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can you rec any books with lesbian protags, but like fantasy/adventure? i'm not really into slice of life/coming of age books unless they're done really well, but i feel like there are no wlw ya fantasy books. if you've already answered this would you mind linking me?

Ah same here, fantasy and adventure are my fave genres and most of my favourite wlw books are fantasy. They include:
* Mangoverse series - Shira Glassman. High fantasy with dragons about a young nerdy lesbian queen, her bi girlfriend and later wife, and the other members of their found family.
* Ash - Malinda Lo. High fantasy with faeries, f/f retelling of Cinderella.
* Huntress - Malinda Lo. High fantasy with faeries, pseudo prequel to Ash, two girls go on an epic quest to save the kingdom and fall in love along the way. They don’t end up together though neither dies.
* Otherbound - Corinne Duyvis. Paranormal high fantasy about switching between worlds.
* Seraphina - Rachel Hartman. High fantasy with dragons set in an Anglo-Celtic type of world.
* Engelsfors series - Sara B. Elfgren and Mats Strandberg. Urban fantasy about a group of girls with witchy powers.
Ones I haven’t read or haven’t finished
* The Legend Mirror series - Saruuh Kelsey. Urban fantasy with mythological creatures.
* The Glass Republic - Tom Pollock. Urban fantasy about an alternative London where inanimate objects come alive.
* Unicorn Tracks - Julia Ember. Urban fantasy, about two girls hunting unicorns.
* Of Fire and Stars - Audrey Coulthurst. High fantasy about a princess who falls in love with the girl who’s supposed to be her future sister-in-law, plus lots of horseriding.
* Brooklyn Brujas series - Zoraida Córdova. Urban fantasy based on Ecuadoran folklore.
* The Impostor Queen series - Sarah Fine. High fantasy with political intrigue.
* Tripping to Somewhere - Kristopher Reisz. Urban fantasy with faeries and a road trip.
* Bluebell Hall - Kayla Bashe. Urban fantasy, boarding school for witches.
* Deadly Sweet Lies - Erica Cameron. Urban fantasy with demons, about teens having powers.
* The Dark Wife - Sarah Diemer. Sapphic retelling of Hades and Persephone.
* Kissing the Witch: Old Tales in New Skins - Emma Donoghue. Short story retellings of various fairytales, all sapphic.
* The Halvarian Ruin Books series - Sara Gaines. High fantasy with political intrigue.
* Elemental Logic series - Laurie J. Marks. High fantasy with a warrior woman.
* Daybreak Rising - C. K. Oliver. High fantasy about a chosen one who fails her task.
* Chameleon Moon series - RoAnna Sylver. High fantasy about people with magical powers.
* When Women Were Warriors series - Catherine M. Wilson. High fantasy set in the Stone Age.
* Graveyard Sparrow - Kayla Bashe. Urban historical fantasy about detective ladies.
* Screaming Down Splitsville - Kayla Bashe. Urban fantasy, set in the 1950s about people with magical powers.
* The Quiet Ones - Ellen Goodlett. Urban fantasy based on Hawaiian folklore.
* Tiffany and Tiger’s Eye - Foxglove Lee
* We Awaken - Calista Lynne. Urban fantasy about magical dreams.
* Marian - Ella Lyons. Urban fantasy, sapphic retelling of Robin Hood.
* About A Girl - Sarah McCarry. Urban fantasy with Greek mythology.
* A History of Glitter and Blood - Hannah Moskowitz. Urban fantasy with faeries.
* As I Descended - Robin Talley. Urban fantasy with ghosts, boarding school retelling of Macbeth.
* Shallow Graves - Kali Wallace. Urban fantasy with zombies.

Was tagged by the lovely @hapless-hollow to showcase 4 albums that I am currently listening to - Thank you so much, dear :) 

I’ve been horribly broke these past months, so I feel I’m a little behind on my music consumption, but then again, I’ve really been able to listen to some of the albums I’ve bought lately more than I usually do. You see, I’m on an eternal quest for inspiration, so I’ll move on to the next cool new thing pretty fast! 

Anyway, here are some of my favourites that I listen to the most, and keep coming back to:

Marissa Nadler - Strangers (Sort of like a more refined and exquisite Lana Del Rey, for music connoisseurs)

PWR BTTM - Ugly Cherries (If you don’t get a little bit gay by listening to this then you are listening wrong! Also, check out some live videos of these darlings, they are sexy performers and funny as hell)

Emma Ruth Rundle - Some Heavy Ocean (I’ve really fallen in love with this record, and I’ve been playing it to death. I can’t wait for the new album)

A Dead Forest Index - In All That Drifts From Summit Down (Saw these two support Chelsea Wolfe last year, before they had released their debut, and it really did deliver. If you feel like crying, put on this record, and the tears will flow). 

@xmoonxhowlerx you want in on this? @coldbloodedwomen @zoeycrowchild @slow-motion-shadow

Anyone else? I’d love to know what you’ve been listening to :) 

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[ Dear mod, you're my most favourite of all the Daily blogs here, thank you for being here with us. You're doing an amazing job. Thank you! ]

IF I HAD LESS CONTROL I’D BE UGLY CRYING RIGHT NOW THANK YOU???? its been a rough few days, so its especially kind for you to say this <3 please take care of yourself, i care about each and every one of you and I love you all so much. thank you so much for helping me run this blog!

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Hey sunshine! Could you possibly recommend some blogs for me, if it's not too much of a bother?

Yes of course here are some of my favourite blogs (most of them are aesthetic lmao)
@infringo is my babe his blog is so pretty ❤️
@yournoirthoughts is the loveliest bean and her blog is as pretty as her
@dragonarie is my absolute favourite definitely check them out
@elegantgogh such a precious gem and a pretty blog
@blushgirl has such nice aesthetic I love their blog
@zonation also an amazing aesthetic v v pretty
@astrolocherry if you’re into astrology also @scorpio-astrology
@emotional-teddybear because she’s a sweetheart and a lovely human ❤️❤️❤️ (Probably many many more oops I just can’t answer properly atm. Also note I can’t tag the blogs because I’m from mobile so soz for the inconvenience lol)

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@phillyswift is one of my most favourite blogs on here because shes so sweet and her blog has such good content

I don’t know Thyra well however I know she radiates such positivity and brightens up my dash! Her photo with Tay is so cute! so Anon, I’d have to agree with you!

@phillyswift 💕

(Send me your favourite blog’s URL and what you like about them bc the world always needs more positivity)