Ethan #1

Ethan and I were friends. His parents knew mine and thus our friendship was formed. Today he was over at my house, the rest of his family were coming later. My parents had gone out to pick up things for dinner, since we were having guest over (Ethan’s family). Ethan and I decided to stay here. We were playing some game on the x-box and I had just beat Ethan. I stood up and did a victory dance.

“in your face! haha I’m a winner and you’re a loser.”

“shut up.” he said crossing his arms over his chest, glaring at me.

“come over here and make me.”

He stood up, a smirk now replacing the out that was previously there.

“What’s you’d say?” he asked closing all the space between us.

“you heard me. come over here and make me.”

And in one swift move, he had a hand on my waist, the other on my cheek and had his lips placed on mine. He pulled back and looked down at me.

“in your face,” he said copying my words, but in a slowly almost raspy voice, “I’m the real winner.”

Husband and I came to my parents house late last night with the dog to sleep. Since I have to work tonight and all weekend, there was no way I was going to be able to sleep today at my house. Without air conditioning. When it was supposed to be 96 by noon. So we came over here and stayed up late watching Game of Thrones.

Husband went home this morning so he could get ready for work. I managed to sleep til 12:30. My parents are camping this weekend so I’m actually here by myself. It’s been nice. I used my mom’s fancy shower. I cooked myself lunch and dinner to take to work. Now I’m just laying in a comfy bed in air conditioning.

I’m feeling less anxious about announcing on Monday. We will just play it by ear.

I’m working so much in the next few weeks. Next week I realized I work 3 nights in a row, have one night off and then back for 2 nights. Then I have 2 days off and then 3 on. Ugh. Idk how I did this to myself. Oh well. Extra money. Lots of overtime.

reasons to watch ant-man:
  • SAMUEL THOMAS WILSON A.K.A. THE FALCON WAS THERE!!! he has more screen time in this movie than in aou which is fucked up bc i didn’t even KNOW he was gonna show up here meanwhile in aou there was a big poster and everything i am so disappointed in you whedon
  • PEGGY CARTER WAS THERE TOO!!! and this time she wasn’t playing as steve roger’s long lost love tempting him to stay in a fucked up limbo, she was legit acting as the head of shield even tho it was only for the first few minutes but again, SHE HAS MORE SCREEN TIME HERE THAN IN AOU
  • i honestly didn’t care much about this movie at first but it has some great humour, characterisations, and a well-written plot. it was so much better than aou could ever hope to be.
  • the main character scott lang is a master thief who got arrested for returning the money this evil company he worked for previously stole. he could’ve gotten away with it but got carried away and drove this rich-ass car into a fountain or something, thus, why he was arrested.
  • ANT-THONY!!!
  • also i don’t need to remind you but SAM WILSON!!!
  • and seriously the movie is so funny like. movie references and stuff i could not stop laughing it was hilarious bro

Chelsea Football Club is delighted to announce the opening of a new state-of-the-art Blue Pitch in the Philippines. The 11-a-side Blue Pitch will be located in Circuit Makati, Manila, and be operated by The Younghusband Football Academy, which is owned and run by former Chelsea Academy players James and Phil Younghusband.Blue Pitches are designed to provide communities with access to high-quality facilities and training, as well as access to Chelsea’s community programmes promoting the values of education, health and social inclusion. The pitches are part of Chelsea’s Here to Play Here to Stay initiative which ensures a long-term commitment to our global communities and uses the power of sport to educate and inspire.

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Do you know of any fics where the pack (or just stiles & derek) go 10-pin bowling? Or to an arcade or something?

uhh I have this one which is tagged with ‘eighties arcade games’

Ice Cream is Overrated by kototyph (1/1 | 2,344 | PG13)

Stiles is hopelessly competitive. Derek is just hopeless.

And these are the ones that I found which involve some type of bowling…

Stay in Your Lane by mikkimouse (1/1 | 5,382 | PG13)

Stiles works at a bowling alley and has a crush on Derek Hale, a frequent customer. He deals with this in the most mature way possible: by giving Derek dumb nicknames for every game he plays.

Of All The Bowling Joints in the World by museohmuse (1/1 | 4,891 | PG13)

“‘I - okay, here’s the thing.’” And the red flag shot up. Nothing good came from Scott saying 'here’s the thing.’ 'Here’s the thing’ was the reason Stiles’ face was on the wanted wall of the Chuck E. Cheese the next town over. 'Here’s the thing’ was the reason Stiles had a small scar on his chin from a water balloon. 'Here’s the thing’ was exactly why Stiles had trust issues.“

In which Stiles came out to have a good time and honestly he’s feeling like he might be falling in love now.

The Bowling AU by Shadowspeaker (1/1 | 4,466 | PG13)

The boy’s got on a red beanie a faded Beacon Hills high t-shirt and baggy gray sweat pants. His face is framed in dark black glasses. He’s got his hands in his pockets and there’s something about him that reads mischief. He’s easily one of the more beautiful people Derek has ever seen and he’s quickly becoming overly fixated on the boys moles and the dark wispy unkempt tendrils of hair that escape from under his hat. Derek has to sit down. Like right now.

The Reunion (Luke Hemmings)

*10 years ago*

Y/N’s P.O.V

I almost fell asleep in the back of the car when I heard my mum in the driver’s seat say the words every bored child loves to here: “We’re here!”
My older brother opened the door and ran out towards a bunch of kids he seemed to know. I stayed behind a little with my mum and my gran, too shy to go and play.
My gran and her friends would have little reunions every couple of years to catch up and ‘count the grandkids’: her words, not mine.
“Y/N, go and play with those lovely kids,” my mum smiled at me, lightly nudging my back towards the 8 or 9 children who were running up and down the big garden. I slowly walked to one of the swings in the garden and sat down. I didn’t like talking to new people. I stayed away from other people and did my own thing. And that suited me just fine.
I became aware of someone get on a swing beside me, a boy in a blue hoodie.
“Hi, I’m Luke,” he smiled, pushing his feet against the ground, swinging higher and higher.

*Present Day*

I hesitated to get out of the car. Too many memories came to me too quickly. This was my first time at one of the reunions since gran had died, and it still hurt thinking about her. Mum opened the door for me and flashed one of her ever reassuring smiles.
“I know it’s going to be tough Y/N, but maybe this will help?” she said, as I stepped out of the car and walked into the big house I vaguely remembered.
After greeting everyone and hearing “the last time I saw you, you were only this tall” be repeated, I sat down on the floor near the door. Soon after sitting down, a guy around my age walked in and sat down on the sofa at the other side of the room beside a lady I assumed to be his grandmother. We briefly made eye contact, before he weakly smiled at me and looked away.
And then the stories began. Stories about growing up. Stories about the past year. But mainly, stories about gran. I really didn’t want to listen to them, they just upset me. So I just sat in my spot and looked at my shoes. I would occasionally glance up, my eyes always falling on the boy who wasn’t paying much attention to the stories either. He looked so familiar, but I couldn’t remember exactly who he was. Lots of kids came to these reunion, most of them grown up, some with their own kids now.

Luke’s P.O.V

She had changed a little. She had grown taller, her hair was longer than before, but I still remember talking to her when we were younger out on that swing set that’s still outside. She was really beautiful, and still as shy as I remembered.
My mum and grandmother had told me about her gran passing away a couple of months ago, and about how she didn’t handle the situation well. And was very evident from where I was sitting. She kept staring at her shoes, her legs, her hands, anywhere but the faces of the ladies who were retelling the stories. Her legs bounced nervously and she bit her bottom lip as the stories continued. Only a couple of minutes past by before she jumped to her feet.


Everyone was staring at me. I felt the tears build up in my eyes. “I … um.. going to .. uh, … going to get air,” I mumbled, a single tear racing down my cheek. My mum stood up but I just shook my head and left the house.
I grabbed the edges of my cardigan, pulling them over my body to keep me warm. I slowly walked down the hill to the old swing set I had vague memories of. I grabbed the rope and sat down on the hard plastic seat. I lightly pushed my feet against the worn away ground. I tried my best not to breakdown, but slowly the tears began to escape the corners of my eyes.
“Can I sit?”

Luke’s P.O.V

She looked up at me and lightly nodded her head. I sat down on the swing beside her and watch her as she continued to stare at the worn away bits of grass under her feet. I didn’t know what to say to break this deafening silence.
“I’m so sorry to hear about your gran Y/N,” I said. She didn’t even flinch or react to my words for a couple of seconds, but I could see her eyes water again.
“Thanks,” Her words were barely a whisper as yet another tear ran down her cheek. I jumped out of the swing and grabbed her arm, pulling her into my arms.
“Come here,” I softly spoke into her ear as my hand traced little circled on her back.
“Luke,” she whispered before I felt her arms wrap around my back, her head resting against my chest. I placed my lips against her forehead gently and as I pulled back, I saw a little smirk on her face.
“Want to go for a walk? Get away from all the parents telling embarrassing stories?” I pulled back and watched her face for any signs. She pulled her cardigan sleeve over her hand and wiped away the tears and wet mascara from under her eyes before letting out a deep exhale.
“That sounds fantastic,” she awkwardly laughed, brushing her dress down as she walked towards the steps onto the beach.

Y/N’s P.O.V

I slipped my shoes off and held them in my hand as my toes sunk into the warm sand. I turned around to see Luke climb down the last few steps. He has most certainly grown up to be a very attractive young man. As he reached the bottom step, he looked across to me and smiled, beginning to pull his black shoes off his feet.
“Last one to the sea is a loser!” I shouted as I tightened the grip on my shoes and began to run backwards, watching for Luke’s reaction.
“THAT’S NOT FAIR Y/N,” He laughed as he struggled to pull his socks off. I turned back towards the sea, the wind pulling my hair in every known direction. “YOU ARE SUCH A CHEAT!” I could hear Luke shout and the sound of footsteps following behind me. I glanced over my shoulder to see where Luke was and let out an excited scream when I saw he was following closely behind me. He was putting those lanky legs of his to good use.

Luke’s P.O.V

She let out a laugh as she turned back around making a mad dash to the sea front. I contemplated letting her win but where’s the fun in that? I ran faster than I already was, throwing my shoes behind me as I approached her. As I reached her, I threw my arms around her waist and lifted her off the ground, walking into the calm water.
“Shit,” I mumbled at the near freezing temperatures of the water, as Y/N protested for me to put her down. “Are you sure you want down? It’s pretty cold down here,” I whispered in her ear as she giggled.
“I’m positive Luke, please. I’m scared of heights.” She said sarcastically as a smirk creeped onto her face. I let out an exaggerated sigh as I set her down into the gentle waves. A small hiss left her lips as she grabbed the edges of her cardigan and pulled them around her. “Okay. Yeah, it is colder here.”
I stretched my arms out for her, like she was a baby. “Don’t you want back up?” She just rolled her eyes and walked in a little deeper. I watched as the sun caught her hair, making it glisten as though it was laced with glitter. I was mesmerised by her and how much she had grown up. She looked out to the sea before turning around and looking at me. When our eyes met, she smiled and I fell harder for her. How was this girl out of my life for over 10 years?

Later that evening, we walked back towards the house, sitting on the sea wall that I once thought was ‘only big enough for a giant to reach’. I walked across first and found a comfortable spot. As I turned to see where Y/N was, she was struggling to get across.
“Give me your hand,” I smiled stretching my hand out, watching as her smaller hand finds its way into mine, grasping tightly. She slowly walked across the wall to where I was standing, letting go of my hand as we carefully sat down.
“Thanks,” she smiled, her eyes never leaving the setting sun. The sky was set a light with shades of orange and red, which were perfectly reflected in her eyes. I slipped my hand into hers again, my eyes never leaving her. Her gaze fell to my hands and then to my face. A light blush came across her cheek, but I wasn’t sure if she was bushing or if it was simply the reflection from the sunset. Her head fell to my shoulder as her other little hand began to play with my fingers. If anyone could see the smile on my face, they’d call me crazy. But in this moment, I didn’t care. I was happy to be with her.

A/N: Request if you want a part 2 or anything else you want me to write. Thanks :)

|| Updated Timeline


Main Timeline



            It is easy, when you are young,
            to believe that what you desire is
            no less than what you deserve,
            to assume that if you want something 
            badly enough, it is your God-given right
            to have it. – Into the Wild

and how that desire brought her down.

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resume of the first night, go

  • *violently smashes freddy’s poster’s nose over and over giggling like an asshole*
  • oh hi phone guy nice to hear you
  • *keeps checking on pirate cove and restroom*
  • oh there she is
  • chica is still here ok stay here
  • *turns on and off lights and casually keeps smashing freddy’s nose*
  • *panics and searches for bonnie*
  • at least foxy and chica are still here
  • 5am: i have 20% of energy make me close the left door because i dont know whERE BONNIE IS
  • *clicks left door’s light and hELLO BONNIE*
  • chica is still in the same room ok
  • *clicks the left light and bonnie is out, opens door, clicks light again*
  • *6am arrives*
  • thank y o u god
Band Appreciation

Here’s to the band kids who are busting their butts in the summer heat going for 6+ hours every day carrying hot instruments and playing on them. Here’s to the members who huddle up with each other during late football games when the weather is cold and they can barely feel their fingers when they play. Here’s to the kids who stay after the game is over and pick up their trash, play while everyone is leaving, and then play again for the people at concessions who missed the half time show. Here’s to the kids who show kindness to other bands at competitions and tell them how great their show was. Here’s to the crazy stories from band camp, football games, band trips, and competitions that you’ll tell your kids one day. Here’s to the band family

leaving for California on Friday in shaa Allaah. i’m excited because i can finally have my life back. but i’m sad to leave nyc. i really like this place. i love how theres so many Muslims here and in almost every college they have a prayer area. it’s not like that in California. anyways it’s for the best so Alhamdulillah. 

on sunday i had so much fun. i went bike riding at central park with my brother and cousin. i got on a bike after 7+ years so that was fun. i was gonna crash a few times because i was scared to turn the wheel lmao. imagine if i did and fell in front of all the people aaahhhhhh. i’d die of embarrassment. i did well though, i was wearing a dress [not easy with that]  and some uncomfortable shoes. i felt so alive. 

Your Song Part 2 (Luke  Hemmings imagine)

Summary: Part 2: Luke plays the song he wrote for you to try to win you back

Word Count: 902

A/N: His POV. Based on Your Song by Mayday Parade (also here’s the acoustic version which I’m obsessed with). I’m planning to wrap things up in part 3. Trigger warning: bullying (?)

(Here’s Part one)

And every line in every song

They all seemed to come out wrong

Until your song

I stayed up most of the night, guitar in my hands, pen between my teeth. I wrote and crossed out and re-wrote more times than I could count. Around 3AM, I felt like I was really getting somewhere with the song. At 5, I hit a brick wall that had me so frustrated I wanted to throw my guitar across the room. At 7, my eyes started to feel heavy, but I was reluctant to succumb to sleep. At 9, Calum knocked on the door. I had just dozed off, still holding the guitar and sitting in front of my notebook.

“Luke? Have you been up all night?” Calum asked after I jolted awake. I muttered mhmm and started scribbling more lines down on the paper. Calum took the book away, despite my protests, and read the song I had been writing. He sat down on the bed next to me, studying the paper.

“You wrote this for her?” He asked, looking up at me. I nodded, finally starting to feel the exhaustion set in. I rubbed my eyes and fought to remain awake.

“Well it’s really good, man, but you can’t do this to yourself,” Calum looked at me gravely. “We’ve got a show tonight, and you need to get some sleep.”

“No, I have to finish this,” I insisted, snatching the notebook back from him. “I have to get it right.” I tried playing through the chord progression for the millionth time, but something was still off. Calum sighed and left the room. A few minutes of frustrating alterations later, Cal returned with his bass and sat down again.

“Mikey and Ash are coming down. We’re helping you finish this damn song.”

By lunch time, the four of us sat around my room, instruments in our hands and a finished song on the page in front of us. I went through it in my head one more time, making sure it was completely right.

“I want to play it tonight,” I said. They all looked uneasy.

“I don’t know, Luke. I mean we just finished it. We haven’t had time to rehearse it or anything,” Ashton started to protest, but I wouldn’t back down.

“Please, guys. I need to play this for her tonight and tell everyone to leave her alone. I need to win her back and this is the only plan I have.” It took some convincing, but they eventually came around. The three of them left the room I could get a few hours of much-needed sleep before soundcheck.


I’ll sing every song I wrote if it’ll make you wanna stay

And I’ll say that I missed you

And these words, they’ll convince you

That night, I stood backstage and watched the countdown as the crowd screamed. Nerves ate away at my stomach. I wasn’t nervous for the show, but for what I was planning to say to the fans, and for the new song. Most of all, I was worried that after all of this, it still wouldn’t be enough to convince Y/N to come back. I didn’t have much time to think about all of this, because before I knew it, I was running out onto the stage. The boys and I went through our setlist as usual. After one of the last songs, I nodded to the others to signal it was time.

“So, we have an, um, special addition to our show tonight,” Ashton said uneasily. “Luke has something he’d like to say to you all.” The crowd fell silent. I took a deep breath and chose my words very carefully.

“So, recently some people have been harassing someone very close to me on social media. I know it’s not everyone, but it’s enough people that it has really hurt that person. And I’m telling you that it stops right now. I love you guys, and I love performing for your and meeting you, but I can’t do it at the cost of the people I love. I’m asking you please, if you really care about me and this band, to lay off.” The crowd was so quiet, I thought I could hear a pin drop.

“Well, anyway,” Michael began, breaking the silence, “we have a new song for you tonight.” The audience broke out in whispers.

“We’ve just written it this morning, so it doesn’t really have a name yet,” I said, my hands starting to shake. “But, to the person this is about: you know who you are. This is your song.”

And with that, we all started to play. I poured every last ounce of myself into the song. I thought about Y/N and the way I felt when she walked into a room, her smile, the way it felt to kiss her, and the look that would be on her face when she heard this. I thought about how much I loved her, and really gave everything I had to this performance.

When it was over, the crowd went wild. I could see people crying in the front row, and noticed I had a few tears on my own cheeks. When the boys and I started playing our encore, I noticed that my nerves had been relieved. I had done all I could, I just hoped it was enough.

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gemini, sag, aqua and taurus at an amusement park

Gemini, sag, and aqua: ROLLERCOASTER TIME
Taurus: wait no but there’s still stuff to do here… on the ground… that doesn’t move
Gemini: you’re totally scared of rollercoasters
Taurus: pshhh no? I just… wanna play more games!!
Sag: sureeeee
Aqua: we’re gonna go ride the ride you stay here and DONT MOVE
Taurus: WAIT but what if I can’t find you-
*gemini, sag, and Aqua are already on the ride"
Taurus: oh. Fine I’ll just stay here and- OMG CHURROS
*taurus ends up getting lost and can’t find the rest of their friends until late at night when they have to go home*

Moving right along, in search of middles and endings

I’m up to 10121 words for “zelgan baby feels”! Right now I have pretty much everything done except for Zelda’s disowning, and a proper ending. I have a good idea what I want to do (it involves revenge against the crown by one very pissed off father and possibly help from an equally pissed Sheikah), and can probably start putting together a proper ffnet/ao3 page fairly soon.

But for now, here’s a promised preview, focusing on Zelda! Click here for the premise, part 1, and part 2!

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