@geneticistlarrie and @oceansail15 tagged me to do this, and i’m not sure if i’ve had enough caffeine, so here goes! Enter your answers and then tag ten people! Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following questions. They have to be real… Nothing made up! If the person before you has the same initial, you must come up with different answers. You cannot use any word twice. 

What is your name: Lucy
A four letter word: Love
A boys name: Louis
A girls name: Leona
An occupation: Landscape Gardener
Something you wear: Leggings
A color: Lilac
A food: Lasagne
Something you find in a bathroom: Lights (IDK that was hard)
A Place: London
A reason for being late: 
Something you shout: ‘’Look, a kitten!”
Something you drink: Lemonade
A music group/band: Little Mix
An animal: Leopard
A type of car: Lexus
Title of a song: Love will tear us apart

I’m too sleepy for this, so anyone that fancies doing this, treat this as me tagging you and go for it!

Her Skeleton Will Lie In The Chamber Forever…


It’s dark, it’s delicious. It’s poetry set to the sinking of the Titanic, from the opening twang of the guitar to the frenetic explosion of drums during the solo. Alex’s breaths between syllables perfectly balances the chilling melody; he begins with hearsay and unravels his thoughts like a Chinese whisper. The guitars play catchup, the bass shadows the eerie mood and the organs mourn in the background: it’s both funereal and sugary, and there’s not a note or a letter of any of the lyrics that I’d change. It’s pure perfection.”

Description of “Dance Little Liar” by Mark White // Alex @ Capital FM Arena Nottingham, 28.10.2011


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y’all asking me who my fav Persona 3 character is like you don’t know the answer already bonus close up because hey why not

also real talk wtf is with the Kirijo Group asking a bunch of teenagers to repeatedly risk their lives and not paying them jack shit I mean

listen i have seen exactly 2 episodes of voltron, i know nothing. BUT i cant stop thinking about this:

allura said that the lions choose their pilots - and then in the very next breath she assigns the rest of the team their lions. that doesn’t may any sense. unless. the only one who was chosen was lance. the blue lion chooses lance, without any outside influence, before allura is even awake.

the lions are attached to allura’s life force - so i think it was this thing, this known thing, that the lion chooses their pilot. but it never happened. the royal family tied their life force to the lions, generation after generation, and assigned their best warriors to lions. and the lions let them, because they were meant to be used. coran asks allura if she’s sure about this, and she says that they’re all they have. and i think this is true to an extent - but i’m sure allura and coran could have piloted the lions if it truly didn’t matter. but it had to be this group, because she had to choose pilots that lance could grow to trust and love. because lance was the only one she couldn’t replace.

so the lions protected and loved and worked with the pilots the royal family chose for them - but there were not their chosen pilots.

then, for whatever reason, the blue lion chooses lance. lance is the first chosen pilot in who knows how long, before the time of allura’s great granparents. and allura is still connected to the blue lion - but it doesn’t belong to her any more, not like the others do. it belongs to lance. and lance gets caught up in the competition, in the fighting, but the thing is - if he would just stop showboating for a moment, he would realize. he has the strongest connection with his lion than any of them, they share a soul.

that’s what being a pilot really means. the lions are metal and machine, but they’re something else too. they have limited sentience on their own, and they get strong and smarter when they have a pilot. but a true pilot, a pilot that a lion chooses isn’t just working with their lion. it becomes their lion in way, because they share a soul, the lion becomes almost human and their pilot becomes something more than human.

and now lance is just a kid, an over confident, big hearted brat. but he will grow, and when he grows into the man that the blue lion saw in him - he will be a terrifying thing.

and a lonely one. he’ll be the only one, and his bond will be the same but different and impossible to explain. not that he’ll ever try, because he’s never going to tell the team that he’s something different, that this was always going to be his path in life - but they ended up here through chance and luck. he loves them and he needs them and he may be an arrogant brat - but he never wants to hurt anyone.

Things that probably Bitty has had to edit off his videos part 2.

“I don’t know, I just miss some things about last year. I even miss having to edit Shitty walking around the Haus naked off my videos” “you won’t have to miss it anymore” “oh my god what are you doi– when did you have time to take all your clothes off”. 

 -“Ransom I DON’T CARE if the girl didn’t want to fuck in a high place you don’t bang someone in your ROOMMATE’S bed.” 

 -“Guuuuys stop arguing!” 

 -“So you guys played with Jack Zimmermann?” “Jack? No. Do we know any Jack, Ransom?” “I don’t think so, wait.” [yelling outside Bitty’s room] “BITS, DO WE KNOW ANY JACK?” 

 -“Bits, Jack is coming to visit, fast, hide the stuffed bunny! You know, the one you think that we don’t know about.” 

 -“I have a message– why is Shitty asking me for pies and death?” 

 -Hours of footage of his empty room because he left so he could check on a pie and it was going to be just a minute, really, but Chowder wanted to ask him about something and Ransom and Holster were playing a game and– 


-Who has left and right socks who is so organized to do that.

 -“I am not touching you” “You are!” “This doesn’t count as touching” “Stop touching me!” 

 -“So Providence’s game just finished! It was–” “LOOK AT THAT BEAUTIFUL MOTHERFUCKER AND THAT FUCKING BEAUTIFUL GOAL” “–great. And Shitty came here to watch it. Mhm. Obviously. 

 -“Today we met some of Lardo’s artsy friends! They were really nice even if–” “YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO HOOK UP WITH ANY OF THEM BITTY” “–we are really different I am sorry I am closing my door so I can work.” 

 -“So today I met a really nice guy in one of my classes and–” “YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO HOOK UP WITH HIM EITHER YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE KISSING JACK” “I am talking to someone, let me work!” 

 -[Jack trying to surprise Bitty, waiting at his door] “YOU MOTHERFUCKING BEAUTY–” [Shitty and Jack fighting on the floor] “… hi guys” 

- “I am in Providence spending a few days with the team at Jack’s! So if you see a background change or a lack of noise, it may be–” “JACK HOW CAN YOU NOT KNOW THE NAME OF ANY JUSTIN BIEBER SONGS WHAT’S YOUR PROBLEM” “… I guess that means that there’s not going to be a lack of noise” 

-"Look I love Lardo to death and I am going to miss her when she leaves and–” “WE THOUGHT THAT YOU LOVED US, BITS. I AM HURT” “Stop doing this!" 

-"Bitty I don’t know how to tie this and I am sorry for interrupting you but you told me that I shouldn’t put my Shark’s hoodie on for this and–" 

-Is that a flying pillow. Who threw that. Why– he doesn’t even want to know.


anonymous asked:

Oh really, what were some of your faves?

Hey Anon! I’m gonna assume you’re talking about this post about Critical Role Modern AUs and go on a mini rant about my faves… Buckle in, ‘cuz here we go!

((Disclaimer: After the first one these are in no particular order. I love them all.)

My current favorite is AFK: a critrole MMO AUby Shippeh ( @shippeh ), which is basically everyone playing a fantasy MMO together as a guild, which Percy is late to the party for but he brings the DPS and wealth and it’s absolutely lovely. Based on the title and summary I was expecting largely chat conversations, but that changes quickly, and the gang even comes together for a Comic Con adventure after a little while, meeting each other irl! ^_^ It’s got hints of angst so far, so much Vax and Vex (faves), and also a slow-burn Perc’ahlia (also fave) that just reared it’s beautiful head in this most recent chapter. Would definitely recommend! 

Next up would have to be Shut Up and Take My Moneyby Attlia ( @attilarrific ), an AU where Vox Machina are basically criminals who hide their suspect activity with day jobs as the owners of a coffee shop. …Except it’s actually a pretty popular coffee shop and when Vex needs help running it she finds Jarett and employs him on the spot. I won’t spoil more of the fic, but it’s a really sweet Vex’ahlia/Jarett fic, complete with fluff, whump, and crazy-ass cappuccino machines, courtesy of Percy. 

These are followed by a gorgeous collection, Life is No Cabaret, by AngelWithAStory ( @queenmoggy ), which is a series of shorter snapshots featuring LGBTQA+ Vox Machina (not Polymachina, but covers quite a bit of the rainbow spectrum). There’s a whole Briarwoods arc, Pike whump, with her death reimagined in a modern setting, and even a beach episode! (yes, there are happy chapters). It’s currently got 18 chapters, but a new one comes along every so often. 

Right on the heels of that is Neighbors, by BBCotaku ( @bbcotaku ), in which the twins move into an apartment complex land-lorded by a blind Matthew Mercer, a concept I had never considered before reading the fic, but that I have come to thoroughly enjoy. ^_^ It’s more of a cohesive fic than Cabaret above, and features a Percy who makes things explode, Kash and Zahra as tattoo artists, and amusing prank shenanigans in the most recent chapter. Very fun! 

And then there’s Advanced Book (And Heart) Stealing, also by Attila, which features Drake, Allura, and Kima in Grad School all working on their theses - Drake is best friend, Allura and Kima are stressed and also totally in love, and it’s less than 3,000 words, so you have no excuse not to read. 

Then last, but certainly not least is the series do you still believe in love i wonder, by mischief7manager. It’s a set of modern AU oneshots set in the same universe, but no particular order, featuring more Perc’ahlia, Vaxleth that morphs into Vaxlethore (Gileth’ildan? Vaxilmoreleth? one of those…), and Percy/Keyleth friendship (something I’m ridiculously weak for). It’s a wonderful collection that’s currently got six parts, potentially more in the future, and is one I’m happy to recommend! 

That’s most of my favorites, plus here’s a few honorable mentions: 

Warm Enough, by cinderfell ( @cassiederolo ) for the Perc’ahlia Festival of Happiness as a gift to me - features Perc’ahlia getting locked out in the snow, is very fluffy ^_^

so full of shapes is fancy, also by mischief7manager, a sweet Shakespeare performance AU of the Twelfth Night, which is also Perc’ahlia (i’m weak). It’s very cute, and there is fluff.

The Turnabout Role, by lightinthedarkness, which is a nice, mildly angsty, Perc’ildan fic with Ace Attorney AU elements (Ace Attorney is a trial game where they shout “Objection!” a lot and miraculously solve the case at the last minute in the courtroom). I only just found this as I went back through the entire Critical Role (Web Series) tag on AO3, and it’s long but it moves quickly. It also had whump, but ends happy, so ^_^ 

Yeah, that’s all I could think of off the top of my head (but there are more - lots more - go read them), so thanks Anon for asking!