eevee-senpai asked:

Could I get a royal advisor Kenma with Queen Reader and another country is invading and they have to run? Love the kingdom btw <3

Thank you!! And here you go! Have some angst! >:)

  • During the entire ordeal, Kenma would feel like a failure. He was the queen’s advisor. It was his job to figure out how to avoid war and to keep the people safe. And, now, people were dying thanks to his ineptitude. If they got away safely, Kenma might consider stepping down after restoring the queen to her throne, and it would take a lot for her to convince him not to.
  • As they were running, Kenma’s number one concern would be his queen’s safety. He would do anything and everything to protect her, if though he’s not the strongest and, chances are, he’s never touched a sword in his life. But, when they have the chance to rest, Kenma needs to keep his mind busy to keep his self-doubt and negativity at bay.
  • Kenma would definitely be willing to lay down his life it it meant his queen would have the chance to live. So, if they ever got caught, he would force her to run while he stayed behind to hold the enemies off, even though he knows that he has no chance of winning.
  • I can see Kenma delivering his queen to safety in an allied kingdom, but, for whatever reason, he isn’t allowed in the castle with her. And, even though she’s distraught that they’re getting forced apart, Kenma would just be smiling weakly at her. He would just be so happy because he felt like having successfully kept her safe was enough, even if it meant he had no part in her future.

“The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, or the one.”

In another timeline, Spock saved the Enterprise after Khan’s attack at the cost of his life. In this timeline, Kirk saved the Enterprise after Khan’s attack at the cost of his life. Part of what tore at Spock was that his best friend’s sacrifice was perfectly logical. After all,

It’s what he would have done.