#261: You Hate Each Other | High School AU


I know it might be weird considering the boys are college ages now and high school AU’s are pretty much dying but i still adore them very much and I’ve always wanted to write something alone the lines of this. Rivals were something I also had in high school and let’s be honest nothing is better than haters turning into lovers.

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”When you think nothing can be worse than history classes.” You mumbled under your breath and tried to breathe, your heart racing and in fast pace and your head spinning. You could feel your legs were to the point of turning into jelly but you seemed like the only person to have such struggles. Everyone around you didn’t seem to struggle the least bit, they were all running together two and two trying to get to the finish line as the first. It was an usual P.E class, aka morning hell and why not start it out the worst way by running? You hated it more than life, getting sweaty and having to use your body in ways it was never used to. “Look at you sunshine.” You rolled your eyes and tried to run faster when Luke suddenly showed up from your behind, the expression on his face showing nothing else but surplus. “Go away Luke.” You breathed and tried to move between a few others to get away from him but with his long legs and pretty good fitness he was quick to run beside you again. “Why? it’s not a well morning if I haven’t annoyed out your ass.” He commented with a smirk, “You know, some needs coffee other needs a cigarette. I have my own ways.” “Well your ways suck.” You spat, you were pretty amazed how you hadn’t stopped running yet you almost couldn’t breath. He looked at you with a challenged look and with one push you were out of the running lane and heading towards the trees that formed a small forest. You were out of breath and felt his hands on your shoulders keeping on pushing, you were almost ready to collide and fall onto the fresh leaves. “What are you doing?” You questioned confused, looking up at him with wide eyes as he pressed you against one of the trees. “Having my own way.” He announced, he was out of breath himself and looked down at you with furrowed eyebrows. “Your own ways?” You mumbled off and curious, not really knowing what to say and his hands were still on you. “Yes.” He breathed and leaned down to give you a breathless kiss. It was quick yet so passionate you were left even more confused when he pulled back and decided to run back to the field with the rest.


“And Y/N you will partner up with… Calum.” Your head shut up so fast it was ready to fall from your body, your eyes were wide and your jaw was to the point of touching the table beneath you. The expression on your teacher’s face was bored, and it didn’t help when you smacked your hand against the table in anger. “I’m not gonna work with him!” You spat and watched as Calum placed his books on top of each other to change his seat and planted his ass on the chair next to yours. “It was a random choice Y/N.” The teacher reminded but you didn’t care. “I protest!” “You’re a high school student, Y/N. Not a debater. Now would you show Mr. Hood a bit of respect and start your protect. I’ve got other groups to assign.” You rolled your eyes and fell in your chair by her words, like you would actually listen to her. Calum was nothing else but a spoiled jock, you didn’t want to waste a minute on him! “You heard her.” He hummed from your side and pressed his pencil into the skin of his chin. You looked over at him and gave him a bored look, wanting to make him shut up already by forcing your book in his face. “For once show something respect.“ "And what? Be nice to you? I’d rather dissect a frog.” You didn’t want to look at him and glanced back at the books in front of you. You were never fond of reading but now it was the only thing that seemed to get your attention. “Y/N.” He hummed, poking you with his pencil. “Calum I’m reading and so should you. We’re two in this project there’s no way I’m letting you get away with me doing all the job.” You could hear a small cough come from him in respond but you didn’t want to look up at him. A challenged expression came to his face by your lack of interest and he decided to poke you again. Once, twice, and by the third time you couldn’t take it anymore so you grabbed it fast and broke it into two. “Read.” You spoke in monotone, looking at him with daring eyes before they adverted back to the pages. A small smile came to his face by your reaction and he looked down at the book as well in achievement.


“But that doesn’t make any sense! We’re in a country of free speech and that means everyone is allowed to express their opinions without being told you’re an idiot!” You were so angry you were almost knocking down the chair behind you after standing up, just to show how you were feeling about this. “Well when we’re in situations like these where you’re completely off the actual topic then yes, Y/N, you’re an idiot.” Michael replied with the exact same tone as you and stood up from his chair as well. “Maybe if you woke up one day and saw it from another perspective than your own you would actually understand what is going on.” Your eyes widened and you opened your mouth ready to reply but that was when your teacher slammed her hands on her desk. “Y/N, Michael, that’s enough. High social classes are for debates yes but this is getting out of hand. I’m gonna ask you both to leave the class room immediately.” You looked over at her surprised but there was no way you could argue with her without getting attention. It was with a huge death glare towards Michael your threw your bag over your shoulder and leaded out of the classroom with him in your heels. “This is all your fault!” “My fault?” He spat and crossed his arms. “You were the one starting the argument in the first place.” You tossed your bag to the floor and smacked the door shut to the classroom. The argument would only get worse from now that you were out and free to say anything you wanted without weird glares. “I didn’t start anything you’re just always the opposite of me! I can’t express anything without having you right in my heels to comment on something and literally lick Mrs. Claire’s ass!” He furrowed his eyebrows by your words and crossed his arms again, the sun streaming in his face through the windows. “I’m not licking her ass I’m just trying to point out something because you always have a comment in something. Maybe you should let others talk?” “No because when you do it’s only crap coming out.” You almost wanted to yell, looking up at him with an angry expression but he didn’t say anything. He was looking down at you with such an intense stare you felt your heart skip a beat, something you hadn’t felt before with him.


“What are you two yelling about this time?” Calum almost groaned and moved past to stand between you. He could tell from the distance that something was up and since your voices had been echoing throughout the whole gymnastic hall. “He’s being unreasonable!” You almost wanted to step your feet on the ground in pure frustration after explanation to Calum what was going on. “I’m not being unreasonable you’re just being unrealistic.” Ashton argued and folded the sleeves of his football jersey, looking over at his best friend for help. “Y/N thinks that it will be best if we give some of the football field to the cheerleaders.” “Yes, because it’s a part of our job to cheer and lead when you’re playing a game! How come it be so weird!” You yelled back, this wasn’t the first time you were arguing. It happened every single time there was practice for the cheerleaders and the football team, you could never get along. Ashton was too stuck up in his own football to realize and the fact that he was captain didn’t make it any better. He thought he was the owner of everything but you were there to prove him wrong. “But if you’re asses are filling the whole thing we’re not able to play football properly. Important games are coming up and we need to focus on more important things that showing your knickers under your skirts.“ Your mouth opened wide by his words and you almost wanted to smack your hands against his chest in anger. Calum was standing behind you with the same boring look as always, why did he even bother to break in? It was always the same between you and Ashton. "You’re just a freaking ass Ashton. Maybe that should have been your name.” You pushed past him to get through and go back to the rest of your friends, you didn’t care you wanted to fill the whole football field if it was possible just to annoy the crap out of him. “I fucking hate her.” Ashton mumbled below his breath and cracked his knuckles in reaction. Calum looked over his shoulder and leaned down to tie the knot that had loosened on his football shoes. “You love her knickers though.” He announced in a low tone but it was enough for Ashton to hear, his eyes wide and following you head back towards the girls.

eye of innocence

This is a song I wrote in November 2011. I had the opportunity to record it in December 2011, and it was another step in a direction I’ve wanted to go in for a very long time.

At the time I wrote it, I wasn’t very sure what the inspiration was for me to write it. I just had a feeling that looked like the images I saw in my head…images I wanted to capture.
So I begun with some piano strokes and sang some lines from a poem I had written in Fall 2011.

Snowflakes were falling in my head…well…in a memory I have in my head.

In Milwaukee, there is a house surrounded by trees, with a nice backyard between the trees and the back patio. I’ve been fortunate to spend many breaks from school in this home. I’ve slept on its floors and couches and played its piano and have laughed a lot here.

One of the times I was in that house, flurries of snow scurried, but not too quickly and with an ease of gentleness, to the ground. It was a beautiful sight.

And in November 2011, a few days before I would depart there once again for a Thanksgiving getaway, this image came into my mind.

Usually, Thanksgiving is the first and last time of Autumn I go to Milwaukee, but November 2011 was different, as Thanksgiving would be the second time.

I’m still not quite sure how much of an inspiration for “Winterlude” the beginning of November was, but that first week of November in Wisconsin was cold and sad and bittersweet.

I wish I had known my cousin better.

I wish I had gotten to know my cousin better when he was here.

I think we could have gotten along quite well.

But the whole experience made me appreciate my family so much more and also made music more important to me.

He passed away while listening to his music.

The music he wrote.

I guess it was in my system…

to write a song

that could help his brothers, sisters, parents, friends cope…

to write a song

that could bring peace

and maybe even a little hope.


-hannah rose duperre

aka eye of innocence

Take What You Need

“I wanted to let you guys know that I am the original creator of the Take What You Need sign. It’s truly amazing how this has reached so many people. I made it in response to learning that one of my friends tried to commit suicide. He’s okay now, and for that I’ll always be thankful. I made six copies of that poster, using Sharpie and computer paper, and put them up in random places on my campus. I did it because these are the things he needed to know existed. They are the things I needed to know existed. And I felt like other people needed to know, too…”

-Katie, creator of the Take What You Need sign

via To Write Love On Her Arms.

#260: He Makes You Breakfast


It’s little things in life that makes me very happy. And that also includes having someone to make me breakfast because I find it so sweet and also the reason why my birthday is my fave day of the year because it starts out with the sweetest breakfast ever made by friends and family :-)

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“I love this song.” You commented and leaned over to put up the volume of the song playing from the radio, hearing him hum in the background. His long body was leaning over the kitchen counter to reach for a package of strawberries after having rinsed them off in water. He had been cutting more fruits that you could count, the bowl was almost completely filled. The morning sun was streaming in through the blinds in the kitchen and warming the bare skin around your legs. His t-shirt was hanging loosely on your body and he was having a warm smile on his face. “I love you.” He chirped in and laughed quietly, leaning over to grab something from your behind and pressed his forehead against his. “I can tell.” You nodded your head towards the fruits and felt his lips press against your forehead lovingly, preparing the last bit before you were ready to eat.


“You didn’t have to do this…” You mumbled almost a little bit shy by his wonderful effort, looking down at the tray with so many things you weren’t sure if you would be able to eat it alone. “But I wanted to. And trust me, the smile on your face when you saw it was worth the 1,5 hours spent in the kitchen.” He took a seat on the bed and crawled under the covers, his body radiating against yours instantly. You were still pretty surprised, the tray contained everything possible and he had also brought a mini vase with a rose in it. “You know you’re the sweetest guy ever, right?” You asked just to be sure and kissed him on the cheek as he grabbed one of the French toasts and had a little taste of his long work himself. “I do. But it’s only because of you.”


”Hey Y/N, catch!” You barely got the chance to react before your face was connected with a flying pancake, a small giggle appearing afterwards. It was with fast reaction you grabbed it before it fell down to the floor, watching Michael hover over the stove with a not so innocent expression on his face. “I thought you said food wasn’t supposed to be played with.” You hummed and removed a bit of flour that had appeared on your shirt, the pancake quick taken out of your hand and into his mouth. “It’s not… But you know the first pancake is always the taste sample.” He ripped it into one last piece for you to taste, smiling gently and pulled you towards him. The whole kitchen looked like a mess and for once he had woken up before noon but the effort to make you smile already from the morning was worth everything.


“How many do you want? One, ten, I can make as many as you want.” He hummed against the stove and grabbed the package of eggs that was right in his reach, looking over at you with a soft smile. “I want a million.” You giggled and leaned over the counter to watch him properly, the plate in front of you empty but soon it would be filled. “I should take that as a challenge.” He commented and grabbed your plate to place the egg he had just prepared on the pan on top of a piece of roasted bread. You giggled by his words and watched him head back towards you but didn’t place the plate in front of you right away. “I take kisses as payment for breakfast.” He hummed with his forehead pressed against yours and you grabbed his neck to pull him in for a well good morning kiss.

Waverly Comes Out

Hey y’all, since the next chapter of my fic is turning out to be way longer than expected, I wanted to gift this section to you before I post the whole thing. Enjoy! 


Three sets of ears perked up at the sound of tires crunching over gravel and snow outside. The engine cut and a door closed. Boots on the front steps. A musical knock.

Two parts of Waverly’s life, nearly distinct from each other, were now poised to collide. Here we go.

The knob turned and Nicole poked her head in to find three faces peering back at her, each looking their own brand of stressed.

“Morning everyone! Now don’t all jump up at once,” she said happily, prying off her boots and coming through to the kitchen with a hand behind her back, “because I brought muffins.” A white box fell heavily onto the oak tabletop. 

Wynonna looked down at it, then up at Nicole with an expression of utmost sincerity. She pursed her lips.

“I think I love you.”

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Force Of Nature


Pairing: Theo x Reader

Summary: Hii, could you write a Theo’s imagine bassed on “Force of Nature” by Bea Miller?

I don’t know why but my hands are shaking, I can see you coming and I stand here waiting. Yeah I get tongue tied in the conversation, It’s an F’d up, bad, sick situation.

Time was ticking away, any minute the door bell would ring and you would instantly know who was on the other side. Theo was coming over to look over some notes for the awful assignment that was handed to everyone in class, a few days ago. Naturally the teacher paired everyone with people they didn’t like, but secretly you weren’t disappointed and deep down you swore that Theo knew.

He was like a drug something that you knew was bad for you in every aspect, but the effect he had on you was one you couldn’t get enough of. Peaking through the curtains you saw his truck pull up, he made getting out of a car seem so damn hot and the way he walked with confidence made him that much more irresistible.

It started early on, you hated to admit it but the attraction was an instant thing. Sure he was bad, and yes he would probably choose himself over you if it ever came down to that but none of that concerned you at this point. It was all about getting him as close as possible, feeling his breath, touching his skin. It was about the contact you couldn’t or wouldn’t experience with anyone else. You kept telling yourself it was a slip up. Did anything to convince yourself that it wasn’t a choice but a mistake.

Moving away from the curtain you let the doorbell ring, stood there for a second to not seem to eager and then proceeded to open the door.

“Are you going to let me in, or just stand and stare at me all day babygirl?” he asked showing his cocky side.

Allowing him to past, he stood firm and tall. “Where should I put my books?” he held up his backpack.

“We-we can go into the living room” you pointed to the room right next to him and he walked in first, sitting down at the table.

Kneeling down at the table as well, you made sure to provide extra distant. Getting too close was dangerous, and once the two of you got too close that’s when a slip up would occur.

I let you get too close, I know I should take cover, hide inside these four walls. But baby I surrender, it all.

Staring at the clock every so often it didn’t make the time go by any faster, Theo was concentrating on the notes in front of him, however you were concentrating on him.

“I beginning to think that you like staring at me” he said not looking up from his notebook.

Blushing extremely you fiddled with the pen you were holding, “I just zoned out for a second” you said trying to cover it up.

“We both know that is a lie, but nice try though”.

He dropped the pen, and shifted his position. You knew what he was about to do, and unfortunately there was no where to go. “You heart is beating super fast” he moved over to you, “Is it because I’m here, do I make you nervous babygirl?”.

Running through you head was a reminder to not let him too close, but here you were letting him. Allowing him to break the barrier, kick down the wall and you were more than happy to surrender.

‘Cause you’re a force of nature, look at what you’ve done. I can taste the danger but I don’t wanna run.

Your brain was fuzzy, heart beating faster than it should and lust sky rocketing higher than normal, everything just begun to blend with each other.

“You know what Raeken, screw you” you muttered to him, how he could make you feel like this was beyond you.

He smirked knowing that he had won, “I’ll be happy to let you screw me again. It was quite enjoyable the last time we collided so to speak”.

Grabbing his shirt you felt his lips on yours. The feeling was one you greatly missed and right now you didn’t want to let go. He was sending you into overdrive, the danger of that was certain but how it tasted like heaven.

“You know this would be a lot more fun if we had more room” he told you breathless from the make out session. He pulled you up and you held onto him to prevent from falling.

“Then why don’t you take the lead Raeken and do something about it” it was a tease towards how Theo liked to always be in charge, if he lost it oh boy.

The wall a few steps behind you provide back support, and Theo blocked you in. “Oh babygirl I don’t think you want me to take the lead”.

Sucking on his neck, you brought your lips to his ear and whispered. “Try me”

I’ll be here 'till we collide, I don’t care if I survive. So crash into me one more time.

His hands travelled all up and down your body, gripping his shoulders even a simple touch could send you over the end. Theo pushed you off the wall and the two of you somehow made it back onto the couch, in the process books fell off the table and clothes followed quickly after.

“I thought you said last time was, well…the last time you and I would do this” he said, while hovering over you.

“What can I say when it comes to you I can’t help myself” you replied. You ran your hand along his chest, “So I don’t care anymore, I just want you to crash into me”.

This probably wasn’t the best choice or even the smartest one, but in this moment, in this sea of pleasure and passion it felt like the right one for you at least.

Your chest was rising rapidly up and down and trying to catch your breath was the focus right now, Theo moved to the other side of the couch where you cuddled into the side of him. Grabbing the blanket that was laying over the top of the couch, he covered the two of you.

Theo Raeken embodied everything that a bad boy was, everything that your parents warned you about and told you to stay away from. But it was exactly that excitement of danger that he had about him, the way he could send you in a spin with one look was something you didn’t want to give up.

The only way you could describe Theo if anyone asked was like this, he was a storm one that swept in and blew you by surprise. He was a force of nature…oh but he tasted so sweet.

Good things to come out of Homestuck: 2016

So last year I made this post and i decided to do another one as sort of a traditional thing so here goes 

  • [s] Collide 
  • we hit the Gay Singularity 
  • )(IC fuckin died at the hands of roxy 
  • rosemary wedding
  • all the character interactions before Act 7 
  • [s] Act 7 
  • Snap updates 
  • Earth C
  • gay queens!! gay kings!! a whole lotta gays. a good time
  • Karkat completing his character arc 
  • election 2016 was #1 on trending for 3 days until homestuck replaced it 
  • rosemary wedding 
  • the comfort/fear that homestuck will never end, never
  • Jasprose, Davepeta, Tavrosprite, etc. 
  • Felt updates 
  • Rosemary wedding
  • THIS
Rey's Playlist Strikes Again: A Chronicle of Denial
  • me: *listening to Rey's Official Spotify Playlist*
  • Playlist: "Force Of Nature" by Bea Miller
  • me: ok a song about her, she's a force of nature
  • lyrics: "I can see you coming and I stand here waiting"
  • me: nope it's a love song, ok her and Finn
  • lyrics: "It's an F'd up, bad, sick situation"
  • me: but they like each other
  • lyrics: "I can taste the danger but I don't wanna run"
  • me: he's not dangerous to her though??? I'm
  • lyrics: "I feel your lips move in and they take me under"
  • me: relax
  • lyrics: "And I know I'll be broken when it's over, Oh but I can't help but pull you closer"
  • me:
  • me: force bond?
  • lyrics: "I'll be here 'till we collide"
  • me: wat
  • lyrics: "I don't care if I survive"
  • lyrics: "So crash into me one more time"
  • me:
  • Playlist:
  • Disney:
  • crumpled napkin in my trash can:
  • next door neighbor:
  • stop sign:
  • obama:
  • neptune:
#269: Late Night Phone Calls


I feel like I’ve written something like this before and I most probably have but oh well, who cares and I love it. This is actually number #100 preference in my second preferences book on Wattpad so it’s actually kind of special so that’s really cool if you ask me haha :-) x

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“Sorry… I should have known the time… I just really wanted to hear your voice now that I was free and alone.” You smiled gently by his words and squeezed your eyes by turning on the lamp on your nightstand. The time was definitely wrong and he knew, but since you were quick to wake up you didn’t mind. “I actually had to pee so it’s okay. You don’t have to feel guilty.” “No I should just let you sleep.” He coughed with embarrassment in his tone, but you didn’t care. You didn’t realize how much you needed to hear his voice until now. “Just tell me about my day. You can talk me back to sleep.” You leaned over to grab the pillow of his side of the bed and rested on it. You heard him softly giggle in the end, starting up a conversation with happiness in his tone.


“Are you drunk?” The question was obvious and you had been waiting for it, yet you still couldn’t control the giggles. They were affectionate and left him smiling in reaction, it was pretty obvious by the tone of your voice and the way you were speaking into the phone. “I assume the night was awesome from your laughter.” He hummed with the phone pressed between his shoulder and ear, leaning down to grab the shirt from the floor. “Yes it was amazing! But now I’m just really tired and I feel like I want to sleep on a bench.” “Please don’t.” His voice had a hint of nervousness, but he still knew you wouldn’t do anything. He was the one to pick you up and he would hurry as much as he could. “Don’t worry gorgeous,” He pulled up his pants and ran a hand through his hair, “I’ll be there in five.”


“So… Tell me what you’re wearing?” “Michael…” You rolled your eyes by his question. The conversation had been casual until now when he changed the subject completely. He laughed in the other end of the phone and shifted in his bunk. “I’m wearing your shirt.” “That sounds interesting.” He hummed by your response and you shook your head in disbelief but smiled anyways. It was one of the casual conversations you had when he was about to go to bed, it fit with the time zones and he wouldn’t disturb your morning sleep. “Please for the love of god, no more phone sex between you.” The voice was faint in the phone but you could totally hear it was Calum and a huge blush came to your cheeks. “Shut up Cal we’re not doing anything.” Michael laughed back knowing the lack of privacy would always be on the bus.


“Can you just please… Come? I know I said I was very independent and all with my new apartment but I don’t think I have the courage and I’m sure I just heard voices downstairs.” You knew it sounded pathetic and the time was close to be two at night but you still needed him more than ever. You had been the one to say he shouldn’t stay, you knew it wasn’t what you fully wanted but it changed the second he was out of the door. You weren’t sure how far he had gotten on the road but all you needed was for him to come back. He could have easily said no but he knew you well enough to know that the phone call would be right there the second he was out. “I’ll be right back.” He hummed softly and turned around to head back to your apartment with a small smile on his face.  

I don’t know why but my hands are shaking,

Originally posted by tbhstylinsonaf

I can see you coming but I stand here waiting,

Originally posted by rawrrlarryy

I get tongue tied in the conversation,

Originally posted by lwtpayne

It’s an effed up, bad, sick situation,

Originally posted by louislovesharryscarrot

I tried to tie my heart down, board up all the windows,

Originally posted by larents

Oh but it’s too late now, I let you get too close,

Originally posted by roseanddagger28

I know I should take cover, hide inside these four walls,

Originally posted by s-c-r-i-p-t-u-r-i-e-n-t

But baby I surrender it all.

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Cause you’re a force of nature, look at what you’ve done,

Originally posted by larrrrrrystylinson2

I can taste the danger, but I don’t wanna run, 

Originally posted by b-romance-s

So pull me to the ground and I won’t put up a fight,

Originally posted by imanofficialfangirl

I’m a caution taker, but baby you’re a force of nature.

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I feel your lips move in and they take me under,

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You know just what to do, how to make me want you,

Originally posted by stylinsonxdreamer

And I know I’ll be broken when it’s over,

Originally posted by hardtobeyourselfxxx

Oh but I can’t help but pull you closer,

Originally posted by skinnycrowns

I tried to tie my heart down, board up all the windows,

Originally posted by irlandalininki

Oh but it’s too late now, I let you get too close,

Originally posted by deardibbles

Cause you’re a force of nature, look at what you’ve done,

Originally posted by curlyangel

I can taste the danger, but I don’t wanna run,

Originally posted by alwaysarainygirl

So pull me to the ground and I won’t put up a fight,

Originally posted by unhealablescars

I’m a caution taker, but baby you’re a force of nature.

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I’ll be here till we collide,

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I don’t care if I survive,

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So crash into me one more time.

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Cause you’re a force of nature, look at what you’ve done,

Originally posted by lovebeweird

I can taste the danger, but I don’t wanna run,

Originally posted by magicalcat740

So pull me to the ground and I won’t put up a fight.

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I’m a caution taker, but baby you’re a force of nature.

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Children, Wake Up Playlist

Dedicated to @hollyhark‘s wonderful Kylux fic series: Children, Wake Up!

Lucifer’s Eyes - T.O.L.D.

I sleep with no voice and wake with no name.
That’s just a noise the devil did make,
Seventeen times in seventeen days.
I could stay dry, but I could hear rain.
Say your goodbyes, fly away,
In Lucifer’s eyes and hide your pain.
I can’t see the way out,
Devil’s taken me now.

I Found - Amber Run

I’ll use you as a warning sign,
That if you talk enough sense then you’ll lose your mind.
And I’ll use you as a focal point, so I don’t lose sight of what i want.
And I’ve moved farther than I thought I could,
But I missed you more than I thought I would.
And I found love where it wasn’t supposed to be,
Right in front of me… Talk some sense to me.

Force of Nature - Bea Miller

I don’t know why, but my hands are shaking.
I can see you coming and I stand here waiting.
It’s an effed up, bad, sick situation.
I tried to tie my heart down, board up all the windows,
Oh, but it’s too late now, I let you get too close.
I know I should take cover, hide inside these four walls,
But baby, I surrender it all.
Cause you’re a force of nature, look at what you’ve done,
I can taste the danger, but I don’t want to run.
So pull me to the ground and I won’t put up a fight,
And I know I’ll be broken when it’s over,
Oh, but I can’t help but pull you closer.
I’ll be here til we collide, I don’t care if I survive,
So crash into me one more time.

Little Hell - City and Colour

What if I can’t be all that you need me to be?
We’ve got a good thing going, we have some promises to keep.
What if everything’s just the way that it will be?
Could it be that I am meant to cause you all this grief?
There’s a degree in difficulty in dealing with me,
From my haunted past comes the daunting task of living through memories.
So when we leave, it’ll be a quick midnight escape,
We’ll disconnect ourselves from all of yesterday.
Will we get out of this little hell?

Control - Halsey

I sat alone, in bed til the morning. I’m crying, they’re coming for me.
And I tried to hold these secrets inside me, my mind’s like a deadly disease.
And all the kids cried out, “Please stop, you’re scaring me.”
I can’t help this awful energy.
Goddamn right, you should be scared of me.
Who is in control?
I’m well acquainted with villains that live in my bed.
I’ve grown familiar with villains that live in my head.

A Far Shore - Luke Conard, Ryan Seiler, & Jason Munday

My only hope of reaching you is sending this report.
I wish that I could hear you now, this is my last resort.
Don’t count me out, all gauges warn: “Danger!” I won’t bail out.
As I jump to warp speed, I throw everything I knew out the door,
Brace my heart as I proceed where no man has ever been before.
There’s no other way around it, completely surrounded,
Strings play the final score.
As I jump to warp speed, destination: a far shore.
If I could turn back, you know I would, believe me, I have tried.
I’d trade the greatest discovery to look into your eyes.

Starlight - Muse

This ship has taken me far away, far away from the memories
Of the people who care if I live or die.
I will be chasing the starlight until the end of my life,
I don’t know if it’s worth it anymore.
I just wanted to hold you in my arms.
You electrify my life, let’s conspire to ignite
All the souls that would die just to feel alive.
I will never let you go if you promise not to fade away.
Never fade away, our hopes and expectations, black holes and revelations.

Resistance - Muse

Is our secret safe tonight? And are we out of sight?
Or will our world come tumbling down? Will they find our hiding place?
Is this our last embrace? Or will the walls start caving in?
(It could be wrong, could be wrong)
But it should have been right to let our hearts ignite.
Are we digging a hole? This is out of control.
It could never last, must erase it fast. But it could have been right.
Love is our resistance, they’ll keep us apart,
And they won’t stop breaking us down.
Hold me, our lips must always be sealed.
If we live a life in fear, I’ll wait a thousand years just to see you smile again.
Kill your prayers for love and peace, you’ll wake the thought police.
We can’t hide the truth inside.
The night has reached its end, we can’t pretend.
We must run, it’s time to run.
Take us away from here, protect us from further harm.

Corpse Roads - Keaton Henson

And I’m so damn scared of dying without you.
But I’ve come prepared, resolved for my life to wear a funeral suit.
And don’t lie…I know we’re fixing to die.
Punish myself for not knowing about this lie that we’re fixing to die.
I’ll see the dark things that you all try to hide,
And I won’t be the damnedest bit fucking surprised.
So let’s not lie, I know we’re fixing to die.

You - Keaton Henson

If you must wait, wait for them here in my arms as I shake.
If you must weep, do it right here in my bed as I sleep.
If you must mourn, my love, mourn with the moon and the stars up above.
If you must mourn, don’t do it alone.
If you must leave, leave as though fire burns under your feet.
If you must die, sweetheart, die knowing your life was my life’s best part.
If you must fight, fight with yourself and your thoughts in the night.
If you must live, darling one, just live.

Whisper (Acapella) - Crywolf ft. Emalyn and Trevor Kaiwa

I won’t forget you, my love, you’re trapped inside my mind.
You are a whisper, my love,
I feel you inside of the shivers that run through my blood.
I hold you from time to time, 
I feel you inside my mind.
It’s a quiet voice that no one hears.
(I never knew that you could sing so softly.)
It’s the silent wish to have no fear.
(I feel you tremble as we’re lying down.)
(It’s a slow dance, it’s a romance.)
(Maybe the last thing on my mind.)
(It’s grieving, it’s bleeding.)

Ribcage (Acoustic) - Crywolf

I’m alive with the glory of your skin.
Just a touch can take me deeper now, just a touch can make me fall back in.
I think I found you in the fault lines, I think I felt you in my searing pain.
I think I saw you from my window, you were dancing in the pouring rain.
Is this love that I’ve found? Is this a new beginning?
I wanna pull you against my skin,
And I wanna know what goes on in that lovely mind.
You’ve got an ocean inside your bones,
And I think I’m losing myself in your salty eyes.
I’ll survive with just a taste of how you live.
Do you want to take me deeper now, do you want to make me fall back in.
I can feel your ribcage pressing tight on the curve of my spine,
Open up and allow all my secrets in.

Run - Daughter

He is restless at night, cause he has horrible dreams.
So we lay in the dark, we’ve got nothing to say.
Just the beating of hearts like two drums in the gray.
The fire is coming, so I think we should run.
We will check outside, checking that the coast is clear on both sides,
Cause we don’t wanna be seen…
Oh this is suicide, but you can’t see the ropes.
I won’t tell my mother, it’s better she don’t know.
And he won’t tell his folks, cause they’re already ghosts.
We’ll just keep each other as safe as we can,
Until we reach the border, until we make our plan to run.

Secret - Angel Snow

Mama told me not to take what’s given, just try to survive.
So don’t judge me for the life I’m living, at least I’m still alive.
I always wanted to be something better, I always wanted to shine.
And now I know I can’t deny my nature, cause I’ve got something to hide.
Lord knows there’s a bad thing coming, I feel it in my bones.
On the horizon there’s a storm that’s growing, keeps me on my toes.
I can’t go back if I wanted to (I don’t, I don’t.)
I can’t remember what I did…before I did what I did.
I got a secret.

Arms - Christina Perri

I never thought that you would be the one to hold my heart,
But you came around and you knocked me off the ground from the start.
You put your arms around me,
And I believe that it’s easier for you to let me go.
You put your arms around me and I’m home.
How many times will you let me change my mind and turn around?
I can’t decide if I’ll let you save my life or if I’ll drown.
I hope that you see right through my walls.
I hope that you catch me cause I’m already falling.
The world is coming down on me and I can’t find a reason to be loved.
I never wanna leave you but I can’t make you bleed if I’m alone.

Dead Air - Chvrches

I will never believe what they say, there is no strength in enduring.
They never speak for themselves, we are disappearing.
You will be all that I seek in a twisted lie, I would live inside you.
Words will be all that I keep in an open space, they would live inside you.
We hold on to an idea and we’ll fight what we can’t see.
We just hold on to an idea, we’ll keep going til we can heal.
We’ll keep going til we can’t hear dead air.
We are all just dead air.
This is a call to your arms to take mind over matter.
Replacing fist over fist, we are disappearing.

Iris - Goo Goo Dolls

And I’d give up forever to touch you,
Cause I know that you feel me somehow.
You’re the closest to heaven that I’ll ever be,
And I don’t wanna go home right now.
And all I can taste is this moment, and all I can breathe is your life.
When sooner or later it’s over, I just don’t wanna miss you tonight.
And I don’t want the world to see me,
Cause I don’t think that they’d understand.
When everything’s made to be broken, I just want you to know who I am.
And you can’t fight the tears that ain’t coming,
Or the moment of truth in your lies.
When everything feels like the movies,
Yeah, you bleed just to know you’re alive.

Cough Syrup - Young the Giant

LIfe’s too short to even care at all,
I’m losing my mind, losing my mind, losing control.
If I could find a way to see this straight, I’d run away,
To some fortune that I should have found by now.
I’m waiting for this cough syrup to come down.
Life’s too short to even care at all,
I’m coming up now, coming up now out of the blue.
These zombies in the park, they’re looking for my heart.
A dark world aches for a splash of the sun.
And so I run out to the things they say could restore me,
Restore life the way it should be.

Human - Of Monsters and Men

When the words weigh heavy on the heart,
I am lost and led only by the stars.
Cage me like an animal, a crown with gems and gold.
Eat me like a cannibal, chase the neon throne.
Breathe in, breathe out, let the human in.
Breathe in, breathe out, and let it in.
Plants awoke and they slowly grow beneath the skin,
So breathe in, breathe out, let the human in.
The air is silk, shadows form a grin.
If I lose control, I feed the beast within.
If I could only let go.

Ladder Song - Lorde

No one knows where the ladder goes,
You’re gonna lose what you love the most.
You’re not alone in anything, you’re not unique in dying.
Feel estranged every now and then, fall asleep reading science fiction.
I wanna fly in your silver ship, let my mama hang, and my sister sit.
It’s on now, the days are long now,
The ups and the sun downs, and a twisting mind.
If I gotta go first, I’ll do it on my terms.
I’m tired of traitors always changing sides. They were friends of mine.
Don’t hang around as the promise breaks,
Or you’ll be there when the next one’s made.
Kiss the feet of a charlatan, some imagined freedom.
All the rest is predictable, trying your hardest to melt the snow,
Tie the knots to concentrate, keep on pulling that rope will break.
We’ll welcome the new age covered in warrior paint.
Lights from the jungle to the sky,
See now, a starburst looks just like a blood orange.
Don’t it just make you want to cry? Precious friend of mine.
Will I know when it’s finally done? This whole life’s a hallucination.
You’re not alone in anything, you’re not alone in trying to be.

#258: “You Want To Kiss Me I Can See It...”


Short little preferences just how I like it. I’m sorry I haven’t updated preferences for a while I’ve been really sick the past two weeks and I’ve also worked a hell lot because I constantly get called to take shifts at the swimming hall. I’m surprised I haven’t been poisoned by chlorine yet. 

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“But I won’t do it.” Your voice was barely above a whisper and you avoided to meet his teasing gaze. “I’m not going to do anything about it.” It became stronger this time but once you looked into his eyes it was as if all the thoughts were pushed away and you couldn’t think clear. “You sure?” He lowly said and caressed your hair away from your face and behind your ear. “Because your eyes are sharing something else.” Your mouth opened but no words came out and that settled everything. Leaning up on your toes you did the one thing you had tried to avoid, letting his lips heat up yours.


“How confident of you to say.” You spat and tried to ignore his presence by folding the clothes on the bed. You didn’t want to look at him but in the corner of your eye you could see he walked away from leaning against the doorframe to suddenly stand behind you. He still didn’t say anything but his hands on your hips made a jolt go through your body but you stayed put. “You still think you don’t want to?” He questioned and ghosted his lips over the skin of your neck. “Yes.” You managed to say but with no convincing in your tone and took him by surprise by suddenly pressing him against the wall and your lips against his. 


“Yet I’m still standing here, put in my position.” He had his arms folded between each other to show his seriousness but with the expression on his face it was lacking. He wouldn’t just stay put he didn’t want to flick a muscle but by the way you were looking at him it all seemed to fate away. “How come you look at me like that then?” You gently grabbed the fabric on his t-shirt and pulled him closer, feeling how he was close to loose his breath. “Because I uh-,” He mumbled nervously and in instinct closed his eyes when you stood on your toes and pressed your lips softly against his shaking ones. 


“Is that just another one of your interpretations?” He questioned and moved his face closer to yours just to let you see more of his expression. His eyebrows were furrowed and his jaw was tensed you could tell he was holding everything in. “No,” You shook your head in disagreement and ran a finger down his cheek, “Just an observation.” He could feel shivers down his spine by his words but he still waited a few seconds before reacting. “Fine, how about you observe this.” He leaned down to capture his lips with yours for a rather heated kiss, forgetting about your words and giving fully in. 

#270: He Snores Loudly


When I visited my friend at her new school (Kind of like boarding school but for talented music/theater/circus kids), which was also the place I sprained my foot, I shared a room/bed with this guy who snored so loudly I’ve never experienced anything like it before it was insane. 

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“I’m not.” The tone of his voice expressed how much he actually believed his denial but his face spoiled everything. With eyes closed and his cheek pressed against his pillow there wasn’t much convincing. He always snored, especially after a long night of partying it wasn’t a huge surprise to you. “You’re just imagining.” He almost scoffed in disbelief and you could almost feel he wasn’t fully awake. “Maybe…” You mumbled and felt him pull you close to his chest. But it didn’t take long for him to start the snoring again once he had fallen back into his deep sleep. 


It was a bit of a harsh hit in the chest that seemed to pull him out of his sleep. You had been trying to call his name repeatedly and claim that he was being too loud but he barely heard a thing. At first he was very confused and looked around the bedroom trying to adjust to the sudden darkness. “Let me guess.” He could already figure out what had been going on just by the way you looked at him tiredly. “I was snoring again?” “I don’t understand where you’ve got the habit from, you didn’t use to do it but this is the fourth time in a row.” He yawned tiredly and nodded his head in agreement, “I will try to stop now…”


“Michael!” “What!? You’ve been saying my name repeatedly for almost a minute.” Rolling your eyes by his words you turned around on the mattress to face him. “You’re snoring so loudly I can’t sleep!” Your tone was almost as furious as your face, it wasn’t on purpose. You were just so tired. “You think it’s annoying?” He asked casually with a faint smile growing on his face. “Duh!” You argued and turned around on the bed to let you back face him again. “Fine then.” He replied followed by the loud sounds of snoring, he was exaggerating completely just to piss you off a little bit more. He loved it. 


You had a tempted choice, but you had no idea what to actually do. Trying to shake his shoulders wouldn’t work and since he was out like a light he didn’t hear his name being called repeatedly. You couldn’t roll him on the side because you knew that wouldn’t help either so the most logical thing to do was to block his nose. At first it wasn’t with much reaction but when he suddenly gasped after air silence fell upon the room. “Thank god.” You mumbled and kissed the tip of his nose before you fell back to the sheets. Ashton was pretty confused but didn’t get any explanation as you finally got the peace of sleep you had been craving and wanted. 

#263: You’re Not The Best Cook


Okay so this isn’t me, at all. I’m very well around the kitchen and I know how to cook several things considering I’ve been to cooking school and I’ve also lived alone for a month so this is for all of you who don't’!!! I appreciate you too :^) 

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“Y/N…  I know you told me to stay out of your business and all that but your toast is burning.” He was so careful with speaking, almost too afraid that you would freak out on him but he couldn’t just stand there and witness the toaster sooner than later being caught on fire. You looked away from your magazine to see the smoke slowly build up from the toast that had clearly been too long in the toaster, the smell was even there but you hadn’t noticed yet. “Shit.” You mumbled quickly and ran over to take it out of the toaster. It was hot, warm, and completely burning your fingers but what you hated about it the most was the fact that Luke was right. The toast was completely black. “I-, I can’t even make toast properly.” You sounded completely defeated and at any other scenario he wouldn’t have laughed but this time he couldn’t stop. It was so affectionate you did it yourself before throwing the toast into the trash, deciding to start over again.


“Hold on! You’re cooking? Pinch me in the arm because this will either be a nightmare or a beautiful dream.” Calum commented once coming into the kitchen, four things were going on at once and you were battling to keep up with everything. “A beautiful dream I hope.” You said quietly with sweat on your forehead, if it wasn’t for the fact that you constantly had something in your hands you would have opened a window. “What happened? Did you suddenly wake up and thought ‘I should cook for my beautiful boyfriend’?” He questioned as he opened the fridge to get a water bottle. “Something along the lines of that.” You mumbled concentrated and searched for a spoon so he could have a taste of the sauce. He smiled when you reached out for him to taste, but once his face grimaced you knew the nightmare had come. “Hey…” He cooed quietly and placed a kiss on your forehead. “Efforts for trying babe. Shows you care to make me happy.”


“This is not to sound offending but they actually look good.” His eyes were wide once you took the baking sheet out of the oven and placed it on top of the stove. You were pretty impressed yourself, you had tried to bake cinnamon rolls so many times but they had never turned out to look like this. “Maybe it was because I gave them a bit of mixed egg on the top? That’s why they are so golden.” You observed impressed and watched him take a small napkin he could use as a plate. He also seemed very pleased once he smelled the small cinnamon but after he took a bite you knew something was wrong. “It’s delicious.” He announced like it was nothing but you grabbed the cinnamon out of his hand and saw it was completely raw inside. “Michael you don’t have to eat it I know it’s bad.” You mumbled but he shook his head in disagreement and swallowed. “I have to taste everything you make me, it’s a promise. But you know, some day I will end up with food poisoning.” 


“I can’t believe you’re making me do this.” You mumbled and hovered over the bowl to fill it up with some flour you were making for the sauce. So far so good it looked and smelled okay, but you would constantly look over your shoulder to watch for Ashton’s approval. “You’re doing great. Now just grab a bit of flour and use that to make it thick.” “But I just did?” You questioned confused and pointed down at the beige box you had in your hands. “Honey no wait that’s salt you’re using.” Silence fell upon the room when realizing what you had done and you lightly smacked your hand against your forehead. “That’s it I’m ordering pizza.” You mumbled and leaned over to grab your phone, you had already ruined dinner for tonight there was no way you could make it any worse. “Pizza it is then.” Ashton sighed softly and looked down at the pot, he wouldn’t stop until you finally learned the secret of good cooking. 

#259: You Buy Plants For Your Garden


I love gardening stuff very much. I used to work in a garden shop when I was younger and it was the best place ever but I quit because the boss yelled at me for dropping trash on the way to the trashcans so that was kind of weird and yeah

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”Y/N if my car gets dirty by all of this I’m gonna force you to vacuum it all once-,” ”Would you just relax it’s not going to get dirty.” You interrupted after shutting the door to his car, watching him put the key and turn it around. “Besides it’s not like I bought that much. It’s all secure in plastic bags.” You both looked over your shoulders to see the large amount of different kinds of plants and flowers. “You didn’t buy that much huh?” He commented with a quivered eyebrow. “Y/N you bought the whole store if that was possible.” Rolling your eyes by his words you sighed softly in happiness and looked down at the cherry tree that was placed right in front of you. But once Luke started to back the car small flowers started to fall off and you hurried down to remove them before he noticed anything with a secret smile on your face.


“No, no you’re not supposed to plug them we aren’t allowed to do that in here.” Your eyes widened in surprise and a blush came to your cheeks when he lifted one of the flowers in the air innocently and gave it to you. “What, we’re buying them anyways.” He smiled gently and removed a bit of your hair to place it behind your ear. It was cute you’d like to admit but you still felt a little bit nervous if someone would show up any minute by now. Besides, Calum didn’t seem to mind the slightest but only let out a cute giggle. He seemed a bit embarrassed as well by his spontaneous action. “Yes but they are supposed to be planted in our garden and not used to impress ladies.” You grabbed the flower and poked his nose twice, smiling secretly by his reaction and focused back on the flowers.


“You know I saw on these Nifty pages on Facebook that we can buy these Mason jars and label them with each name of the spice plants.” He looked at the table filled with different kinds of green plants, the smells were incredible but also intense because they were mixed into one. “Which one should we pick though. It’s limited how many we can fit.” You looked between the different kinds, moving them up to get a lovely smell. He hummed in question and took a look before he suddenly passed by an idea. “Easy, I’ll close my eyes and you’ll pick a few and the ones that smell the best we’ll pick.” “Sounds legit.” You giggled and leaned down to take a few, watching him close his eyes and prepare for something to come. It was funny and different, you couldn’t pick out just one and with this you would be able to get a random match.


“Okay so I know I’ve already grabbed four different kinds but look, these are red!” His voice as excited and he basket he was holding while walking around the aisle with the seeds was to the point of being full but that didn’t stop him. You stood on your toes to try reach for what he was talking about, a long arm quick to grab it for you instead. “Red sunflowers. Don’t you think we’ve got enough in the colors of yellow and orange?” You quivered an eyebrow and watched him threw it to the top of the pile. “Nonsense. We’ll just buy a few more pots here and there I want our garden to be the coolest one possible. It’s one of the benefits that comes with a house. Oh look hibiscus flowers!” You barely got the chance to react before you were dragged towards something else, the excited eyes of Ashton’s becoming bigger.

#223: The Boys Notice Your Sex Injuries


Here is the last preference of 2016! Which is pretty insane but also very cool because it’s a little different and very amusing. I also had to google sex injuries and trust me these are the vanilla sides of it because hooly crap people can end up with some serious shit 

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”So I told him there was no way in hell I would run naked outside right when the time would strike midnight at-, Woah what the hell happened to your knees, Y/N?” All attention drifted towards you by Michael’s sudden exclaim in his otherwise very interesting story time. A deep shade of red blushed on your cheeks by the question, eyes glancing towards Luke unsure for a second, seeing him shake his head. “I uh-, I fell when getting out of the cab to the hotel. It’s nothing, just a few burn marks nothing to worry about.” You tried to smile, dabbing on it lightly with some cold cloth but inside you were screaming with pain. It hurt like hell and it was the reason why you had taken a look at it in the first place. Wrong day to wear holed skinny jeans that was for sure. “It looks like-, Nooo!” Ashton interrupted himself suddenly with wide eyes, looking over at Luke who was trying his best to sink further into to couch as if it was supposed to make him invisible. Ashton looked back at you with the same stunned expression and a smirk grew on his face. “That’s what you were doing at the football field behind the hotel!” Your eyes widened by Ashton’s exclaim, feeling how all eyes switched between you and Luke making you awkwardly shift in your seat. “It also explains the grass stains on the back of Luke’s white shirt!” If it was possible Luke’s face became redder than it already was, his lips parting but no denying came out. “You are so insanely lazy can you never be on top for once?” Michael commented with a laugh to Luke, and you both sunk further down into the couches with embarrassed smiles on your faces.


“Oh my god that looks painful.” Calum glanced confusedly over his shoulder by Ashton’s words, his shirt still resting between his arms and not having taken it off yet. “What?” Was the only thing escaping the kiwi boy’s lips, his eyebrows furrowing by the sudden comment because when he looked down at himself there was nothing to see. Ashton let go of his towel to approach him, a hand coming up to touch his shoulders gently and Calum hissed. Turning around in reaction he looked over at the massive mirror crowding the otherwise small changing room, seeing how his back was filled with various scratches, some even having a bit of dry blood. “Looks like someone is doing his job very well it looks like you’re dating a cat!” Michael chirped in with a grin, seeing how Calum blushed lightly but regardless smirked a bit. It was a compliment afterwards and he hadn’t taken notice of the many marks on his back before now. “What can I say, she likes it.” He stopped in track when seeing you come into sight from the doorframe, having your phone up to your ear and hung up. “You have to be on stage in five minutes, John was the one telling me.” You smiled, but confusion was written on your face when they all smirked at you. They kept quiet when walking past you towards the door but it didn’t help on anything when Michael started to make cat sounds and claw movements with his hands. “What was that about?” You looked up at Calum after they had left the room but he only shook his head with a huge laugh and lightly smacked your bum to get you out of the room and towards the backstage area.


“Y/N come on why are you so slow.” Luke whined behind you, his lack of patience obvious in his tone and his hands came down to grab your hips and force you forward. A huge squeal came from your lips in reaction, almost dropping the plate in your hand and Luke let go of you completely as if he had stung himself on you. “I barely touched you!” He defended himself, eyes widening when you placed the plate back on the table and took a look at your hip, eyes widening as well when you saw the bruises under the shirt. “What happened to you?” Calum questioned over Luke’s shoulders, his eyes looking down at what seemed to be finger prints that had managed to bruise, an embarrassed expression coming to your face. “You and Michael really go at it, huh?” They both looked at each other and winked, not making the situation any better and you rolled your eyes, taking a look at it. It hurt bad even if the bruises were small like Michael’s fingers, but you almost couldn’t focus on it by the way they were so amused by the whole situation. “You gotta treat your girl a little nicer Mike, look at the poor thing!” Luke commented when Michael coincidentally passed by you with his own plate, a piece of bread in his mouth because of the lack of place. His eyes adverted down to the small injuries as well, a smirk growing beneath the bread and he took it out to move closer to the boys. “She prefers it rough.” Your jaw fell in reaction in embracement, your hand coming over to hit him in the arm when he moved away from the smirking boys and walked past you, placing a sweet kiss to your cheek as a pre apology for later.


“Are you kidding me? We had a deal that we would be at the restaurant at six and it’s now a quarter over, really?” Luke exclaimed the second you and Ashton rushed into the hotel room, him walking over to the suitcase while you hurried towards the bathroom and shut the door. “I’m sorry, we were caught up with something and forgot about the time.” He deeply apologized as he hovered over his clothes and fished out a tie. “You know this is Calum’s birthday party and it’s supposed to be a surprise! “I know, I know.” Ashton replied back and hurried to change his clothes, looking over at Luke apologizing. “If you were me you would understand.” He didn’t want to explain any further when buttoning up the dress shirt, giving Luke a glance but stopped in track by his expression. “Is that hickeys on your neck?” It caught Michael’s attention as well, his attention drifting from his phone to him instead. “Hickeys?” Ashton became quieter, his eyes widening by the reflection in the mirror and he flinched by Michael pressing on the tender bruises. “Well now I totally understand everything.” Luke commented with wide eyes and swung his blazer over his shoulder, laughing when a deep blush came to Ashton’s cheeks. He hurried towards the door to the bathroom and knocked furiously, “Y/N Y/L/N what the hell have you created on my neck we are supposed to go to a restaurant now!” You had barely opened the door before he heard your giggles, sticking your head out with a mascara in your hand. “I just thought you needed some decoration. You know, just so people can so you’re taken. Besides they match up with your blushing cheeks.” You laughed, hurrying back into the bathroom by his reaction and the boys chuckling faint in the background.