1. The newspaper next to Louis is the Los Angeles Times and has an article named after a lyric in Back To You: “Baby, here we go again!”

2. The bedside table next to Louis when he’s packing his suitcase is home to a One Direction record for Midnight Memories.

3. An air freshener can be seen hanging from the car window featuring Louis’ LT logo and it’s also in the scent “Royal Pine.”

4. Outside the car window you can see a billboard advertising the music video. “Back To You, Official Video, Out Tomorrow.”

5. When Louis is bored on his phone waiting for his plane, he begins typing out lyrics to Back To You in the notes app.

6. The travel tag on Louis’ suitcase has Bebe Rexha’s name on it and Digital Farm Animals.

7. The departure sign has Back To You on it.

8. The departure sign announces that Louis will be going on tour next year! LT Tour 2018.

9. The car Louis gets into for his ride home has the license plate “DNC5STER” for Doncaster.

10. The radio is playing Back To You and teases that it will be released at midnight. You can hear Louis on the radio singing a few lines, but the driver then reaches over and turns it down.

Bonus: Throughout the video Louis wears a yellow sweater with the word “tomorrow” written on it to symbolize the song release tomorrow.



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Have we discussed that the LA Times at the beginning says 'Baby here; go again' and then in the car he passes a place called Legalgrind LOUIS MATE WTF ILU



Baby’s First Pattern

Victo Ngai

Here’s baby’s first pattern design recently commissioned by Hong Kong airline in celebration of their new route from Hong Kong to Vancouver. This really fun project is made up of local Hong Kong elements such as dim sum, egg puff, street noodle, tram. etc. 

Big thanks to AD MoKit for thinking of me for this project and being so amazing to work with. 

my grandma: here you go baby eat some food you need to eat

me: nah im good grandma, thank you though

my grandma:

“i said…here you go baby eat some food”

BTS Reaction of when you’re scared of a thunderstorm and don’t want to sleep alone

Anon Requested:  Hey can you do a BTS reaction of when you are scared of a thunder storm and you want to sleep with them cause you are to scared to sleep by yourself ! Please

Thank you for requesting! Sorry about the wait ♥

Jungkook: He knew the minute he heard the thunder rumble that you’d be crawling into bed with him, which was true because he heard his door open and there you were, blanket wrapped around you and a pout settled on your face. “Come here baby.” He said and you immediately came crawling into bed with him, his arm wrapping around you pulling you closer.

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Taehyung: Taehyung wasn’t much of a fan of thunderstorms either so he was more than happy when you came rushing into his room and got into bed with him. You laid on his chest hugging him tightly as he ran his hand through your hair trying to calm you down in any way he could.

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Jimin: You two had already been in bed together when the thunder started rolling in, in instinct Jimin wrapped his arm around your waist pulling you against his chest quietly shushing you from the small sounds you were making. He’d tell you everything was okay and that you were safe in his arms.

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Hoseok: Hoseok was just as scared of thunderstorms if not more than you so he immediately called for you which you heard over the loud booms from up above since you were already running to his room. You both ducked under the covers trying to block the loud sounds in any way.

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Namjoon: Namjoon would hear the thunder and a low chuckle would emit from his throat as he already heard your squeal and feet slapping against the wooden floor. You’d be rushing into his bed and hiding under the covers that you didn’t even notice his amused look.

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Yoongi: Yoongi honestly wouldn’t get why it was so scary, he heard you come into his room and he’d simply pull his blankets back as an invitation for you to come in which you gladly accepted. He was silent but you didn’t mind because just laying down beside him put you at ease.

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Jin: You’d crawl into bed with Jin and silently snuggle closer to him, he was a fairly light sleeper when it came to people being around him in bed so he groggily opened his eyes and threw and arm around you. “I’m here..” He’d yawn before falling asleep again while you just smiled at him. Even though he was asleep he gave you such comfort that you didn’t notice the thunderstorm going on.

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I’ll Find My Way Back To You// Part Four

Hi, I’m back with a new chapter. I also want to thank you guys for helping me reach one thousand followers. You have no idea how much this means to me. I love you guys with my whole heart. If you enjoy this chapter, let me know whether or not you guys want me to continue this, I would absolutely LOVE to here your thoughts on this one. 

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Part One / Part Two / Part Three

Word Count: 2.5K

 It has been two weeks since Harry spoke a word to you. Giving you excuses of being busy when he is just being passive aggressive. To be completely honest, it is getting on our nerve and you’re nearly over it. Last week was the Dunkirk premiere and he blandly ignored you, talking to everyone but you. Today is going to be your last attempt to get him to talk to you. If he decides to brush you off then…well his loss.

“Did he answer?” Louis asks you, shifting his eyes to you for a split second before look back to the road. You let out a sigh and shake your head in denial.

“I don’t get what’s the matter with him! Okay… we hid one thing from him. ONE THING! He has no right to behave his way.” You huff once again pressing the hang up button on your cell… He gets a hold of your free hand and reassures you by giving it a squeeze.

“Maybe he just feels neglected by you?… I don’t know… you know how he can get, love.” He presses a kiss to the back of your hand. You whine out and flop your head against the headrest of the car.

“But for me to understand him, he needs to talk to me! Not lash out and freak me out, like he did the other day. You weren’t there, Lou. He was red with anger.” You tell him.

“Do you think he’s jealous?” He says hesitantly. You look at him with wide eyes. You open your mouth to say something but nothing comes out. You can’t form words.

“Are you… A-Are you mental? He has a girlfriend! And he doesn’t like me that way!” You exclaim. He laughs and shakes his head, he brings the car to stop in Niall’s driveway. He gets out and walks to your side to open your door.

“I didn’t mean it that way, love. I just meant that he’s used to having you all to himself and now your attention isn’t completely on him…” He helps you out and crocks one eyebrow, “You know, apparently some guy has been taking your attention away from him.” He teases.

“Hmm.. I wonder who?” You laugh and pull him close to you by his cheeks and kiss him. He backs you against the car and deepens the kiss. Once you pull away, he looks at you with a certain amount of passion which makes you tingle.

“I’m starting to like you more and more every fucking day, Ms. Y/L/N. I’m warning you. So run before it’s too late.” He pecks your lips on more time and pulls you towards the front door.

“Well, sucks for you then. I’m not planning to go anywhere.” You stand behind him and press your lips to his shoulder blade. You wrap your arms around his torso and wait for Niall to open the door.

“Sucks for me? Honey –” You cut him off by tilting his head towards you and planting your lips on his. Just as you were about to pull back, the door beats you to it and you come face to face to the person you were least expecting to open the door.

Both, you and Louis are too caught off guard to realize that his head is still tilted towards you and your lips are still pressed against each other.  You quickly pull back and clear you throat.

“Hey, mate! You’re oddly early today. Usually the last one to arrive, aren’t ya?” Louis pats his back lightly before entering the house. He quickly goes into the living room turning back only to give you thumbs up and a flying kiss. Harry stands still in front of you, as if waiting for you to start a conversation.

“Hi, hun.” You say softly. He scoffs and shakes his head, as if you said something completely tragic.

“Keep the PDA minimal, would yeh?” He snaps and walks away. Not giving you a chance to reply. You run your hand through your curls and sigh. You enter the kitchen to get yourself a glass of water. But the moment you see who has already occupied it, you quietly try to slip out but you were never known to have the best luck.

“YN! I thought I heard you but I wasn’t sure. How are you?” she hugs you tight. You lightly pat her back and tell her you are fine, before asking her the same question.

“I’m great! Oh my gosh,  I swear you get more beautiful every time I see you.” She gushes and twirls your curl around her finger.

“Haha! Thanks, Ella. You look really beautiful too.” You smile and turn to take out a glass out of the cabinet. You watch her flush as you take a small sip from your glass. You raise one eyebrow as you observe her expression but look away the moment she looks back at you, feeling like you are seeing something you really shouldn’t.

“Is that me beautiful personal designer I ‘er?!” You hear as you watch Niall walk into the kitchen and snuggle you into his arms. You laugh and hug him back. “where the fuck have yeh been? I miss yeh!”

“I should ask you that, rockstar! Taking over the worls, aren’t you? I see you’re a busy bee now…” you retaliate.

“Well, what can I say? Everyone wants a piece of this. But m’never too busy for me pretty lady!” he pulls back, “And who was gonna tell me about Louis and yeh? I got to know about it through the bloody news!”

“Oi! Stop harassing my girlfriend, you dope.” Louis enters the kitchen with Harry trailing behind him. Louis walks up to you with a snack in his hand. He offers you a bite before literally inhaling the whole thing himself. You chuckle and look back at scene in front of you. You catch harry’s eye but he looks away so soon that you think you might have imagined it.

“Hold on…you guys are a couple?” Ella looks between the two of you. You furrow your brows before looking at Louis, he shrugs at you. Having no idea why Harry never told her. You turn back to meet her eyes.

“Yeah…umm…for a while actually. A month I think?” You nod.

“Huh.” She huffs almost too quietly and takes a small bite of her sandwich. Everyone is silent. But then Harry lets out a loud laugh.

“Didn’t you notice, El? They literally can’t keep their hands off each other. I’m surprised it took you so long to realize.” He looks at her and laughs, as if your relationship with Louis is a joke to him. That’s it. You’ve had it with him.

“What the actual fuck, Harry? What is your problem?!” You snap at him. Everyone jumps at your outburst, everyone but Harry. It was as if he expected this.

“Love-” Louis is cut off by the arrogant douche in the room.

“My problem?… Nothing. Actually, I’m not the one with the problem. If anything, I’m the truthful friend here. I don’t hide shit from my best friend.” he cockily replies.

“Fine! We hid it from you, so what?! It was just one date, Harry! Stop overreacting, and get over it, and by the way, for your information you’ve hidden multiple things from me… like I don’t know, maybe the fact that you were in a full blown relationship for like what? Two months?! But do you see me complaining and whining?!” you snap at him. He snarls at you.

“If you would’ve bothered to check in once in a while, that wouldn’t have been an issue then!”

“Are you for real right now?! Seriously?” you let out a laugh of disbelief, “I tried! But I have a life too, H. I’m not going to wait around standing next to my cell phone waiting for you to call me back, you ungrateful dick!” you snarl back at him. Never in a million years did you think you would be fighting with Harry this way. After looking around, you realize that the two of you are the only people present in the kitchen. Everyone had left you alone, you felt terrible that they had to witness all this. They don’t deserve it, especially Louis. It is unfair to him.

“Why are you doing this, YN? What are you trying to prove here?” He asks, exhausted by this ongoing argument. You run your hands down your face, and shake your head.

“I’m not trying to prove anything, H. I’m just living my life… What is the matter with you? I’ve never seen you like this! And I’m scared.” You pause and meet his gaze with a soft gaze in your own eyes. “I’m scared, Harry. Please talk to me. I feel like I’m losing you. Give me something to work with here, hun. Please…” you whisper in the end. His eyes are watery and red around the corner. He lets out a small hiccup but says nothing.

“Harry, talk to me. Are you really happy with the way things are between us? Because I’m not. I want my best friend back…” you whimper and walk up to him. His head is bowed down and his breathing is uneven. You lift your hands hesitantly at first, but none the less caress his cheeks. You tilt his face upwards so his eyes can meet yours. You give him a small smile, but the smile vanishes the minute a tear slides down his cheek and into your wrist. “Hey hey… what’s wrong, huh?” you sooth. Your soothing tone makes him whimper harder and hold onto your waist tight. He starts weeping.

“No no! You’re okay. You’re alright, yeah? Come here, baby.” You wrap your arms around his neck and let him sob into your neck. His hold on you tightens and he nuzzles deeper into your neck.

“I’m s-sorry, angel! I-I’m so s-sorry!” He choughs and apologizes, “Don’t leave me, please! I can’t do this without you. I don’t want to!” he begs and kisses you neck. Your breathing stops for a second.

“I’m not going anywhere. I’m right here.” you whisper. When you look over his shoulders, you freeze. Your eyes meet the sea blue coloured ones, the ones you’ve grown to adore. He’s leaning against the entrance door with Harry’s back to him. He gives you a small smile as his eyes follows the scene happening in front of him. You stare back at him, not knowing what to do. He signals you stay where you are, then his thumb shifts as he tilts it backwards, telling you that he’ll be out if you need him. You subtly nod and give him a grateful smile. He lifts his hand to his mouth and gives you a flying kiss, before walking away.

You gently run your hand down the broken boy’s back, in an attempt to calm him down. After a passing minute he starts trailing kisses from your collarbones to your neckline then onto your jawline, “H, come on-” he cups your cheeks and messily brushes of the hair that came with it, he sloppily and hastily trails his lips to you cheeks. You know where this is going, and you have to stop. It is hard for you, you almost don’t want to but you know you have to. You can’t do that to Louis. He trusts you with his whole heart.

So when his lips reach the corner of your lip you turn your head sideways, “YN, please…” his voice breaks as he whimpers, “I can’t do this anymore, look at me please!” he cries.

“No Harry, stop. This is not right!” you try to push him away but his hold on you is too tight, “Seriously, stop. Now.”  You whisper and push harder. He finally pulls away. He gulps and looks at you with deep melancholy.

“I’m hurting…” he shakily says, he takes a deep breath before continuing, “It hurts everywhere.”

“Why?” you stutter, nervous. No sure if you want to hear his answer.

He looks you, then back down to the floor. You have no idea what’s going in that mind of his, but little did you know that he was sympathizing himself. Feeling sorry for himself, knowing that he lost his chance. He is too late. But he had to say or else he would regret it forever. Yes, you’re with Louis now. Yes, you are very happy he can clearly see that even through all the jealousy he feels burning inside him. Louis treats you like the queen you are. He shouldn’t ruin that for you but he can’t stop now. He just can’t.

“Because I’m in love with you….” He looks back up to you, his eyes follow the shocked expression forming on your face.

“I’ve been in love with you since time I first laid eyes on you, and I know I should’ve said something but YN… I was nothing, and you… you were everything. I didn’t deserve you. When I though I did, you were already doing so well for yourself I couldn’t bring myself to distract you from it, or ruin it for you. But now I realize, I’ve been doing it all wrong for so long. I should’ve just walked up to you all those years ago and kissed you. I should’ve showed you my love for you.” He wipes the tear that falls. He looks towards the ceiling.

“But now I’m too late. I used to pray to god that I want, someone to love me till I’m blue, that I want you to love me blue…” his break in his voice, shatters your heart.

“I love you, YN. I’m so in love with you, like a debilitating and paralyzing love.”


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Having a baby with Tom Holland...

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Writer: Jess

  • Okay, so considering that it’s on some years from now, when Tom is already a little bit older and mature
  • He would freak out, of course
  • I mean, we’re talking about a baby, another human life that will need both you and him to survive
  • And you know, Tom is a dork - he already told everyone he’s an idiot and a dork
  • So he would be so scared of being a father
  • He would talk a lot to his father, asking him “please, tell me all you know”
  • All the secrets, tips, things Tom should know, things he should do it, etc
  • In the middle of everything, RDJ would appear as a friend too, of course
  • He has a teenager son, so he’s been there before (you know, with this whole thing of being dad and famous)
  • Tom would watch a lot of videos, half of them about how to take care of a baby
  • The other half would just be videos of fathers playing with their children
  • Which would make him laugh his ass off
  • But I think that, once the baby is here, he would be such a cute and nice dad
  • He wouldn’t want to be away from the baby, so basically the only time you get to hold your child will be when you need to feed her/him
  • And to change diapers because that’s something Tom will refuse to do it in the first three months
  • He can totally handle the baby while he/she is crying, sleeping, etc
  • Even when they end up throwing up a little bit after eating a lot
  • But diapers? No, that’s his worst nightmare
  • And there would be a little bit of fighting between you two because Tom has to learn how to deal with the fact that he’s a father and with his career
  • So sometimes he would be a little bit of an asshole, getting home and not actually helping you to take care of the baby
  • Saying that he was too tired when you confront him about it
  • But then he would apologize to you because he really loves his child and he knew things would be that hard, so yeah
  • Tom is the kind of father that does everything he can to make his baby laugh
  • Including let them pull his hair
  • Also, don’t be surprise if at some point you walk into the room and find your baby with a Spider-Man mask on his face
  • Or the whole costume tbh
  • Tom is also super jealous about the baby, so he doesn’t like anyone pinching their cheeks or hugging them a lot
  • Not if they’re not from his family (or yours, of course)
  • Sleeping with your baby between you and Tom is something that would happen a lot
  • Btw, you should know that your baby will be showered with gifts, not only from both of the families, but also from the MCU cast
  • Especially Robert, Marisa and Benedict
  • And overall, things would just be natural, you know?
  • Like it was meant to be, you having a baby with Tom
Taken PT 6 (Ethan Dolan Fanfic)

A/N: Sorry I wasn’t too active yesterday and Monday, I was busy all day both days ❤ I hope this part makes up for it! @dangly-feather-earring-dolan is an angel for helping me!! Btw I’m so sorry this is so short babes!

Warnings: Smutty smut

Your POV


I do as I’m told and I strip down to nothing, Ethan hands me the lingerie and head to the bathroom to change, he grabs my hand to stop me.

“Change here baby” he gives me his killer smirk but place my hands on his chest and push him on the bed. I gently place my lips on his, just as the kiss start to get heated I pull away, leaving him speechless.

“I want to surprise you E.” I give him the most seductive tone I can and I waltz over to the bathroom and I change into the lacy black bra and panties, I roll the stockings on and check my reflection, I smile at myself and how hot I look. I open the door and there sits an excited Ethan, hungrily eyeing me down. He stands up and slowing walks over to me, examining every inch of my body with his hazel eyes. He places his hands on my hips and rubs this thumb over the lace that gently laid against my skin. He pulls me closer and lays kisses on my neck, this feels different from the sex we had this morning, it feels meaningful, passionate and we haven’t even went all the way. He takes off my bra and starts to pay attention to my breasts, he kisses my nipples and sucks, nibbles and toys with then until he grows tired of it and switches his attention to the rest of my body.

“Get on the bed princess.” His tone is low but it’s not threatening or dangerous. I lay myself on the bed and he kisses and sucks on the skin between the valley of my breasts, he does this all the way down my stomach to the waist band of the panties. He pulls the panties down connecting his eye contact with mine. He spreads my legs and kisses the inside of both of my thighs. I whine, wishing he was kissing my clit instead.

“Be patient babygirl, I’ll get there.” He smirks and leans up to kiss my lips, as he does this his thumb lands on my clit and he begins to rub slow circles. I moan into our kiss and he pulls away.

“You like that? Tell daddy how much you like it princess.” He bites his lip and watches me whine under him.

“I love it daddy! More please, daddy?” He rubs faster, moans falling out of my lips as I arch my back.

“Which do you want baby, Daddy’s mouth, fingers or dick?” I moan loudly at his sentence, his dirty talk could have made me cum right then and there.

“Your dick please Daddy, please!” He nods and unbuckles his belt and pulls off both his boxers and pants. He positions himself at my entrance and thrusts into me, letting me adjust to his size. Once I adjust he starts to give me all he has, his thrust get faster and deeper, hitting my g-spot with every thrust. I moan over and over again, unable to comprehend the amount of pleasure I was receiving from him. Ethan’s thumb moves to rub my clit again and I soon feel my orgasm approach. My nails dig into his back, probably leaving bright red marks that he will see tomorrow. I let out one final moan and cum all over his dick, he comes not long after and falls beside me after we ride out our highs.

Ethan wraps his arm around me and presses me to his body, I lay my head on his chest and he starts to play with my hair which almost instantly sends me to sleep.

“Y/N get up we have to start your training!” I wake up not only to Ethan groaning and hitting his overly excited brother but to Grayson shaking me wildly. I throw the covers over my head and Ethan follows, kissing my nose under the blanket. I giggle and then groan, feeling a large object get thrown on top of us.

“Get up lazy asses!” Grayson had flung himself onto us and was now trying to push us off the bed.

“Grayson give us like fucking 5 minutes to actually get up first, please bro.” Grayson nods and gets up, walking out of Ethan’s room. I sigh and lay my head back onto my pillow but frown when I feel beside me, Ethan wasn’t there.

“Get up babe, if we don’t Gray will just come back in.” He slaps my butt and throws on some boxers and basketball shorts. I groan and stretch before being lifted out of bed, my legs wrap around Ethan’s waist and he sweetly kisses me, placing me on my feet on the floor. I change into some of my new shorts that Ethan had retrieved for me since I was currently naked due to last night’s ‘activities’. I put on my sports bra and make my way downstairs into the kitchen. Grayson shows me to their indoor gym, Ethan had already went in. The gym walls were red with a large mirror on the opposite wall of the door.

They were almost done teaching me the basics when Grayson had gotten a call, he side he had a job to do and disappeared from the gym. Ethan looked to me with a nervous expression which causes me to become anxious.

“Shit, I shouldn’t even be saying this…” He mumbled to himself, slowly walking towards me, taking my hands in his.

“Y/N..I’m having feelings for you that I shouldn’t have, and that I’ve never had..I- I think I love you Y/N. I know it’s only been a few days but the moment I laid my eyes on you, I knew I was in trouble.” I was stunned, my jaw was dropped and I looked like a complete idiot.

“I love you too Ethan.” I did, he was so gentle and loving towards me, he truely cared about me, for fuck sake he got jealous of his brother yesterday because he thought Grayson went lingerie shopping with me! Ethan’s lips attaching to mine pulled me from my thoughts and his hands rested on my waist, pulling me forward, but as he did this, someone cleared their throat. Ethan looked up and his expression hardened.

“Aw, Dolan don’t give me that look, if I were you I would be nice, I could tell the boss.”

Baby's Here (Sam x Reader)

Title: Baby’s Here

Pairing: Sam Winchester x Reader

Warnings: Language.. it’s fluffy at the end i swear

Summary: Reader is in labor and kidnapped by a demon.


Originally posted by thatfunnyweirdindiechick

“What the hell do you mean you can’t find them?!” Sam yelled angrily.

It’s been a few hours since you’ve been taking and the clock was ticking. He knew it was only a matter of time before you gave birth.

“I can’t locate her,” Castiel told the angered hunter calmly. “She has the same Enochian sigils carved into her ribs to prevent being found by angels..”

Dean watched worriedly as his brother paced, recalling the information. Sam was falling apart and he knew it.

He needed to stay clear minded.

But it proved to be difficult knowing that your life and his niece’s life were hanging in the balance.

“Sam, we’ll find them.” Dean tried telling his brother reassuringly but it obviously didn’t work.

They needed a plan, and now.

You groaned in pain, feeling another contraction. They had just started about an hour ago.

And although they were still too far apart, it was still scaring the crap out of you.

You were chained to a bed in an abandoned warehouse. Not exactly the place you imagined you’d give birth to your daughter.

“How far apart are they?” The demon asked, suddenly appearing beside you.

“My last one was about 18 minutes ago.” You answered coldly.

You knew that it would be a waste of time to not answer her questions. You didn’t want to risk her hurting you or the baby.

“How does it feel to be giving birth to Lucifer’s next vessel?” The demon grinned maliciously, looking down at you.

“Lucifer will never get near her,” You spat angrily at the demon, your hands resting protectively on your stomach.

Not letting her respond, you continued. “Why don’t you go get me something to eat? Since you rudely ruined my breakfast.”

The demon didn’t say anything before disappearing. That’s when you moved quickly.

You brought your hands up to your ears, taking out on of the earrings in your ears.

You unlocked one of the chains on reached out, grabbing your phone which laid a few feet from you.

Your heart pounded harshly against your chest as you realized you only had one bar. It was worth a shot.

“Y/N?” Sam answered breathlessly.

You refused to get emotional, knowing you had to be quick.

“Hey baby,” You said softly into the phone.

“I didn’t even know you had your phone.” He stuttered into the phone, hearing shuffling on the other end.

“I don’t have much time. But I’m somewhere in Texas—” You were cut off when the phone was ripped away from you.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” The demon hissed, throwing the phone against a wall.

It broke in an instant.

She grabbed you by the hair, dragging you back to the bed. She put the other chain on, putting the food onto your lap.

“Eat.” She ordered.

And you did as told. There was absolutely no need to argue.

The hours went by, your contractions got worse and they got closer. Five minutes apart to be exact.

“Fuck,” You groaned loudly, feeling another contraction pass by.

You were absolutely uncomfortable. Your hips and back burned with discomfort. And there was nothing that you could do about it.

There was no epidural. No hospital. Nothing.

“I’m never having sex again.” You muttered to yourself as the contraction passed.

“Oh honey, that’s a lie.” The demon laughed, suddenly appearing by your side. “You and Sam are like rabbits, always going at it.”

“Could you please shut up? Your voice is so irritating.” You snapped back, feeling your anger get the best of you.

The demon glared at you and continued talking. “How far apart are they now?”

“Every 5 min— Oh fuck!” You were cut off by another intense pain.

“Oh goody,” She cheered, clapping her hands excitedly. “And look who’s still not here, your baby daddy.”

“He will be, you black-eyed bitch,” You sneered lowly, gasping slightly from the pain.

“Mmh, I think not.” She hummed, walking away from you.

A few more hours seemed to pass. Your contractions only getting more intense and closer together.

Suddenly a hand covered your mouth, making you jump. Though you felt relief wash over you when you noticed it was Dean.

“How’d you get in?” You asked softly, ignoring the sudden nausea you were feeling.

“I have my ways, sweetheart.” He smirked lightly. “How’re you feeling?”

“Like this is never ending,” You admitted quietly. You groaned at the increased pressure on your pelvis, turning to the side lightly.

“How much longer before you’re pushing?” Dean asked worriedly, touching your sweaty forehead.

He had absolutely no clue on what he could do to help you.

“I don’t know.” You gasped in pain, another contraction coming through.

“You’re not suppose to be in here,” A voice called out. Dean flew across the room, hitting a wall harshly.

“Y/N!” Your boyfriend’s voice called out, not a second later, he too was slammed against a wall.

You tried not to panic, focusing on your breathing. You had to focus on giving birth to your child and just pray that her father or uncle don’t get killed in the process.

“I leave for two seconds and you two idiots show up.” The demon bellowed angrily. “You can never trust these low class demons.”

“You forgot about me,” Castiel announced his or killing the demon instantly.

“Is it me or did that feel too easy?” Dean groaned, getting off the ground.

“Can we worry about that later? This baby is coming here and now.” You stressed loudly, feeling the urge to start pushing.

“Dean, call 911.” Sam urged his brother, running to your side immediately.

“No, no,” You grunted, gripping Sam’s hand tightly. “Too many questions. Hospital later.”

You breathed in quickly as you pushed once, screaming at the intensity of the pain.

You could hear Sam talking to Dean and Cas, most likely telling them to do stuff.

Dean switched places with Sam, his face contorting in pain as you gripped onto his hand. Sam went to stand between your legs, probably having some clue on what to do. And Cas stood watch, to make made sure no other demons would appear.

The pushing seemed to go on for eternity but she was finally here.

“Hey,” You whispered softly, tears filling your eyes as Sam handed her to you.

She was wrapped with one of Dean’s flannel, soft brown hair on the top of her head.

“Oh I’m so glad you’re okay, baby girl.” You cooed to your daughter, her small hand latching onto your finger.

“What’s her name?” Dean asked quietly beside you, smiling at the interaction between you two.

“Marie,” You and Sam answered almost together.

Sam placed a gentle kiss on the top of your head and then repeated the action on his daughter.

“We should probably get you to the hospital.” Sam told you, and you nodded agreement.

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And finally… Andrea Summers and Chloe Matthews’ Maybe Babies!

Here’s a little surprise for the winning two because I got curious :) Andrea and Chloe had a son, Jesse Matthews, and a daughter, Deanna Summers. All the credit for their genetics goes to @asimlishpixel and @stephaniesim

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it always comes as a surprise how effective now-superseded technologies are, like, there used to be a minifridge up here that was Baby Sister’s, and then she took it with her when she moved out and now if i want to take a beer upstairs with me i have to take other steps to keep it cold until i drink it, and anyway this is a long way of saying that wow, surrounding a thing in ice really does, in fact, keep it solidly cold and even effectively chill a thing that wasn’t cold before! now if only somebody remembers little house on the prairie &c and can tell me where salt comes in, i think it had something to do with making ice cream but i can’t summon up all the details…

"I can't believe you're making me watch it again!" & "I'm reading what they say about you on tumblr." - Seth Rollins

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“Baby, come here!” Seth was sitting in front of the TV as he called me over.

When I walked there from our bedroom, he welcomed me with open arms. My mood sank because he was watching something and had it on ‘pause’.

I let him pull me into a hug and settle myself next to him, draping my legs over his lap and he was holding them firmly. There was no escape, I thought to myself.

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nathalieemmanuel: San Diaaarrrgo… As we know was discovered by Germans in 1904… I’m here baby!!! *Gets out jazz flute* #ronburgundy #awhalesvagina #saintdiego #sorryihadto #anchorman #lols #ComicConSanDiego