 weeks and I don’t want you stressing or anything…”

“I’m fine, I promise. ” she says as she smiles up at me.

I crane my neck down, placing a kiss on her lips before getting on my knees and placing my hands on her belly.

“You two behave for mummy” I say to her belly as I feel the babies moving under my hands. I still got as excited as the first time i felt them kick.

The first time it happened Y/n had called me into the bedroom, as soon as I got there she grabbed my hand and place it on her belly. The feeling I had got was indescribable… Those were our Babies.

I helped Y/n in and out of the car, as I did everyday to get to the Uni. I would usually sneak out for lunch with Y/n, but today I had a meeting. As I returned to the class, all the students were sat and ready.

“Okay everyone, open your textbooks to page 318, chapter 4. This will be-“

“Mr. Howell!” I heard Y/n’s panicked voice call out. I quickly snapped my head in her direction to see her panicked eyes. She looked from me and down to the floor where you could clearly see her water a=had broke.

“oh shit!” I say, quickly dropping everything in my hands and running over to her. I hold her arms and help her stand properly.

“Class is ending early!” I call out to the rest of the students who are whispering to each other. They all quickly pack up and head out of the doors while I get all of y/n’s stuff.

“Are you okay baby? fuck.. keep taking deep breaths for me!” I said anything i thought of as I helped Y/n walk out the class door.

“Mr. Howell!” I heard the dean call out to me

“Not Now!” I yell at him in return, but he still runs over to y/n and I

‘Mr. Howell. You can’t have your students leaving this early just because one of your students is having a baby! We will help your student here and contact her partner, but you need to continue teaching!”

“IM HER PARTNER!” I yell at him, losing patience as he continues talking at me while I’m trying to get my fiancé to hospital.

“Mr. Howell! You cannot be in a relationship with a student!” he yells at me.

“BIT LATE FOR THAT DON’T YA THINK! and it’s not illegal!”  I yell, getting angrier as Y/n groans in pain. We had made it to the car and I helped y/n get in before running to the drivers side.

“It may not be illegal but it is definitely ban here at this university!”

“Well then I guess I quit!” I say before slamming the car door and speeding out of the parking lot.

I look over at y/n, a thin layer of sweat covering her forehead. I reach one had over the centre console and hold hers as she takes deep breathes.

“I’m so sorry about that baby” I say to her

“It’s not your fault Dan”

“But I should have-“

“Dan, I don’t really want to talk about that right now!” Y/n snaps as she squeezes my hand tight.

I hated seeing y/n in so much pain, but as soon as we got to the hospital I rushed her in and soon enough I was holding her hand and kissing her forehead as she pushed with all her might.

Though it may have taken hours, everything seemed to have happened so quickly. And then the moment finally happened.

We heard the first cry. I wasn’t sure if I was going to cry or faint but I had never been happier. Minutes later, more cries were heard as the second baby was born.

I looked down to y/n, she was red and sweaty, completely out of breath. She was smiling still and she was beautiful. I bent down and kissed her forehead.

“You did amazing y/n.” I whisper to her.

I hold water for Y/n to drink and praise her for doing so well while the babies are cleaned up a bit by the midwifes and nurses.

“Ms. Y/L/N, Mr. Howell? Have you chosen the names for your children?”

“yeah we have.” I reply, smiling down to Y/n

“The boy is Christopher Philip Howell and the girl is Amelia Rose Howell” Y/n tells the doctor.

“well then, I guess you’d like to hold little Amelia and Christopher” a nurse says as she walks in with Amelia and another nurse carrying Christopher.

Christopher is lay in Y/n’s arms, and finally I hold Amelia.

“Hey there my beautiful baby girl… I’m your daddy. And this beautiful woman is your mummy” As I speak, tears roll down my cheeks, landing on my lips that are glued in a permanent smile.

I reach down and roll my finger across the soft skin of my sons cheek, my heart almost stops as he reaches his tiny arms out and wraps his little fingers around my one.

All of my dreams are coming true. This is true happiness.

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would it be logical to take notes while reading homestuck/listening to wtnv or would it just be like trying to track down the winged rabbits of the outer spaces..?

I suppose it could help if you want to keep track of everything 8′)

Anon:What’s the difference between a suggest and a request?

explained here

Anon:YOUR REACTION GIFS ARE GREAT AHAHA (your art is amazing too lmao)

ahah thank youu!! :^)