If I have to see ‘shoulder pat’ one more time…

I’d like to provide a helpful visual for everyone who uses that phrase for how Daryl touched Beth in Coda. Ready? Here we go:

This is a shoulder pat:

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This is not:

Characteristic of a pat, and in fact what makes it a pat, is the movement of the hand. Notice Daryl’s hand does not move. At all. 

Can we stop calling it a pat now? 

here’s the 7 seconds i have of my final animation so far…
(I’ve been working with a track-pad and mouse mostly, so forgive the shaky lines)

The works featured are by Louis Pons, and are on display right now at the Halles Saint-Pierre for the Art Brut exhibit. A lot of really amazing stuff, but these found object collage/paintings were by far my favorites.


(Where Bucky panics if he can’t find Steve next to him when he wakes up in the middle of the night.)


Well, I do believe that’s a head shot, Mrs. Woodhull.