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LMAO but if you remember, our wonderful lil Snake-sak was the same kid who, upon finding out that his best friend Jonas was attacked by the Yakuza guys, managed to singlehandedly arrange a fight between the Penetrators and the Yakuza guys while secretly living in the basement of the Kollektevit SO I CAN ONLY IMAGINE what lengths he'd go to if he found out his ray of sunshine was possibly hurt/threatened


Mermaids have a special ability. Through touch, they can erase memories of themselves from that person as a way of defense and a method of keeping safe.

Did I say this au would be fluff only? whoops.

You will always wander among my thoughts till the day I die.
—  Poets Love Her

Hi! I just wanted to give you a gift! I love your comic so much! along with your art! I made humanized version of Swapafell bros. Also an art of the barbie girl video you made! 😍😍😍 it was an amazing.

Also sorry if my art is messy, I’m still a beginner hahah!
I hope you like it!

I LOVE IT!!! I love your human version of them!! Thank you so much ;/////;
Teenagers on tumblr are complaining about people drawing NSFW fan art of Wendy’s mascot...

And I’m just sitting here thinking, “Wow, you must be new to the internet".

Like…it’s been this way for at least 15 years now.  You came here late.  This is something you’re just going to have to deal with, because complaining ain’t gonna do shit

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Today I came out to my parents as gay. I was panicking the whole time, watching their faces for reactions. Dad turned to mom and said, "Can I do it now?" She rolled her eyes and nodded. He then got up and ran out of the room. I was panicking until he came running in wearing an airbrush unicorn shirt with my name and the pride flag tied around his neck. "I've been waiting two years for this! Come here baby girl!" And hugged me so tightly. We all cried and I just really love my parents.






Hug your parents for me. They’re AMAZING people. This legit made me tear up. I’m so happy for you <3

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The morning after sleeping with Bucky the first time. You two are cuddled up together, his arms wrapped around you. You wake up first and in an attempt to get up to make the morning coffee, you carefully try to wriggle out of his arms, very slowly. Only when you make the first move, you feel two very strong arms keeping you in place. "Mmm, where do you think you're going?" A sleepy Bucky asks you.

“Coffee” you say, smiling. 

He simply shakes his head and pulls you closer, “later” he mumbles. 

Fluffy Friday™

truly Lena Luthor’s life is so tragic… nearly every single person she’s cared about has betrayed her… even Jack with the way he mistreated her due to her last name/making their breakup especially hard on her… she doesn’t even know how to have regular relationships… her general behavior is extremely odd (i.e. risking death at her original ceremony, showing up at Kara’s place of work in person, showing up at her home next, risking her life to stop a gang of bad guys, giving a reporter she liked unrestricted access to L-Corp, OVERFLOWING Kara’s entire office with flowers, asking Kara to talk her out of a dinner with Jack, telling Kara she promised she wouldn’t go see Jack because it was so dangerous and then doing it, literally being okay with the concept of herself being KILLED)… she’s seriously so sad and out of wack… Lena Luthor deserves to be cared for, helped, and loved I want the best for her and so does Kara Zor-El