here..have a color version


Finally made a proper piece of Life is Strange fan art. Its perhaps…. a bit darker than most, but I like it. I liked the idea of Chloe kind of just comforting an awfully traumatized Max who’s overstretched herself, and the visual storytelling to help carry the emotions and juxtaposition between the two characters. Its not a scene we really see in the game, but really more of an aftermath of Max’s commitment to keep Chloe alive.

I have two versions here, with one being slightly desaturated because the colors look different on my two monitors. The top one looks oversaturated on my AdobeRGB monitor, while the bottom one looks undersaturated on my sRGB monitor. 

I hate coloring because nothing’s perfect. Printing is a whole other story.

Get on that HYPE TRAIN for Before the Storm, though! Just 8 more hours :V

EDIT: ALSO! I’m gonna be selling copies of this at San Francisco Comic Con this weekend! I’m at table C2 in artist alley!


My spring overhaul is finished!

There will be two versions:realistic and fantasy.  The realistic version is shown here.  The fantasy version will have colored pines and brighter colored aspens.  I’ve been posting pics of the fantasy version for the past two weeks as I’ve been working on it.  Got perms from Vurt and a few other great modders to use their assets for this.  I’m working on creating the nexus page now


so when I told my friend @heddofongomi about my Miraculous Ladybug DiU au, they decided to draw it!!! They didn’t have time to color it though, and here the colored version is, courtesy of me!! Josuke is Ladybug (since both crazy D and Lucky charm heal/fix everything) and Okuyasu is Chat Noir (as both the Hand and Catacylsm both erase things/ destroy whatever they touch), which I thought would be fitting. More ML DiU au to come soon! (Oh, and, I’ll be writing it soon as well. Keep an eye peeled in th ML or DiU tags!)

But forreal tho, I highly reccomend you check out my friend’s blog!

· Our dear pixel man ·

Here it is! The…. thing most of you were waiting for.
Also, you all were so enthusiast when I posted the pic of my monitor while taking the cap that I want to thank you: here is the link to the HR version (5120x2880). ❤

· Cullen Screenshots [Link]
· 5k rendering highly downsampled to post here.

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(Colored version here.)

Randomly wondered how Anti would have looked if he was from the universe of my oc’s and 100% my drawing style… Basically the same but weird clothes lol. (Just a sketch for now, I’ll color it another day)

The file’s name is “knife dude”…. just letting you guys know.

And yeah that’s a locket. For his special knife. XD

Why is it 1am again??