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Shoot immediately after sending that last ask: also how does Isi text with metal thumbs. Is his phone screen all scratched up

This is actually a very important point, and I’m really happy you asked!

Prior to Armored Soul’s start, Rosalind has decided to make a bunch of renovations to the von Brandt family castle. Adding touch screens and new magical devices in a lot of places, updating heating/air conditioning systems, stuff like that. And a lot of it works based on biometrics - a room will adjust its temperature based on how the person inside feels, for example. Some things only work with a touch.

So once Isidor dies and comes back as his armor, he can’t use any of these new systems, since he doesn’t have any biometrics to analyze. He can’t use touchscreens because those need human fingers. Thus he can only navigate so far into the castle before he literally can’t go any farther and needs someone else to help him.

This makes Rosalind feel quite guilty, since she was the one who wanted the castle updated in the first place. And it causes quite a bit of frustration on Isidor’s part. Eventually he layers some Spells on his gauntlets which simulate human touch, but he still can’t operate anything that needs a specific finger- or retinal print.

His phone screen is all kinds of scratched up.

Emoji review: Moon Emoji

Apple: this is a mischievous moon. She wants to cause some trouble. Delightful impish smile. A good start. 9/10

I don’t like this. I don’t like this at all. This looks like one of those Lenny faces copy pasted onto some Swiss cheese. Bad moon but not horrible 5/10

Microsoft’s simplistic style isn’t working here. This is no moon. This is a strangely patterned electric socket. 2/10 could be worse

Oh dear. This isn’t the moon at all! This is a horrible child! 2/10 could still be so much worse

I don’t hate it! 7/10

This is so horrible. I feel so angry when I see it. This moon feels nothing, only anger. 2/10

Kind. Wholesome. Three-dimensional. Refreshing! She’s so good. I want her in the sky. 10/10

What the FUCK is this



This is so good! A calm and peaceful girl. So refreshing. 12/10

Noctis laughing
Final Fantasy XV
Noctis laughing

Noctis: *laughing* Oh man. That’s hilarious!  an adorable laugh  (ᗒᗨᗕ)

Ignis: This is no laughing matter.  (  3`д3´)