honestly though what do I need to do? do i need to make a shrine?? is that it? who do i have to sacrifice?? will she bless me if I draw her enough times because I will draw until my tablet pen dissolves,,


“The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, or the one.”

In another timeline, Spock saved the Enterprise after Khan’s attack at the cost of his life. In this timeline, Kirk saved the Enterprise after Khan’s attack at the cost of his life. Part of what tore at Spock was that his best friend’s sacrifice was perfectly logical. After all,

It’s what he would have done.

Okay, so there’s been plenty of fan speculation about Ford getting mad at Stan for getting his name on the No Fly List. 

But what if, after Ford expresses annoyance over it, Stan laughs and tells him the story of why. Tells him about how once every year Soos’s mood would take a sudden sharp turn downward. About the first time he tried to give Soos a birthday present, (well, have one sent anonymously to his house–can’t be getting a reputation for being sentimental, y’know) and how it only seemed to depress him.

And even though Stan doesn’t say so, (of course he wouldn’t say so) Ford understands completely why that got to Stan so deeply. How it could make him do something crazy and ridiculous like try and get the date removed from calendars as if that would fix everything. Not just because he knows Stan loves the big lug like a son (even if he’s reluctant to admit it) but because Ford knows how hard their shared birthday must have been on Stan. 

Because he remembers what it was like, too. Time may have been more fluid and harder to hold onto on the other side of the portal, but he did make a point of keeping whatever track he could. Every now and then he’d notice another year had passed. Another wrinkle in his forehead or a little grey in his hair. And he’d pull the old photograph out of his coat and stare at it, biting his lip till it bled or until he managed to get his mind out of the past.

And he knows what each birthday meant for Stan, on top of the memories it must have brought up. Ford had given up all hope of going home, but for Stan, each year was another year he’d failed to get him back.

So Ford doesn’t get angry about it. He just laughs at Stan’s story of being dragged off the white house lawn and says it doesn’t matter. Who needs to fly anyway, when you can sail?