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The Dual Royals’ Act III: Last Door Campaign {Open to All}

So here we are, at long last. This is where it all leads… and it’s gonna have everyone and anyone who wants in throughout the entirety of April. Pick a side to lend your aid toward as these two unknowingly try and find each other in this mightiest of Great Mazes!

Lockdown with Team Leo.

  • Includes everybody who’s interacted with the royals at some point or another by default (can request to appear on Takumi’s route instead).
  • Maps are geared toward laying siege to areas which will be repurposed as safe havens to use for keeping the Subspace Army out.
  • Focus on these threads will be on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays (when available).

Liberate with Team Takumi.

  • Allows more room for newer RPers, including those not necessarily in the Fire Emblem RP Community.
  • Maps here have enemies that are a bit stronger but also fewer in number. Primary goal is to rescue those in trouble and quickly get out.
  • Focus on these threads will be on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays (when available).

Questions? Concerns? General silliness? Please direct them to the inbox~. By the by, if there’s a thread somewhere that we didn’t finish that started before this, I’m not opposed to finishing it but just be aware it’ll prooobably be lower priority.

This single post will be edited with changes to things when the need arises. I hope this is something you all can have fun with like in the Subspace Revelation before it!

Lazy Mornings

Summary: Dean and you were still new to the whole relationship things. The more you enjoyed the little experiments, such as lazy morning sex. 
Requested by: Anonymous

Words: 885

Pairing: Dean x Reader


Warnings: smut, unprotected sex, NSFW gifs, PWP it basically starts right away

A/N: Written for Smut Appreciation Day!


You were still sleeping peacefully after your last night with your boyfriend Dean. You two haven’t been together for that long yet and kind of experimented around a little, ending in the two of you having a hot make-out session late at night.

So now here you were, sleeping naked next to Dean as you felt some hands on you. For a moment you weren’t sure if it was a very realistic dream or if someone actually touched you. The latter turned out to be the right version of interpretation as you slowly woke up and felt Dean’s finger rubbing your clit gently at the same time as he rubbed his slightly hard cock between your folds and kissed your neck.

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Friends With Benefits - Theo Raeken Imagine (SMUT)

❁ (not my gif, cred to sweet owner) ❁

Request (anon): can you do a smutty imagine with Theo where him and the reader are friends with benefits?

A/N: So here it finally is, a Theo Raeken smut based on the request above. Sorry it took me so long to post it. I’m not sure how I feel about this one but I hope you guys like it. Also sorry in advance for any spelling/grammar mistakes, I still have to proofread it.(:


Pairing: Theo x Reader
Warning: SMUT smutty smut smut & cursing?
Word count: 2088

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Oops | Archie Andrews

In which reader is totally in love with Archie and is basically the last person to find out about his relationshi(t) with Miss Grundy. 

warnings: cursing, teen angst

word count: 1244

for anon who requested numbers
29) “You still awake?”
48) “Don’t touch me!”
49) “Get away from me!”
82) “I thought you were nice.”
100) “Sit still, for the love of all that is holy.”

photo creds // @cruoribus
gif creds // @dailycwriverdale


You sat at Pop’s alone in the back booth stirring your strawberry milkshake, watching it melt slowly. You wouldn’t be able to tell people how long you’ve been sitting here, or how many times the cute frail waiter asked if you needed anything else. All you could think of was Archie.

Archie with his stupid soft hair and gorgeous face. The same Archie that was in a secret relationship with the seductress of a music teacher Miss Grundy. The same Archie that told you, his best friend, all his secrets. Or so you thought, considering you were the last person to find out what was happening with Miss Grundy. 

You had received a text from Betty asking if you would be in the same class now that Grundy was gone, and she was the one to break the news to you. She too was shocked that Archie hadn’t told you. She was the only one you had talked to in the past couple of hours while you skimmed through your thoughts. 

You heard the door open and felt a chill against your feet. You heard the voice of the last person you wanted to see right now.

“Y/N, thank God you’re okay! We’ve been looking everywhere for you.” Archie spoke and slid in the booth across you. You crossed your arms and sat straight. 

I thought you were nice. I thought we were best friends.” You muttered, looking dead into his deep brown eyes. You had to quickly look away, because your heart began to race. You couldn’t let those eyes distract you from what you had to say.

“We are best friends, Y/N. Where is this coming from?” he questioned, leaning forward onto his elbows. He furrowed his brows and looked as though he was trying to read your mind.

“Why did I have to hear from Betty that you were sexing up with Miss Grundy?” you snapped and started sipping your melted milkshake. 

“Why are you so mad about this? I don’t think you need to know every detail about my life, Y/N.” he scoffed and rolled his eyes. 

“We tell each other everything, Arch. What the hell, you know every damn thing about me. You even know when I had my fir-” you were cut off by Archie slamming his hand on the table. It startled you and you felt your words crushed in your throat.

“Yeah well, you tell me that on your own. I never asked! Shit, Y/N, you aren’t my parent or my girlfriend (or boyfriend, you know). Butt out of my life for once, just because your love life is shit doesn’t mean you can tell me how to run mine!” he stopped at once, looking up at you. You felt warmth on your cheeks and you ran the back of your hand over them.

“This is bullshit, Archie. I’m not going to sit here and have you yell about me caring for you. You know how much you mean to me, and yet you cut deeper and deeper. You know why my love life is shit, Arch. It’s because I love you too much to even give anyone else a second of my attention!” Without thinking you grabbed your now completely melted shake and threw it on him, tinting his face pinker than it already was. You grabbed your backpack and flung it over your shoulder as you ran for the door. 

You felt a cool, sticky hand grab yours and pull you back. You ripped your hand from his grip and wiped your eyes again.

Don’t touch me! Don’t look at me!” You shouted at him. 

“Come on Y/N/N, I’m sorry! Please.” He pleaded. 

Get away from me! And stay the hell away from me, I’m not joking.” You cried out and ran the rest of the way home. 


“I’ve gotta get to bed babes, I have a test tomorrow,” Veronica whispered over the phone. You sighed and looked at the clock. It was 2:47 in the morning. 

“Sorry to keep you up Ronnie, love you.” You smiled weakly and hung up the FaceTime call after she blew a kiss to you. 

You turned off your bedside lamp and pulled the blankets closer around you. As you started drifting to sleep, your phone illuminated the room. You lifted it and saw a text.

From Archiekins - You still awake? 

You did the first thing that came to mind, send him a picture of your middle finger raised. You locked the phone and slammed it on your bedside table. A few minutes later you heard a scratching at the window. 

‘That son of a bit-’ Your thoughts were cut off when Archie flung himself in your room wearing just a pair of tight grey sweatpants. 

“You idiot, you’re going to get a cold.” You scolded and threw your blanket at him. It was your habit, to take care of him. He grabbed it and walked over to your bed. He plopped himself on ‘his’ side of the bed and draped the fabric over the both of you. 

“I’m sorry. I was being inconsiderate. I was rude. I don’t know why you deal with me.” He looked up at the dark ceiling. His hand found yours under the blanket and he grabbed it with trembling fingers. 

“I don’t either.” You whispered, and wrapped your fingers around his, “Why didn’t you tell me? Be honest, Arch.” 

“I knew it would break you. I couldn’t live with myself if I hurt you that deeply, and I went and did it anyway.” His leg started shaking, a nervous habit he’s had forever. You had no response, you just sat in the dark. You sat there for five minutes before you cracked.

Sit still, for the love of all that is holy.You moved and draped your body over his, “You know how nervous you make me when you’re nervous.” 

You looked down into his dark eyes, barely visible in the night. You felt your heartbeat quicken and you tried to calm yourself. You had already told him how you felt, you didn’t need to physically show him as well. 

His now warm hand rubbed your upper back in slow circles. It crawled up and settled on your neck, giving you goosebumps. He pulled himself up and pushed his lips against yours. Your breath stopped all together and he quickly pulled back. 

“Oops, you slipped.” He tried to joke with you. 

“Archie, don’t.” You warned and sat up straight, still straddling his body. 

“I love you. And don’t think I’m messing with you now because of what has happened. I’ve always loved you. Betty swore she thought you knew and Veronica and Kevin said they can smell the tension from a mile away. Honestly, Y/N/N, I love you. It took me almost losing you completely to finally tell you.” He told you, taking in deep breaths. 

“You’re a loser, Archie Andrews.” You smiled at him in the dark.

“I’m your loser though, Y/N Y/L/N.” He pulled your lips back to his and you pushed your hands against his bare chest.


You grinned to yourself as you tucked the blanket tighter around Archie. He sneezed and groaned. 

“Told you you’d catch a cold, you loser.” 


Please give feedback, this is my first time writing in a loooong time. xo

Thank you again for the lovely comments. I will keep working hard and have fun here, too. 

I kinda want to make some friends here, too. <3 Don’t be afraid to say hi. 

oh and…sorry for my strange picture I posted last time. I was in a strange mood…but again…it was still fun to do. _(:3_Z) 

I’m still taking request for Loud House. Feel free to ask me anything. <3

AND DON’T WORRY @the-real-fairy-slayer. I love your long comments. They’re fun to read! Feel free to express as much as you want. I won’t stop ya!

Your Face Between My Thighs

Summary/Prompt: After a long night out, both Tyler and I had longed to touch each other. To grope onto places that were in fact inappropriate to grope in public. The only feeling I wanted that night was feeling Tyler’s scruff on my inner thighs.
Length: 2354 words
Warnings: smut af, language, nsfw, oral sex, drinking
Pairings: Tyler Seguin x Reader

Authors Note: So its been about a year and a half since i last posted an imagine on here, so I thought why not now. Hopefully you guys enjoy this. Feedback and requests are also highly encouraged.

Originally posted by flyersphiladelphia

Was this really about to happen? I was fully aware of what exactly was going on around me, yet my mind wasn’t fully processing who was in front of me at this very moment.

As he spoke to me about something that had happened to him earlier, I couldn’t help but stare into his eyes. They were enthralling, like sparkling kaleidoscopes of colour. His brown-mahogany orbs scintillated with a mischievous glint that could be noticed next to the umber that rimmed his iris. They glow with humor and playfulness that never seem to escape his eyes. And for some reason, they looked like they had seen a lifetime, when in reality they had only seen a fraction.

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Zuko X Reader - Hopeless

Request:  Could I have an imagine for A:TLA? Zuko is hopelessly in love with you but while you do return his feelings, you refuse to make any ‘big’ decisions before the war is over, so could the imagine include his many attempts of sealing your hand for him? -Anon

Well, here ya go! It’s really long, like over 2000 words oops.

Yesterday you had kissed Zuko. Today you were avoiding him.

While you and Zuko were close, and you both had strong feelings for each other, you wanted to wait until the war was over and done with to make any rash decisions regarding your relationship with him. It would hurt you too much if something happened to him and you were together. At least this way, if one of you was seriously injured, or even killed, you wouldn’t be losing a partner. You’d only be losing your friend.


“Zuko, I told you. I can’t, okay? I can’t make any huge decisions right now.”

“Can I remind you that you kissed me yesterday? That seemed like a pretty huge decision.”

“I was tired and overcome with emotions then. I just think it’s best we not get involved romantically until after… all this.”


“I have to go, Zuko. Toph wanted to spar.” You began to walk away, but paused a moment to look back at the teen. “I just don’t want to risk losing my boyfriend as well as my best friend.” Zuko nodded, which you took as a cue to leave. Zuko understood the reasoning behind not wanting to make the decision before the war, but he thought that was all the more reason to make the decision. If you were about to go to war, it would be good to let go of your feelings, right?

Zuko was determined to at least get you to admit you loved him before the war was over.

Attempt #1: Flowers

“Katara?” Zuko held a bouquet of flowers in his hand. It was small, and the flowers were mostly wilted as they had been growing in a shady, sad spot in a forest, but it was a bouquet nonetheless. He was bringing them to the waterbender to see if she could maybe perk them up, or at least to see if the flowers had the stamp of approval before being given to you.


“I have a question. If someone gave you these flowers, would you accept them?” He held the small bouquet out to the girl, and she looked at them before reaching out a hand to hold them closer and take a better look.

“Well, they’re kind of sad, Zuko. Are these for (Y/N)?”

“Yeah.” He pulled his hand away as Katara grabbed the entire bouquet.

“Oh, nice flowers. I didn’t know you and Katara were a thing, Zuko.” You seemed to come out of nowhere, just in time to see Katara taking the flowers from Zuko’s outstretched hands.

“Oh no, I’m not- we’re not… I was just-”

“Relax, I was joking. Katara, Sokka wants us to go get some supplies.”

“Alright, I’m coming.” She handed the bouquet back to Zuko, giving him a quick look of pity before walking off with you. As you walked away from Zuko, Katara leaned closer to your ear. “They were for you, you know.” You sighed, nodding your head.

“I know.”

Zuko simply frowned at your receding figures. He was going to have to try harder to get you.

Attempt #2: Fire

It was a rare night, everyone huddled around a fire, laughing and acting like the world was alright. Katara and Aang sat next to each other, talking in hushed tones to themselves. Sokka was poking at the fire, making sure he kept it aflame despite the fact there were two individuals who could firebend sitting across from him. Toph was doing her best to make Sokka’s attempts fail, sticking rocks up into the fire and kicking pebbles in Sokka’s general direction. You and Zuko just sat next to each other, watching the others and occasionally saying a few words.

You were tired. It was rare you had a night that you weren’t stressing or working, and you wanted to take this opportunity to sleep early, but spending time with the rest of the Gaang was so rare that you were sticking it out. After your fifth yawn in twenty minutes, though, Zuko nudged your shoulder.

“Hey, go to bed if you’re so tired.”

“I’d much rather stay out here with everyone. Besides, it’s more comfortable out here, right?” You and Toph had bent some makeshift couch-like seats for everyone to sit on, and sitting with Zuko on one of the rock couches by a fire was much more comfortable than laying on the ground with only a blanket and a small, worn pillow.

“Go get some rest, (Y/N).”

“I’m not-” you yawned “-that tired.” Zuko simply rolled his eyes, as if to say, “Whatever you say,” and wrapped his arm around your shoulders.

Only thirty minutes later, however, you had fallen asleep. You were pressed against Zuko, arms wrapped around his waist and head resting on his shoulder. Your hair tickled his neck, and your breathing was loud, but he made no effort to move you. Instead, he asked Sokka to grab his blanket and pillow and got comfortable.

The next morning you woke up to the sound of Aang’s laughter and Appa’s noises. You opened your eyes to see Aang playing with his beloved animal, which as strange because you didn’t remember falling asleep outside. It wasn’t until you sat up that you realized you and Zuko had fallen asleep around the fire. You quickly got up, leaving Zuko with the blanket, and went to change. You ran into Katara moments later, and she looked at you with knowing eyes.

“Friends fall asleep with friends, Katara,” you insisted, but she knew what was really going on. Zuko might just succeed in his quest after all.

Attempt #3: Sparring

It was good to practice, especially with the war coming up. You and Zuko were doing just that, sparring in an attempt to brush up on your skills.

“I’m probably not the best person to be practicing with,” you had said over and over, knowing that Zuko planned on going after his sister and that he should be practicing with Aang, a firebender. But Zuko had other plans. He didn’t really need to practice, he just wanted to spend some alone time with you, and work on getting you to admit your feelings out loud.

“It’s fine. It’s always nice to spar with an earthbender.”

“I can go get Toph, she’s a better opponent.”

“No, no, you’re fine.” With that, you two began to train. Toph had taught you some moves, and you were now able to sense where people were with your earthbending. You were practicing that by trying to spar Zuko with your eyes clamped shut.

“You sure you can do that?” he kept asking you, but you nodded every time.

“I’m good. I’m pro.” You would laugh and send a rock his way. Now, you were far from pro. You could kind of sense where he was going, but when it came to his bending, you had no clue when it was coming or where it was going. You were on your butt more than you were on your feet.

“Yeah, you’re a real pro,” Zuko said, holding his hand out to help you get up. You sensed this and reached out to grab it. He pulled you to your feet quickly, and you were launched up. You opened your eyes to see Zuko’s face mere inches away from yours, and you felt his arms hovering around your waist. “Sorry. You’re light,” he said, not making an effort to move away from you. He was staring into your eyes, and you were staring into his enchanting gold ones. You two stayed like this for what seemed like ages. You wanted to pull away, but you simply couldn’t bring yourself to it.

“Hey, (Y/N), using those techniques I’ve been teaching you?” You were broken from your trance and quickly pulled away from Zuko, knowing that Toph would be able to sense how close you two were.

“Yeah. I’m not too good, though.” You laughed, glancing over at Zuko as you did so. “I kept getting knocked off my feet. Think we could practice some more?”

“Sure, I’m not doing anything.” Toph waved, motioning for you to follow her, and you shot Zuko a quick apologetic look.

“I’ll ask Aang if he wants to spar you. Seriously, it’d be better to train with someone who would actually be a challenge.” Zuko shook his head.

“No, it’s fine. I’ll go to town for some food or something.” You shrugged and walked off with Toph, who was shooting you a grin.

“So, you and Zuko were pretty close together back there.”

“Oh, shut up.”

Attempt #4: Clothes

“Zuko! Hey, I need your help with something.” You had your head stuck out of your tent, and you were motioning for Zuko to come in. He slipped in and you immediately began to talk. “Okay, so I thought that since we’re hiding out in the Fire Nation for a bit I should wear some Fire Nation clothing, right? But I think I look ridiculous in it.”

“Ridiculous how?”

“Ridiculously out of place.”

“Let me see.” You dropped the blanket you were using to cover yourself to reveal your outfit. A red, midriff-baring top and a pair of simple red pants. Zuko began to laugh, and you quickly went to cover yourself again. “No, no. You only ridiculous because you tied the top wrong.”

“I did?”

“Yeah. Here, turn around, I’ll fix it.” You spun, and Zuko began to fix the top.

“Thanks. I’m glad I didn’t go outside looking like a complete idiot.” You could feel Zuko’s breath against your neck as he chuckled softly.

“Only I would’ve noticed.”

“Still.” You felt his hands brush against your back as he finished tying your top.

“There. I fixed you.” You turned around and gave him a smile.

“Thanks, Zuko.”

“No problem, (Y/N).” Once again you were in a situation where neither of you could look away. You were frozen.

“Well, I better leave. Now that I can go into town, I want to look at some stuff in this shop Katara told me about.” You broke the trance, moving around Zuko to leave your tent. “Thank you again.” Zuko simply smiled in response, and you left him alone in your tent.

Attempt #5: Before the Battle

“(Y/N).” You stopped to turn to Zuko, who had just called your name.

“Yeah?” You were getting ready to go with Katara and Zuko to find Azula, and you still had to grab one more thing when Zuko called you.

“Look, we’re about to go fight my sister. She’s really dangerous.” You nodded your head.

“I know, Zuko. Can I go? I have to grab something…”

“(Y/N), just wait.” He put his arm on your arm to keep you from leaving, and you looked up at him. Once again, you were trapped in his golden eyes. Slowly, he leaned down and connected his lips to yours. You found yourself almost kissing back, but you pulled away.

“Zuko, I-” Words escaped you. You couldn’t think of what to say. “I can’t kiss you.”

“But you have.” Zuko had tried to understand, but at this point, he couldn’t. You were kissing him back, dammit! But you still wouldn’t admit anything. “(Y/N), I love you. I’m in love with you, you know that. How could you not? But you still refuse to admit your feelings for me. I just want to hear it once, ‘I love you, Zuko.’ Just once, (Y/N).” You bit your lip.

“Zuko, I’m sorry. I’ve made my decision. Not until after this.” You shook your head, a sad look on your face. “Look, I have to grab something, then we can leave. Go get Katara.”

Zuko had messed up. He realized that as you walked away.

What Got You:

Everything seemed to happen in slow motion. Zuko was taunting Azula, something about not using lightning. Azula then shot some lightning at Katara, who Zuko quickly jumped in front of. He was struck, fell to the ground, and you heard yourself and Katara scream as Azula laughed. You began to sprint towards Zuko, but Azula shot at you with some fire, so you stayed back. Katara tried to approach him to heal him, but Azula then began to fire at her.

There were tears streaming down your eyes. You watched in fear as Azula went after Katara, but you knew the waterbender could handle herself, so you ran to Zuko. You collapsed beside him, held his hand, begged him to be alright. It felt like ages before Katara chained Azula down and ran over to heal the fallen prince.

“Thank you, Katara,” he mumbled after she had worked her magic. He sat up slowly and looked from Katara to you. You were both crying.

“Zuko,” you whispered through your tears. “Zuko, I thought you were going to…” You broke into tears again, wrapping your arms tightly around his torso, momentarily forgetting his was injured. “I thought I was going to lose you.” Zuko loosened your grip around his body and looked you in the eyes. He reached a hand up to wipe a tear from your cheek.

“You tied your top incorrectly,” he said after a moment, causing you to giggle slightly through your tears. “It’s actually better that way, I think.” You couldn’t stand it anymore. You leaned in and captured his lips with yours. It was a gentle, sweet kiss, and you never wanted it to end.

“I love you,” you whispered against Zuko’s lips. “I’m in love with you.”

“I know,” Zuko mumbled back, a small smile playing on his lips. “Now kiss me again.”

Why do you Get Jealous // E.D

Requested by: mynameisandyy 

Hi! Can u do an imagine of y/n getting jealous of a fan because she kissed her boyfriend Ethan on the lips. And ethan being cute confronts the fan and fix things with y/n. Thanks ❤️ i love the way you write omg 💗💗😵🔫

A/N: you requested this such a long time ago, I’m so sorry it is coming so late. But It’s here so i hope you like it. thank you so much for requesting.  

Warnings : none 

Pairing: Ethan Dolan 

a/n : also in my last imagine where i wrote it in a different writing style you all seemed to like it since it got more notes than my other ones, so here is another imagine. enjoy lovies  

You always enjoyed going out around Los Angeles with your boyfriend Ethan, but he always gets stopped by fans. And you know it’s not his fault. He just happens to be a famous Youtuber. 

Although you do love the fans and love how happy he gets around them, it would be nice if you guys went out and could enjoy your day without interruptions. 

Honestly Ethan loves his fans, you love his fans, and his fans love you. But sometimes some fans take it to far. Touching him for longer than needed, giving you death glares saying watch this. And it pisses you right off. 

Telling Ethan would be the smartest but he’d just tell you that they are just being friendly. Sounds selfish, but Ethan doesn’t need to be touched or grabbed in ways only you should do. 

Today was just one of the same days as before. You go out with Ethan and fans touch him and death glares and blah blah blah. You get the point, right? 

But one fan in particular really knew what she was doing and she made sure that you were paying attention, I mean how could you not. 

You watch her closely as she runs her fingers down Ethan’s left arm, instantly grabbing his attention. He smiles at her, a look on his face you’ve never seen before. He’s never looked at you like that before…what the fuck

You look down slightly embarrassed, you take a few breaths in calming yourself before looking up. You couldn’t believe your eyes as you vision cleared on the fan and Ethan. Her lips against your boyfriends.

You walked away fast, angry. You couldn’t believe the audacity she had. What a-

“Y/N WAIT!” Ethan calls. As much as you try to pick up your speed he still catches up to you. “Babe listen.” 

“What.” You growl. You voice laced with angry and sadness.

“You know I would never do that to you. She kissed me, I pulled away,” He says softly. “I would never intend to hurt you.”

“I know.” You whisper. “It’s just.”

“It’s just what baby?”

“You looked at her and a way I’ve never seen you look at me.”

“You get jealous to easily. The way you saw it was on an angle, I looked at her as I look at all my fans.” He says giving you a small smile. 

He walked back to the group of girls and you slowly made your way towards them. You watched as Ethan pulled the one fan away and the other girls swarmed around you hugging you. 

The other fan walked away angry and he stood there a few minutes. You walked over to him, placing a hand on his shoulder, running your hand down his arm until your hands were interlocked. 

Today may of been like any other day but one thing is for sure: Ethan is going anywhere. 

Wings 2.0: Alternative Ending

Originally posted by jeonify

A/N: The much requested alternative ending to WINGS is here!! Sorry that it took so long, but I got a semi-writer’s block on this one, but I managed to finish it! Pfew! Enjoy reading!! <3 <3 

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Angst and FLUUUUFFFF Guardian Angel!Jungkook

Word Count: 4012

Summary:  When a guardian angel is assigned to become your companion, love is forbidden between human and angel. Once those three words are spoken, the guardian angel is set to fade and be replaced.

Your heart started beating when headlight shone into your eyes. It was one sharp sound, before it all went wrong.

It was one last look you gave him, before everything blacked out in front of your eyes and your body was rolling over the car front and your head hit the concrete.

There was blood everywhere. Sirens sounding through every corner as people gathered around you and a helpless boy called for help.

“Please! Call the ambulance! Please! Oh god, Y/N! Stay with me!” Jungkook half-cried and yelled. “Please…!” He begged, but you were already losing power to stay awake.

“Oh god, no!” He panicked, before he moved his hands to your arms and the same bright light you have seen earlier in the bathroom appeared. It felt warm and gentle, but sadly, his powers were not strong enough to heal your injuries.

His cries echoed to the back, your own conscious slipped away and the darkness engulfed you completely when everything went silent.

It felt like some sort of thud, when you felt your head being pushed back to something soft and your whole head started to twist. There was something pressuring your head, and you had to try and open your eyes to see what it was.

What seemed like glue sticking to your eyelids, you forced them open and looked around. You found yourself in a white room with a open window, allowing the summer breeze to come in and refresh the room. It was quiet, except for the little birds chirping from outside.

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I’m Too Tired for This!

A/N: Sorry requests are taking so long! I’ve been a little busy the last couple of days.

Request:  I know I’ve already requested like a lot, but can you please do a sam x plus sized reader fic where she’s self conscious and gets a little anxious when sam starts to cuddle he since ya know cuddling involves touching. Pleaseee fluffy fluff and so much cuddles

Pairing: Sam x Plus Size!Reader

Warnings: Just fluffies 

Word Count: 555

Originally posted by transgendersam

Y/N, hey, we’re here.” Sam was shaking you awake, you had fallen asleep in the impala on your way back from a hunt. You climbed out of the back seat and stretched as Dean was making his way back outside from the front office, twirling the keys to the room in his hand.

“There was only one room left, looks like one of us is on the couch.” Dean said.

You rolled your eyes as you followed the boys to the hotel room, you just wanted to go back asleep. When the three of you entered the room you noticed that there was only one bed. Sam and Dean exchange looks with each other, not even glancing at you.

“No problem guys I’ll just take the couch!” You say as they both opened their mouths to argue over the bed.

You turned and walked to the couch, plopping down and getting as comfortable as you could.

“You get the floor” Sam said.

“What? No way. I’m the oldest. I get the bed-” Dean started to step forward to set his bag on the bed- “You can sleep in baby.”

“No, I’m too tall. You sleep in the car.”

“I’m too tired for this guys!” you said but they didn’t hear you.

You had about enough of their bickering. You stared at the ceiling with a pillow wrapped around the back of your head for a few minutes until you heard the door slam. You looked to the side to see Sam had won, and was now settling down for bed. Your heart skipped a beat, you really liked Sam, and you knew that he really liked you, but you’d turned away every advance he’s made. You were just too self conscious.

It was about thirty minutes after Sam shut the light off before you realized that you couldn’t warm up. You had a blanket, but it wasn’t cutting it. You tossed around on the couch for a few more minutes before you got up to check the heater. When you turned the knob on the heater and sparks flew everywhere at you, you shut it off, coming to the conclusion that you would just be freezing tonight. You turned to walk back to the couch when you saw Sam sit up slightly.

“You can lay here with me if you want.” he said.

“It’s okay Sam, I’ll be fine on the couch.”

“Don’t make me come get you,” he threatened playfully.

You gave him a look and made your way over to the bed. You laid down on the edge, as far away from him as possible.

“Nice try, Y/N, come here.” he reached his arms out, urging you to scoot closer to him.

“I don’t wanna take up too much of the bed-” your voice cracked slightly, you hated being this self conscious.

“What? How?”

“You know, cause I’m bigg-” you started to say,

“Y/N, stop, you’re perfect. Now come here.”

He leaned over and pulled your back to his chest, spooning you. He was like a giant heater. He would definitely keep you warm all night. He wrapped his arm around and down your arm, intertwining his fingers with yours. You felt safe next to Sam; and you definitely wouldn’t have any issues with cuddling with him from now on.

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the ndrv3 boys reacting to their s/o nearly falling to their death? kind of like how kirigiri nearly fell into ruruka’s trap in despair arc?

Here it is. Sorry for the long wait! We only have a couple requests left so look for the ask box to be open as well! 

- Mod Ouma God

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Hi. I really like your art style. I don't know if you take requests, but if you take, would you please draw Dinin? Your drow characters are looks so good (especially Kelaszar). Thank you!

Here is a sketchy Dinin for you anon! It has been too long since I last drew this boy and honestly that’s tragic because I love him so much

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i just started following your account & i like it a lot, everything is just amazing ! im new to tumblr & fan accounts so i dont know how they work and stuff but if you do writing prompts can you do one with betty being new in town & meets the gang at pops. like they see her by herself & then like have bughead in there too.. but if you dont its ok, please never stop posting though ❤

Hey! Thank you so much, that’s so sweet. Here it is, I hope it’s okay! It’s long lol.

New To Town

Alice placed the last box of kitchen utensils on the counter. “Done, finally.” She huffed.

“I’m going to unpack my room,” Polly said as she checked her phone - again - for messages from her friends in their old town.

“Elizabeth, make yourself useful and walk over to Pop’s, would you? Grab us all dinner? I’m too tired to cook.”

Betty nodded, knowing better than to protest.

Alice gave Betty quick instructions on how to get to Pop’s. She accepted the money her mom handed her.

Betty found some earbuds in her backpack and plugged them into her phone, slipped on her shoes, and walked out the door.

Betty admired the streets of her new town, walking quickly to her destination.

She spotted Pop’s and headed inside, the doors chiming above her.

“Hi, we called in an order for Cooper? Four burgers and two large fries.” Betty said to the man behind the counter, popping out an earbud.

Pop nodded his head. “Still on the grill. It’ll be a couple minutes. Have a seat and I’ll let you know when it’s ready.” He waved a hand toward the booths on his left, across from four teenagers, laughing loudly.

Betty sighed and looked at her phone, then strolled over to the empty booth.

“Did I hear you say Cooper? As in Elizabeth?” A pretty brunette called to her before Betty had the chance to sit down.

Betty nodded slowly. “Betty, actually, but yeah. That’s me.”

“I’m Veronica.” She extended a hand towards Betty.  "Veronica Lodge.“ She pointed  to the boy sitting next to her. “This is Kevin, he’s fabulous. And this is -”

“Archie Andrews,” The redheaded boy across from Veronica said smiling. “And this is Jughead Jones.”

“Jughead?” Betty smiled,furrowing her brows.

“It’s a family name.” Jughead laughed. “And actually, it’s Jughead Jones the third.”

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4 | Save Me

word count: 3,076
not as long as usual woo

warnings: violence, gore probably smut at some point I mean it’s me we’re talking about, dead bodies, non-con etc. this chapter has mentions of not eating idk if i should disclose that but here we are

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“Taehyung. They’ve found the professor.”

“Y/N, are you awake? They want to go over the plan one last time.” Hoseok stood in the doorway to your grey haven, not trying to hide his bright and showy smile, “Namjoon’s waiting.”

“I’ll be there in a sec, just let me get dressed first.”

It had been three days since the whereabouts of your old professor Mr Lee had was discovered. Three days since Jimin had been shot. Three days since you had shot the leader of a rival gang. Three days since Namjoon had almost killed you for being so reckless.
Only nightmares and dread pooled your thoughts, you couldn’t believe that you had actually shot somebody. Much to gang Bangtan’s dismay, you hadn’t eaten or had a good nights sleep since the night the bullet penetrated Jackson’s shoulder, you were still in shock.
If things weren’t already problematic enough, Mr Lee had been spotted too close to HQ for comfort, and he was looking for you. The professor you once trusted had now put a price on your head. Since the elusive man was seen back in town almost 60 people in the ‘industry’ had been killed, everybody suspected he was to blame. The odds of survival weren’t in your favour.

Walking downstairs into the lounge you saw everybody seated. Namjoon was sitting in an old eccentric armchair separate from the others. Jungkook, Jimin and Taehyung sat on the same long luxurious sofa, with Hoseok perched on the arm next to Jungkook. Jin and Yoongi were sat on the edge of the coffee table, their backs facing you. The seven men abruptly stopped their conversation when Taehyung caught a glimpse of you, both he and Jimin immediately stood up so you had somewhere to sit. Yoongi scoffed scornfully at their action, ridiculing them,

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Hidden: Washington x Reader

Hey guys! I’m so sorry this took me so long to write, it’s over 4k words so it took longer. I’ll warn you now, it is unedited so there might be a few mistakes here and there. Let me know if you guys like this and remember to send in your requests! Next up I’ll be writing a Phillip x reader. 

Prompt: Hello! Could you maybe write a George Washington x reader one? :3 one where the female reader poses as a man in the army and George finds out and they get together? :3 ^^ That would be cool, thanks!

Warnings: Gunshots/Blood/War

Time Period: Hamiltime

Word Count: 4080 (Wow this is so long I’m sorry)

(Y/N)= Your Name

(Y/F/N)= Your Fake Name

(H/C)= Hair Color

You would never forget her last breath; the way her glossy eyes met yours, a silent understanding passing between the two of you. You both knew this was the end, but neither one of you was willing to accept it. Her soft hand stroked yours, giving you comfort in the only way she was able to. How ironic, really, that you were the one being comforted when she was drawing her final breath of air. Your head snapped up as her hand dropped, and everything from that point on was a blur. Doctors and nurses raced in and out, attempting to save your mother from the fate that you all saw coming. You sat with your father, blind to the reality surrounding you. In the chaos and destruction that surrounded the two of you, you sat staring at the wall, a steady stream of tears flowing down your face. Your poor father, he tried to comfort you, but it had never been his strong suit. Even now, you remember his helpless expression as he stood by your mother’s side. It wasn’t supposed to end this way, yet here you were.

For you, life got easier as the time went by. You started to build walls around yourself, keeping people away from your heart. You wished that you could say the same for your father. He rarely left his quarters, drowning in an endless sea of grief and despair. From there on out, you decided that it was your job to protect your father. Without you, you were certain that he would have destroyed himself. With no thought to his own well being, he would often forget to eat if not reminded several times. It’s interesting, what grief does to people. For you it served as cement, filling in the cracks of the walls surrounding your heart. For your father, the grief was a flipping point between life and death. He no longer cared if he survived, spending all of his hours reading the letters that mother had written him. Pangs of sadness would encompass your heart when you saw him, but you knew that you had to be strong.

You realized soon after your mother’s death that you would be the one responsible for your family. You spent all of your free time tending to the house and garden, cleaning the laundry and cooking your father meals. Because of your family’s respected status, you had been attending school in a nearby town. This was your favorite part of every day, the never ending flow of knowledge fascinating you. When your father stopped working, you knew that school would have to wait. So, you reluctantly dropped out and went in search of work. Finding a job proved more difficult than you could have ever imagined. No one wanted to hire a woman, especially someone so young and inexperienced. What you lacked in age, you made up for in work ethic, allowing you to secure a low paying job as a servant for the neighbors.

Your new job was grueling work, with little to no breaks throughout the day. If you were lucky, you could sneak off behind the house for a lunch break, but you had to be fast or Mr. Lee would catch you. He was cold and unforgiving, punishing you for the smallest of mistakes. You had been working at the Lee’s house for several weeks when he fired you. The morning had started off rough, with your father more depressed than ever. His state was very worrying to you, and your mind was unable to focus on the tasks at hand. Unfortunately, this led to your burning Mr. Lee’s lunch, something that he did not take lightly. “(Y/N), what is this?”, he said as he spit the dish onto the floor. “I’ve never tasted something more disgusting in my life.” Lee approached you slowly, a dangerous look in his eye. You tensed, taking a hesitant step back. “Get out of my house. I don’t ever want to see you around here again.” Without a second thought, you turned on your heel and quickly left the house. As you walked home, your mind began to wonder why Lee fired you for something so insignificant. “Maybe he didn’t like having me around?” you thought. The thought was interrupted when you spotted your father sitting on the steps outside the house.

This was the first time he had been outside in months, and you were ecstatic to see him moving again. “Ah, (Y/N)! Come join me for a second please.” In what had been the first real conversation with your father in forever, he asked you how your day at work was. “Well, to be honest father, I was just fired. I’m not even sure why, all I did was burn his lunch.” Suddenly, a look of tremendous guilt flashed across your father’s face. Raising your eyebrows, you turned to face him and waited for a response. “Well actually, my darling, that’s what I wanted to talk to you about. I feel horrible that I’ve been leaving all of these responsibilities up to you for the past few months, and I don’t want you to throw away your life for me. I wrote Lee several days ago and begged him to fire you. I knew that you would never quit, but you deserve more, (Y/N).” For a moment, you felt a bubble of anger inside your chest. How could your father do this? He knew how important this job was. As quick as it appeared, the anger was gone. “I understand father, but how do you expect us to survive without any income?” His face lit up, and you knew that he was about to say something dangerous. “Well, my dear (Y/N), I have been called to join the fight for freedom. If I fight, we will be able to continue our life in comfort”. As soon as the words had left your father’s mouth, you jumped off the step in protest. “No! I won’t let you go. You could die, and I need you alive!” Your father stood up before taking your hands. “Darling, I’m afraid I don’t have a choice. One member of our family has to go, and I’m the only option.” You struggled to breath, the news seeming to crush your heart flat. “No. I won’t let you go. You’re too sick, and I can’t take another heartbreak. This is up to me.” Seeing your father narrow his eyes in confusion, you continued. “Tomorrow I’ll cut my hair and enlist in the army as your son, (Y/F/N). This is how it has to be.” Knowing your father would protest, you put out your hand to stop him. “Don’t try to argue with me, this is the only way and we both know it.” Seeing the determination in your eyes, he let out a sad sigh before pulling you into a tight hug. “Promise me that you will stay safe, (Y/N). I know I can’t change your mind, but please, come back home.”

A week after you enlisted you were shipped out to the battlefield. The carriage pulled up in the early hours of the morning, pulled by two black horses whose dark eyes stared into your soul. A lump in your throat began to build as they approached, but you promised yourself that you wouldn’t cry. You reminded yourself that this was the only way to protect your father. Stepping into the carriage, you took one last glance at the house that you might never see again.

With no help from congress, funding for the army was low. You received little training, being taught only how to fire and reload your gun. With no experience, you were terrified. Oftentimes you would go to run your hand through your hair, a nervous habit, only to find that there was little there. This was especially discomforting to you. When you first arrived at the camp, soldiers raced from place to place like ants. Everyone was going somewhere, and no one was willing to stop to help someone they had never met. Suddenly, your thoughts were interrupted by short man with brown hair tied back from his face. He started talking immediately, not bothering to look up at you. “You must be (Y/F/N). Welcome to the camp, here’s your new uniform and your gun”. He handed you a bag full of clothes, then continued to speak. “Because you arrived late most tents groups are already full, so you’ll be in your own tent.” This news brought a sigh of relief to your lips. If the man noticed, he didn’t let on. “You’ll figure out how everything runs around here in time, for now just try to follow the other soldiers in your unit. Don’t get shot, because you’ll probably die if you do. And, by the way, the name’s Hamilton.” With all of this new information, you were incredibly overwhelmed. You gave a small nod before turning to stare at the ground. As capable as you were, this was a lot for you to take in. Struggling to breath, you focused on a spot on the ground, counting the blades of grass as you attempted to calm yourself. Suddenly, a commanding voice caused your head to snap up in attention. “Alexander, calm down son. You’re terrifying the poor man.” He held out his hand. “General George Washington, at your service” You blanked for a second, forgetting that this meant you were supposed to introduce yourself. The general looked at you, and you quickly gave him a firm handshake. “(Y/F/N), sir.” Washington paused, meeting your eyes for a second before continuing. “Don’t let Alexander scare you, (Y/F/N). I can’t promise your safety, but I can promise that you will have a strong group of soldiers fighting with you. We need every last person in the fight for freedom.” You gave him a nod, unable to speak in the face of such power and confidence. As he turned to leave, his eyes locked with yours for just a second too long. At that moment you decided that this man would be the downfall of your plan, you just knew it.

Something about you made Washington incredibly afraid. He had been building up a reputation as a strong and controlled general, yet when he met you he found himself wanting to break down all the walls he had built up. When he saw you staring at the ground, he wanted to introduce himself. When he met your eyes, he wanted to tell you stories of his childhood. When you first spoke, he wanted to sit and talk to you for hours. How could a man he had spoken to for just a moment make him so flustered? He needed to scream, throw something, talk to someone.  Actually, he didn’t know what he needed. Washington pushed these thoughts to the back of his mind. There were more important things to focus on than one confusing conversation.

Many months had passed since you first met Washington. You had proved yourself as a strong and competent soldier, second only to the general’s right hand man, Alexander Hamilton. Hamilton had warmed up to you for a while, but now it seemed like he felt threatened by you. No matter how many times you assured him you didn’t want his job, he was still cool towards you, addressing you only when required. Honestly, this was the least of your problems. Although no one had discovered your secret, you were still terrified that someone would find out. Even so,  everyone was oblivious, mostly ignoring you while they focused on their own tasks. Unfortunately not everyone was so blind. The general had taken to giving you long stares any time you passed by, making you feel like all your secrets were exposed. His eyes cut like lasers into your mind, and you were certain that he would find out. Although you knew it was a bad idea, you started to grow your hair out again. It reminded you of home, when your mother used to run her gentle hands through the strands and pull them into braids.

“I know your secret, (Y/N). I can’t believe that you would lie to me like this. I trusted you! You’re an awful person. Go home, I don’t ever want to see you here again.” Washington’s voice echoed in your ears before you woke up in a cold sweat. Beads of perspiration covered your face as a shaky breath exited your body. Unable to control yourself, you broke out into quiet sobs as you curled into a ball. You weren’t afraid of dying, you decided, but dying and forcing your father to fight. You didn’t know how you would live with yourself if he had to fight. As you attempted to calm yourself, you heard a gentle tapping at the fabric of your tent. “(Y/F/N), it’s Hamilton, are you ok?” When you didn’t respond, he said, “Alright, I’m coming in” “Shit!” you thought. You weren’t in uniform and your hair wasn’t tied up. Anyone could easily tell that you were a girl. As you opened your mouth to try and stop him, Hamilton pushed his way into the tent. He started to talk before looking at you and freezing, his mouth hanging wide open. “You’re a…. You’re a girl?” A suffocating silence fell between the two of you as Alexander stared.

“Hamilton… I don’t know how to explain this… Just, please… don’t tell anyone” you stuttered.

“This is completely insane. I have to tell the general (Y/F/N)! Is that even your real name?”

“No… it’s actually (Y/N). But please, don’t tell Washington, he’d never forgive me! I can’t go home now, I have to protect my family.”

“Protect your family?”

“It’s kind of a long story…”

“I have time”, Alexander said.

You nodded, and began to explain yourself. “It all started the day my mother died.” As you continued to explain, you felt a massive weight being lifted off your chest. It was a relief to be able to talk openly with someone, no secrets holding you back. Alex was an attentive listener and didn’t interrupt once throughout your story, which was nothing short of a miracle. When you finished, he closed his eyes and let out a sigh as he pondered what to do. “Ok (Y/F/N), here’s what we’re gonna do. I’ll keep your secret, but you have to be honest with me from now on. No more secrets.” Without a second thought, you enveloped Alex in a bone crushing hug. “Thank you Alex!” He just laughed, wrapping his arms around you. Suddenly, he darted back, his smile turning into a questioning look. “Wait wait wait, is this why you’re always acting so weird around Washington?” You tried to dodge the question, but Alex just raised an eyebrow and said, “No more secrets (Y/N).”

“Well, it’s not like that exactly. I just, I’m… my god, I can’t believe I’m having this conversation with you. If I’m being honest, I feel different around him. He makes me nervous, but that might be because I’m so attracted to him.” You slapped a hand over your mouth in shock when you realized what you’d said. Alex’s eyes widened in surprise, and then he started to laugh. “I wish I could help you here (Y/N), but unless you confess, I doubt Washington is going to admit anything, even if he does care about you.” It was easy to understand the reasoning here, but it still hurt like hell. There was no way anything could change, you had to protect your father. “It’s late Alex, you should head to bed.” He nodded, giving you a comforting look before ducking out of the door. You sank back onto your bed, letting the thoughts that weighed you down disappear for another day.

Ever since that night, you and Alex had become fast friends. He introduced you to some of his friends, Lafayette, Hercules and John. The boys had been incredibly welcoming to you, even if they didn’t know your secret. Alex had kept his word, not telling a soul about that night. You were incredibly grateful, fully aware that he could’ve told Washington and sent you home. This only caused your friendship to strengthen, and you began to spend all of your free time with him and your friends. Unfortunately, there was one thing that was nagging at the back of your mind. Whenever Washington would see you laughing with Alex his eyes would darken and his face would go red. At first, you thought that he was angry with you. When you confronted him over it, he just sputtered an excuse and turned away, his temper shorter than ever. With no clear understanding of what you’d done, you focused on the battles still to be fought and placed the general in the back of your mind. Well, you tried to place him in the back of your mind. Thoughts of him plagued your mind, filling all of your waking hours with thoughts of the two of you together. The nights were even worse. Nightmares of dying or being sent home occupied your dreams, often causing you to break out in a cold sweat. You knew that this couldn’t go on forever, but for now you had to ignore your feelings.

Washington was furious. He wasn’t sure why, exactly, but he knew that every time he saw you with Alex he became irritable. Maybe he was… jealous? No, that was impossible, it didn’t make any sense. Every day, he became more and more frustrated with his lack of understanding. It made him want to scream, the confusion, the tension, the feelings he couldn’t control. When he couldn’t take it any more, the General did something he never wanted to do. He asked Hamilton for advice. “How are you son?” Without waiting for a response, Washington continued. “Tell me, are you seeing anyone here at the camp?” Hamilton paused for a second, then his face lit up in a mischievous smile. “Oh, you want to know about (Y/F/N), don’t you.” The general hesitated, then turned back to Alexander. “This was a mistake. Don’t ever speak of this again.” With that, he turned on his boot and walked away quickly, muttering under his breathe.

The Battle of Yorktown. This was the battle that would end the war if the rebels were successful. Everyone had fought long and hard for this, and no one was willing to back down without a fight. The morning before the battle, you awoke to find a great feeling of peace settling over the camp. This seemed like a bad omen for what was coming, but everyone was prepared for a ruthless battle. You quickly put on your uniform and tied back your hair, having mastered your disguise months ago.

The sounds of the soldiers feet echoed in your ears as you approached the battlefield. A deadly silence surrounded the field as the first shot rang out. All at once, the scene switched to chaos. Bullets were flying, and everywhere you looked soldiers were falling to the ground. Focusing your mind, you quickly forgot where you were as you fired at the British. Shot after shot rang out, but you were focused on your goal of securing a win for the colonies. Suddenly, your eyes snapped to a British soldier kneeling in the brush. His gaze was intent, and his gun pointed towards your side. Towards George Washington, to be exact. Reacting purely on instinct, you sprinted over and dove in front of the general right as the soldier pulled the trigger. A blossoming pain ignited your chest as you fell to the ground.

The pain was blinding. Dark blood soaked your uniform, and as you pulled your hands towards your head, you realized that your hair had come untied. You had no disguise left, but you couldn’t care less. The pain was too much. Suddenly, there was a pair of strong arms gently wrapping around you, carrying you off the battlefield. You relaxed into the touch, allowing yourself to slowly slip away into a dreamless sleep.

Washington tucked a strand of your (H/C) behind your ear. You had been out for hours, with no signs of waking up. He sat, trying to collect the thoughts from his rampant brain. When he realized who you were, his feelings all clicked into place. You were a girl, a girl he had fallen in love with, and a girl he had allowed to take a bullet for him. He would never forgive himself for not catching on sooner. It was all his fault that you might never wake up, and the thoughts plagued his mind as his shaking hand held yours. Tracing his calloused thumb over your knuckles, he replayed the event in his mind. He had been taking out British soldiers left and right, but failed to notice the one taking aim at his chest. When he caught sight of the man, you were already in front of him and it was too late. He watched your body fall, almost in slow motion, and as your hair came loose he realized exactly what you had been hiding from him. Washington snapped back to the present when he felt you shift in the bed.

Your eyelashes fluttered open as you awoke. When you saw the general sitting beside you, you could have sworn you were dreaming. When you felt his hand against yours, you were positive you were dead. Stirring in the bed, you tried to sit up and felt a mind numbing pain through your head. Washington looked down at you when you moved, a gentle smile gracing his face. “Careful there, (Y/N)” he chuckled. Your eyes widened when you realized this was real. “General Washington… what… what happened?”

“First of all, call me George” he said with a smile. “I owe you my life, (Y/N).”

Yesterday’s events flashed through your mind as you remembered what you’d done. “General- I mean, George, I’m so sorry for the way everything turned out. You’re supposed to be out celebrating our victory. Wait, did we win?”

“Yes, we defeated the British soon after you were shot. Don’t ever apologize to me about doing something like that. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you, and I’m forever in your debt.”

Panic seeped into your mind as you realized that your hair was down and you had no disguise. When your hand moved to touch your hair in realization, George opened his mouth to speak.

“Yes, I know about your secret. Hamilton told me everything while we were waiting for you to wake up. To be honest, he might have been in more pain than you were. You should have seen him, racing all over camp until he found you. He explained your situation, how you came to protect your father. You impress me more every day (Y/N).

A light blush dusted your cheeks as you listened to the general talk. You knew that you were falling in love with him, but it was impossible that he would share your feelings. That is, you thought it was impossible until he started to speak.

“(Y/N), I’m sorry for what I’m about to say, but it’s going to kill me if I don’t let it out. I’m falling in love with you, and I don’t know how you feel, but I tried to imagine what I would have done if you didn’t wake up, and I don’t think I could live without you. When you took that bullet for me, it broke me inside. I was terrified of losing you. I promise, it’s alright if you don’t feel the same way.” As George continued to ramble, you giggled, never having seen him so nervous. He stopped, a nervous half-smile on his face.

“George, I can’t tell you how long I’ve been waiting to hear you say that.” With those words, his grin spread. Your smile mirrored his as you leaned towards him, placing a gentle kiss on his lips. Fireworks exploded as your lips met, and for a moment you forgot about the crippling pain in your chest. With the war ending and Washington by your side, everything seemed to be falling into place.

Focus on Love (Jasper Hale X Reader)

Nony asked

So here ya go Nony, I hope you like it ^_^. It has been so long since I wrote anything for Twilight, I honestly think I was like 15-16 when I last wrote something lol.

Characters: Jasper Hale/Reader
Warnings: None/SFW
Word Count:853

Originally posted by halemasen

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So perhaps going hunting with people who were pretty new to guns as not the brightest idea, but how were you suppose to know that one of them would be stupid enough to pull the trigger while the gun was near your leg?

“Alice I need you to get me some clean towels, Emmett go get my tools, Rosalie bring me some hot water” Carlisle spoke, laying you down on the bed, Jasper holding your hand and using his powers to keep you calm.

“I’ll be fine Jasper, it didn’t even go in that deep” You smiled, trying to ignore the searing pain at the loss of a chunk of your leg.

“Jasper can you go get me some bandage?” Carlisle asked, but his son’s gaze never wavered from yours, honey orbs meeting Y/E/C.

“Y/N there is…Something I have been wanting to tell you” He started, his powers spiking when Carlisle disinfected the wound, and you felt your back arch slightly at the pain.

“W-What is it Jas?” you asked, your breath panting a bit, your nickname for him brought a small smile to his face despite the situation.

“Y/N I…..” He started, though he seemed unsure how to finish. You two had been friends for quite awhile, ever since you first came to Forks actually. You had met Bella on your first day, and a week later she was introducing you to her family. Jasper had caught your eye instantly, and even after you learned of what they were, he still held your gaze.

It had been much the same for him as well, he felt…Alive with you. You were human; a warm, mortal human, with a heart that still beat, and yet…You captured him with a simple look. One look and he was yours and yours alone. He wanted to tell you this, but how would you react? Did you see him simply as a friend? A brother?

“Son, I don’t mean to interrupt, but can you hold the talk of love for a moment, and bring me some bandages to wrap the bullet wound” Carlisle said, a small smile tugging at his lips while he finished sewing up the hole. Jasper’s eyes widened a bit, before he was gone in a flash. You could feel your own cheeks heat up at the words…Love? He loved you? The smile appeared on your lips long before you felt it, and you heard Carlisle chuckle.

“It is good to know that his feelings are returned” He spoke, causing you to look at him.

“Jasper loves you a lot, I only ask that you don’t make him regret it” He smiled, a true father stood before you now, only looking out for his child.

“I won’t” You smiled, just as Jasper returned, handing Carlisle the bandages and grasping your hand again. But what he didn’t expect, was the emotions he felt coming from you. Shyness, excitement, awestruck, but the most dominate…Love.

“There you go, the wound wasn’t deep, but I would still try to keep off of it for a couple of days, just so you don’t tear any of the stitches” Carlisle smiled, helping you sit up.

“Thank you Carlisle, you’re the best” You smiled at him, before giving him a hug.

“It’s what families are for dear” He replied, before smiling at Jasper and leaving the two of you alone.

“You’re getting better” You noted, turning to the blonde who held a confused look.

“You didn’t have to leave the room because of the smell” You added, gesturing to your leg.

“It’s getting easier” He spoke, standing in front of you.

“You never got to finish what you were saying” you smiled, grabbing his hands and pulling him a bit closer.

“I….” he began, his eyes flickering  to yours, before he leaned in. His lips were chilled, like you always imagined they would be, but you didn’t mind. You had waited so long for this moment, and you weren’t going to pass it up. Wrapping your arms around his neck, you pulled him closer, hearing his hands come to rest on either side of you.

You heart sped up, and you knew he could hear it, but you didn’t care, it only made you press your lips against his more. The world around you faded, and the only thing you could focus on, was him, and the love you felt surging through your body. That is…Until you heard someone clear their throat. Looking over to the side, you saw almost everyone standing in the doorway, but it was Emmett who held the Cheshire cat grin.

“Didn’t know you had it in ya” He spoke.

“Looks like Jaspers giving you a run for your money when it come to human girls Edward” Rosalie smirked.

“I love you Y/N” Jasper said, turning turning you to face him again.

“I love you too Jas” You smiled, earning cheers from the watching crowd.

“Welcome to the family” You heard Jasper whisper as you buried your head in his neck, a blush taking over your cheeks.

“Feels like home” You smiled, kissing his neck and hugging him.

Brett's Hoodie. Part Two

It’s been weeks since you’ve last seen Brett. His scent still lingers in the worn fabric of his hoodie, which you’ve been proudly wearing since he gave it to you, despite the fact that you were wearing a Devenford Prep hoodie to your school, BHHS, you loved it.

Your best friend Erica was fully supporting the idea of you dating the 6'2 lacrosse player with the most gorgeous eyes you have ever seen. And honestly, you hoped you would get to see them again.

“We need to set you guys up asap” Erica stated as she sat down at your lunch table.

"I wouldn’t mind it” you laughed, earning a smirk from your other best friend, Isaac.

"Someone’s in looooooove” he teased you, making you blush furiously.

"Oh shush, scarves.” You shot back, laughing as Isaac pouted at his nickname. •••

(Brett’s POV)

(Y/N) had constantly been on your mind since you last saw her…Her radiant smile, her sweet scent of strawberries and mint, the sight of her in your hoodie, it drove you insane…You had to see her again. •••


The news of the Devenford Prep/Beacon Hills rematch quickly spread throughout both schools. Once you heard the news, instantly you had butterflies in your stomach.

"Brett’s going to be there.” You thought excitedly, remembering the last encounter you both had. You checked the date on the calendar, to see if you had anything planned on the day of the game.

"Huh. Just the full moon.” You said nonchalantly. “I can’t wait to see Brett again.” You smiled to yourself. •••

As both teams ran out onto the field at Devenford Prep, you couldn’t help but notice Brett was nowhere to be seen.

"He has to be here…” You said, disappointedly. •••

(Brett’s POV)

Your head pounded, and you could hear your heartbeat speeding up.

"I can’t do this here…not here, not now” You yelled to yourself, your canines, and claws involuntarily extruding.

"GAHHHHHH” you yelled, as the pain of the full moon set in. You could feel your bones shifting, and your inner wolf clawed at you.

"Just give in, Brett. Just do it. It’ll make everything feel better…c'mon Brett…” It screamed. Your head throbbed, and your body ached.

"Three things cannot long be hidden…the sun, the moon, the truth.” You called, trying to regain control. •••


As you walked towards the bathroom, you could hear loud, crashing noises coming from the room down the hallway. Walking closer, you read it was the boys locker room. Timidly, you opened the door, revealing a sudden, eerily quiet room.

"Brett…?” You called, suddenly feeling so small in the large, quiet room. •••

(Brett’s POV)

You slowly turned the knob of the shower, turning on the water, to help with your shift. You could have sworn you heard your name, but you couldn’t tell over the loud, thudding sound of your rising heartbeat, mixed with the sound of the water.

Suddenly, the sickly sweet, familiar scent of strawberries and mint flooded your senses.

"Brett?” You heard again, this time much clearer, followed by a warm touch on your shoulder, that eased every pain in your body, calming you.


"Brett.” You said again.

You watched in anticipation as he slowly turned around, making eye contact with you…his once sparkly, lively green eyes, now a dauntless, fearsome red.

His stare itself made you feel small, and useless. You fell back, crawling into the corner, fearing your life.

You watched as Brett’s crimson red eyes faded back to their normal, piercing green, your heart melted. You could see the regret in his eyes…you stood up, slowly walking towards him.

"I’m sorry…” He started, his voice small, and sympathetic.

"No need for apologies…Just an explanation. What the hell was that?” You laughed.

"I’m a werewolf…” He smiled back.

"Intimidating…but also really hot.” You admitted, making him laugh.

"Is that so?” He asked, now full of confidence.

"Straight truth.” You smiled, as he brought you closer, leaning down, inching closer, and closer to your lips.

The kiss sent sparks throughout your body, you felt on top of the world. You smiled into the kiss, which was full of emotion, and need. You both have been waiting for this moment since you met each other.

As you regretfully pulled away, you smiled again, meeting his eyes once more.

"Sooooo, does this mean I can keep your hoodie?”

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Home // Carl Grimes Imagine

Requested by Anon, hope you like it! <3

PROMPT: The reader got separated from the group years ago when she was a child. When she returns unexpectedly, She’s not a weak little girl anymore. Reader and Carl were best friends, & when she arrives back, she realises her best friend never forgot about her.


This is v long lol, but I’m proud of it! remember my asks and messages are always open if anyone wants to chat!


C A R L // P R I S O N // 2 2 7 0 //


I came to rest in an old house, and after checking it thoroughly for walkers, I went upstairs to bed. It had been a long day, hell, it had been a long day every day for the last 3 years. It wasn’t easy on your own, scavenging and fighting for your life all the damn time. Whenever I did come across people, it was usually big hairy men who thought finding a lonesome teenage girl was the best thing to ever happen to them. I usually get away, but I had been… used… a few times.

I plopped down on the small bed. It was filthy and smelled like sweat and mould, and was itchy as hell. To me though, it felt like heaven -which is probably why I feel asleep instantly, without locking the doors.

I was so exhausted, I slept through most of the day, only to be awoken by groaning coming from downstairs, I immediately jumped up, cursing myself for being so careless. There were at least 3 walkers downstairs, but I managed to fight them off… just.

I ran into some bushes to hide from the small heard that was approaching. I squatted there for a bit, and when I figured it was safe, I jumped up and made a dash for it. Only just making it away with my life.. and a huge gash on my leg.

Life was getting tougher. I wasn’t going to last much longer out here on my own.

Keep reading