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i. crazy for you / adele · ii. all you never say / birdy · iii. hardest of hearts / florence + the machine · iv. angel with a shotgun / the cab · v. soldier / the backstreet boys · vi. stay awake / london grammar · vii. personal soldier / the wanted · viii. back to life / lawson · ix. i’m yours / the script · x. first time / lighthouse

anonymous asked:

With this many people hating on the book/tour I'm afraid for what the live show comments are going to be like

I really hope Dan and Phil don’t feel disheartened right now. The sheer effort they’ve definitely put into all of this has been so harshly glossed over by certain people claiming that they’re ‘sell outs’ and ‘in it for the money.’ 

If you look at Phil’s brothers Twitter (@mookentooken), you’ll see how fans have been asking him about all of it and he’s mentioned the fact that they’ve both had very long nights sorting this whole thing out and they’ve worked super hard and then I come on here and there are people who have the audacity to shame them for doing such a wonderful thing?

I want to see, on Sunday, them looking excited and pleased and happy with our reactions. I want to see them feel like all this hard work and effort they’ve put in has been 100% worth it. I want Phil rambling on in the adorable way he does and Dan being like ‘holy shit this is my life’ and I want huge smiles from them both - because they are two of the most brilliant, hardworking youtubers around - consistently doing wonderful things solely for the benefit of us.

There have been some shitty, shitty people on here who have honestly disgusted me by how downright rude they’ve been about this. 

I’m not saying it’s a necessity to agree with everything D&P do, but at least have the decency to respect their decisions.

I’m over the moon for both of them, and I can’t wait to watch them become, no doubt, bestsellers and sell-out this tour and go from strength to strength.

I hope people in the live show show support and love. If you have nothing nice to say about the book/tour, then don’t bother watching the show - that’s my advice to people who don’t like it.

The Last Night (Everybody Wants Somebody)

continuation of x and x

based on this gem x

the soulmates au;

a young man is a pulled pin looking for a grenade
a young woman will drive you places you never meant to go
but epiphany is such a cliche
there’s plenty of fish in the wrong sea
like there’s a premium on mystery again

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