Feeling the urge to harm yourself?

Here is a master post on coping with urges to self harm:

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Helpful Links:

How to respond when someone asks you about your self harm scars..

  • "I battle with sharks in my spare time"
  • "I was attacked by an evil cheese grater"
  • "I’m slowly transforming into a zebra"

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  • -Protein: rebuild skin, collagen, and blood vessels
  • -Vitamin C: allows protein to rebuild collagen
  • -Vitamin A: boosts the initial inflammatory response (to prevent infection)
  • -Zinc and Iron: produce and bring oxygen to protein and collagen


The Butterfly Project:

  1. when you feel like you want to cut, take a marker or pen and draw a butterfly on wherever the self-harm occurs.
  2. name the butterfly after a loved one, or someone that really wants you to get better.
  3. NO scrubbing the butterfly off.
  4. if you cut before the butterfly is gone, it dies. if you don’t cut, it lives.
  5. if you have more than one, cutting kills them all.
  6. another person may draw them on you. these butterflies are extra special. take good care of them.
  7. even if you don’t cut, feel free to draw a butterfly anyways, to show your support. if you do this, name it after someone you know that is suffering right now, and tell them. it could help.

The Paper Chain Project:

  1. For every day you go without self harming or purging, add a colorful link to the paper chain
  2. If you relapse, just add a white link to to the chain and carry on the chain without any disruption
  3. Over time the paper chain will grow in length and you can see your progress, and see that even if you do relapse, the are still days you go without hurting yourself. The colorful links.
  4. Over time and through your recovery watch the amount of colored links begin to increase, and the amount of white links begin to decrease.
  5. If you feel like hurting yourself, look at the paper chain and realize just how far you’ve made it, and realise that if you’ve resisted before you can do it again


  1. DELAY: delay giving in to the urge for a set amount of time. Write down this amount of time and set a timer.
  2. DISTRACT: do an activity that will occupy your thoughts and use your physical energy. Write a list of things you could do.
  3. DECIDE: after the set time period, decide how you’re going to respond to the urge. Write down: advantages, disadvantages, reasons you want to stop, life goals.

You can also try distracting your mind. Do something where you are able to focus you mind on and be physical at the same time whenever you feel the urge to cut coming on.

For example:

  • Exercise: yoga, Pilates  zumba, dance, jogging, and if you have a gym membership go there.
  • Take a leisurely stroll through a park or even your neighborhood.
  • If you have a pet, try to teach them a trick.
  • Watch a crappy movie marathon, or have a marathon of your favorite show.
  • Take a nice relaxing bubble bath
  • read a book
  • listen to loud music and sing along to it and dance around if you have to
  • go out with friends, or call up your boyfriend and see if you can spend some time together (nothing special just hang out).
  • play video games
  • try tetris, a crossword puzzle, mind games

Self-harm includes anything you do to intentionally injure yourself. Some of the more common ways include:

  • cutting or severely scratching your skin
  • burning or scalding yourself
  • hitting yourself or banging your head
  • punching things or throwing your body against walls and hard objects
  • sticking objects into your skin
  • intentionally preventing wounds from healing
  • swallowing poisonous substances or inappropriate objects


Coping skills for any addiction, self harm included:

Need to express pain and intense emotions

  • Paint, draw, or scribble on a big piece of paper with red ink or paint
  • Express your feelings in a journal
  • Compose a poem or song to say what you feel
  • Write down any negative feelings and then rip the paper up
  • Listen to music that expresses what you’re feeling

If you need to calm and soothe yourself

  • Take a bath or hot shower
  • Pet or cuddle with a dog or cat
  • Wrap yourself in a warm blanket
  • Massage your neck, hands, and feet
  • Listen to calming music
  • Color in a coloring book
  • Plant flowers

If you feel disconnected and numb

  • Call a friend (you don’t have to talk about self-harm)
  • Take a cold shower
  • Hold an ice cube in the crook of your arm or leg
  • Chew something with a very strong taste, like chili peppers, peppermint, or a grapefruit peel.
  • Go online to a self-help website, chat room, or message board

If you need to release tension or vent anger

  • Exercise vigorously—run, dance, jump rope, or hit a punching bag
  • Punch a cushion or mattress or scream into your pillow
  • Squeeze a stress ball or squish Play-Doh or clay
  • Rip something up (sheets of paper, a magazine)
  • Make some noise (play an instrument, bang on pots and pans)

Substitutes for the cutting sensation

  • Use a red felt tip pen to mark where you might usually cut
  • Rub ice across your skin where you might usually cut
  • Put rubber bands on wrists, arms, or legs and snap them instead of cutting or hitting
  • Cut an apple with your blades, scissors, knife, etc

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GUYS i just had a thought. it’s a wild guess but i thought i’d get it out there.

okay so by now i’m sure that most of you have heard the theories about gideon possibly being a vampire. if you haven’t, i can link you to someone talking about it, but it essentially points out several facts about him. like him having five fingers and alex not disclosing as to why because he feared it to be too spoilery, or how stan said that he “rolled into town” whenever we’ve been told he originated in gravity falls, he’s supposedly nine and we saw him in blendin’s game when dipper and mabel went ten years back. anyways, enough recalling, i have another idea. what if instead of a vampire, he was something equally immortal. something equally manipulative. something like a demon, perhaps? more specifically, a dream demon.

i’ve taken note of this little guy many a time and enjoy other fan’s theories about him being a dream demon or something of the like, so whenever i began piecing two and two together this fellow came to mind immediately. what if that’s gideon’s true form? heh,  i suppose that you could tie in the white, taller point atop the star to tie in with the human version of gideon’s hair as well.

i know we’re supposed to take many of the things said in the show as simply jokes, but take a look at this too. this could be interpreted as foreshadowing as well.

if you’ve watched vailskibum94′s video on gideon being a vampire, you can see that many of his points apply to the idea of gideon being a demon. (if you haven’t yet and want to, click here.) i was hoping to bring up some of the points without bringing up his video but i would practically be quoting it otherwise. my apologies.

i don’t want to bash other people’s theories so please don’t take it this way, i simply want to point out facts. that being said, if gideon were a classic vampire, wouldn’t he have visible fangs? or at least get injured in the sunlight? having had an episode where he laid in the sun the entire episode, it is made obvious that he is not hurt by it in the slightest. however, his being older than originally thought and wish to get his five-fingered paws on the journals could lead to him being a demon. maybe he needs the journals to return to his original form? just a thought.

point being, there’s a good chance gideon could be a demon. whatever he is, he certain’t isn’t nine, and probably not even human. what do you guys think?

Sometimes I feel that if someone looked at my search history and/or my tags on tumblr, they would think that I was a very confused alien with a penchant for aquatic life and birds.

I would like to take this time to remind everyone that I, Sparrow, am, in fact, human. Very human. Why, I am just your average mammal who puts their pants on one *looks at smudged writing on hand* leg sleeve at a time. 


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So you can't decide if you wanna watch Orphan Black? Lemme help
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  • "it looks confu—" The confusion is half the fun.
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  • "i don’t have ti—" It’s a new series and there are only 10 episodes in the season. You can make time.
  • "but i—" IT’S PERFECT. JUST DO IT.
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