here..have a color version

🔥❤️ Happy Birthday, Portgas D. Ace ❤️🔥

I fixed it! :D

so when I told my friend @heddofongomi about my Miraculous Ladybug DiU au, they decided to draw it!!! They didn’t have time to color it though, and here the colored version is, courtesy of me!! Josuke is Ladybug (since both crazy D and Lucky charm heal/fix everything) and Okuyasu is Chat Noir (as both the Hand and Catacylsm both erase things/ destroy whatever they touch), which I thought would be fitting. More ML DiU au to come soon! (Oh, and, I’ll be writing it soon as well. Keep an eye peeled in th ML or DiU tags!)

But forreal tho, I highly reccomend you check out my friend’s blog!

Synesthesia Palette

I thought that this might be cool to try out!

Any artists with grapheme-color synesthesia wanna try this out? For example, use the the word “hair”‘s color to color hair!

Since I know more than one language, I might do one for Chinese and Japanese too! They have different colors.

So here is my English version~

It’s kind of interesting how using this colour palette actually look better than the normal color scheme I use… XP

· Our dear pixel man ·

Here it is! The…. thing most of you were waiting for.
Also, you all were so enthusiast when I posted the pic of my monitor while taking the cap that I want to thank you: here is the link to the HR version (5120x2880). ❤

· Cullen Screenshots [Link]
· 5k rendering highly downsampled to post here.

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Bigger version of the front and back cover of the NnT -Seisen no Shirushi- OP theme

Hope your Valentines Day was as nice as Harutakas! 


Bat Socks Recolors!

These socks are cute but they’re even cuter in more colors ;)

Anyways here we have two versions of the bat socks from spooky stuff recolored in my Gem palette and my JS palette.

  • Available for females ages teen-elder
  • Disabled for Random
  • You do need Spooky Stuff for this to show up in game.
  • Custom Thumbnail.
  • Follow my TOU please

Download Merged SFS

Download V1(Gem) SFS

Download V2(JS) SFS