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I’m having a hell of a busy semester and it’s seriously cut back on my tumblr time. Most days I’m on campus for 12 hours or more, and on weekends I’m driving to campus 1-2 times to do physical exams on the animals in my care. Since I’ve been away from tumblr, two things have happened. I’ve gotten way behind on my fic reading (I have so many bookmarked fics I’ve been tagged in that I haven’t even touched) and most of my tumblr friends have pretty much forgotten I existed and moved on. So my visits to tumblr are 80% feeling like a piece of shit because nobody cares/ having anxiety because I’m so behind on reading and 20% smiling at pictures of Jensen Ackles. 20% isn’t enough. I’m kinda done.

If any of you are going through a hard time, please reach out to me. I’ll be around and I’m always here for you. But don’t hold your breath for a weekly smut list. I’ll post them as my schedule allows, if at all. 

Hera and Kanan’s First Kiss

It’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow which means it’s the perfect time for this. I set myself a challenge. In less than 1,000 words make everyone in the SWR fandom cry. 

It’s also a sneak preview of Chapter 9 of Catalyst.

Enjoy it or should I say don’t keep the tears in! If you can’t take it, I have some nice fluff here and here to make you feel better.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Kanan crept forward towards the ramp. His belongings were slung over his back and each step he took was heavier than the next. He knew what he had to do but every part of him resisted.

He reached for the exit button but before he could hit it, the lights flew on and he was momentarily blinded. He turned around to see Hera standing above him, her outline silhouetted by the Ghost’s white lighting.

Kanan could not see her expression and he turned away before his eyes adjusted. Anger, disappointment, sadness, pity even. All of those were possibilities.

Instead, Kanan heard in her voice something much worse.

“I never thought it would come to this,” Hera said softly.


Kanan turned his back and refused to look at her. He had gone over the scenarios time and time again. Death, capture, imprisonment, torture. Those were the only outcomes if he stayed. He had been deluding himself for too long.

Kanan Jarrus was a marked man, and one of these days, that laser blast would fly true and pierce his heart. He could only make sure that when the time came, he would not put people he cared about at risk.

Hera was more than just someone he cared about. Hera was his everything. When he closed his eyes, he’d see her beautiful face and warm smile. When he listened to the wind, he’d hear her melodic voice whispering words of encouragement. When he embraced the Force, Hera would glow in his mind and give him strength.

Every part of him screamed for Hera but no matter how he arranged the cards, he could not piece together an outcome where Hera would be safer with him than without. Kanan remembered his master’s words.

Control your emotions, do not let them rule you.

Reason and logic dictated that in order to keep Hera safe from harm, the best course of action was for him to leave. As it stood, he was already in violation of the Jedi code that forbid attachment.

It was not what he was brought up to be, it was not what his master would have wanted, and it directly contradicted the Jedi code. Seeing the physical remnants of his past drowned at the Imperial Complex gave Kanan resolve. He vowed to uphold the values of the Jedi, to serve the Force as he was taught.

This was the first step for him.

“I have to go, Hera,” he said mournfully.

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Here have some more aveline/cassandra headcanons bc i cannot contain my feels (referring to this)

- aveline needs some time to understand that fereldan courting rituals don’t mean that much to cassandra
- she tries it with some traditional stuff either way like sending stuff to cass‘ mother. unfortunately the goat and the courier are killed on their rather long way and aveline has to explain the waste of resources which gets awkward
- varric, bull and dorian catch on pretty fast and try to help. varric even offers to write a little but aveline won’t hear it bc she thinks the novels are embarassing. bull has mostly sextips. dorian wants to dress aveline in something fashionable but then remembers that cassandra doesn’t care for fashion and that both women probably sleep in their armor anyway so he gives up
- aveline invites cassandra to the tavern and pays the bard to play romantic love songs all evening. the other patrons get confused and/or annoyed after a while and cassandra doesn’t even notice. in the end bull’s chargers sing too loudly for anyone to hear the bard anymore and aveline ends up drunk and frustrated in an arm wrestling battle with every member of the chargers (she wins against them all except bull)
- sparring matches between the two are well visited by basically everyone in skyhold except vivienne and solas who just roll their eyes at such primitive mating rituals
- they finally find some time to bond over armor and weapon crafting and over hating their name
- two women army against chaos
- complementing each other’s fighting style (while varric scoffs and snorts in the background)


“The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, or the one.”

In another timeline, Spock saved the Enterprise after Khan’s attack at the cost of his life. In this timeline, Kirk saved the Enterprise after Khan’s attack at the cost of his life. Part of what tore at Spock was that his best friend’s sacrifice was perfectly logical. After all,

It’s what he would have done.