Imagine reading a book after Ruin and Rising and passages about the Darkling keep coming up for no REAL good reason except maybe agony



I hate you for giving up on me. I hate you for giving up on us. I hate you for letting me spill my secrets to you only for you to keep them after leaving me. I hate you for ruining what we had and for taking it away from me. I hate you for replacing your warm arms with cold nightmares. I hate you for giving me love and then just yanking it away like I didn’t deserve it. I hate you most of all for making me a fool for loving you despite the things I despise about you.

// Things I’ll never admit out loud #5

I know we all joke about hating one direction and saying they ruined our lives but y'all, if I hadn’t always had an album coming out in November, tours, a movie, and all the rest to be looking forward to I might not be here right now. I talked myself out of suicide more than once by thinking “one direction’s fourth album will be out this year, you need to stick around for that, girl” or “you’ll be seeing your boys live this year you can’t let those concert tickets go to waste.” I don’t want to think about what could have happened to me had I not clicked on that one direction funny moments video back in 2013, and I’m so thankful that I did. No matter what I say about that band, I love them more than I ever thought I could. Thanks for everything, boys.


So, everyone seems to cast Tony as a Captain America fanboy. Which, yeah, who wouldn’t be because Cap is awesome, right?

But what if Tony resents him?

Because Howard Stark worked with Captain America for years. Howard Stark didn’t just know him as a superhero, he knew him as a man. As if Howard didn’t talk about him. Maybe it was only when he was drunk, or trying to impress someone. Maybe he was trying to impress Tony himself when Tony developed an interest in the Star Spangled Man.

And Tony, I mean, Tony’s all about impressing his father. Pretty much everything he does is due to the mother of all daddy issues. Tony’s tried so hard to impress his father, to be good enough for his father. And his father won’t shut up about Captain Goddamned America. He tried to impress Howard with his intellect and he’s tried to impress Howard with his money and he’s tried to impress Howard with his sexual conquests.

And finally, he actually becomes a superhero. He actually becomes the thing his father talked about for years, and finally, he feels like he’s a man his father can be proud of when suddenly, BAM!

Captain Goddamn America.

And he’s everything his dad said. He’s amazing and fantastic and heroic and just an all around swell guy. He’s everything Tony’s not, or everything Tony thinks he’s not. The say don’t meet your heroes because they may not live up to your expectations, but what if they do? Steve doesn’t just meet expectations, Steve’s better than them. And he’s certainly better than Tony.

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5 word prompt, no i dont need you, erejean pls

“Eren,” Jean sighs, “would you come back here?” Eren stubbornly shakes his head, hands trembling. “Put the bag down, would you? What are you even hoping to accomplish?”

“I can’t let this continue, Jean. I can’t! You have to let me go,” Eren’s voice is shaking, his hands begin to sweat. “I have to do this.”

“If you would just let me–”

“No, I don’t need you,” Eren spits, tears forming in his eyes as he reaches for the door.

The hairy, black spider he’s been building up to squishing for the last 15 minutes takes one step to the left. Eren lets out a blood curdling shriek, “IT’S SO BIG, WHY ISN’T THERE A SCREEN ON OUR BEDROOM WINDOW?!”

“You got drunk and ripped it out when you forgot your keys,” Jean reminds him.

“Oh, so this is my fault?” Eren shouts.

“Most of the moments in my life that end in screaming seem to be,” Jean mutters, getting off the bed and walking over to him. “Move.”

“No. I have to face my fear,” Eren insists.

Jean pinches the bridge of his nose. “You’re going to piss yourself. Just let me help you.”

Eren glares at him but he relents, only because just let me help you is Jean Kirstein for I care about you.

“Why would you try to kill this with your backpack? That’s the worst thing you could have possibly used.”

Eren’s cheeks tint pink. “It’s a big backpack. I wanted to make sure that thing didn’t touch me.”

Jean shakes his head. He lets the spider crawl onto his hand and walks to their window. He leans outside, gently shaking it onto the nearest branch of the tree in their yard.

“You’re letting it go?” Eren gasps. “It’ll come back in!”

Jean turns, an amused grin spreading across his face at the accusation of betrayal in Eren’s stupidly expressive eyes. “Then I’ll put it outside again.”

“But you… I…” Eren trails off, grunting when he can’t think of an argument. He crosses his arms over his chest.

“In our first lives together you were a fearless titan shifter and now you’re reduced to tears by a spider no bigger than your fingernail,” Jean laughs. Eren glares, ready to spew out a comeback, “and I don’t think I’ve ever loved you more.”

Eren blinks as he’s pulled into a tight embrace. Jean nuzzles his face into his hair. “You’re still a space heater though. Some things never change.”

Eren snorts as he wraps his arms around Jean. “And some things do,” he mutters against his neck. “You used to have this constipated look on your face when you told people you loved them. It comes out so easily for you now.” Jean responds by squeezing him tighter. “Sometimes change is… really good, even if it means I’m scared of spiders now.”

“It’s okay,” Jean whispers so quietly Eren almost doesn’t catch it. “I’ll protect you this time.”

Forever Young

Henry Cavill x Reader 

Prompt : 110. You are never too old for a Disney movie - @textsfromeponinet

A/N : Love me some Henry ;) 

Tonight was long over due. Finally, you were able to spend time with your best friend after nine crazy months of shooting and press tour for Man Of Steel. 

Though your plans had to change due to a late flight, you didn’t dare let that ruin the little time you had. 

“So, I know we can’t go out since its super late, but we could still have fun here!” You chuckled, letting him in to your apartment. 

Henry nodded his head, as he dropped his bag by the wall. It didn’t take him long to get comfortable. Soon after, he plopped down on to your couch, and rested his feet over your coffee table. 

“What did you have in mind?” He asked. 

You flashed a cheeky grin, as you waved a finger up into the air. “Hold on.” You stated. 

As you sprinted off into your kitchen, Henry glanced around the place. He hadn’t been there in such a long time, a few things were changed, but for the most part, it was still the same. 

You caught his attention as you made your way back over to him with your hands behind your back. 

He raised a brow, his lips curving. “I know that look.” He chuckled. “What are you doing?” 

“Well, I went down to the store this morning and bought some of your favorite snacks, and some of your favorite-but gross-beer.” You cackled. 

You placed everything onto the table, and watched him smile like a little kid on christmas. 

“I even got some video games we can play after the movie!” 

Henry glanced up at you, “What movie?” 

“Alright, since I planned a day in Disneyland, but due to shitty weather and delays, I thought we could still have some kind of disney!” You exclaimed. 

“Aren’t you a little old to like kid movies?” He teased. 

Pointing a finger at him, you scrunched your brows together, trying to seem serious. “Hey, you are never too old for a Disney movie.” 

Henry belted out into a giggling mess as he slowly shook his head. “Some things never change.” 

“Nope! But thats why you love me!” You stated. 

As you plopped down next to him, resting your feet over his lap, he turned his gaze over to you. A smile still stitched on to his face. “Thank you.” He muttered. 

“For what?”

You were too focused on the television, getting everything set up to notice the slight change in his gaze. 

“For always being there for me through everything.” 

You let out a chuckle, “Well, someone’s got to watch after you.” 

His lip twitched into a smirk, as he continued to gaze at you. His sudden silence made you look over at him. “I love you Henry, you know I’ll always be here for you.” 

Glancing back to the tv, something had ignited in Henry. And before you knew it, he hovered over you, and crashed his lips against yours. Catching you off guard. He was soft, and warm, and so inviting, that you began to lose yourself into the kiss. 

The remote slipped from your grip and you grasped on to the back of his neck, slightly pulling him in. 

It wasn’t until you both needed to catch a breath, that you both pulled away, just enough to breathe. 

His eyes locked with yours, “I love you too.” He whispered. “I have always loved you.” 

After the Storm (Pt II)

Spencer and reader share a drunken kiss. Reader freak outs, thinking she’s ruined their friendship. Both are still processing what the kiss could mean when the reader is abducted by an unsub. Lots of angst but fluff will reign supreme at the end!! You can find Part I here

Rossi brought the team back together in the spare office the hotel was letting the BAU use. “Please tell me one of you figured something out?” He asked hopefully, only to be met by grim looks. “Humph. Well, then we need to-” Spencer interrupted him. “Wait, where’s Y/n?” The rest of the agents spun around, your absence now all too noticeable. 

“She was going for a short jog. She’s probably in her room taking a shower or changing? I’ll go see.” J.J. said, trying to keep calm. Spencer’s fingers agitatedly drummed against the table the whole time she was gone, his face ghostly white. Morgan, having always suspected Spencer’s true feelings for Y/n, comfortingly patted his shoulder. “It’s probably nothing Spencer, she’ll be here in a minute.”

But, J.J.’s expression said otherwise as she burst back into the room. “She’s not there! She called me like 15 minutes ago, but all I heard was static… I figured it was an accidental call but…” J.J. gasped. “Do you guys think she’s been taken?” Spencer’s tapping fingers froze and gripped his coffee mug, knuckles blanching. His whole body was stock-still and rigid.

Morgan whipped out his cell phone and dialed quickly. Garcia playfully answered the call. “Resident queen of all BAU affairs speaking.” “We need you to locate Y/n’s phone- fast.” The flirtatious notes in Garcia’s tone quickly dropped. “Y/n? Okay, one sec. Is she alright?”

Morgan let out a heavy sigh. “We don’t know.”

Garcia’s frantic reply came a moment later. “I don’t know what’s wrong. I can’t find it anywhere. All that’s coming up is its last known location- Mays Park, right outside of town, a little less than an hour ago. But, the phone’s off the grid right now.”

“Shitshitshit,” Morgan swore under his breath. “Thanks Garcia, I have to run.”

“Keep me updated. You’ll find her, I know you will.” Garcia’s voice broke before they hung up. 

Spencer dashed over to Morgan the second he saw him put away his phone. “Does-she-know-where-Y/n-is?” he asked feverishly. Morgan gave a small shake of his head. “Just that her phone was at this park an hour ago.” Spencer took off sprinting toward the car and clambered into the passenger seat. “What are you guys waiting for? We need to go find her now!”

Spencer was out the door as soon as the car started braking to a stop at the park. He immediately started shouting your name and let out a helpless groan like a wounded animal when you didn’t reply. The team started canvassing the area for any sign of you. “Found something!” Emily shouted, causing the group to run over. “It’s a piece of glass from a phone screen, I think.”

“Could be Y/n’s,” Hotch grimaced. “Keep looking- maybe we’ll find something else.”

Spencer wordlessly reached out and took the shard of the phone screen from Emily, staring down at it as if it could lead him straight to you.

The team dissipated again, examining the edge of the woods next to the park. Spencer started walking down one of the trail heads when he spotted what looked like a hand covered with leaves off to the side. His bones turned cold. It couldn’t be Y/n, no-no-no she had to be alive, she wouldn’t leave him like this. A sick apprehension propelled him forward toward the hand. Pushing away the foliage, Spencer gave a sharp intake of breath at the sight of a body that scarcely even looked human, followed by a brief feeling of relief. The body wasn’t yours. You could still be- you had to be- alive.

 “Guys! Over here. I think… I found Jessica.” The rest of the team shared an unspoken look. If Jessica’s body was here and this is where your phone last was… everything pointed to the unsub taking you.

Time ceased to have any meaning as you drifted in and out of a hazy, drug-induced unconsciousness. It may have been just a few hours or maybe days before you finally regained lucidness. Your mind felt like a swollen, aching bruise pounding away. Eyes blinking you into wakefulness, you were stunned by the throbbing purple marks all over your arm. More than your mind was bruised. 

Panic flooded your senses as the memory of what had happened before you were knocked out came rushing back. Running. Thinking of Spencer. An attack. Pain, so much pain. Here. 

You quickly took stock of your surroundings, mind racing. You were suspended between two wooden poles, forced to stay standing, with each of your wrists roughly tied to a pole and your arms held vertical above your shoulders. No wonder every bone inside you felt so exhausted. The room was dingy and damp- probably in a basement then- and there was a single, faint lightbulb hanging. You squinted, eyes adjusting to the dim light, and the fear hit you fast when a figure came into your focus. A man stepped forward, a sly smile curling up from his lips.

“Finally awake, are we? Good. Sorry about the arrangements,” he chuckled, indifferently waving a hand at your bonds. “But I just find it so impolite when my guests take a seat without me offering one, don’t you?”

You stayed silent, struggling to hold your head up and memorize his face from your slumped position. His face was forgettable- someone you would never notice in a crowd: someone you would never suspect.

He made a tsk-tsk sound and moved closer. “I find it even ruder when my guests don’t answer me when I talk to them. I’m afraid I’m going to have punish you for that,” his charming voice taking an apologetic tone. “Perhaps this will remind you of your manners.”

He lightly brushed his fingers against your left pinky and pulled out a knife. He gently stroked the knife’s blade against your pinky, teasing you. You were trying so hard not to cry or show him your fear. Don’t play into his fantasy. He gave you one more charming, but chillingly empty smile.

“Tell me, do you know what flaying is? I’ve heard it’s not very pleasant, so we’ll start with just one finger.” He whispered before driving the knife into the tip of your pinky, his smile growing wide as your screams began.

“Reid, hold up a second.” Morgan grabbed the doctor’s arm gently. “I need to talk to you for a second.”
“Can it not wait?” Spencer burst out irritably. “In case you forgot, Y/n is missing and the victims have all turned up only a day after going missing which means we have barely any time to find her and I-” His voice cracked and he sunk down onto the ground, not bothering to finish his sentence.

Morgan kneeled down next to him. “I know. Hotch and Rossi are concerned about you being on this case. We’ve all noticed… that things have been off between you and Y/n lately. And, I know how you feel about her. They’re worried that you won’t be able to keep your personal feelings out of it, that you may act based on emotions and not logic.”

Spencer looked at him with tear-stained cheeks. “She kissed me,” he breathed. “Last week, when I drove her home from Rossi’s. But, she ran away after and has been avoiding me since. And I-” his words broke again and he tried clearing his throat. “And I just need to tell her what that kiss meant to me even though it’s clear it was nothing but a drunken mistake for her, but I need to tell her. Just this once. That I love her and have probably loved her from our first conversation and it’s okay that she doesn’t feel the same way; nothing has to change between us. I’d choose years of friendship and unrequited love than not have her be in my life at all. I…. I need her in my life, Derek. I cannot lose her like this.”

Morgan’s heart felt a gaping tear as he gazed into his best friend’s devastated face. He had seen the way you had looked at Spencer too and didn’t believe that Spencer’s love was as unrequited as he thought. But… “Let’s go find her then and you can tell her all that, ok?” Morgan gave a sad smile and offered Spencer a hand.

The unsub wasn’t bothering to disguise himself, nor were you in any physical state to fight back. You had been investigating crimes just like this one for years- you knew how this was going to end. A small spring of hope welled in you that maybe, maybe your team would find you before it was too late. 

It’s probably safe to assume this is the same unsub you had come to Idaho to find. Well, you had found him all right, you couldn’t help thinking with dark irony. And, how long had he kept the victims alive? Looking at the case files on the plane felt impossibly far away, but your mind struggled to focus. He kept them alive only one day. That’s right. 

But, how long had it been? It seemed like all you had ever known was staying suspended in this basement, unable to rest, unable to take in a ragged and gasping breath without pain, your mangled pinky still dripping blood. 

You had read somewhere that sometimes, when faced with extreme physical or psychological pain, people’s minds would remove themselves mentally from the situation. You hoped in vain this would happen soon to you. The basement stairs creaked, but at this point, you couldn’t even attempt to lift your head up from its slumped position to look the unsub.

“Missed me?” he whispered, tucking his fingers under your chin and forcing your head upward. “You look someone in the eye when they talk to you. I was hoping you had learned your manners by now, but I guess not. Maybe this lesson will leave a better impression.” Your body tensed, anticipating the pain before he swung the metal baseball bat at you. Please, please, please, you begged your team to come. Please, Rossi. Please, Hotch. Emily. Morgan. J.J. Penelope. Spencer. SpenceSpenceSpence. His name was the prayer you held onto all night.

The BAU knew they were running out of time to find you. If the unsub followed the patterns of his previous killings- and they knew he would- there was only a few hours they had left to find you. All they had right now was the profile of a sadistic sociopath, but it wasn’t enough.

“I think I have something! The coroner’s office just called- they found traces of a drug similar to ether in Jessica’s system. He must be knocking them out when he takes them. You can’t just waltz down to the local CVS to get this stuff.” Rossi nodded in agreement with Hotch.

“Spencer, call Garcia. Have her look into compounding pharmacies in the area that manufacture the drug and any shipments of it in the area.”

A moment later, Spencer threw the door open. “We have a name- Tim Brenner. Lives in a cabin outside of town, in the woods. He fits the profile too. He has to be the unsub, he has to be,” he desperately moaned. There wasn’t a second to waste. The team ran out to the van and sped off, preparing for the raid.

The sun started to set, the vibrant colors bleeding out as the van turned into the woods. Bleeding out. Spencer gritted his teeth- no, your heart had to still be beating. Hold on a little longer, Y/n. The van finally pulled up to the dark, lifeless silhouette of a cabin and Rossi grabbed Spencer’s arm before he could hop out.

“Spencer, I want you hanging back outside if the unsub doesn’t come easily. I’m not losing two agents today.”

Spencer shook his head fervently. “You’re not losing any agents today. I have to be there for her, Rossi. I can’t abandon her in there.”

Rossi’s jaw tightened, but his head twitched in assent. As much as he didn’t want to admit it to himself, he was already preparing for the worst outcome, but he couldn’t take away Spencer’s hope.

“FBI! COME OUT OF THE HOUSE NOW WITH YOUR HANDS ABOVE YOUR HEAD!” Hotch shouted. No response. The team was going in.

Morgan kicked down the front door and the agents cautiously entered, flashlights and guns up. “Clear!” They started fanning out throughout the cabin, scanning for any trace of you or the unsub. Nothing. What if the unsub had already done the unthinkable and was disposing of the body right now?

Spencer felt the beads of sweat on his forehead pulsate, when suddenly a dull and hollow thunk came from under his footstep. He scrambled to push back a rug, revealing a trapdoor to what must be a basement. It had to lead to you. “Guys! There’s an entrance to a basement over here!” He did a shout-whisper, before unlatching the door and creeping down the stairs.

His heart collapsed at the sight that met him below. Your motionless body appeared to be hanging in between two poles. And behind you…

“Tsk tsk… you’re going to want to put that gun down now, if you don’t want me to slash her throat open.” The unsub delicately traced his knife over your neck, causing you to give a slight moan, every inch of you heavy with exhaustion.

Relief overwhelmed Spencer for a second at the sound of your moan, the proof of your life, and he swallowed and complied with the unsub’s request, releasing his gun to the ground. It didn’t appear as if the unsub had a gun, but he was helpless to do anything when the unsub still had a weapon against you.

“Good. Very good. Now, you’re going to turn around and head right back up those stairs. Now.” 

Spencer knew the likelihood that the unsub would kill you and attack him the second Spencer turned his back. He had to stall until another team member came. 

“Why don’t you put down the knife and let her go? Things will go much better for you if you cooperate with us. You’ve proven your point- you’re better than the rest of us. Smarter. Stronger. Superior in every way. You don’t have to do this.”

“Actually,” the unsub smirked. “I do.” He raised the knife and- A gunshot rang out. The unsub collapsed backward, a single bullet hole in his head. Spencer whipped around to see Emily standing in the shadows on the stairs, still pointing her gun.

“Help me get her down,” he whispered, not trusting his voice not to break quite yet. Not when you were clearly in so much pain right in front of him, and there was nothing he could do to stop it. There was no way to fathom what you had been through- but, you were alive.

He gently lowered you onto the ground as your binds were cut and then eased your body into his arms. “We need to get her to a hospital. You can carry her?” Spencer nodded at Emily, and the pair headed back up the stairs.

You fell back into consciousness and spun around wildly, starting to panic at your change of surroundings. “Shh, shh, Y/n, it’s okay. You’re safe now. I’m with you.” You looked up to see Spencer’s face gazing down at you as if you were the most precious thing in the world. “Spence?” Your shattered voice choked out. “I’m here, Y/n. I’m here,” he soothed in return. 

Your mind felt fractured and as if it was floating with the stars, so you latched on to small bits of reality. The crisp air surrounding you. Spencer’s hand stroking your hair back off your face. The tears glistening in his eyes as he held you tight.

Author’s Note: Somehow, I ended up casually writing a Criminal Minds episode script for this chapter? Or, at least that’s how I felt while writing it. Side-note: Hire me @CBS?? The torture was somewhat inspired by what Ramsay did to Theon in Game of Thrones (I am such a nerd lol) since (fortunately) I am not a sadistic psychopath & thus had no idea what to write for that part. It’s important to have an idea of what the reader went through for the next chapters to really work. Two more chapters to go and the next is by far my favorite ;)

TAGATHA WEDDING HEADCANONS (at the reception) pt. 2

[major kudos to @everssball for giving me her input on what would totally happen at the tagatha wedding]

[you can find the rest of my tagatha wedding headcanons here]

note: most of this was written before the ever never handbook came out and may not reflect the ruined character development that took place therein

- for the toast to be given by the best man and the bride of honour, chaddick and sophie were chosen (honestly a recipe for disaster from the beginning)

- chaddick was a bit inebriated by this point any may have let some stuff slip without meaning to (“i mean, the guy thought she was a new student when she entered the room all dolled-up at the circus of talents!!lol good luck to you bro”)
-  sophie makes one of the best heartfelt speeches anyone’s ever heard from her (shocking those who know her pretty well) bringing tears to her and aggie’s eyes and making tedros squeeze aggie’s shoulder tightly in affection
- sophie spoils the emotional atmosphere in the end by making an offhanded comment such as this: “and really, i’d like to credit this couple that who, without them, i’d have never realised the greatest love of all - the love i give to the greatest person - myself"

- hort - after mustering the courage - walks up to sophie and asks her for a dance

- sophie agrees - to the amusement of others - and they begin chatting as they waltz… 

- “so when’s our wedding?”
- “i’ll tell you as soon as i realise my undying love for you - which is never”
- “ouch! well that’s not what the Wish Fish said”
-“hort honestly you keep on droning on about some prediction made by animals of lower brain capacity..”

-…which soon turns to bickering and garners the attention of a few guests (“i thought Nevers can’t fall in love?” “that was  a misconception. now everything’s changed - well not really changed but more of our eyes were opening to the inane stereotypes we placed on ourselves”)

- hester and anadil did get a tour of a place (“do you think they’d get mad if we tried to look for the treasure room?” “i wore a dress for this and we are going to look for that treasure room with or without their consent”) but before they could make further progress they were dragged back into the hall (read: dot) for the bouquet tossing

- agatha is slightly apprehensive as she prepares to the toss bouquet - unnerved by the feral and mad glint she saw in the girls’ eyes - but tossed the bouquet anyway hoping that a cat fight wouldn’t take place

- sophie was casually strolling by the crowd of girls for the bouquet tossing (“I’m done with that whole boy nonsense. i’m focusing on me for the meantime’) but when agatha tossed the bouquet in the air, sophie leaped for it like it would be the last batch of cucumbers in the Endless Woods for a while (injuring some people along the way) only to have to fight over it against kilo and dot (“give it to me!! it’S MINE” “uhM I CAUGHT IT FIRST EXCUSE ME” “NOW WE ALL KNOW THAT’S A LIE SO GIVE IT BACK”)

- now it was time for the garter toss ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)   [PLEASE DONT KINKSHAME ME]

- before the actual wedding, tedros tried to convince agatha to allow him to take her garter off her leg with his teeth (she vehemently said no)

- before taking the garter from her thigh, he caressed her legs slowly and all smooth-like just to tease her, inciting the crowd’s loud hollers and whoops (most of which came from the everboys) and agatha blushing like there was no tomorrow
- anadil as we anoint her as ace being uncomfortable with the pda and basically looked at everything except at the scene in front of her (“oh gosh” “this is all a bit premature isn’t it?“)
- raven shaking his head and comments “and they call as the sin propagators”

- agatha harshly whispering “tedros you’re mother is in the crowd what are you ahhhh-” he got the garter already

- instead of tossing the garter like he was supposed to tedros just pockets it and smiles all smugly at the crowd to their
amusement and agatha’s fury (“all of that for nothing??”)

- tedros just smiles at his wife with a pleased expression on his face and agatha wants to kick him at that instant but can’t

- agatha ultimately hits tedros at some point for that spectacle and someone goes “ooh kinky”
- you can hear merlin yelling from the back “SAVE IT FOR THE WEDDING NIGHT”

- guinevere is trying not to feel uncomfortable but there’s only so much a mother can take about sexual innuendoes about her son’s life

Rilaya is Strong!

some people go off on here about how maya and riley can’t be together because it would ruin the whole show, and they just don’t go together!

well let me ask you this?

why should rucas happen if they have never said i love you to each other?
why should lucaya happen if they have never said i love you to each other?

but of course, rilaya can’t happen even though they have said i love you multiple times to each other. they have held hands more times than rucas, and have held each others faces more times than lucaya!

so tell me, what is your reason again? because it sure as hell doesn’t make any sense to me!

Ballie fans

Okay I’m putting this out there. Why are Ballie fans over reacting so bad about:
1) Ferguson ruining their perfect love romance
2) comparing wentworth to the 100 with regards to Allie dying.

Okay so listen up, you’re watching wentworth, it’s a show with lots of twists and turns in the plot, and you’re blaming 1 character for ruining the love romance between 2 people. Well just let me tell you that all ships in wentworth are destined to sink. Let’s take a look at freakytits, and even frerica, or maybe fridget. All those ships built up over each series were eventually gotten rid of, so I don’t need to come on here and read about how Ferguson is a psycho for messing up your precious Ballie plot.

I mean, hey, look at us Ferguson fans, we’ve had to witness this series knowing that this character has been totally changed beyond recognition, but we have accepted that that’s some lazy writing, and as a matter of fact, just how the show has gone.

Now what I want to know is why there have been an accumulation of these double standards.

‘Ferguson deserves to die because of what she did to Ballie’

But yet you are all kicking off over the fact that a lesbian might possibly be killed off. Have you not recognised the huge possibility that Ferguson is queer, but yet you think she deserves to die…

Are you yet to notice your double standards?

You just can’t have one rule for one and not for the others. It’s universal and is defiantly not exclusive to you Ballie fans.

Also, it’s good to mention that Allie may not actually be dead yet, and so this is nothing like the 100. Some of you fans proclaim to have watched this show for years on end, but honestly, I don’t think you have, because if you did, you’d understand that all of these ships made in wentworth are probably/most likely not gonna pull through.

That’s just how it goes, so cut out the psychopath comments about Ferguson, and how she deserves to die.


Warnings: Swearing 

“The Hell you’re dating Crowley Y/n. There is no way Me or Sam are going to let you go within sniffing distance of him. Stay away from Crowley!” Dean barked. 

Crowley had let it slip to your brothers that the two of you were dating, and your brother Dean was furious with you. 

 "I’m a big girl now.“ You sneered. "I’m the oldest here and i’m not going to let my little brothers ruin my chance of happiness.” You shouted back.

 "Your happiness?“ Sam asked with a raised eyebrow. 

 "You’re telling me that the King of Douche bags makes you happy? Come on Y/n. This whole you dating Crowley thing is bullshit.” Dean finished angrily. 

 You just rolled your eyes and slapped your thighs.

 "You know he’s got a poi-“ Sam started but was cut off when you raised your hand to silence him. 

 "Shut up, the both of you! I know this may be hard for you to believe, but Crowley makes me happy, he makes me feel beautiful. No man has ever made me feel this way before. I am well aware he is the King of Hell but he treats me like a proper gentlemen should. Why can’t you just be happy for me?” You paused. 

Your brothers just stared at you in disbelief.

“Now if you will excuse me I have to get ready. It just so happens I am going on a date with Crowley tonight.” You finished. 

There was a long pause and before you could exit the room you heard Dean yell.

 "He is the King of Hell!“ Dean stated. As if you weren’t aware of that. 

 "Ugh. Get out of my way, the both of you.” You growled as you pushed your brothers out of the way and left the room. Leaving Sam and Dean to look at one another in defeat.

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I know I sometimes get called rude or whatever but do you know how hard it is being super polite and patient 24/7 on this site? I’ve tried my hardest but after a year of dealing with rude anons, I’m no longer just going to smile and let them walk all over me. Whenever we got rude people I’d have to let Admin M deal with them cause I was scared. However, since I’m the only admin left I’ve had to do it. I’ve had anons gang up on me and send me countless messages which I didn’t publish here. I’m human. I get tired. I spend my free time writing on here for you guys so at the end of the day getting rude anons just ruins it.

The Party roared - a dramione oneshot

ok, so imade this edit yesterday, and it popped into a story in my head, so i had to write it - you know, who needs sleep, hi insomnia.

@thefeelsawaken read it and said i should post it, so i’m not as scared to post it i guess. it’s not like my usuall stuff, i think.



There was a great deal of noise outside the dimly lit library, but Hermione learned to tune it all out.

Her favourite couch at the back of the library’s second floor was welcoming and soft, sturdy shelves securing her from every side. She could smell the dust on her fingers, from tracing the backbones of books on her way up to the balcony. The old couch, on which she sat gracefully, creaked under her weight and she felt its worn out, bald in places upholstery brush against her naked back.

These elegant dresses, while making her shiver from opening up too much shoulder and spine, made her feel more alive and real, than she ever was in the past years.

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Got7 hi-touch fanacc [FLY in LA 16.7.11]

Junior: Let me just say that literally NOTHING in this world could have prepared me for the beauty that is Park Jinyoung in person. We held hands and I literally blurted out, “I love you” as soon as our hands touched, AND LET ME TELL YOU I WILL NOT PLANNING TO CONFESS MY LOVE TO HIM BUT I DID BC HE IS THAT OUTRAGEOUSLY BEAUTIFUL OKAY Park Jinyoung the bias wrecker is here to stay. Also SIDE NOTE, we had so much freaking eye contact during the concert, like i swear to god I must’ve had a sign that said, “PLEASE RUIN MY BIAS LIST BY LOOKING AT ME LIKE I’M THE ONLY PERSON THAT MATTERS IN THIS WORLD” and the way that Junior looks at you like good lord if I could get anyone in this world to look at me the way Jinyoung did, I would probably never feel sadness again. SIDE SIDE NOTE,  I HAD FULL INTENTIONS OF SPEAKING TO THEM ALL IN KOREAN AND ONCE I TOUCHED JUNIOR I COULD HARDLY MAKE ENGLISH HAPPEN GOOD GOD.

BamBam: I’m sorry, but I was still hardly breathing from touching Junior and I’m pretty sure all I got out was, “thank you” and a smile and tried to remember how to breathe. 

Yugyeom: HE IS THE MOST PRECIOUS OF PRECIOUS BEINGS THAT HAS EVER EXISTED HE IS SO ADORABLE. I told him “thank you” though i’m sure i could’ve said anything and he still would’ve given me the cutest smile in the whole entire world i’m pretty sure world peace was achieved in that moment

JB: Okay, I said, “I love you” but I really meant it more like, “I’m saying I love you bc saying all the inappropriate thoughts in my head is not totally acceptable.” He definitely was the most distant and seemed the most…uncomfortable? He held my hand the least :( which is fine though, cause I might’ve had another emotional outburst like I did with Junior.

Mark: I was so happy to see Mark!!! I said, “Hi Mark!!!!! Thank you!!!!!” *big smiles* It was so nice to meet someone who spoke English and he is a cutiepie I mean what else can I possibly say. I probably had time to say more, but I was trying to save my energy lol

Youngjae: I felt so bad for Youngjae, poor baby really needed to get home and get some rest. I said, “Thank you!! Feel better!!” And of course his face just lit up and he held my hand and flashed me the cutest, sweetest smile that you’ve ever seen and sunshine came pouring through

Jackson: *keep in mind that I’m wearing a Wang headband so he obvs knows I’m there for him* GAHHH, I get really excited, and I said, “Hi Jackson!!!” and then we held hands and he looked at my headband and smiled at me and I said, “I love you!” and actually meant it like my heart is actually pouring out as I say this to him. I go to move on, but he fucking HOLDS MY HAND LONGER so I stay and he gives me the most intense and beautiful eye contact I have ever received god he was looking into my soul and i honestly think he said something to me, but hell i was too lost in his eyes i have no idea he could’ve said “welcome to del taco” for all i cared BUT I’M GOING TO HOPE that he said “I love you too” or something cute like that LOL fgbbiuhiuseigbesibgs

and then I died.


Tortimer: Eh, you see, curious anon. I just wanna appreciate others’ bodies but I do think I go far sometimes, sorry for that. Fellow animals, you can tell me to quit that if I’m just annoyin’ y’all, after all, I don’t want others talkin’ behind my back like “Don’t relax here, the old man’s creepy”, just have fun and don’t let me ruin it for ya, right?


I don’t understand why you’re here
I’m undeserving of your love
Perhaps that is why you’ve started walking away
Slowly closing the door behind you
To leave me locked in my bedroom
Sleep alone another night
I am selfish
I’ve trapped you here in my heart
I feel your fists banging on the glass
But I can’t let you leave
Not again
I need you
You don’t need me
I know you could do so much better
But I feel myself slipping through your fingers
I am unwanted
My intentions are purely out of greed
I just want to feel the sun on my face
With your hands in my hair
But I know your heart is tired
Your eyes are sad
Our love will never recover
We are doomed
But I can’t let you leave
Don’t you see
I can’t breathe unless you’re near
The scent of mint and smoke
That linger on your clothes
Is my fresh air
A hint of tea tainted your lips
I crave them on mine
Can’t you understand
I’m weak without you
And I’ve started to dance with the thought
I might only need you
And not love you like I once did
Months ago
When I was happy
But we’re miserable and weeping
We are ruined

Ghostbusters (2016) Review

Let’s cut to the chase.

To all those who are so offended that the Ghostbusters can possibly be women, allow me to be perfectly clear. This movie did not ruin your childhood, it did not rape your childhood, if your childhood depends solely on the reputation of an 80s movie that’s main feature is Bill Murray putting on his best “I really wish I weren’t here right now” voice, then I feel worse for you because that is, frankly, pathetic. But, furthermore, there is nothing that says you are contractually obligated to see this movie - in fact, if you already are predisposed to hate this movie I’d recommend you don’t see it, because why waste your money on something that, regardless of quality, you are going to hate. Follow the path of James Rolfe, the Angry Video Game Nerd, who decided that he had so much love for the original that there’d be no way he’d be able to enjoy a reboot and just left it at that. And, even then, if you are still convinced that this movie is such a blight on your childhood that it practically ruins it - please explain to me how it’s managed to ruin your childhood more than being diagnosed as a Type-1 Diabetic at five-years-old. Go on, I’ll wait, you privileged fucks.

That being said, however, those of you who claimed that everyone who disliked the trailers were misogynists and that they hated it strictly because of the women in the trailer, I have to disagree majorly. I thought that the vast majority of the trailers for this movie were on the level of the advertising Deep Silver put out for Mighty No. 9 with their infamous “Anime Fan on Prom Night” and “Combo on Combo Action” commercials. And, quite frankly, when you watch these trailers, you are seeing the majority of the negative things in this movie or flat out don’t represent the characters at all: the jokes that don’t land or either go on too long, Patty (Leslie Jones) being nothing but the angry/loud black woman stereotype, Melissa McCarthy doing nothing but physical comedy because she’s a large woman and large people falling is funny. Honestly, whoever at Sony or Columbia who was in charge of advertising for this movie need to be fired as soon as possible, because they had little to no idea of what they were doing and, if anything, installed as little confidence in these movies in the general public as possible.

I know this because I disliked most, if not all, of the trailers but I honestly loved the vast majority of this movie.

Ghostbusters: Answer the Call stars Kristen Wiig as Erin Gilbert, a physics teacher at Columbia University who is thrust back into the paranormal when a book that she wrote on the subject years ago comes back to haunt her, Melissa McCarthy as Abby Yates, a teacher at a less advanced scientific university where she has completely dedicated her life to studying ghosts, Kate Mckinnon as Jillian Holtzman, an engineer who is difficult to describe beyond “eccentric,” Leslie Jones as Patty Tolan, a former MTA worker who decides to join the band of misfits after her own encounter, and finally Chris Hemsworth as the receptionist, Kevin, a big lug who tries his hardest but can’t quite figure out how to succeed so you just want to pat him on the head because, well, at least he’s trying. Together they form the “Department of the Metaphysical Examination” - later renamed Ghostbusters.

Now let me preface the rest of this review with this one statement:

THIS IS NOT GHOSTBUSTERS III. If you were hoping for a Ghostbusters III rather than a reboot of Ghostbusters in a brand-new universe, well I’m sorry, but you have pretty much no-one else to blame other than Bill Murray, who jerked around all of his castmates and the potential crew of Ghostbusters III by constantly going back and forth on the script. In my opinion - however uninformed it may be - you could not have a third Ghostbusters movie nor could you have a legitimate “passing of the torch” from the original generation of Ghostbusters to this new generation of Ghostbusters without Harold Ramis, and you legitimately have nobody else to pester about that other than Bill Murray. If you can’t have another original Ghostbusters movie without Bill Murray, then you cannot have it without Harold Ramis. So if you really dislike how Sony was left with no other choice than to reboot Ghostbusters in a new universe, remember that it’s mostly because Bill Murray fucked everyone over.

That being said, after the death of Harold Ramis, Murray, along with the majority of the original cast, sans Rick Moranis who has since retired, return in this movie to make cameos - the vast majority of which I enjoyed and found to be entertaining ways to fit their personalities into this new Ghostbusters universe. And to those who are angry at Bill Murray for being the sole reason for there not being an actual Ghostbusters III, then you will likely enjoy what happens to him in this movie.

As for the rest of the cast, there is an extremely little that I can complain about. Leslie Jones, rather than playing the “Angry/Loud Black Woman” plays, instead, a woman who’s ready to take charge, remains calm even in a majority of stressful situations until that stress reaches a point where common sense kicks in and an over-the-top reaction is realistic. Although Melissa McCarthy seems to enjoy the slapstick side of comedy for her character, she still manages to land the majority of her jokes: she’s able to hold her own comedically as someone who is both misfortunate yet happy-go-lucky. Kate Mckinnon is going to be hit or miss for anyone going to see this movie - comedy in and of itself is subjective, so some may find her quirky nature annoying while others find her to be charming and enjoyable. I found her funny, but I can’t really blame someone for saying that they didn’t find her that way. Kristen Wiig is good and has some rather good moments, especially considering that for the first third, or so, of this movie she plays the “straight-man” of this situation as she tries to put her life on a normal track that derails into the craze that is being a Ghostbuster. But one of the best characters in this movie, fortunately or unfortunately - depending on your thinking, is Chris Hemsworth: this guy has some of the most hilarious moments in the entire movie as he plays the biggest lovable idiot ever - but he’s not a malicious idiot, he just doesn’t know how to function outside of looking good, something that he does extremely well.

There is one cast member that I don’t particularly like, however. Neil Casey plays the villain in this movie, a villain who, much like Gozer from the original Ghostbusters, is attempting to break the barrier between the living and the dead in order to take over the world. The idea is a tried and tested method that I enjoyed, but Neil Casey does not have the acting chops yet to be an intimidating villain. If anything, he sounds like someone attempting to do an adequate impression of Linkara. He could have easily have just been a vessel that an actual ghost had just taken possession of, but instead he’s just an adequate guy - not particular or anything. This could be meant to symbolize that the main villains against women in general are average men, but this is Ghostbusters, a franchise that has built itself on being outrageous: the original ended with a fight between four guys and a giant marshmallow man and the sequel had them fight a ghost in souped up Statue of Liberty mech powered by the Nintendo Power Glove. I’m not saying that you can’t have the villain symbolize that, but at least make him more threatening than an uninteresting Linkara lookalike with the standard “RULE THE WORLD” goal. It’s unoriginal in a movie that manages to reboot a franchise with a lot of original ideas.

Is it the best movie I’ve seen all year?

No, but it’s up there. It’s pitiful to me that Secret Life of Pets and Finding Dory can both be reaching massive financial success while just being rehashes of Toy Story and Finding Nemo but newer, while Ghostbusters: Answer the Call manages to reboot a movie without doing the same story and is, so far, not reaching financial success.

This movie is for this generation. I’d hate to sound like a dying record for a majority of people, but it’s true. Those who are whining about how “IT ISN’T MY GHOSTBUSTERS!” need to realize that they’re being acting as immature in the face of new things as the baby boomer generation. If you legitimately did not like this movie while giving it a legitimate chance, then alright - it doesn’t change anything though. Young girls will be able to go to the movies, see four women of different races and body structures and will, much like many a young child looked up to Billy Murray as Peter Venkman, want to become a Ghostbuster themselves. If you want to take that away from them in order to preserve the “sanctity” of a movie series that Bill Murray himself didn’t even want, then fine - be that person, claim the movie’s bashing men. Then realize that you’re losing the argument as Mad Max: Fury Road is one of the highest rated movies of all time, Star Wars: The Force Awakens is one of the highest grossing movies of all time, and Star Wars: Rogue One is probably going to be one of the highest rated movies of this year.

That being said, a lot the CGI is pretty okay at best.

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Please, have a great day and remember that you ain’t ‘fraid of no ghost.

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