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Jess had expected it to be worse, had expected anger or disappointment or sadness - any kind of reaction besides the one Daniel had shown her.  He was calm and reassuring and in that moment, it was everything she had ever needed standing in one perfectly package standing in front of her.  She felt the tears prick at the corner of her eyes, not of sadness but of joy, could feel the love and appreciation for him radiating throughout her body and knew that everything would be alright.   Without thinking, she moved forward, practically leaping at him as she wrapped her arms around him tightly, burying her head into his chest.  “Oh, I love you, Daniel Tomlinson.  Boy, do I ever….”, she murmured against him, feeling like the weight that she had been carrying on her shoulders for so long had been lifted.


I dyed my hair and cut a shitton of it off tonight and idk how I feel about it so here have some weird half-asleep pictures

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“The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, or the one.”

In another timeline, Spock saved the Enterprise after Khan’s attack at the cost of his life. In this timeline, Kirk saved the Enterprise after Khan’s attack at the cost of his life. Part of what tore at Spock was that his best friend’s sacrifice was perfectly logical. After all,

It’s what he would have done.