New dad Luke would include:
  • when the doctor calls out the joyous words “it’s a girl!” luke cries and pecks your lips repeatedly
  • mouthing an ‘I love you’ when he holds his child for the first time
  • taking off his shirt to have skin to skin contact with the baby, making the young nurses swoon
  • seeing that baby girl hemmings has big blue eyes and blonde tufts of hair and almost crying again
  • messaging the other boys to let them know his daughter is here
    • ‘hehe luke’s a /daddy/ lmao’ - michael
    • ‘poor kid, she looks just like you’ - calum
    • ‘aw congratulations dude hope you don’t fuck up’ - ashton
  • instead of driving really slow, he speeds off and goes home as fast as he can without getting into a car accident or getting a ticket
  • spending the first day home cuddled up in bed with baby girl hemmings in between the two of you
  • whispering “she’s so smol” while playing with her toes
  • having a quiet first night home with the baby
  • watching you breastfeed, which makes you really uncomfortable
  • “your boobs are huge how did I not notice that before”
  • loving your post-baby body
  • taking a picture just when the baby smiles her first smile, which is identical to his
  • blowing raspberries on her tummy to make her smile again
  • hating the diaper changes
  • hating getting up early
  • hating being puked on
  • loving the three listed above when his baby is laying on his chest sleeping peacefully
  • luke being your daughter’s very own update account when you’re out with friends for the day
  • texting you “we’re having tummy time!” and attaching a picture of the two of them on the baby's playmat
  • laughing when the baby tries solid foods for the first time, finding out she hates apple sauce but loves Vegemite
  • “our child is the real mvp”
  • “that’s daddy’s lip ring and it hurts when you pull-ow!”
  • watching Disney movies in bed all day long with luke in his boxers, you in an oversized t-shirt of his and panties and the baby in a diaper
  • being absolutely fucking scared for the day that baby girl hemmings starts to crawl
  • when the day arrives luke baby proofs every. single. thing.
  • “luke is a camera in her room really necessary?”
  • not leaving your side for the first year of baby hemmings’ life
  • yelling “oh my god Y/N get her away from those goats” when at the petting zoo
  • him getting emotional when your daughter starts to walk because my baby’s growing up will you stop already baby girl
  • crying when her first word is 'love’
  • after a few weeks she’s able to say 'love daddy’ and 'love mummy’ and luke cries for the umpteenth time
  • after the first year of baby girl hemmings’ life he realizes you and him aren’t screwing things up and he’s quite proud of that

Expectant dad Luke

Expectant dad Michael / New dad Michael

Expectant dad Calum / New dad Calum

Expectant dad Ashton

There are forget-me-nots planted inside of
my mouth,
and I promise to kiss you so hard,
you’ll have no choice but to take their advice.
I have been swallowing down dandelion seeds in the hopes
that one day I’ll breathe them back into something
wishful enough for you to come here and find me again.
And maybe we’ll both finally learn how to stop
speaking train station,
how to stop whispering anything that sounds like
rattling tracks leading away
and feet stretched out to empty seats
so no one has the chance to get too close.
Maybe we’ll make our own language and name it
after the poems we weren’t brave enough to write
that summer underneath the crying moon.
We should stop writing to the dead so much.
We should stop blaming the lightning
for setting us on fire when we spent our entire lives
singing love songs to the sky,
letting it blush so hard, everything turned into flames.
We aren’t refugees anymore
we need to learn when to stop chasing
freedom after it’s already tapped us on the back.
And I know your feet are hungry,
And I know your skin is starved,
but please come back and remember
how I never let you fall asleep on an empty stomach.
Please come back
and let us both hold each other until we
tremble into something that will last longer
than it takes for you to read this.
—  Y.Z, You always said you would find your way back to me

how does one draw snow in SAI again…

anyhow, here’s a fanart for @pemprika‘s werewolf!yuu AU! >w< i haven’t done any proper colouring in a while so this was sort of a challenge for me as well TwT

i hope you like this!~ ;v;


With You (Part ¼)
In which Emma and Killian are forced to stay in the Enchanted Forest in the past.

Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

It only hits her late that first night when she’s lying alone in the (too large) bed at the inn they’d found.  (He’d taken the floor) (I’m always a gentleman) She’s stuck here. She’s stuck here and she’ll never see Henry again, never hear him laugh or cry or grow up to be the kind of man she’d be proud of. She’d never hug her parents again, never get to call them Mom and Dad (how she wishes she could have given them that little gift before she had left), never see her mother smile, never feel her father’s hand stroking her hair when he held her (warm and safe and home) and she can’t breathe. Her eyes burn, her stomach feels like there is a weight in it that threatens to drown her and the room is so cold. She sits up as quietly as she can but she can’t control the large shaky breath she takes or the choked sob that slips past. 

“Swan?”, his voice is low and thick with sleep.

A beat.

“Emma, love, are you alright?” 

She hears him standing up, feels the bed dip beside her and then suddenly his arms surround her (oh darling) and she clings to him, her solid anchor in this threatening ocean. He holds her through the tears, and the shudders that wrack her body afterwards, never letting go, never loosening his grip, letting her know that he was here and he was real.

Later, when she’s drifting off to an exhausted sleep with his warmth curled around her (stay, please), she realises that she isn’t alone in this.

She grips the arm around her tighter.

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A Crueler Kindness, Part I

TITLE: A Crueler Kindness

CHAPTER NUMBER: ½ (Twoshot.)

RATING: M, sexual content.

GENRE(S): Reylo; angst, UST, sexual tension, hurt/eventual comfort.

WORDS: 2,550

PROMPT: Anonymous asked: Hi! Are you still taking prompts? I’d like to read a fic where Rey deals with Kylo’s touch starvation (please, make me cry hard.)

SUMMARY: Rey is not suited for interrogation. 

NOTES/WARNINGS: Written as a prompt fill for an anon. I was going to leave it here, but after some thought, I will be writing a second part hopefully tomorrow/Friday. Maybe resolve some of that UST. Please let me know what you think! I hope you enjoy. (And thanks for the help, @southsidestory​!)

“I won’t do it again.”

General Organa nodded her head solemnly as Rey stalked from the interrogation room. Rey sagged against the far wall of the hallway, letting out a long sigh that carried her body all the way down to flop heavily on the floor.

“I understand. I don’t… I want there to be a better way, too,” the General sighed, looking like she would also like to slide to a heap on the floor.  

Rey’s head fell back against the duracrete wall with a dull thud, and she waggled her bottom jaw, trying to loosen the tension there. It had only been 20 minutes, according to the clock on the opposite wall, but her time in that room with him always felt like hours, days.

“Did you get… Anything?” General Organa’s usually firm voice quavered a little, as if uncertain she wanted to hear the answer.

Rey shook her head. “Nothing.”

Organa nodded again. “I understand if you find the whole thing distasteful. After what he did to you.”

Distasteful. That was a word for it, perhaps. To Rey, it felt wrong. Trying to worm her way into a place that wasn’t meant for her. No matter what he had done to her–she couldn’t do it back. It turned her stomach to try to penetrate the last boundary a desperate human body had left: their own mind. And though they wanted, no, needed, Supreme Leader Snoke’s location, attempting to pluck it from Kylo Ren’s aberrant brain was a task Rey truly wished hadn’t been given her by the Resistance after his capture.

“We could… There are other ways,” General Organa muttered.

Rey looked up with startled eyes to the General. Her mouth was pressed into a thin line, and Rey knew what she was thinking.

“No!” Rey dismissed the idea with a grimace. “We’re better than that. And you shouldn’t have to do something like that to your own son.”

Though I don’t know if he would pay you the same courtesy, Rey added silently. “I’ll try again. Just… talking to him. He might not know how to react to simple conversation.” She knew that she was reaching, but she would say anything to keep that final option of torturing the location from the wretch that used to be Ben Solo from being their only option.

“You are good, Rey,” General Organa said after a moment. “You are good to me.”

Rey stood. “Don’t say that just yet.”

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His Theme [Undertale]
  • His Theme [Undertale]
  • gale inuxasha

an attempt at a request from @asgoatre! i sang in my lower register rather than the higher, hopefully it sounds like an asriel

this will be part of the undertale fan song album i’m working on!


youtube link

lyrics by @eleanorose123 and touched up by me

music by SevenUp

album art by godzillagiroflex

undertale by toby fox

lyrics (under the cut):

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Hi everybody! I’m here again with a new sketches about…well.. .do you want to guess? XD

Finally I watched the movie…..I’m still crying….ç__ç and it’s so different from the first that I can’t make a comparison! I love it so much and that’s it….

But in a different way…I think more adult… I don’t know how explain my feeling. But well…I love it because our beloved characters have grown up and they are more more fascinating! ^^

Hope you like these sketches…I want more time to redrawing all the artbook! (yep it’s a re-drawing…but sometimes I need to study again and again and again ^^)

Undead Pilgrimage, part II.

The first encounter with the Asylum Demon! 

Finally another Dark Souls drawing/illustration thing! This was hard to do for 3 reasons:

- First, I still suck at drawing characters and creatures.
- Second, I still suck at lines in general.

These first 2 reasons don’t bother me much since the main purpose of this series is to have fun and improve in those 2 areas precisely.

- Third… halfway through this my PSD file was deleted to oblivion due to some problem with working in photoshop while the file was uploading to google drive.
This third reason is what made it so hard since I lost quite a few hours of work (I’m very slow at making these), and to start over again was a very tough battle, tougher than the first time I faced this ugly fuck! 
After a few days of lamenting and crying that drawing Dark Souls stuff was as punishing as playing the game, I finally decided to start over again, and here’s the result!

Hope you like it! More to come soon, hopefully :)

And of course… PRAISE THE SUN!

No Angels Luke Imagine Part Two

Part One

You hold the single rose in your hand as you walk down the gravel and past the other graves. After your break down with the therapist you decided you needed to speak to him just one last time, even though he couldn’t answer.

When you reach the grave stone, you crouch down and place the rose neatly on the ground in front of it before taking a seat and looking around for others.

“Hi,” You whisper pressing the grave stone, “I hope you’re okay, wherever you are.”

You stare at the engraving for a second,

Luke Hemmings,

Beloved son, brother, friend and boyfriend

Rest in Peace.

That was enough to make you start crying again.

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EXO Reaction when their kid is terrified of the “monsters” under the bed

I love you #Mary!! Hope you like this! Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/ 

Chanyeol: “My little girl.. are you okay? Why are you crying? Daddy is here”

Kris: “I’m here to protect my son! I’m a very recognized monster hunter!” *Awesome dad*

Sehun: “What?!” *Chokes* “We need to call mommy!”

Tao: “There are monsters!?” *Takes his little girl and runs away with her*

Kai: “Don’t worry honey, daddy will sleep next to you tonight”

Xiumin: *Worried* “He is crying again… how can I make him feel safe? It’s not good for his health, he is not sleeping well…”

Baekhyun: *Gives your daughter his favorite plushie* “Takes this my love, he will stay with you all the time and scare the monsters”

Luhan: “Oh no no… I won’t look down your bed… you are coming to my bedroom tonight!” *More scared that your son*

Chen: *Trains for fighting against the monsters* “I’m here to save the princess!”

Kyungsoo: *Prepares some tea for your kid and waits until she calms down and falls asleep*

Lay: *Does his unicorn stuff so your kid stops crying and calms down*

Suho:*Hugs him tight* “Daddy is not scared, I swear daddy is not scared!” *He actually is*

BTS reaction to you crying in front of them:

Rap Monster:

“Hey… I’m here for you. I know you probably don’t want to be bothered but my arms are always open for a hug”


“What happened? You can tell Tae Oppa.. I’m always here to talk to. My shoulder is here for you to cry on.”


“Who did this to you? I’ll hurt them for making such a pretty girl cry. That just isn’t right at all!”


“Oh… Are you okay? Obviously not, but tell me what happened. If anyone made you cry just now I’ll make sure they pay. Dry those tears and we’ll go grab a bite to eat and talk about it.”


“I know the world seems so sad right now but I promise you, you’ll soon feel good again and the world will be happier. I would try to make you laugh but you look like you just need a hug..”


“I swear I’ll beat whoever made you cry into a pulp. You just tell me the name and I’ll make sure you’re never crying again. For now.. Come here though..”


“Jagiya… What’s the matter? Why the tears? I hate seeing such a beautiful girl cry because I know her heart has been tampered with..”  

Root of Love (Part 1/5)

Paring: Ladynoir
Rating: T/General
Word Count: 2857
Summary: If it takes rejection for love to blossom does that make it any less sincere? Marinette would tell you, but she doesn’t know the answer herself.

A/N: here we go again! I’m so excited to share this with you guys and I hope you enjoy it!!


“I’m sorry, but my heart belongs to someone else.”

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listen to this while reading. 

//// sorry if it makes your heart hurt ////


Well we’re here

We’re at the common again

Smoke six of the ten fags that
I only bought an hour ago

Said well I
I like the look of your shoes

I like the way that your face looks when
I’m arguin’ with you

And so when
When we all grow old
I hope this song will remind you that I’m not

Half as bad as what
You’ve been told

When I knock
At a hundred and two
And I see your pajamas

I can’t stop smiling at you

And that’s why we’re here

We’re at the common again

I been pouring my heart out

Towards your optimistic grin

I said well I, I, I

Like the cut of your jib

And I like the way that your face looks
When you’re yappin’ on about him

I put on this shirt

And I found your smell

And I just sat there for ages                                                      
Contemplating what to do                                                                          With myself

And I called you up      

At a hundred and two                                                                                    We just sat there for ages

Talkin’ bout that boy what
Was gettin’ on to you
You, you, you

  • Bill Cipher

Tell A-X-O-L-O-T-L don’t cry, it was a blast,

But I’m in paradise, at last.

Close my eyes & cross my arms, 

Put me in the dirt, let me dream with the stars.

I was naive & hopeful & lost

Now I’m aware & trapped in your thoughts. 


Phew, thought this cover was lost for good. Enjoy! I tried to get a mix of spoken word and melody in here. Can you pinpoint the “We’ll Meet Again” hidden in the track?!

If I make you cry, that is exactly my aim.

nightworldlove  asked:








I just wanna say again tysm for following me it literally was the best day of my life and the feeling i got was so heartwarming that when i thought that i could make someone else feel like that i just couldnt resist so i grabbed a pen and an old napkin (i couldnt stop myself sorry) n i decided to make a list for you to follow and here it is xx hope you follow them all and make us all cry at the same time:


sorry if i tagged anyone twice and if i didnt pick you :( there will be other chances where i will do things like this.


xx have a nice day
tarek !!! taylorswift

Bts reaction to the aftermath to them being too rough during sex

I usually don’t do smutty reactions but I can make it so it’s less smutty so here we go, hope you enjoy it! I realize these are all quite similar but I feel like all of them would react similary.

Seokjin/Jin: Oh my god I am so sorry Jagi I didn’t mean to! *Hugs you tightly*

Originally posted by hugbin

Yoongi/Suga: Oh Babe I didn’t realize! *Brings ice for you*

Originally posted by suga-com

Namjoon/Rap monster: Jagiya I’m promise it won’t happen ever again! *Massages your shoulders*

Originally posted by hopeatuuli

Hoseok/J-hope: Oh no I feel so horrible that I made you feel horrible! *Starts crying*

Originally posted by jhopies

Jimin: Oh god honey I didn’t mean to be that rough on you! *strokes your cheek*

Originally posted by vminv

Taehyung/V: Oh I can’t belive I gave you pain! *Starts crying*

Originally posted by shitjeon

Jungkook/Kookie: I don’t know If I can forgive myself for what I’ve done. *Strokes your hair*

Originally posted by jengkook

Someone please, 
Take my hand,
For this nightmare of mine 
Seems to have no end…
I gaze up at the moon,
Wish upon a star,
“Please, send me someone close,
To take me very far…
To take me… very far…?”

To everyone who know me: goodbye unless you want to find me at the bottom of echotale hell I CAN’T I’M GONNA CRY AGAIN WHY DOES THIS AU EXIST AND HOW DID I END UP HERE

I’m always, always thirsty for unspoken love and the comics @yoralim drew just… hit on all my soft spots… So here is my tribute to their amazing story!! I even went and scanned a traditional to make this pic more align with their style– hope I didn’t butcher them too hard orz  Also thanks to a song I found on @ungivenfux64‘s blog I was able to finish it this fast!!  Listen to it here.

Echotale AU by @yoralim

Gaster!Sans design by @borurou

Request: Tease

Request: I have a request! So I have been stalking your blog lately (your writing is ridiculously amazing and you constantly have me laughing/crying) and I saw u wrote one where dean finds out the reader has a crush on him and he takes advantage and makes her blush or whatever. So I had an idea where it’s the other way around like the reader finds out dean likes her and she teases him and flirts with him. Thanks! Love your blog:)

Word Count: 510

Oh my gosh, thank you so so so much<3 Here it is, I hope you like it. Thanks again<3

“Wait…seriously?” You can’t resist the grin that creeps onto your face. “Me?”

“Yes, you!” Sam half-whispers, “He told me.”

“Was he drunk?”

“No- well, as sober as he ever gets these days.”

You both laugh and you run a hand through your hair in disbelief.

“I just… wow. Okay.” You laugh.

Dean? Liking you? Sure there’d been moments where you’d suspected, but you figured he’d just be teasing you.

“You haven’t noticed how flustered he gets?” Sam laughs. You shake your head.

“Not really.” You say honestly, “But now you mention it…”


You don’t actually see Dean until later on. You’re fixing up some lunch for the three of you when he walks in. You spin around, grinning widely as you see him.

“Hey, there.” You say chirpily. He returns the smile.

“Hi.” He says gently, “How are you?”

“Me?” You take a step closer to him, “Oh, I’m fantastic.”

When he meets your eyes, you shoot him a wink that makes his face flush pink, to which you smile and step back.

After a moment of just staring at you, he collects himself and clears his throat.

“Do you- uh- want any help?” He offers quietly. You shake your head.

“I’m almost done here,” You say, reaching out and placing a hand on his upper arm, “Thank you, though.”

He merely nods, refusing to meet your eyes.

“A-alright. Okay. Have fun.” He mumbles, before escaping the kitchen.


You can’t resist having even a little tease- take, for example, the moment when you glance across the room to find Dean’s eyes on you. Instead of quickly looking away, as you usually do, you maintain eye contact. His cheeks turn pink but he doesn’t look away, not until a small smirk finds its way onto your features and you wink mischievously. Then, you merely look back to your book.

You get up to go for a drink but when you return, instead of sitting back where you had, you sit close to Dean on the couch.

“So… how’re you today?” You ask softly, moving slightly closer to him.

“Uh… I’m good.” He says quietly, eyes not leaving you but flitting from your eyes to your lips and to your legs (it’s warm and you’re just wearing shorts) and then back up.

“That’s good.” You say, placing a hand on his leg. “That’s really good.”

He smiles but averts his eyes. Deciding to give it up, you reach over and plant a kiss on his cheek.

“Sorry. I couldn’t resist a bit of a tease.” You say softly. He stares at you for a moment, eyes widened.

“Wait- what?”

You shrug, “Sam told me some stuff. And I kinda couldn’t resist messing with you a bit because you get all cute when you’re flustered.”

He rolls his eyes, “I shouldn’t have expected anything less of you.”

You lean in, pressing your lips to his. He wraps an arm around your middle, bringing you closer to him.

“Totally worth it, though.” He whispers, before joining your lips with his once more.

I think there’s nothing more hopeful than the message “I didn’t think I could love again until I met you and I decided to change my way of life to be a better person and find love again with you”

Like this right here is simply a beautiful message of hope that even if you get your heart broken nothing is all set for you. It just takes the right person to make you see that. What you do of yourself is your own choice only.

If you don’t find that beautiful Idk man, it makes me cry.