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mmkay let it out what's your thoughts on the new doctor who

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- Okay so right off the bat??? It took me less than five minutes to fall in love with Bill holy SHIT

- Like I could tell from her original preview that I was gonna like her but!!! She’s fantastic!!!!

- 12 playing the electric guitar at any given time is a strong weakness of mine

- The Doctor…has pictures…of Susan and River on his desk…I am…beyond deceased

- Okay like literally every single incarnation of the Doctor fits the aesthetic of ‘eccentric professor who gives no fucks but also ends up teaching very memorable classes’ perfectly but like. I’m so glad Capaldi is the one that gets to FULLFILL that omg.

- “You shouldn’t be in my class you aren’t a student here”

- “I know but I’m like really gay and accidentally made my crush fat because I can’t function properly”

- “Valid points, I need to teach you everything I know.”

- What…is in…that Goddamn vault.

- “Doctor What?” you know that killed him just a little inside

- She got him a freaking carpet for Christmas??? amaze

- Also just the fact that she spent Christmas with him??? You’re not crying I am

- 12: “I’m a cold hearted lone wolf I’m here to do my job I don’t care about anyone no one can crack me-”

- Bill: “Yeah my mom died when I was a baby and I have no pictures of her it makes me very sad”

- 12: *internally screaming, eye twitching, frantically grabbing a camera and sprinting into the TARDIS, shouting* “I aM a CoLd HeArTeD lOnE wOlF i’M hErE tO dO mY jOb I dOnT cArE aBoUt ANYONE-”

- seriously that was so sweet I almost cried???

- LMAO when she said “You’ve apparently been teaching here for 70 years” and he was like “You’re thinking, ‘he doesn’t look old enough’ “ and she said no. HIS FACE 😂

- “One time you were supposed to give a lecture on physics but you started ranting about poetry” “They’re the same thing.”

- Like they did a weird job with the Heather girl??? I ultimately felt bad for her but she was like shady right from the start it was strange

- Like every time Bill was around her I was like “honey reel in your thirst just far enough to realize this situation has me nervous” omfg

- w h a t  i s  i n  t h e  v a u l t

- Am I like…the only person who doesn’t like Nardole? I never have tbh he just feels shoved in there

- Like his whole spiel about wanting to make sure the Doctor’s dealing with River’s death okay at the end of the Christmas special was sweet but like??? He feels out of place and hasn’t properly done anything yet???? Idk it feels like someone inserting an oc into their fanfic re-write of the show but not knowing how the oc can actually effect the plot

- The Doctor has been a college professor for at least 70 years like…is the TARDIS okay? I can’t imagine she enjoys being parked in his office or the ‘out of order’ sign omg

- Yes, yes I am worrying about a sentient machine’s feelings leave me alone

- “I see my face all the time- never liked it, it’s all over the place, having expressions when I’m trying to be enigmatic.” MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

- “Why are you running like a penguin with his ass on fire”

- When she asked the Doctor if he knew about sci-fi. A++

- He was so swept up in figuring it out before he snapped back and was like nEVER MIND SWEET CHILD PLEASE GO AWAY ITS PROBABLY JSUT WATER lmao

- Can we as a society please stop setting creepy moments in fiction in bathrooms??? Like I’m fucking over it

- And honestly??? I’m so PISSED about the thing in the shower drain holy shit after years of having issues with drains because of “it” and I finally start fucking getting over that only for Doctor Who to do this to me??? Why does this show always know my deepest paranoia shit and use it only briefly like WHY

- Anyway,

- Bill’s reaction to the TARDIS was HILARIOUS

- “What happened to the doors though did you run out of money?” LMAO


- I lost it when they ended up in Australia omfg that was good tegan screaming in the distance


- “You’re…the first person to mention that…?” I WAS SCREAMING

- yelling ‘shark attack’ in a restaurant and it actually works? okay

- Why does Capaldi’s Doctor have such a penchant for traveling to the literal end of the universe??? This is the third or fourth time he’s gone there omfg

- Like he’s always like “no one will find us here” but like at this point? End of the universe would be the first place I’d check for him? lol

- 12 looked so proud of himself when he was called ‘silly’!!!! I’m so happy for him it’s a relief he’s out of the emo ‘what kind of man am I’ phase





- on a mildly related note: Nardole running around trying to sonic things and quietly screaming was THE MOST ME THING I’VE EVER SEEN ON TV

- I do shit with that exact attitude all the fucking time you don’t even understand I was looking in a mirror it was hilarious

- So question: Since when is the Dalek’s laser “the hottest fire in the universe”? Is that an already established thing I forgot about or like…did they just want an excuse to show the Daleks? lol

- so Creepy Water Demon Girl was chasing them through time and space solely because she thinks Bill is hot?

- R E L A T A B L E

- When Bill asked the Doctor how he’d feel if someone erased his memories and a slightly warped version of Clara’s theme music started playing??? I stabbed myself that was UNCALLED for I was NOT READY

- When the Doctor was having Internal Struggles™ and he told the pictures of Susan and River to shut up and then the TARDIS started making noises at him and he was clearly getting emotionally ganged up on I was YELLING that was so funny lmao

- Why was he so against travelling??? Why the same school for 70 years??? WHAT’S IN THE VAULT??? Who did he promise????

- The whole ending scene when he was inviting Bill on the TARDIS- idk I just really liked it?

- The lighting behind him from the ship, the mini speech, the music playing in the background??? I really dug it omg


- But no yes I???? Really freaking enjoyed the episode. Like it’s obviously not the best of the series or anything but I think it was a great opener and now I’m even more pumped for the rest of the season I’m so hype I can’t handle it omfg!!!!

Rescue Me

****So…I don’t really like it but I figured I would post it anyway cause whatever. This will be my ongoing series for my blog. fingers crossed! I suck at previews so just enjoy! Let me know what you guys think!

Ft/ Roman Reigns

“Where we going?”

Glancing in my rear view mirror, I smiled at my three year old daughter, Zaleigh. Her eyes were on, Ellie, her elephant build a bear, a wide smile stretched across her face. Usually her hair would be hanging in her face but for the occasion, I pulled her unruly black curls back into a bun. Having her hair out of her face showcased her deep dimples and light hazel eyes. Everyone would say she looked like my twin but it was only the dimples, other than that we have nothing in common.

“You remember I told you we were gonna see some of our family today?” I asked her putting my focus back on the road ahead of me.

“Mmhmm. With the pool, mommy?”

“Yep, Zae.”

She didn’t ask any more questions, she put all of her focus back on Ellie.

This was our first time back in Florida since Zaleigh was about nine months old. Her daddy moved us up to Kansas. He said it was for the betterment of our family but that wasn’t it at all. It’s been the longest years of my life without physical contact with my parents, other family and friends. But we’re back now, that’s what matters.


Zaleigh’s excitement had turned into nervousness after I had taken her out of the car. Usually she would opt to walk, or run, instead she begged me to pick her up and clung tightly too me when I did. There were so many cars parked in front of my parents’ house, I realized they probably called all the family we have here and more. I could smell food from the grill and hear the laughing and talking that was going on in the backyard.

Figuring no one would hear the doorbell, I walked us over to the tall, beige picket fence and opened it.

Familiar faces of my cousins were the first people I saw. They hugged me and attempted to talk to Zaleigh but she was having none of it. Laughing it off, I told them to give her a little time in a few minutes she would be ready to talk. Walking quickly through the throng of guests, I made my way to my mom, who was sitting in a lawn chair with two women siting opposite her in lawn chairs as well. I approached her with a big smile feeling tears fill my eyes.

“Mama.” I called out catching her attention.

Without any words, she jumped up and wrapped her arms around me and Zae. In response to the contact, Zaleigh wiggled around to see who it was. Her eyes lit up.

“Nana!” Zae squealed holding arms out to her.

Even though, Zae hadn’t seen her grandparents in the flesh in years I was still able to FaceTime with them so they had a relationship. Happily, my mom took her from me squeezing her gently and placed kisses on the side of her face.

“Is that PopPop’s angel?”

My dad marched right over to us smiling and holding his arms out for Zaleigh. My mom passed her to him then wiped the happy tears from her cheeks. Daddy kissed my forehead before walking away with Zaleigh.

“My babies are finally back,” Mama squealed pulling me back to the ladies she was talking to.

“Oh, Melanie, you remember Patricia and Morgan?” She asked me as she pulled me to sit beside her.

I nodded greeting them politely. Morgan is my mom’s best friend from high school and my godmother. And Patricia is my mom’s other best friend who has lived beside us my whole life. Her, her husband and their four kids. We all grew up together, her youngest son and I were best friends until I left for Kansas. I haven’t talked to or seen him in person in years.

“Is that your baby? She’s so big.”

“Yep, that’s my baby, Ms. Patricia,” I laughed looking over at her and my dad. “She turned three on Christmas Eve.”

“She is so pretty. She clearly got it from her mom.”

Before I could tell Ms. Patricia thank you, my mom butted in playfully telling her that Zae got her good looks from her. The compliment made me feel a little better. Back in Kansas the only thing people ever said was how she didn’t look like me at all and only a little like her father.

“I think she looks like someone but I can’t put my finger on it,” Morgan added looking lost in thought.

My mom gave her a certain look then smiled at me again, pushing me towards the back door. “Go inside and bring those other plates out, Melly.”

Mama sending me inside meant there was something she wanted to say that she didn’t want me to hear. It was probably about Zaleigh’s dad. I’m just not sure what else there is to say about him that she hadn’t already. If that’s what she was going to talk about.

I searched and searched the walk-in pantry for the plates but I didn’t see them.

“I didn’t think you were really here.”

Jumping from the voice, I turned to face them clutching my chest. I was going to yell at them until I realized who it was.

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“You need a freaking bell, Joe.”

He laughed stepping inside the pantry away from the doorframe.

“And you gotta stop being so scary, Melly. You act like something was gonna jump out at you.”

“This is why I never liked you.”

Him and I smiled at each other as he closed the gap between us and pulled me into a hug. He smelled as good as I remembered. He towered over me in the hug but I don’t mind. It’s always been like this through our friendship. Cheek to chest.

“It’s been a long time,” He whispered still holding onto me.

I nodded trying to pull away from the hug.

“Not yet. Just let me hold on to you a little longer so I know I’m dreaming.”

He must have find out about what happened between Zaleigh’s dad and I. I wouldn’t be surprised if everyone in the backyard knew. Nevertheless, I stood in his embrace holding onto his waist. I’m glad to be back with my family and friends.

Joe and I ended up siting in the kitchen, at the breakfast bar, talking and joking around. We connected like we never left one another.

“I can’t believe you.” I laughed reaching over to hit his shoulder.

“I swear that’s what happened,” He said holding his hands up a if he was praying, “You can ask my brother.”

As he continued on with his story, I couldn’t help but admire him a little. He looked a lot different since the last time I saw him. Longer hair, leaner, a lot more built and a full beard. I always thought he was handsome and is even more true now.

“Mommy! Mommy!”

Zaleigh ran through the backdoor straight for me giggling as she came over. Scooping her up in my lap, I kissed her cheek and brushed hair from her face.

“Baby! Baby!” I squealed back at her.

She bounced in my lap happily. “Can we stay here?”

“I dunno, Zae. I kind of wanted to stay at our house tonight,” I told her avoiding her puppy dog eyes, “Don’t you wanna stay in your new room?”

And here comes the pouting. I swear I hated when she pouted. It was something she did with her father all the time. Whenever she pouted, cried or even looked pitiful he would give in to whatever she wanted. He may not have been good a person to anyone but he was to Zaleigh for a while. That was all that mattered to me.


“No. Wanna stay here. You go.”


Narrowing my eyes at her, I gave her my best mom face. To be honest I’m still perfecting it, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. Once she decided to look away, I moved my attention to Roman who was smiling at us.


“You should let her stay.”


Zaleigh jumped at the sound of his voice. She turned in my lap to face him, her once pouty face now shifted into a smiling face. It was because she knew she was about to get her way.


“Oh, no!” I said catching his attention. “You will not spoil her too. Her father and my parents have done enough.”


“Not my daddy,” Zaleigh mumbled lying her head back on my chest. Joe and I locked eyes after she said until I looked away. “Just let her stay, Mel. You and I can do some catching up.” After all was said, him and I just stared until he grinned at me wiggling his brows. The wiggle had made Zaleigh laugh but it was the grin that got me. That damn boyish grin, it made him look so innocent but I knew better. That grin has gotten me in a lot of trouble in the years that I’ve known him.  


Joe held his arms out to Zaleigh and surprisingly she reached out for him. As much as she talks, she can be super shy so with this being her first time seeing him, that she remembers, and she goes to him is shocking to me. She made herself comfortable in his lap facing me. Joe held her tiny hands in his larger ones and leaned down so he could talk to her.


“If you wanna stay you gotta smile at your mommy, Princess,” he semi-whispered looking down at her. “No sad face?” The genuinely confused face made the both of us laugh. She is a character. “Nah. See mommy can’t turn down a smile.” Zaleigh seemed to be pondering it for a second, looking back and forth between Joe and I. She squinted her eyes and sighed, “How you know?”


“Cause I’m mommy’s bestest friend,” he told her smiling over at me. My cheeks started to heat up and hurt from the big smile on my face. “Mommy best friend a girl.” Joe laughed taking a second to smooth his hand over his hair. “I’m her real best friend.”


“Whats your name?”


“Joe, Princess.”


“Ace,” she squealed moving to throw her arms around his neck. With a confused look on his face he hugged her back and gave me a crazy look. All I could do was laugh, it was what I used to call him when we were kids. My mom told her about him a few times before. He hadn’t heard it in years I’m sure. “That’s me,” he said pulling away, “Now come on. Let’s smile at mommy and ask her really nicely.” They mushed their cheeks together and smiled, making me giggle. They looked absolutely ridiculous.


“Can I stay, mommy? Peaaaase??”


“Yeah, Mommy,” Joe added, “Peaaaase.”


Staring at them, I tried to keep a straight face but failed miserably. When I fell into a fit of laughter Joe told her that was yes and to go tell her grandparents that she was staying. “You know she’s gonna expect you to rescue her like that all the time right?” I asked standing from my seat. “That’s alright with me. As long as I can rescue her mama, too.” Joe dropped his voice, something he did when he flirted. Some things never changed.


“You’re my best friend, remember,” I asked.


“For all intents and purposes, you’re right,” he shrugged pulling me to stand between his legs, “But there were times when we weren’t. Yeah?”


“I don’t recall.”


“We’ve got some time to go down memory lane.”


“I’m a married woman, Joe. You should not be flirting with me.” I put my naked ring finger in his face making him laugh. Grasping it, he placed a kiss to where my ring should have gone.


“I have reason to believe that you’re not married. And my sources never lie.”


Slipping my hand from his grasp, I stepped away from her backing up to the back door. “We should get back out there before they send a search party.”


“You’re right but we’ve gotta leave at some point. Right?”

Bad Reputation (Part Fifteen) - Oliver Wood Imagine [PREVIEW]

A/N: so, as promised, first preview! Bad Reputation. It is not long… at all. I am sorry for that but I will try to work on it as soon as possible and I hope you like it and that maybe you can come up with suggestions or ideas on how to continue it :) so here it goes…

Disclaimer: I don’t own Harry Potter

Bad Reputation [PREVIEW]

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i’m getting really nostalgic right now so for people who have been fans of regular show since the beginning who remembers
• when the fandom had more than like 7 people and new episodes were talked about
• that one kid in class who would always go “you know who else ____? MY MOM!!”
• rigby died at least once every season
• those previews that ended with a still of the park and a narrator saying “regular show: it’s anything but. new episode monday at 8.”
• lady pecs
• before eileen was introduced so in a desperate attempt to give rigby a love interest people made female raccoon ocs that all had the same “cool chick, loves coffee and video games” personality
• party tonight was the ultimate jam
• but there was that super weird official music video for it that cartoon network released that had people actually dressed up as the characters and it just… nyeeeh
• “cj was a really cool character i hope she comes back one day and makes up with mordecai”
• super saiyan benson
• it was pretty much agreed by everyone that the funniest scene was when muscle man got punched by the hammer and his own boobs hit him in the face
• “i hope mordecai and margaret kiss under the mistletoe in the christmas special!”
• techmo was everyone’s fave
•when bendrey still like existed
• that meme about mordecai eating salad
• the acid trip from weekend at benson’s and how you will probably never listen to mississippi queen again without imagining mordecai, rigby, and benson stumbling down the street while dancing chili peppers distort reality around them
• people editing that scene from brain eraser where the cashier guy goes “i watch it all day, every day” with their favorite show
• the really creepy original ending to terror tales of the park 2 (you see mordecai and rigby’s mangled dead bodies at the scene of a car crash and then everyone goes to hell)
• the promo for bad kiss coming out and everybody flipped
• 10 hour long loops of summertime lovin on youtube
• everybody being super proud when mordecai punched benson… yeah you know the moment
• back when rigby was just starting to like eileen but not quite so in ship fics and stuff he was depicted as like “gosh i HATE eileen and her STUPID face so why do i want to KISS HER SO BAD?”
• mordecai’s mom cecilia
• when power tower first aired and for some reason that was never explained the colors were all wrong and did it kind of hurt anyone else’s eyes?
• future meets the past (HAVE FUN BIRTHING US)
• art of rigby and rocket raccoon
• this is probably really dumb but… i miss when margaret almost always wore yellow for her casual outfits? like, i don’t know, but i still headcanon it as her favorite color :3
• people thought rigby was gay for mordecai (but come on they weren’t wrong) because he showed no interest in girls or dating for the first, second and arguably part of the third season
• “thomas is such a boring character why did he even join the show?”
• when benson told mordecai and rigby he loved them in blind trust :_)
• don’t lie, you HAVE thought about changing your name to trash boat
• “they should use the song come on eileen in the show”
• that mordecai in art school flashback and how everyone thought it was the cutest thing
• everybody hated benson after best burger in the world
• when rigby ran on all fours more often… i miss that :_(
• crossover art with adventure time
• mordaret was the most popular ship in the fandom seriously everybody was rooting for them
• i think benpops was pretty popular too
• that scene from terror tales 5 where rigby goes “let’s do something REALLY scary!” and pops goes “we could go to bed early and be alone with our thoughts” and how every once in a while the regular show tag will be spammed with the same screenshot of it over and over
• meteor moves had half the fandom screaming over the mordaret kiss and the other half reeaaally mad about the whole friend zone thing
• you probably tried to send something to the moon once, it most likely didn’t work
• that part from video game wizards where mordecai is trying to sleep in a motel room while rigby blasts his homemade song on a boom box outside and how people always replace the song with another one in edits that are all like “trying to get your friend to listen to ___”
• “omg donald trump tried to destroy thanksgiving in regular show!”
• chad and jeremy fan art/fanfictions EVERYWHERE
• the preview for steak me amadeus came out just a little after adventure time’s fire and ice aired and people were like “i have a bad feeling about mordecai and margaret since finn and flame princess just broke up”
• people wanted cj to be the new waitress at the coffee shop after margaret left
• did anyone else try to learn how to do mordecai’s robot from the tgi tuesday dance battle? no? just me? okay
• the fandom went nuts when phone recordings of comic con panels were uploaded to youtube (also remember when william salyers acted out rigby asking eileen for a date? good times)
• “can mordecai fly?”
• the calvin wong/toby jones and hilary florido/madeline queripel board teams
• i think cloudyleen was a thing for a while
• ooh also cj x thomas was actually pretty huge i’m pretty sure even one of the storyboarders like toby jones or owen dennis or someone said they shipped it
• admit it at one point or another you have wanted a mordecai and the rigbys t-shirt or an eggcellent hat
• i don’t remember the exact situation but someone from the show posted something about “ready to go steady” and tagged it rigby and eileen and nobody knew what it meant but the shippers had a field day
• how benson’s car was accidentally aired before the terror tales episode that explained how thomas got stuck wearing his pizza costume until thanksgiving so HE JUST RANDOMLY WALKED INTO THE HOUSE DRESSED AS A SLICE OF PIZZA WITH NO CONTEXT AND WALKED RIGHT OUT HAHAHAHAAAHA
• the tag after maxin and relaxin aired being flooded with screencaps of all the mordeblushes
• after the movie there were people who went “SEE this is why i hate rigby he’s selfish and ruined mordecai’s future and lied about it” and then there were people who went “LOOK AT HIM RIGBY MY SON HIS PARENTS DIDN’T BELIEVE IN HIM NO DON’T CRY HE’S TRYING TO MAKE THINGS BETTER HE GOT BRUTALLY REJECTED FROM THE MOST ACCEPTING COLLEGE ON THE PLANET HE HAS SUCH LOW SELF-ESTEEM I WANT TO GIVE HIM A HUG”
• eileen’s rock polisher jokes
• the mordaret shippers getting excited for diary but then “I THINK EILEEN LOOKS HOT WITHOUT HER GLASSES ON!” and the rigleen shippers rose
• the titles and synopses for the first few episodes of season 6 being released and they were all about muscle man and the entire fandom was like “aw CRAP HERE COMES ANOTHER SEASON 4 BOYS”
• a lot of people were even praying that the end of muscle man was about his untimely death
• speaking of which remember how like half the fandom went “damn they had the perfect opportunity to kill off muscle man” after last meal haha
• the running gag where maellard always called benson the wrong name
• also the one where margaret had a new boyfriend every episode
• you may or may not have known someone who said “TGI TUESDAY!” every tuesday for like a year
• the best rap in the entire show was probably when mordecai was telling rigby off in sweater woes for being selfish and not moving on from margaret (“not fine not fine!”)
• screen caps of those animatronics from fuzzy dice with the caption “is this five nights at freddy’s”
• when the post card was announced and all the writers were like “it’s a hi five ghost episode! no, really!”
• “you really have to blow, you’re not blowing hard enough, BLOW HARDER!”
• this was in season 7 so not exactly old but sam spina’s bad art contests
• the swift rise and fall of the cloudygret ship at one point in the love triangle i think it was after eileen flat screen aired
• everybody making their own theories about skips and his “mystery lost love” and then there were tears when skips’ story aired
• muscle man getting beaten up to holly jolly christmas and we all laughed because he deserved it
• benson’s girlfriend veronica
• “i can’t believe evangelion copied regular show”
• you’ve witnessed the introduction, filling, and re-digging of the crash pit
• the eileen flat screen fake out where jg quintel hyped the episode and said it was gonna be big and people immediately thought “RIGLEEN” but it was like nope margaret’s back
• “still think i’m a momma’s boy?”
• people making thomas memorial videos or “rip thomas” text posts after the real thomas aired
• how a lot of people left the fandom after the two great controversies™, meteor moves (“FRIEND ZONE! FRIEND ZONE FRIEND ZONE FRIEND ZONE!”) and the season 6 love triangle, also the real thomas but to a lesser extent, but most of them still went “but tell me when rigleen becomes canon yo”
• is it just me or will my favorite scene always be the season 4 ending where rigby joined mordecai on the park house roof and they watched the sunset together
• “you take margaret to the airport?” “yeah” “you want to talk about it?” “no” seriously if this is not your favorite moment then why not

Christmas Past

Hey everyone! This is Lifetime Christmas MMFD fanfic #4! It’s kind of short, but I think you have an idea of where it’s going. I was going to add more to it, but I wanted to attempt to crank out one more before Christmas day and that’s just not going to happen if I keep obsessing over this one. Anyway for those that celebrate Christmas merry christmas eve eve!!

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Underfellfangame demo – review

So I played the Underfell-Demo by @underfellfangame​ recently and I want to share my thoughts with you and want to write a little review.

If you don’t played it yet, please don’t read any further until you’ve played it for yourself!

First of all I was VERY excited to play this demo but unfortunately I couldn’t start on his release date..too busy with christmas and all. But as soon as I could put my hands on it, I was totally engaged! 
Everything is so lovely designed. The background, the characters, the voices, the music. You can just sit back and do literally nothing. It doesn’t matter because you have to take your time to examine your surroundings in the fullest. And yes, the music with your first steps is absolut wonderful and well chosen.

At first I was a bit confused why I was starting in the normal UT environment but I’m glad it did or else you would have missed this adorable dorks and their chatter at the beginning. And OMG the voices!
The voices are sooo damn good. Seriously. You felt every single emotion. The voice actors must have had a lot of fun doing their job. I love their enthusiasm and you could feel and hear it. How many times you heard the scenes, you can’t skip it, because the voices are actual too great to miss. It was very easy to imagine how everyone would act. Thank you soo much to add those voices. It’s really refreshing to actually hear them talking! And this made this game so special.
Okay, I shouldn’t admit that I fall in love with Sans voice *cough* but I loved Papyrus’s voice too! It’s the same actor, @crashboombanger, I know, but man…how did u do that? To give him such a livid voice, it’s amazing! Paps sniffes are at the beginning. Just. Too. Freaking. Adorable. I MEAN IT!!

His sniff-lines were my most favorit part at the beginning.



(haha… this is how I imagined Pap when he said his lines)

And his encouraging shouting when we stroll to the ruines….arw Pap, you’re such a cinnamon roll!

As I said already, the music is a little diamond here as well. We heard so many songs of the game already and the composer Iñigo del Valle made an amazing job! I love his music. Please visit him:

As the plot went on you met Flowey and seriously… the first time he vanished into the ground I could swear I saw him winking at me but… it was just my imagination wasn’t it? ( would be a really cool feature wouldn’t it? hehe….never mind)
Also I discovered that you can approach him from every direction so that you can see all of his four sites, which is really great too! And it’s not only Flowey.. nearly every character (besides these from the beginning) has his fours sites. Yay!

Well… and then the most surprisingly feature occurred to me. You don’t play Frisk the whole time. They are not the only one you could pilot through this demo and yes, I didn’t knew this because I haven’t seen any preview before to avoiding any spoilers. And I’m glad I did.

The following jokes and especially the batter between Sans and Flowey are too priceless! I nearly want to start the game over and over again to hear those lines again and again. Hopefully they are more of those ‘lovely’ chit-chats in the full released game! XD

Yeah, and then the demo had to end eventually. Sadly, because it was so much fun to explore the progress of the game and get a first look. And I was not disappointed. Not in the slightest! You did such a great job, wow! Thank you so much! It’s amazing how you put your thoughts and ideas of the Underfell-AU into something like that. I’m sure that everyone is looking forward to the full game but this will take time and everyone have to understand that. I mean, the storytelling, the design, the voices, it’s nothing you could do on the fly. You HAVE to take your time to reconsider, optimize and just work on it until you could sit back and freely say “Yeah, it’s finally done and I’m totally happy and satisfied about it.”

And I didn’t discovered any bugs. Which is great, because it’s really not easy to code a game like this without bugs. And debugging is a a pain in the a** later.
This one I mentioned earlier wasn’t a bug actual. It’s just a settings problem. When I open the menu and go to the option-menu and want to escape out of this, the game will crash.
It says: Failed to read the ‘localSTorage’ property from 'Window’: Access is denied for this document.
This is because you have to allow third party cookies (you can set this in the chrome settings). And everything is fine. Sorry for troubling you.

So let me just recap my words:
This demo is amazing already and you did a hell of a job. All of you!

I looked forward to this since summer last year and you really didn’t disappoint me. I love this demo and your project and I really want to support you on your way to the full release. I consider to support you on Patreon too even if I’m a bit out of money right now..haha.. but I’ll try!
So please don’t let you bother by some of those hater-mails or askings. I’m sure they are just some jealous sour beans :P
Please continue with your gorgeous work and I’m looking forward to all those future posts!

Thank you! For everything ♡

"Please Don't Be Gone."


“Dude! Be careful at practice, okay? Don’t let those idiot band members make you do anything stupid.”

The blue line extended across the top of my phone, and then disappeared. My message had been sent. Instead of ‘Sending…,’ coming atop the screen it was replaced with my best friends name, Calum.

I place my phone down beside me, but not for long because just as I was about to leave it another message from Calum came up.

“Love you, man. We’re hanging out tomorrow. No discussion.”

I read the text silently to myself before placing my phone down. There was no need to respond to that. When Calum said something like that there’s was no comeback.

Calum had been my all time best friend since second grade. We were basically joined at the hip, two peas in a pod. Looking at it now, I honestly would have no clue what I would do without him around.

We were just so close. He knew everything about me, down to the nitty gritty. And the same with him. If there was ever anything wrong we instantaneously knew.

That’s just how we were.

I ran downstairs, and joined my mother who was sitting on the couch watching the previews of our favorite movie. Iron Man.

My mom would ask questions once in awhile about the story line, or about how school was. But the main conversation was always Calum. I usually ignored the questioning.

When the movie was over I said my good nights to my mother, grabbed a snack for upstairs, and went back to the comfort of my room.

I checked my phone first, just to see if Calum had texted me. He usually did after practices.

I pulled up his name, and typed in a quick message. “Want me to bring movies for tomorrow?” I sent it, and waited for a response.

It was now nearing midnight, and I still didn’t hear anything from Calum. I sent him three more texts.


“Dude, I need to know these things before I get on the bus tomorrow.”

“Whatever, we’ll just watch the shitty movies at your house. Goodnight.”

With that I shut off my phone and went to sleep.

The next morning came fast. When I turned back on my phone there was still no texts from Calum. I shrugged and lazily made my way out of bed.

I threw my hair up into a messy bun, and slipped into my favorite pair of jeans, and a gray sweatshirt. I wasn’t looking to impress anyone in school.

The bus was weird without Calum. Usually we would mess around and throw little pieces of paper at the underclass man.

Or on days that we were extra sleepy, or if it was rainy, we would put our heads together as just sit there listening to soft music, and not talk.

Those were my favorite types of bus rides.

The day dragged on. The clock seemed to go in slow motion. I paid no attention in any of my classes. The only thing I was worried about was the absence of my best friend, and his three other idiotic ones.

All of them were completely gone.

In my last block of the day, I was called down to guidance.

They explained that Calum and the other boys had been in a car wreak.

Drunk driver.

They were in critical condition in the Sydney Hospital.

My mom picked my up early that day.

“Cal, I just got the news from guidance. Are you okay? Well that’s a stupid question, but my mother and I are on our way to the hospital. Please be okay.”

When we got the hospital, it was announced that none of the boys could have visitors, aside from immediate family. I tried to convince them that we were, but they weren’t having it.

So we went home.

“Please answer me just one word just let this be a nightmare”

“Please don’t be gone.”

That night we got the call from Calums mom.

He was gone.

When the line went dead, I stood there hearing my own breathe go through the phone. I didn’t cry, I didn’t do anything, I just stood there.

It wasn’t until I entered my bedroom, that I broke.

He was gone, and there was nothing I could do about it.

The funeral came and went in the blink of an eye.

I had to read a eulogy. All in all, it didn’t go well.

“You always said funerals were depressing and god were you right.”

For months I sent him a text everyday.

Little things like how school was, and how my dogs were doing.

He always enjoyed little updates like that when he was alive.

“Christmas Eve isn’t the same without you.”

When Christmas Day finally arrived, I sat in my room all day. A bass sat at the end of the bed.

I bought Calums present months in advance, because I thought it would sell out. With how nice the bass was, someone would have taken it straight away.

But I got it.

Not that it had a use now.

I went into town later that day to return it.

But not before sending Calums phone a picture with the caption, “Merry Christmas, dude. You would have shredded.”

The next month it was Calums birthday. I spent it with his mom going through old pictures of him.

It was the first time I had been in his room since his death.

There were so many memories created in the room, and once I entered they all came rushing back.

But the one that stood out the most, was the first time I came over to his house.

He had been so nervous about making me as comfortable and happy as he could. He brought me snacks every five minutes and apple juice cause he knew it was my favorite. The stain where he spilled it still was there on the carpet.

I left with two of his sweatshirts.

“Happy birthday. I spent it with your mom. Finally got my favorite sweatshirt of yours.”

Days dragged on. School wasn’t the same without my idiot walking around the halls with me.

We used to throw things in class, and pass notes to the other side of the room.

And not to mention every single time we got sent to the office together.

I missed it all.

“Everything is changing, I really wish you were here to see it all.”

“It’s been a year since you said, see you tomorrow. I’m still waiting.”

Life became harder and harder after the year anniversary passed. Nothing seemed right. It hadn’t since that day.

“ I’m going out with Ash tonight. He’s okay if you didn’t know. We’re getting drunk. Kind of ironic seeing as a man with too much alcohol was the reason you’re gone we grieve about it everyday I miss you so much Cal.”

Every night I would read through all the texts I had sent him. I laughed, I cried, I smiled. And sometimes I did it all at once.

Even though I knew he was never coming back, I had hope.

I just couldn’t face the fact that he was gone.

Until one day when I sent him a usual good morning text, and I got a message back that said:

“The number you dialed has been changed, disconnected or is no longer in service. Pleas resend message using a valid 10-digit number.”

And that was it.

The last shred of connection I had with him…