OK don’t get me wrong, I completely respect what the Voltron creators are doing and how they’re staying faithful to the original series, but in my opinion, I just really don’t think that they’re going in the right direction with putting Keith and Allura together. 

Now, I’m not saying I’m against the ship or that I hate it, it’s actually kind of cute, but there’s no chemistry there, all I see is a forced romantic relationship between two characters that I feel literally only have a platonic relationship/friendship. 

I just don’t feel what they’re trying to sell us you know?

But then when Keith is with Lance like dude, I feel like there’s so much more there.

They have this moment where they connect with each other and just the mood and the lighting is perfect

Then there’s the undeniable flirting

And him getting all impatient over Lance not coming out of the pod, because he wants to get closer with him

Those pining looks

THE FRICKIN JEALOUSY (How can you pair Keith with someone he gets jealous of Lance over???)


There’s just so much more dynamic and chemistry here, more than I personally feel is between Keith and Allura. I just feel like as two really good characters, they deserve to be with someone that suits their other half (like in my opinion, Allura with Shiro, they definitely have chemistry)

But you know what, whatever the creators choose to do I’ll completely respect their decision in the end. I’ll love the show either way depending on who they put together.

How to support the animal crossing community on tumblr in one simple image:

That’s where the passionate players with small audiences, new mayors, lonely mayors, undiscovered community assets, and unseen posts hang out.  

In the past, I only discovered and therefore only followed the huge AC bloggers - it was lonely. The popular blogs got that way because they post great content, so this is in no way a dig. But it’s like attending a stadium show vs. seeing a musician preform at a cozy cafe.. 

This time around, I’m actively seeking out folks who might not have hundreds of followers.  So far, I’ve been happily chatting with folks on here, and feeling more invested in what they post. 

 At the end of the day, what I want is the ability to interact with other players and be a part of a community, rather than be another person who’s liked a post.

Let’s tutor eachother

Carl Gallagher x Reader

Babies! I finally finished this requested imagine! I have been super crazy stressed out with school but thankfully I graduate in a few weeks so I’ll be able to post more later but for now I’m making a trailer and finishing the plot for my “Now or Never” Carl fan fiction!! Thank you for being so patient with Renee and I and we can’t wait until summer comes so we can spend more time with our babies 🖤 

Warnings: drug use (weed) 
Pairing: Carl Gallagher x Reader
Description: Reader starts to tutor Carl, but the friendship grows stronger and Carl teachers her to be adventurous and something much more stronger blooms
writer: Ramona 

You made your way down to your World Literature class right as the bell was ringing, which left an absolute knot in your stomach because that meant having to deal with people staring as you entered class. “Take a seat.” Mr. Valer whispered as he suddenly paused the lecture that was currently being given. You nodded and skimmed the rows for a seat in your worn down high school. You headed towards the back corner, not your usual preferred seating. 

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Scott McCall AU (part 2)


Plot: Any permanent mark your soulmate gets, you get. Along with a distinct, unique tattoo that appears after an important moment in your soulmate’s life, however, you have no idea how you get away clean

A/N: Sorry it’s late haha, but I actually really got into writing this part, so it’s kinda long (9 pages long). Also… I’m not sure how long this Scott series is going to last but based on how this one went, I’m betting not very long. Anyways, enjoy and give me some feedback! Also, just so you guys know I started part 3 last night!


“College weekend! Are you ready honey?” Your mom asked.

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A Soft Crescendo

Many months ago I wrote something for the Hannibal Big Bang, and I promised @fragile-teacup I would write some more for it. I don’t know if she even remembers that, but I have worked on it some over the months. I decided to post chapter 2 today, and I hope she and everyone enjoys! Thanks Alex for being the nagging voice in the back of my head to keep writing this and also thank you for all the beautiful prose you write! 

(Artwork was created by @hannahthemighty for the fic during the bang.)

Notes:  Hannibal and Will hide out in Mexico. This chapter follows some snapshots of their life together as Will struggles to come to terms with their relationship and with himself. They live together in a dance of unbearable intimacy and excruciating distance. Some hurt/comfort and some smut to be found here.

Will pulled the sweaty shirt over his head and threw it on the floor. His whole body was covered in a light sheen of sweat. The small, cheap motel they were in had a broken air conditioner and the rising temperatures left the third-floor room hot and muggy. The walls were yellow and heavily spackled, the paint peeling and slightly greying. There was a watercolor painting of a woman in a red sundress walking down a deserted street with her son. Other than that the room was sparse with no decoration. Will tried to rest on the bed. Hannibal had removed the bedding provided and used his own clean, new sheets. Will flipped through the channels. They were all in Spanish, and he could only understand half of it. Grabbing the bottle of tequila, he took a couple of swigs. It took the edge off of the swollen waiting.

He walked into the bathroom and looked in the mirror at his face, skinnier than it had been in a while. He rubbed his thumbs over the bags under his eyes and sighed deeply. The shower let out a high-pitched scream when he turned it on; it was old and the water pressure low. But, the cold water was a relief, and he sighed deeply as the drops caressed his skin. He ran his fingers through his hair and tried to relax. The city was hot and busy, and he was feeling restless with nowhere to go and little to do. He didn’t know where Hannibal was exactly, but he had a vague idea. They had been here for six months and had come to an agreement. Hannibal could kill once a month as long as it was someone who had done something terrible enough to deserve it. Will had no way of knowing if he was following through, however.

The feel of a hand against his shoulder startled him, and he yelped softly, beginning to look around for something to defend himself before quickly realizing that it was Hannibal.

“You scared the hell out of me,” Will said catching his breath. “I didn’t hear you to come in.”

“You need to be more careful, Will. What if it hadn’t been me?” Hannibal half-chided.

Will reached for his towel, but Hannibal reached out and grabbed Will’s forearm. “Don’t.”

Will noted the excitement in Hannibal’s eyes. He must have achieved his goal.

Hannibal unbuttoned the loose, white shirt he was wearing and placed it neatly on a hanger in the closet.

“Hurry up,” Will called, rubbing soap over his chest while he waited.

“Shhh,” Hannibal replied, his voice was dangerous and low.

Will could tell he was in for a treat.

Hannibal removed his pants and briefs just as carefully. Will could tell he was gathering himself, focusing on steadying his breath.

Will would let him have his way, let him be rough, would join in eagerly.

“I wish you had been there, Will.” He lamented as he pushed open the curtain and let himself inside the small shower, placing both his hands on Will’s hips. The energy was tense, but slow and building, not near the crescendo it would be later.

Will stared at the mess of hair on Hannibal’s chest and the slow, deep rise and fall of his breath.

“I’m here now.” Will said, voice already breathy.

The shower wasn’t ideal for sex. But the stifling heat still made it the best option.

“I suppose that will have to do,” Hannibal said, pushing Will against the wall and grinding their hips together. Their cocks slid against each other, pressing into each other’s stomachs. Will was feeling a little heady from the tequila. All he could think of was Hannibal’s hands, on his hips, on his sides, on his shoulders, as he caressed Will’s body roughly.

Their kisses were rougher than normal, Hannibal bit him hard, and Will gasped a bit in pain, pressing his hand up to his lip, blood oozing onto his fingertips.

“I would say sorry, but you look so delightful in your own blood,” Hannibal sucked the wound, licking Will’s blood. It had a distinct flavor; Hannibal had always told Will he would recognize it easily.

“Don’t be sorry.” Will turned around, placing his hands on the chipped tile, presenting himself submissively and without shame.

Hannibal’s fingers opened him up roughly but attentively. Will’s forehead pressed against the wall, his lips parted as he moaned, droplets of water from his hair falling down his face.

“Do it now.” Will begged.

With a groan and a push, Hannibal moved his length inside of him. It ached a bit. Hannibal was impatient. So was Will. Their bodies moved in a fast, erratic rhythm. This was when it all made sense to Will. All the questions and frustrations fell away like the water running off their bodies, swirling down the drain, as their flesh and breath became one.


“I want to go fishing,” Will said out loud to the room. Hannibal was lying beside him on the bed, and Will was attempting to read a book of classical poetry Hannibal had left around. He was having trouble focusing, however. “The weather here reminds me a bit of summers in New Orleans. While I prefer our last home, I was thinking I could find some things to do around here. Feel more myself again.” He was trying to figure out his own thoughts, figure out a way to break out of the monotony, but he didn’t mind hearing Hannibal’s insights either.

“We could easily find you the supplies you need, Will. I could help you find a spot. We will need a house or somewhere more permanent to settle for a time, anyway. I can’t take much more of these dirty, loud hovels,” Hannibal replied, pressing a soothing hand to Will’s forearm. The space between them seemed to be growing wider each day. Will’s confused feelings manifesting in an unwillingness to engage. They talked less than normal. Will rarely let Hannibal touch him But, in this moment, he let Hannibal ease him into an embrace.

“Things will feel more normal soon, Will.” He promised.


A few months later, they settled into a place along the coast. The small, but cozy villa overlooked the ocean, beautiful in the brilliant setting sun. An explosion of yellows, oranges, and soft reds that contrasted with the almost too blue of the water. There were barely any waves; the night was gentle and warm, full of tension, heavy with lazy expectation. The hot, stillness was interrupted by a bottle thrown from the villa balcony, shattering into pieces on a rock below.

“Fuck,” Will cursed to the hot wind. He worried momentarily about sea turtles or birds getting hurt by the glass and vowed to clean up the mess as soon as he was sober enough to figure out how to walk down to the beach.

After a moment of deliberation, he decided he would be able to manage and walked tipsily towards the steps. It took a good amount of time, and a lot of clinging to the old, metal railing, but he made his way to the white sand and walked to the edge of the water.

Will slipped off his sandals and pressed his feet hard into the sand and water, focusing on the irritation of the sand against his skin and the soft rhythm of the waves. If he could have, he would have screamed to the empty, glittering, black sky. But he was never one to be able to express such extreme outbursts of emotion, even when he wanted to.

“What are you doing out here?” Hannibal’s voice, only a few paces back, startled him and he whirled around.

“Fuck, don’t sneak up on me like that. I thought you were in bed,” Will turned away from him, his energy cool and body language stiff.

“I thought I heard something outside, and I looked and you were gone. So, I followed you here,” Hannibal’s eyes searched over Will’s form and came to stand next to him, pressing a hand to his shoulder, but Will shrugged him off.

“Don’t,” Will admonished softly, but with a hard edge. He wasn’t in the mood for games, for world play, for exhausting metaphors. His head hurt, his mind hurt, his heart hurt.

“Please,” Hannibal’s voice was so soft, so pleading, so tender, it softened Will’s stance for a moment, and he turned slightly toward him.

Will began to reach for Hannibal’s hand but instead thought better of it and turned away from Hannibal again.

“It’s been so long since I’ve really touched you, held you…” Will rarely heard Hannibal speak like this. It was romantic, apologetic, and Will was surprised at how well this manipulation was working.

“Don’t. Just don’t. I can’t. Even if I wanted to, I just can’t right now. It’s too much,” Will could hear himself rambling, his words slurring. All he knew was his defenses were starting to fall with the liquor clouding his reasoning and Hannibal so close with his words so sweet.

“You don’t have to make a permanent decision right now, Will. It doesn’t have to be written in blood and stone…” Hannibal’s voice faltered momentarily. “Come to bed. We can talk about death, aesthetics, and morality tomorrow.”

Will’s resistance was crumbling down rapidly, Hannibal could always rip the walls down, walls that were fortified against all others, with a few words or glances.

“I don’t know…” But his voice and stance were softer now, and he slowly pressed the back of his head against Hannibal’s shoulder. Hannibal’s arms wrapped around his waist and rocked him gently, almost in tandem with the waves.

“Please stay,” Hannibal’s words were near pleading now. “I’ve never been terrified of anything as much as I am of losing you…all of the things that gave life meaning: poetry, art, music, philosophy will be grey and dull without you to share them with. Now that I know how much richer it is to partake with you.” Hannibal breathed against Will’s neck, nuzzling the softness of his curls and taking comfort in his scent and closeness.

Will brushed a hand quickly to his cheek to brush off a tear. “All right,” Will sighed, his hands resting atop Hannibal’s, leaning into Hannibal’s embrace. “Let’s go to bed. I’ve…I’ve missed sharing a bed with you.” Will admitted. This conversation was too intimate, too honest, it almost hurt how hyper-aware and attuned they were to each other in this moment. And the alcohol was making him far too open, far too sappy…

With Hannibal’s help returning inside was a lot easier, he kept a tight hold around Will’s waist, almost as if he was scared if he let Will go for even a moment that he would slip away.

Will slipped off his shoes and shirt and climbed into the soft, white sheets. Hannibal crawled beside him and brought Will close against his chest, stroking his face and over his arms in repetitive, calming motions.

Hannibal kissed Will’s lips gently, attempted to push the kiss further but Will pulled away. “It’s nice to feel you again, Will. To have you back in my arms.”

“For now., You have me back for now. There are conditions. There are things to be worked out.”

“I promise we will.”

“But not tonight, please.” Will pleaded. His voice was low and tired. He pressed his face into Hannibal’s chest.

“No, not tonight.” Hannibal kissed his head softly.

You can read the first chapter or leave a comment on this chapter on AO3. 

baker151910  asked:

"Help me." Ginny said.

“What was that?”  Mike leans closer, cupping his ear with his hand.  “I didn’t quite hear you,” he teases with a smug grin on his face.

She huffs out a breath, narrowing her eyes, before slapping her good hand down onto her thigh in frustration.  “I said, ’Help me.’   Or are you hard of hearing, old man?”

“That’s what I thought,” he says taking the jar from in front of her, making a show of struggling to get to get it open, only to easily pop the top with a satisfied grin.  He jokingly flexes his arm, and she finds herself rolling her eyes with good humor.  

“You are so ridiculous,” she says, before moving to the cabinet, her bare toes coming to balance her as she reaches for a bowl.  A sliver of her stomach is exposed as the grey hoodie she’s wearing slides up on her left side, her sling exaggerating the lean in reaching for the dish.  She can feel his gaze sliding over her, burying itself in the pit of her stomach, before his hand comes to rest on the small of her back, steadying her as he reaches up and takes the bowl down easily.  

She can feel his warmth hovering above her, the gentle pressure of his hand not leaving her, instead guiding her back over to the island, as he closes the cabinet.

And then as if realizing his mistake, quickly removes his hand.

“So uhh,” he says rubbing the back of his neck, and she can’t help the smirk that comes to her lips, watching him nervously navigate their new living situation.  “What are you doing today?”

“Oh, you know,” she says while pouring the salsa into the bowl.  “I thought I’d do some heavy lifting, maybe throw a few before doing laps in the pool.”  She throws a grin at him, and he shakes his head.

“Cute,” he quips back.

“I don’t know,” she says, grabbing the bowl and motioning for him to get the chips.  “I’m not used to having this much free time,” she says as she settles onto the couch, pushing herself all the way back, crossing her legs like a kid, and settling the bowl in between her legs.

He flops down next to her, opening the bag for her, not wanting to see the struggle again, before setting it between them.  She’s digging in before he can respond.

“Well, what did you do as a teenager?”

“Baseball,” she responds with a full mouth.  

“Yeah, but what else?” He pries.

“That’s it,” she says with a one armed shrug.

“That can’t be it,” he says, taking a chip for himself, reaching over to dip it in the salsa resting precariously up against her crotch.  He swallows a lump, and she fights back a grin.  “You just finished practice, you’re sitting in your room, and you’re doing…” he goads.

“Staring up at your poster,” she says with a wink.

He nearly chokes on his chip, her good hand coming out to pat his back.

“Shit, I didn’t meant to kill ya, old man.”

“Warn a guy, Baker,” he says with watery eyes, the coughing causing him to tear up a bit.

“Sorry,” she laughs out.  “Well, what did you do for fun?”

“Wouldn’t you like to know,” he teases back with a wink of his own.

She scrunches up her face in disgust.  

“No, I would not,” she affirms, shoving another chip in her mouth, this time losing part of the salsa, flopping onto her chin.

He reaches out, the pad of his thumb smudging over the drip, a tingling traveling across her jaw, before he takes his thumb, putting it in his mouth, sucking away the spill.

She openly stares at the gesture, her tongue jutting out to taste her own lips, the salt of the chips lingering.

“Well…” she starts.  “Your teenage life was clearly lacking without a Ginny poster to keep you company,” she recovers.

He raises his eyebrows at her statement, and realization seems to dawn on her.

“Eww, no.  Not like that,” she reaches out slapping his arm.  “Don’t be gross.”

“You said it, not me,” he feigns innocence.

“Just…” she almost stutters, her cheeks heating up with embarrassment.  “Turn on the TV or something.”

“You know I can get you that same poster for your room here, make it feel more like home,” he jokes, elbowing her arm.

“Nah, I’ve since met him, not that great.”

“I hear he’s great,” he retorts.

“The offer goes both ways though, I can get you that Ginny poster that was missing from your life all those years ago,” that dimpled smirk appearing again.

“Nah, I’ve got the real thing, I don’t need a poster,” he says, turning the TV on.

“Yeah,” she whispers out, focusing her eyes on the illuminated screen before them.

This new living arrangement might not be so bad.

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anonymous asked:

hi! I requested that imagine about Draco and the reader living with him for the summer and I would love it so much if you could write another part. if you aren't feeling it don't worry, but i really like what you wrote, thank you so so much!!

With pleasure! I am so glad you liked it)) I am thinking of making series, I like the idea so much)))) Hope you don’t mind.

Name: Plans for the summer Part 2. Hogwarts-Express
Part 1

“Ready?” Malfoy appears next to you, as you are standing with the Golden Trio, saying the last ‘bye’ before leaving. Everyone stops talking, turning to you. Then to Malfoy, as if he was a poisonous snake. Or three.

“Malfoy? What did you forget here?” finally asks Ron, his face purple from the hatred that he just can’t control, no matter what happens.

“Y/N is spending the summer with me, Weasley,” calmly explain Draco, bored from the fact that he is talking to the Weasley. “Are you coming?”

“She is not!”

“Ron, I am,” you murmur. “He offered me to…”

“Y/N, you are drunk,” Ron offers the solution. “He must have drugged you. It is Malfoy!”

“I know. That’s why she is spending the summer with me, not with you,” giggles Draco, taking your elbow and pulling you away from the group. “We have to go,” you nod and follow him under the contemptuous glances of the entire school. You would stay and explain to them that you really don’t want to go home, but then you recall that not even one of your ‘friends’ thought of recalling that you hate being home. No one offered any help.

“That was… Why did you do it? Why not just meet in London?” you ask quietly. “Now everyone will know that you are spending the summer with me.”

“And you are afraid of it?” you shrug your shoulders. “Don’t be. It was a political move,” Draco notices that you frown, so he starts laughing, amused by the fact that you trusted it. “I am joking. It would be a deadly move, killing my reputation. And yours. And then mine again. You see… I am the bad guy, nothing will fix this reputation. Becoming friends with Potter’s friends… It will be frowned upon, seen as betrayal from the both sides.”

“Then why are you doing it?” he stops smiling, closing the compartment, so that no one else would join you.

“Because I just want to, Y/N,” you see that he is lying, but let it go - you still have two months of spending time together, he will at some point let it out.

“So…” you break the silence, as the train starts moving, leaving Hogwarts behind. “Does the summer plan include people? Either your people or mine?”

“No,” he smiles at you, then sees that you still want to know more. “It’s ok. I have no plan. It’s just spending the summer together. Peace, comfort, nice company. I do not want to pull you into the circle of Death Eaters, if that is what you are afraid of,” Draco takes out a book and pays all his attention to it, totally neglecting you. For the following four hours, you sit together in the compartment, both quite confused about how you are supposed to act, even though you both just read your books and are quite comfortable this way. Every once in a while, one of you looks at another one, but you never know.

“Fine,” Draco suddenly puts the book away and turns to you. “Tell me.”


“Whatever it is you are thinking about. As long as it is not connected to the Gryffindor,” you put the legs on the seat and sigh.

“I was thinking about how stupid our world is,” he grins, running his fingers through his hair. “I mean… people try to be logical, at the same time they never are. Humans are just annoying. Why are you smiling?”

“You sound like someone who’s lost hope… What, you broke up with someone?” you roll your eyes. “I’m kidding. I would know. You just sound desperate.”

“So do you,” you murmur, and Malfoy frowns. “Come on, another way you wouldn’t invite a Gryffindor spend summer with you.”

“True… Maybe,” he smiles, as if he knows something that you don’t know. “You’ll never know, will you?”

“Merlin, Malfoy! How many secrets are you hiding?”

“Just a few,” he answers calmly, as the Trolley Witch passes by, offering you sweets. You simply ignore her. “The question is… why did you come with me? You could ask Weasley or Granger, or anyone from your own House to take you in… Yet you agreed to the offer of the Malfoy.”

“Then why did you offer?” you ask him back.

“Touché,” he smiles. “I will know why, Y/N.”

“So will I,” you promise, but the atmosphere doesn’t get tensed or nervous at all, as it would if Potter was here - you feel more like you should be joking around, annoying each other a little. “Where are we going at least?”

“Oh, the Malfoy mansion… Not the manor, I hate that place. We have a house next to a small lake in the forest, one of my ancestors built it for his wife. It is beautiful, given that there is a spell to push away the mosquitos,” the last sentence he adds quieter. “It was hateful before.”

“So… we are spending the summer in the lake house?” you smile.

“Yes, yes… I was supposed to ‘bring some friends’, but you may know that I am not a fan of either one of the school groups.”

“What, Draco Malfoy, the Slytherin Prince, is not fond of his House?” you mock him, then get serious. “Why?”

“I love my House, Y/N. Just that they are a little… overwhelmed. And acting on emotions. And that is a shame.”

“Being emotional is a shame?” you get interested. “Not that I am arguing, but what about good emotions? Or you all just block everything?”

“Oh, no! No, Y/N, please… Slytherin is the ambitious and extremely smart House, but in no way are we not loyal. We are, just it’s not our most famous quality,” Draco unbuttons his robe and pushes it inside his bag, really not as neat as you would expect him to be. “Slytherin is cunning. But also loyal. But we have to be, as all other Houses hate us so much, they hardly consider the option of befriending a first-year from Slytherin. How do you think the kids feel when they get sorted in Slytherin, and the whole school reacts with this face of Dumbledore when he has to give points to Slytherin?”

“I never thought about it,” you murmur.

“I know,” he acts like nothing is happening, when you suddenly reach out for him and carefully stroke his clenched fist.

“I am sorry. Looks like by we are not such a great school as Dumbledore says we are.”

“Right,” Draco laughs, but doesn’t take the hand away, as you keep stroking the cold skin with your fingertips. “You’d better take the robe off. We do not apparate.”

“We don’t?”

“No. We take another train, the muggle one, and make it to the closest town,” you don’t really trust your ears. “Y/N, the fact that I am a pureblood does not mean that I do not understand some advantages of the muggle transport. I am not my father, so obsessed with the blood.”

“I’ve noticed. I just never expected to hear you plan taking muggle train.”

“Did you expect me to even be here with you?” you both smile, understanding how absurd all of it is. “Just accept it. You don’t know me.”

“So true… So true,” you whisper, staring at him, trying to understand who the hell this person is. Malfoy smiles, as you take the robe off and put it in the beg. You really want to know why he offered you to spend the summer with him, why he is nice, and why you are here at all, but you know that he will avoid the answer again. So you give up for now.

“Wake up,” Draco stands up. “We are here. Let me show you how well the Malfoy you don’t know acts in the muggle world,” he offers you his hand, obviously acting it, so well-mannered, with a huge grin on his face. “May I lead, my lady?”

“Why, yes, noble sir,” you grin back, taking his hand and standing up. “I will be happy to follow you.”

Forbidden (Jungkook x Reader)

Rated : M (smut)
Genre : fantasy, slight angst, demon au
Plot : you’re an angel who went down to hell to deliver a message. You then met Jungkook, a demon.

Where am I ? I know I shouldn’t have said yes… but how can you resist Jimin’s eyes ? He’s such a fluff ball ! Let me explain, Jimin had to go deliver a letter to someone in hell, but he wanted to go see his human soulmate Yoongi so he asked if I could go for him, not wanting Father to know (even though he know, you can hide nothing from God). Let’s just say I hate Hell, it’s cold one minute and burning the next, it’s dark, all the passages look the same, no colors, no nothing. I’m not any kind of angels, I’m an Originel. Father created 3 Originels to help him rule heaven, they hold the most powers. After us he created the other angels. Jimin is the heaven’s messenger, that’s why it was supposed to be him transporting this letter. God why did I say yes ?! He could have given me better instructions ! I shouldn’t stay too long here, as an Originel my power is decreasing when I’m outside of Heaven. I heard something behind me, I felt a soft breeze on my back. Calm down it’s nothing, must be a small demon.
I continue to walk. Damm I was lost. I have to go back, the more I stay here the more I feel tired.
- Are you lost angel ?
The voice belonged to a demon (of course), he was tall, taller than me, with dark brown hair, red eyes that glint in the dim lights, and rosy lips that looked like he had bitten on them too often. He was wearing an all black suit and gloves… why gloves ?
- who are you ? I asked warily.
- My name is Jungkook. Fire demon.
- Do you know where I can find Kwon Jiyong ?
- He’s my father. Why ?
- Great ! Well give this letter to him ! I really have to go.
As I was ready to leave he grabbed my arm and pinned me against the cold stone.
- Not so fast angel, things have a cost here.
- Listen here, I don’t want to play games with you. Let me go, my energy is running out.
- So an Originel ? How interesting….
- Jungkook please…
he was to close, his breath was on my neck… there was this temptation that pulled me towards him. I really had to get out of here before I do something unforgivable.
I tried to get away from his grip but he was too strong, I could feel his muscles underneath his shirt. I’m getting dizzy… so so tired…
- you need to rest little angel.
The next moment I fell unconscious. When i woke up I was on a dark silk bed, in a room I didn’t recognize.
- where am I ? I spotted Jungkook in a corner.
- You’re in my room… I hope you feel better now ?
- I’m still tired …
- it’s cause you’re not used to it. Once you accommodate, the air will be more breathable.
- I need to go back to heaven…
- not now… it’s been so long since i had an angel with me.
- What do you want from me ?
- I think you know…
- I won’t let you taint me !
- You want it though (he was getting closer to me, fully on the bed), you’re curious right ? (His hand was on my calf, slowly going up) I know you’re attracted me (he stopped mid thigh) I can smell your arousal little Angel.
- Jungkook I’m an Originel. If you, if we do that, we’re both dead.
- I’m already dead Y/N
- How do you know my name ?
- Everyone here knows about Y/N, the perfect Originel, as pure as the snow from the mounts of heaven. You punished many of your kinds… you let Jimin have an affair with a human though.
- Don’t ever say that again.
- You owe me a lot now, how do you want to repay me ?
- You can have some of my feathers. Originel feathers are really expensive and rare right ?
- I want your purity, let me have a taste of it.
- Jungkook please don’t do this to me, to you.
- If you’re the last thing that happens to me then I could die happy.
Next thing I know he was kissing me, I never felt such thing before. His lips were so soft yet the kiss was so aggressive… his tongue slowly asked permission to enter. I tried to resist but I couldn’t, my body was betraying me. I bit my lips and let out a loud moan. His hands were on my waist, my dress riding my hips. We finally separated out of air. His lips were now on my neck, licking and sucking hard. It felt amazing, so amazing that I will never admit it. Then without any warning he teared up my dress, leaving me completely naked and exposed to his hungry eyes.
- you’re gorgeous Y/N… so gorgeous.
He was gentle, he still had his gloves though… I wanted to feel his hands on me.
- Jungkook take off your gloves please …
- I can’t baby girl.
- Why ?
- I’m a fire demon, my hands will burn you angel.
- I don’t care touch me. I was a moaning mess underneath him.
- If that’s what you want…
he took off his gloves and start undressing himself. His body was marvelous, I couldn’t stop drinking every part of him. I wanted to touch.
- let me touch Jungkook.
- Go ahead angel face.
I touched his perfect chest, abs, I licked his neck and went down from there, putting extra care on every parts of his perfect body. His cock was like the rest of him, perfect. Long and thick, I gave it a tiny kitten lick, I heard a clear muffled moan which encouraged me. I tried to take all of his member in my mouth but he was too big. I began sucking him as best as I could.
- you’re doing so good baby girl… but now it’s my turn.
I was flipped over on my back, his body pressed again mine. I felt like I was burning, my whole body was on fire. He kissed my collarbone, my breasts sucking harshly on my nipples, I arched my back.
He slowly went down, kissing my inner thighs, I then felt something hot and wet at my entrance. He was licking me and damm his tongue was skilled. The softness of his mouth contrasted with his hand burning my thighs.
- Jungkook I can’t take it anymore, please just fuck me already !
- Such a dirty mouth for a pretty angel like you.
- Please I need you inside me…
he kissed me roughly while aligning his cock to my pussy. He slowly entered the head. I was going crazy, I needed all of him.
- Please more… I’m ready, make me yours.
- As you wish angel.
In a swift movement, he was in to the hilt. He let out a guttural groan.
- You’re so tight and wet baby girl, I could cum from just the feeling of you around me.
He began his movements, slow at first. I knew he was trying to be gentle but I wanted more.
- Fuck me Jungkook, I know you want it, don’t hold back.
- You don’t know what you’re asking for, I won’t be able stop.
- It’s okay, I want it, i want you.
Something in his eyes changed. He was going faster, the sheets were burning around us, my head was dizzy but it felt so amazing.
- yes fuck me harder Jungkook !
- You like being used like that little angel ? You like my big demon cock fucking you like that ?
- Yes yes I love it !
His pace was now erratic, then he completely stopped.
- Jungkook what …
- The bed is burning. Hold on to me.
I put my legs around his waist, next thing I know he was fucking me against the cold stone. His breath on my neck, I could feel his teeth marking me.
- Tighten around me baby girl.
- Jungkook I’m going to cum …
- Then let lose angel.
He was pounding into me so hard that I could feel the stone scratching my back but I didn’t care, the pain only added to the pleasure. He bit my ear and I was gone. My orgasm hit me while I cried out his name.
- Yes yes angel, let me cum in you please.
- Okay Jungkook, just do it, fill me up.
A few more thrusts and I could feel his hot release in my pussy. After calming myself, I fell asleep in his arms.
When I woke up, I was in my room in heaven, I wore a simple black dress, wait black ? I looked at my arms, there were burning marks on them, the rest of my body was the same, but especially big one on my hips and thighs… so it wasn’t a dream… I had sex with a demon. I heard a knock on the door, Jimin was there.
- Jimin ?
- Y/N, Father is mad, as well as the council… you’re going to be banished if you don’t plead rape.
- Jimin I can’t do that… jungkook, what will happen to him ?
- He will die, for touching you and marking you.
- But I wanted all of that ! It’s not his fault…
- Marking an Originel is forbidden. It’s punished by death, surely he knew about that.
Father decided that killing me was too harsh, he ripped of my angel wings and banished me to Hell, making me a fallen angel. Because I was an Originel, i was stronger than the other angels, some of my powers were still there. I became a dark angel. I wanted to see him, I wanted to see Jungkook again, the thought of him dead killed me inside. Strangely when I went back to Hell, the temperature and the dark didn’t bother me anymore, I feel like I knew where I was going. I arrived in front of a big black door, it was closed. Suddenly a black figure appeared in front of me.
- What is that you’re looking for little angel ?
- I want to see Jungkook.
- You can’t enter.
- Why ?
- You have to pay. Give me 2 of your feathers.
- Here take them now open the door please.
I entered, it was dark, the tunnel was long on each side were cells. I used one of my power to find Jungkook.
- Jungkook ??? You’re there ?
- What are you doing here ?
- You face, and your body it’s burned what happened ?
- I marked an Originel, I will die soon anyway…
- no no. I won’t let that happen let me heal you.
- Why do you want to save me ? You were banished, your skin, your beautiful skin is now tarnished with red marks… I took your purity.
- I don’t care Jungkook I just want you… I care for you …
- you don’t know me.
- It’s true i don’t… but what I know is that you don’t deserve to die like this. Please let me heal you.
- Go away angel… go away before I fall for you again.
He was exhausted and in pain, I took his hand between the bars and gave him a bit of my energy.
- You’ll live, and we’ll get out of here.
- I don’t deserve you.
- That’s for me to judge.
Suddenly he let out a loud scream, he fell on the ground, I could practically hear his bones cracking. What was happening ?
- it’s time for me to die… he whispered.
- No no Jungkook listen to me, I won’t let you die ! I was crying now, he was the only thing I had left.
I broke the cell and took him in my arms.
He was so cold… there was no more fire inside him.
- Kiss me one last time… he asked.
I leaned in and gave him a gentle kiss, my cheeks were wet and somehow I knew it was too late. He let out one last breath and his body turned into dust.

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Warnings: None

Prompt: “I may be standing and talking to you, but I am definitely not awake enough for this.” 

You don’t usually date. Sure you go out and meet some people, have your fun for a night or two but things don’t usually surpass that. Until one night, your best friend convinced you to go to this new bar called Lights Out. Apparently the owner had way too many stories involving alcohol, and, well passing out. 

The night was going great even though it was just you and your friend, and the bar wasn’t that crowed, you were both having fun. The drinks were flowing, and the conversation was kept light. You didn’t notice the two young guys sitting next to the barista had been looking at you and your friend ever since you both had arrived.

It wasn’t until you guys decided to leave, that one of them got up and caught your attention as you were opening the door to exit the bar.

“Hey,” You felt someone touching your arm.“I kind of noticed you since you walked in but didn’t want to interrupt you guys…” He trailed off giving you a chance to speak up.

He was pretty, that was your first thought. 

He had black hair and blue eyes and you could see that he had some some scars on him one being more distinct than the others faint ones. You couldn’t help but to be slightly curious about that one in particular. You smiled, showing him that you weren’t going to run away, not yet at least. 

Charm seemed to radiate from him as he looked down on you and smirked never breaking eye contact. You rapidly found out that he could be smooth when he wants to. “So, what time can I pick you up tomorrow?" 

…and that was how Jason Todd sneak into your life. He quickly became of the funniest, surprisingly humble and quite frankly one of the most beautiful people you’ve ever met.

You were a heavy sleeper so the first knocks to your window didn’t do the job they were meant to. A few minutes later when a heavier one finally managed to capture your attention and your eyes opened, interrupting your now forgotten dream. You sighed somewhat confused trying to adjust your vision and attempting to figure out the source of the noise. 

“What the…” The sound came from outside and as you sat up from the bed you could have sworn you saw a red masked person looking right at you. You definitely needed some curtains. 

You rub your eyes and when you turned to look again (just to make sure your brain wasn’t deceiving you) suddenly Jason was there. What? You got out of bed and unlocked the window. “Jason, what the hell?” You whispered yelled.

You watched as he got into your bedroom, still dumbfounded. “Jay, I know you like Shakespeare and all, but I got a door ya know?” 

“Why are you whispering?” He asked while a foolish smile filled his face, his hands went to your waist as he pulled you in into his embrace. Instinctively, you place a quick kiss on his lips greeting him. 

“Not that I’m complaining now, but, what are you doing here?” Feeling now more alert, you placed your arms around his neck, letting your fingers play with his hair. 

His smile widened as soon as he felt your fingers touching his hair. He absolutely loved when you did that, feeling a level of intimacy with you that he hadn’t for a long time. “I missed you that’s all”

Your eyebrows rose in almost disbelief. “You missed me at 2 in the morning?” He only nodded in response. You didn’t know what to say, it was definitely too late and you still weren’t sure if you were still dreaming or not. “I may be standing and talking to you, but I am definitely not awake enough for this. Also if this is a booty call you’re out of luck” 

He sighed, his face turning serious for a moment. “Oh, so I should just leave then”  

You slapped the back of his head gently before taking his hand locking your fingers together. “C’mon let’s go to bed”

i cant stop thinking about jaal and ryder man here have more feelings w/ the two of them…. I’ll put it under a cut i guess it’s a little long i got carried away hahaha

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insecure: jealousy;

member- taekook x you

genre- fluff, (very) slight angst, au

words- 1,352

summary- you cant help but get a little jealous of taehyung & jungkook always being toegther. polyamorous!au

a/n- here is the fluffy version! i hope you guys like this one too! i hope they aren’t too similar! 

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Usually, you aren’t the jealous type. In fact, it’s crucial for your relationship not to be. But sometimes you just can’t help it. Especially when it’s swim season. 

It started with Jungkook. He likes to be active all the time, which is why he’s on both the school’s baseball and swim team. When Jungkook went to the first optional swim practice, he came back buzzing about how much fun it was and how Taehyung would love it. Next thing you knew, Taehyung was going to practices with Jungkook, which ended up in both of them making the team. Of course, your boys are talented (and they both happen to look fantastic without a shirt on). Once they were both on the team, it was weekends without them and evenings spent waiting for them to come home. And you hate it. 

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let me be your coffee pot

“There’s only one plug in this entire coffee shop and you’re sitting right in front of it and you’re not even using it, and my laptop is about to die in the middle of this online exam I’m taking, so whatever I don’t care how intimidatingly attractive you are I’m sitting down at your table to plug my shit in.” AU

Title from ‘I Wanna Be Yours’ by Arctic Monkeys. - ao3.

Day one: AU/AH of KlarolineInfinity Week!

Caroline was beyond frustrated.

Sleep-deprived, coffee did nothing to calm her, full bent on getting a good grade. Apparently, Mr. Salvatore, her annoying and inappropriate Communication teacher, had taken a sudden like to technology —that wasn’t related at all to the fact that he showed up hungover at the last classes of the year, refusing to teach them anything, sending power points of the contents to them instead— and decided to take the exam through an online platform.

A message appeared on her laptop screen when she was reading a question about engaging people in the media, startling her.

You’re now running low on reserve battery power. You need to plug the power adapter into your computer and into a power outlet. If you don’t, your computer will go to sleep in a few minutes to preserve its memory contents.

Groaning, she looked around, noticing not even one plug in sight. It didn’t surprise her, considering the old vibe of the store, it was a miracle that it had wireless connection to begin with. Hell, she had actually contemplated turning around upon first looking inside “Original Coffee”. Ancient shelves containing jar of coffee grains instead of a machine, and a counter guy dressed in a Viking costume? Weird.

The shining screen reminded her that she had fifteen minutes and forty seconds left to finish the exam.

She cursed her bad luck. Had she walked under a ladder that day? She really hoped not.

Although it wasn’t completely her fault, on second thought, it was Katherine’s.

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