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“Hinata… This big idiot finally understands… The real meaning of the scarf you gave me when you went with Toneri… I know now, from the scarf you painstakingly knitted and took so long to finish, that your love can’t be unraveled so easily… Wait for me… This whole time, you always loved me for the way I am… Now, as a man, there’s something I must tell you… Hinata, I swear I will save you!”


The Dork Captains | Kuroo & Bokuto |
 - Happy Valentine’s day to my cute @sexuallyfrustratedjellal
from your secret valentine 
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Birthday gift for our dear and lovely @kamy2425 @kamydrawstuffs :D  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! 

kamkam, ive been waiting for this day eagerly! >:3c hehe//rubs hands. ive been waiting for the perfect opportunity to draw ishaka for you :’D and lemme just say…this was so fun, as you have the best fusion designs! you are one of the most cute (haha yes! cant run away from this), inspiring and fun people ive got the pleasures to meet in this fandom, as well as an incredible pun lord! WHICH IM STILL WORKING ON REVENGE! youre such an amazing friend, and im so happy ;; i hope you had an amazing birthday, and that my gift will be able to make you just as happy as you made me feel and even more! so HERES YOUR TWO DORKS IN ONE BEING SPOOPY (A DARK MAGE!) FOR YOUR HALLOWEENY NEEDS. BLESSED MONTH OF THE SPOOKS AND YOUR BIRTHDAY! :D HUGS////