Here you go whatisyourlefteyebrowdoingdavid. You want to shoot angst at me then I will shoot it right back. David upset on the beach, that’s versatility for you ;). And I don’t think I need to explain who the “inappropriate kissing situation” was about. LOL. The war continues!

Why I don’t put an underage tag for characters 16 and older

This is going to be a very long post. But I am writing a story with Yuri x Otabek and Yuri is 17 and I know someone is going to be a fool and call me out on not placing an underage tag. Someone already asked me to put a tag on for my Killing Stalking fanfic and I told them “no.”

I want to make a post about this so that all readers understand where I am coming from.There are several reasons I don’t put on the tag for sexual content between 16-year-olds or older.

First, legally, it doesn’t make sense.

The idea that 18 is the age of consent in the USA is not that accurate. It is the age of majority–different–but it is not the age of consent. In the same way that the age of consent for Japan is between 16-18 depending on the prefectures but the age of majority (voting, etc.) is 20. In the US, 33 states list 16 as their age of consent. 6 states list 17 as their age of consent, and only 11 states list their age of consent as 18. Lastly, most countries list their age of consent as 16 as well.

Secondly, submitting to this fallacy goes against my beliefs.

I make it clear who’s under the age of 18 in my stories in the author notes and in the story and summary before anything sexual happens. I am very good about that.

If you have a problem with me not using tags, understand that this isn’t me trying to be defiant. This is me protesting the use of an enforced western standard of morality onto countries perceived as a “lesser” or “uncivilized.” Colonizers have enforced similar regulations throughout history.

Countries are responsible for knowing their own citizens. Sometimes they are wrong but in most instances, it is not the job of a western imperial power like America to correct them, and it is especially not the job of a teenager online. Many third world nations have a younger age of consent due to the lower life-expectancy or cultural expectations. While not a nation, take Hawaii for example.  Communities in Hawaii are more segregated into smaller groups. If you date someone within your community, there is a chance your parents know their parents, even if you are years apart. That is why Hawaii also has a (rather high) close in age exemption of 5 years. Some people judge that as “immoral" without knowing our backgrounds because they believe “know better than us”

If you believe that countries do not know their own people and intend to “correct their behavior,” you are using the same tactics that colonizers use to suppress indigenous populations. And I refuse to submit to that intimidation.

The Yuri x Otabek drama angers me because more than anything, it shows proof of the enforced morality I spoke about earlier and the complete narcissism of Americans that allows them to disregard certain cultures to satisfy their own beliefs.

It’s legal in Russia for a fifteen-year-old to date and has sex with an eighteen-year-old. Russia’s legal is sixteen (as mentioned) but they have close in age exception for 14-year-olds up to 4 years. Why has no one researched this? Because they did not care. They refused to take into consideration another culture’s boundaries but went straight to enforcing their own.

The most common argument against Yuri x Otabek is that it reinforces pedophilia.

There are lots of places where that age different at that age is legal. This sickens me because it is basically saying: “countries who don’t adhere to MY moral standard towards this matter means that they are morally apprehensible and are wrong.” They are saying that states like Hawaii or countries like Russia or Vietnam, because they don’t adhere to my moral standard, are pedophiles.   

Do you understand this backward thinking? You are no better than the colonizer who enforced their religion, their politics, and their beliefs on indigenous people.

And for you people who think it’s different because “there’s proof of teens getting taken advantage of.”

Let me remind you that colonizers also had “proof.” 

When the English came to Hawaii, they were able to convert a huge number of natives by persuading that the Christian god had made them immune to diseases (that they themselves brought over) and there was proof—Englishmen at the time were immune to their disease because they had the antibodies from back home. Hawaiians did not. Therefore they died off easily. If they married Englishmen, their children often had the antibodies in their system so they were less likely to die off. So the proof was real but not accurate. This happens throughout history so I am not buying your truth. 

Yes, some teenagers get taken advantage of. I’m not saying we shouldn’t have an age of consent. I firmly believe they are essential. 

But some other country should not be the one deciding this. 

Do not pretend that you know better than anybody else in that culture. They made these laws for a reason and they know better than some teen on the internet. Sometimes cultures are wrong. But if you’re only reasoning behind something you deem wrong is “my cultural says so” and some half-hearted facts, then it’s a good idea to research. 

Every Word- University! Dan Howell x Reader

Wow, so first of all I AM VERY SORRY. Especially to the sweet anon that requested this. This took way too long and I am sorry. I spent a while in the hospital, found out I have spherocytosis, and got my gall bladder removed. This means LOTS of makeup work. Yeah lmao I’ll stop whining now. Anyway, here it is! Enjoy! (●´ω`●)

Request: hey! i was wondering if you could do this prompt? Dan used to pick on the reader in middle school and then they went to separate high schools but now she is in the same college as Dan and she became hot as hell and really popular

Yes! I can certainly try you sweet, patient anon!


The older you got the more you realized confidence is hot as hell. When you were younger you were teased for how you dressed and for being one of the only girls in middle school who didn’t wear makeup. But, come to find out, the most attractive thing people found in each other was confidence, the self love and trust to strut into a room and act like you own the place.

So, that’s just what you did, walking into your first day working in the campus coffee shop. And although the way you carried yourself made you feel sexy as fuck, you had become the queen of makeup and halfway through high school your boobs had finally come in. Just to reiterate, you were a goddess.

Your new boss greeted you, told you a bit more about the campus, and you began; how exciting! Well, not really. Few students trickled in, and you had started to entertain yourself by sitting behind the counter and decorating a binder. You got off in about an hour and would have an hour to be in your first class of the day. You heard the entrance open, but didn’t bother looking up. “Welcome.”

You heard him yelling something, but it certainly wasn’t at you. You looked up, and the stranger was yelling something out the door, presumably to a friend outside, and his back was turned to you. Cute hair, tall, cute bum. Oh, without even seeing his face you could tell he was fine. Suddenly he turned around, catching you looking at his bum, and when you looked up at his eyes you could not believe who it was you were checking out.

Dan Howell.

He chuckled and you looked back down at your binder. Your middle school bully who you were certain you would never see again just caught you checking out his ass. Splendid. Hopefully he wouldn’t notice who you were?

He approached the counter and you willed yourself to stand and look at him. “Good morning Dan-” SHIT.

He looked a bit taken back but somewhat amused, “Um, what?”

“I said good morning, how can I help you?”

He studied your eyes, causing you to blush a little, then the realization washed over his face. “Oh shit, Y/N is that you? Y/N Y/L/N?”

You groaned, “How could you tell?”

He laughed, “Well you certainly look a hell of a lot different, but your eyes are the same. And that dorky necklace.”

Were you flattered? Offended? Both? “Well, I’m not the same girl you knew back then so don’t pretend you still know me, and I don’t intend on you coming to know me again. How can I help you?”

“Where did you go? I remember my parents telling me you had moved out of the neighborhood.”

“Where I moved is none of your business. How can I help you?”

“Why are you being so defensive?”

The built up emotion within you finally met the surface. “Do you remember anything about growing up? How much you teased me? How you said I was ugly for wearing my hair up and not wearing makeup and how my teeth were gross and how I looked like I dressed myself in the dark and how you felt bad for the guy who’d end up dancing with me at school functions?”

Dan was very taken back and took a second to collect his thoughts, then spoke in a whisper, “You remember exactly what I said? Everything?”

Your gaze shifted from his face to the floor as you quoted him, word for word. “You are the ugliest girl at this school and you will never, ever, have friends if your face remains an instant repellent.”

He looked down at his own feet, and back up at you. “Y/N.” You looked up and were instantly immersed in the sincerity in his eyes. “I’m very sorry for what I said as a kid. I didn’t mean a single word of it. If anything, you were the prettiest girl I knew. When we were friends before I admired how creative and productive and funny you were. I guess I really, really liked you Y/N.”

You blushed a little then gave a smirk, “Just so you know, I have lots of friends, not because I wear makeup but because of who I am. A face doesn’t define who you are, the inside does.”

He gave the prettiest chuckle you had ever heard. “You’re right, I guess I didn’t know that back then.”

“So what do you want? You’re kinda at my place of work and I am assuming before this chat you were wandering in for a coffee.”

“Tell me about your friends.”

You snickered. “I’m friends with everyone, can you believe it? The people love me. How can I help you?”

He laughed. “I was hoping you’d forgive me for what I did back then, and I’d love to become friends again.”

“Forgiven. But you still haven’t ordered anything Daniel.”

“You have got lots of friends now Y/N, but what I want to know is do you have a boyfriend?”

Smile to smile, both of you very genuine. "What do you want Dan?”

“Have a coffee with me?”

Stuff I done did today:

  • Had a long meeting with my adviser in which we simultaneously noticed a major problem with the next paper we’re working on… and then methodically smashed down the old approach and figured out a way to get something even cooler out of the rubble.
  • Spent way too long attempting to herd four busy professors into the same room together in June to set my PhD dissertation defense date. (I managed to get all but one who is out of town for six weeks. Here’s hoping he’ll have access to Skype…)
  • Finished and sent in my application for a very cool lecturer position.
  • Wrote and submitted an abstract to the Croatia conference, because why not?
  • Recorded a video clip of myself to help advertise the grad student panel I’ll be on this coming Wednesday.

So basically what I’m saying is I feel zero guilt about clearing my schedule tomorrow so I can just play Mass Effect all day.

Endlessly and Eternally

Alex Summers x Reader

Author: Jen


Anonymous requested:  “ You should write Alex Summers X reader smut where he returns from Vietnam and it is their first time together in over 3 years? So you can do fluffy, passionate and rough all in one. Thank you soooooo much! “

Okay this took way too long to write but this proved to be challenging! I truly hope you enjoy it cause I was scared I’d sound like a 12 year old virgin! Here we go !

Originally posted by classymike44

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anonymous asked:

I AM HERE FOR THIS CONTENT STEPH!!! new bb werewolf brayden who gets help from gentle patient werewolf heddy and quiet intense werewolf kuch

Omg yes I have a lot to say on this matter mmmkay listen:

Small bb Bray is a sweet little rookie so he’s still getting used to some stuff and he hasn’t really like, heard all the news about the weird shit that goes down in the NHL. Like the Dub and the AHL prepared him for hockey, not the small werewolf population in the NHL. And then suddenly during the season when the Wild come to visit he gets bitten by one of the Wild players, and next thing he knows he’s got a craving for rare meat and also would really like to go outside and howl at the moon. The fur thing freaks him out a little bit.

And then it turns out that the MUMPS OUTBREAK that the media has been in an uproar about is actually a COVERUP FOR WEREWOLVES (thanks for the idea @halvedhab) and the league is keeping it very hush hush but “mumps-afflicted players” are sent off to quarantine for a few days until they get over the urge to bite people. (Alas one of the Mumpesota Wild players didn’t stay in quarantine long enough. I bet it was Parise.) And then Heddy has to sit Bray down and explain that yeah when the league says “mumps” they actually mean “werewolves are going nuts again and biting players.”

“Does this mean there’s a big werewolf population in Vancouver now?” Brayden asks with some concern for his fellow Canadians.

“Shhh, we don’t talk about Vancouver,” someone says in the mournful tone of voice usually reserved for tragic lost causes. They don’t talk about Vancouver.

Confirmed werewolves on the team are big gentle Heddy and quiet intense Kuch. Kuch is super super super private, but it’s still one of the worst kept secrets that he’s a werewolf. Garry is a big fat question mark bc They Just Aren’t Sure about him. Killer jokes about werewolves but no one knows if he’s like, actually a wolf or not, it’s super debatable. And suspicious

Why are you so afraid to be loved
I am right by your side what are you afraid of
Though our love is ordinary
The value is immeasurable you hear me?
It’s like flying in the sky feeling that I might fall any minute
⇨ got7 lineart