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Hey six, what other youtubers do you watch?

I watch a LOT of Jacksepticeye (and of course Wiishu! I have a cactus named Wade and I like to sit with him and watch the Woosh), I love LordMinion777, chuggaconroy (lord I’ve been watching him and TheRunawayGuys for forever), Cr1tikal, Foxtrot44 on twitch, Achievement Hunter (tho not as much bc Ray was my favourite), some Game Grumps, and Geek Remix (love those girls dearly 💕)

As for non gaming, I watch a lot of CinemaSins, SlowMoGuys, Dan and Phil, Fun2draw (love her art), withwendy (her sewing videos are amazing and really easy to follow), and GiovyHobby (he makes figurines and he’s insanely talented, his fnaf figures are so realistic I watch his videos when I can’t sleep).

I’m sure I’m missing a few, but those are my big ones!

COMMISSION: hello guys i am back in business!

I’m going to open with 3 slots first, check out this page for more info about pricing/payment/dos and donts.

Email me at with this format:

  • Title [Commission] - your tumblr handle or name
  • Type of commission + additional characters/ background details if any
  • Have a clear idea of what you want. Do send me as many references as possible (e.g. colour palatte, poses, concepts, scenarios, bio of your characters etc)
  • Deadlines, if any

redbubble here if you wanna check it out too!

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Perhaps I'm grossly over simplifying this, but I'm pretty are most people know the difference between what is acceptable and what isn't. No matter how many times a kid shoots people in a video game, I don't think most will ever think that doing so is acceptable in real life. No matter how many dark stories you read, are you ever going to stop seeing them as dark? I mean horror stories seem to hold up pretty well over generations *because* they're horrifying.

I’m not talking about acceptable, though - I’m talking about what’s normal. Like, look at shaving your lady bits, and your lady bits needing to be perfectly symmetrical OR ELSE. I’m supposed to be working rn, so I don’t want to look for statistics, but I think we all know neither was a thing until, I’m gonna say, ten years ago? Fifteen? When I was a teenager, people used to shave those little tufts of hair that have the audacity to peek from a bikini bottom - if that. The idea of ‘trimming the bush’ or, God forbid, wax yourself there, was simply not on our radar. And since none of us had the possibility of spending the day looking at other ladies’ secret bits, the idea that ours might not be normal wasn’t that widespread. Now labiaplasty is a thing, and even a common thing, and I’ve read several convincing articles which argue it all comes down to porn. We see something often enough, it becomes normal. I don’t want to step into the videogame controversy (even if I do think it’s worrying that nobody respects the 18 and over warning labels, because I’ve had conversations with young students and relatives about this and no, it’s not a good idea for a twelve-year-old to watch and use content which is restricted and forbidden to minors), but I think that romance, in a sense, is even more dangerous than violence. All those shitty books and movies out there telling us it’s alright for men to stalk women and it’s alright to sulk and bitch with your friends instead of actually talking to your significant other and it’s normal that men are only interested in football and beer and all men are like that just like all women are into shoes and period, not to mention that horrific Shades of Grey bullshit on how romantic and perfect it is to allow a man to take control of your entire life, including how much you eat and when, which birth control you’re using, if any, and that you should accept all that because in exchange you’ll get expensive gifts and mind-blowing orgasms every time he puts a finger on you - all that is dangerous. And the same goes for porn. You hear stories of people (usually young men) getting completely desensensitized, even being unable to reach orgasm with a real partner, and I feel it’s the same with smut - you read your first blood and gore noncon or zoophiliac or underage story out of curiosity and after a few months it becomes just another thing you do, another thing people write, and I’m not sure that’s healthy. It doesn’t mean I’ll go out and rape a dog any time soon, but that’s beside the point. You know, only last month I was translating Seneca with a class - he’s an annoyingly strict and virtuous Roman philosopher I used to hate when I was younger but I’m now begudgingly starting to admit he may have been on to something - and it’s this passage kids always like, because it’s about gladiators. And what I like about it is that Seneca turns the thing on its head - he does worry about the gladiators themselves, of course, but he also asks: what about me? What about my soul? Why should I have to spend my lunch break watching men die? How will that make me a better person? Really, sometimes I think that what he wrote two millennia ago is mostly what I think about venturing into the seediest parts of AO3 (which are, by the way, the easiest to find, because the filthiest the story, the more hits it has).

I turned in to the games one mid-day hoping for a little wit and humor there. I was bitterly disappointed. It was really mere butchery. The morning’s show was merciful compared to it. Then men were thrown to lions and to bears: but at midday to the audience. There was no escape for them. The slayer was kept fighting until he could be slain. “Kill him! flog him! burn him alive” was the cry: “Why is he such a coward? Why won’t he rush on the steel? Why does he fall so meekly? Why won’t he die willingly?” Unhappy that I am, how have I deserved that I must look on such a scene as this? Do not, my Lucilius, attend the games, I pray you. Either you will be corrupted by the multitude, or, if you show disgust, be hated by them. So stay away.

So, really - it’s a society-wide thing. We’re often disappointed in kids when we hear them say all they want in life is to be rich and famous, but Michelle Obama was right - if those are the things we watch all day long, if those are the things we read about, well - it does have an influence on you. I mean, would we be okay with videogames where you play a concentration camp guard and you gain points by pushing prisoners into the gas chambers? Would we be happy with AO3 stories where one of our beloved characters gets his kicks and sexual satisfaction by enslaving black people, or performing ‘healing rapes’ on lesbians? I don’t think so, and I don’t know why so many other awful things have become so normalized in our community. As I said, it’s human to have weird thoughts form time to time, but I don’t believe it’s particularly healthy, in the long run, to share everything we feel with everybody.



Together with @blyedeeks we’re going to make a group chat (private sideblog or idn how yall call it) on tumblr for Alpha Male Madness poll for Bob in the final round! 

(still one hour for final 4 to end but i hope you all are voting and we got this VOTE HERE: )

Why we’re making this gc, what you’re going to find there?

  • Tips how to vote in the fastest way
  • All updates about the amount of votes we’re getting per one refersh (yes it’s possible to find this out)
  • well. together i know we can do this.

why this poll is so important check out this post.
hit me up in dms if you have any questions.


I will do it before the new round starts.

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I'm finally gonna do it, I'm finally going to watch Skam! What's the best site to watch it on?

hey buddy! well I’m very happy we finally managed to drag you into watching the show, feel free to scream to me about it once you start!!! 

the links to watch have been getting deleted lately but here’s what I have:

  • this link has the first three seasons but in lower quality
  • season 4, currently airing: this tumblr, and this twitter account usually upload updates shortly after they’re posted. and you can find the texts here.

+ and finally here’s a tutorial in case the videos on gd don’t play

hope you enjoy watching!! ❤

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you know what sin city is so popular amongst a lot of people here on Tumblr and it made it out of Tumblr by having youtube videos inspired by the series... sometimes I wonder like whAT IF just WHAT IF sin city became an actual book do you ever wonder how good it would sell? CAUSE I CAN ASSURE YOU THAT IT WOULD SELL like sometimes I know that writing for you is something fun and that's also important but I just wonder if you ever thought of like actually pursuing becoming an author. <3

I’m so happy and flattered that people thought it was good enough to make videos about. I’m still amazed that so many people read it! I know there are a lot more popular and better fics out there, but it’s just amazing to me that someone can read something I wrote and like it that much. Thank you so much for the compliment!! :* I have thought about that when I was younger because I was always interested in writing, but I don’t think I would be very successful, so I need to think about a more realistic career and not get my hopes up :)

Hey Tumblr Heather here again, well basically good news! Fuck off. Done with your fucking website. Trying to bring a little humor in. All you fucking people care about are people dying? Eh Oh my god I can’t even look at my fucking dash on this fuckin pitiful website. Suck my dick and go talk about another innocent person die. What has humanity come to? Kiss my ass bitches, suck my dick, lick my nuts, fuck my dead mother. Maybe this will get featured.. Fuck off Tumblr.

So my mom just gave me a lecture about how much time I spend on my electronics and how I don’t socialize with anyone anymore. She even brought up the old “when I was your age we played board games” act.

Then she had the guts to say that I’m not happy. How the fuck would she know? Y'know what? She’s right. I’m not happy. But talking to you guys on tumblr, watching YouTube videos, listening to music, reading on here, that’s what makes me happy.

70% of my day I am surrounded by hate and criticism, but when I’m on the internet, BAM! I feel okay! I don’t feel like I’m gonna explode, or hurt myself. I don’t feel like I’m gonna break down into tears.

Sure, maybe some people’s therapy is going outside, talking to friends, being active and social. That doesn’t work for me. The internet is therapy, it helps me get through my life.

So I guess what I’m trying to say is: shut the fuck up, mom. You don’t know me nearly as much as you’d like to think you do, and to be honest, you probably never will. I go through an awful lot of shit that you couldn’t even begin to understand, so don’t take away my one source of therapy, okay?

Thanks for letting me vent.

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ok but what about tUMMY FRECKLES

freckles on he tum


(you gotta zoom in)

and i know this was originally in response to just jensen but…

freckles on he tum indeed <3

see @purgatoryjar this is what i meant. thinking outside the box.


i’m done being honest;
take the best parts of me
and shroud them in opacity.

i am protected from you
and the rain that threatens my
weak constitution.

here is a night that i can’t tell apart
from any other; i’m walking
in the dark. it’s raining or
it isn’t or it’s snowing or
it isn’t.

you call me and i don’t answer or
you don’t call me and i think about
what i would say if you did;
the rain is harder on my own.

i want to tell you the feelings
without you knowing they’re for you;
i want to write about the tide
without the ocean knowing.

here is something honest: loving you
is a crossroads without signage,
only navigable in the pouring rain
sometime past sunset.

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Hi! I have a questions about posting logistics. When it says "posting" date in the check-in email, what does that mean exactly? Does that mean the RBB Tumblr will 'feature' our work on that date, or is that the date the works will be un-hidden in the AO3 collection, or do the mods want us not to post our works at all until that date? Sorry if I'm misunderstanding something really basic here -- I didn't realize AO3 could let you 'stagger' the reveal process, if that's what the answer is.

Hi, sorry about the confusion.  The posting date is the day that your work will be entirely posted in our AO3 collection.  If you want to post your work in intervals (say, 3 parts, once a day), then you should start earlier and finish on your posting day.  If you are posting your work in one shot, please don’t post it on AO3 until your posting day.  (Unfortunately, AO3 collections does not allow for staggered reveals.)

On your posting date, you will also make a tumblr post that links to all the relevant pieces (image sneak peek, blurb, AO3 link, link to artist, etc — we will provide a template when the date gets closer.)  This will be the post that we will reblog as a promo.

We hope that clears things up!  After all this round of check-in is complete, we will be sending out details about how to sign up for a specific posting date.  Stay tuned!


It’s new! It’s improved! It’s shiny.
                   So, yeah, hi! My name is Cassie/Sea, and I’m in the process of looking for some more RP contacts and people to chat with. This blog ( @gatheredfates ) is my main roleplay hub, and will be where any and all likes/follows/reblogs come from as far as my activity. The characters below are all on side blogs and cannot follow back.

A small bit of info about me: I’m Australian in the GMT+8 timezone, which can oftentimes be inconvenient for those who have strict sleep schedules and times they can be on/in game. That being said, I’m more than happy to roleplay outside of Final Fantasy on mediums such as Discord or Tumblr. Let me know what works for you! Samples of my writing can be found here if that’s something you’re interested in viewing.
I also like to make gifs which can be found here.
If you’d like to follow my personal blog, it’s @ofsaltandseas!

Though you do not need to follow every single one of my character blogs, I will assume some interest if you do for any! I’ll likely send asks & memes pertaining to them as opposed to general questions. This list is also not in order of activity, so don’t worry about that. If you’d like to ask for my discord or chat over tumblr IM, that’s fine too!

Now, without further adu, descriptions of my many babies can be found below!

Azuma Yumishi | Raen Au Ra | Ex-Dancer/Recordkeeper | @domandancer

The daughter of a respected samurai and once a brilliant dancer, the Garlean occupation of Doma forced Azuma into seeking refuge across the seas; leaving behind a lover she thought dead and a home swiftly razed. Caught in the blast radius of an explosion that ruined her legs, the woman now makes use of a wheelchair or cane to get around and can no longer dance. These days she resides primarily in Mor Dhona, helping to reunite fellow refugees as word of resistance and reclamation in Doma begins to take hold. With the reappearance of her Xaela lover, Saran, she hopes to someday return to her homeland and take it back from tyranny.

Your character might know Azuma if: Sensei Yumishi was a well respected samurai and teacher, making it probable that those who knew of his skills might also have met his daughter. Likewise, being a Doman refugee, Azuma has met and interacted with many of her kin in trying to reunite or discover word of their friends and family’s whereabouts. Your character could also have an interest in healing her legs or aiding in her rehabilitation – though I would stress that I am not looking for someone who can make her walk. Azuma will be more active come Stormblood.

Saraielle Thalla | Seeker of the Sun | Scholar/Twin/Accountant/Brat | @bookcatte

Adopted daughter to Rexonus Fira’lux ( blog pending ) and twin sister to Yvette Thalla ( @meowrauder ), Sara’s bookish nature and ruthless attitude has solidified her place as being next in line to inherit her father’s trading company, Firelight, when he retires. However, her resentment towards Rex’s partner, Lex ( @black-shroud-coffee ) and her distaste towards sister’s ever-constant martyrdom for a man who will not love her, Sara has developed a rebellious streak that actively has her seeking out bad company and even worse situations. Oftentimes she can be seen in the company of the sly Keeper, Xaan ( @sin-and-silver ), or frequenting the Ul’dah and Gold Saucer night life. She is young, confident, bratty and determined not to let anyone or anything get in the way of what she wants.

You character might know Sara if: Sara is an active member of her father’s trading company and is often the first point of call before one meets Rex. Likewise, given her indulgence in partying, flirting and short flings, Sara is the sort of outgoing person that is hard to forget. She’ll lead on a person as long as they amuse her; rarely caring for their well being as opposed to what they offer her.

Koret Swan | Hyur Midlander | Limsa Lominsa Privateer & Captain of The Wolfsbane | Small, Gay & Angry | @piratedswans

Daughter of the notorious fleet captain Dimitri Swan, Koret’s life has always been defined by the absence of a dick and the ‘weaknesses’ of her femininity. With her father’s plan to bear a son jeopardized by death of his wife and the survival of his only legitimate daughter, se endures the brunt of being her father’s ‘blight’ and framed by non-existent curse he believes was placed upon his person. Because of this, she has always been the victim of Dimitri’s tyranny and abuse – with her ascension and captaining of the Wolfsbane not the result of her father’s faith in her ability, though ability certainly exists, but of pressure and expectation brought upon her in his desperation to maintain his image. He will not rest until she is pregnant with a son, dead or disappears.

Your character might know Kor if:  They know her father ( though, in this instance, their opinion of her could well be tainted ), they’re involved in trade/privateering, or were one of many ‘flings’ that she has had when coming ashore at different ports. Such a relationship rarely lasts before she vanishes for work or drives people away with her cold personality. Kor doesn’t like to get close to people – especially with her father watching.

Though he is NPC’d for the most part, I also play Kor’s first mate Robince! He can be found @emswcrth.

Zathaas ‘Z’ Embera | Keeper of the Moon | Mercenary & Tinkerer | A pretty boy who is done with your shit. | @gainsandgold

Not much else is known about the elusive man known as Z, as he is not the kind to entertain facts about himself. Twin to Xaander ( or so Xaan says – you wouldn’t catch Z admitting the fact ), the Keeper male was orphaned at a young age and learned to look after himself by any means necessary. A street rat and part-time Gold Saucer employee, it’s not uncommon to see him in Ul’dah’s back alleyways or in the shadows cast by gaudy, fluorescent lights. He’s extremely cold, aloof and hard to get to know.

Your character might know Z if: They work at the Gold Saucer or spend a lot of time in the establishment, they are associated or a part of Ul’dah’s peasantry or potentially bought his services ( body guard/petty theft ) in the past.

Rhea Kaata | Keeper of the Moon | Archer/Mother/Housekeeper | @moonmothering

Upon the discovery of her husband’s criminal activities and ridding herself of his long-standing abuse, Rhea traveled with her daughter from her home in The Twelveswood to Ul’dah to take up residency within Firelight Trading Company. As a part time housekeeper and waitress to Lex’s ( @black-shroud-coffee ) establishment Moon in a Cup, Rhea appears to be coming out of her shell and finding herself again after being the victim of a rushed marriage and forced seclusion. It is not uncommon for her to be in the company of a blonde Seeker male known as Arth, who she appears to be in a relationship with.

Your character might know Rhea if: They’re associated with crime syndicates that her husband might have dabbled in ( though, in this instance, Rhea would want absolutely nothing to do with your character ), they visit Moon in a Cup often or are associated with the Archer’s Guild.

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you're the most obnoxious person i've ever known. you don't represent an entire fandom and this is tumblr ffs, people can talk about whatever the fuck they want. we know deh is about serious stuff, but again, this is tumblr omg srsly stop complaininh about the fandom every single day, it's annoying (and i'm talking about others like you too)

I’d like to start off by saying this: You don’t know me. You probably never will know me, and you should really be quite glad, I’m a piece of shit and I know that so you’re really the lucky one here. You can block me if I bother you, I won’t mind one bit. You do what is going to make you happy and if I am detracting from your enjoyment of this show then by all means, block me. I will not be offended at all. You have that option here, I’m ,unfortunately, stuck with myself.

I’ve never once in my life said I speak for the fandom. I pointed something out that was bothering me, personally. Honestly I don’t care what you or anyone posts really, I’m just saying that this fandom was once a melting pot of fantastic analysis and beautiful stories about how this show has changed and helped us and Lord forbid I miss that a little bit.

This story, and the people who created it and the people who have come together to help tell it as it is today, they all deserve to have this story told, and roping people in with false ideas of what this story is about is a little sad to me. Sorry. I just want this show to be represented in a way that pays respect to the very important messages it has. I love the art and the fun AUs but we gotta not let ourselves be fooled into thinking this story is anything other than it is. Heartbreakingly beautiful and tragic. Not fun and flowery.

That’s really all I want to say about this ever again. I’ve learned my lesson. Shut up and sit down because I’m apparently one of the most hated people in this fandom which is not what I wanted at all, but it’s like my destiny to be the most hated person wherever I go so why did I think this would be any different?

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I really wish they would at least send you the post(s) of why you were terminated. I feel like that would help not only you but everyone in the community to maybe "edit" their actions and be more careful about what they post. Because just deleting you and not saying why doesn't even help either side because honestly you always come back because you are well liked and respected in the community. Idk tumblr doesn't make fucking sense sometimes, sorry Aly. Here if you need to talk ever 💕

Thank you sweetheart 🌺

My internet was being a bitch and so was Tumblr, so I couldn’t post this back when @frenchporkybuns​ joked about Roekis being surrounded by chibbits. I just forgot to try again when both got stable.

I meant to literally surround Roekis with chibbits, but I got lazy, so here is a bonus to make up for it regarding the other chibbits:

….What? He would.

Ten Facts Game

I was tagged by @hirokothewriter! Thank youuuu!

Who knows if this will be interesting to anyone, but here we gooooo

1. I’ve shaved by head twice, once in 2014 and once in July of last year. Now I’m growing it out as much as possible because my mom wants to know what I would look like with really long hair.

2. Before shaving my head in 2014, I hadn’t had my natural hair colour in around 12 years.

3. When I was younger, I was a fairly talented flutist, to the point where my music teacher in school told me that if I stuck with it up to graduation, I was guaranteed to get a scholarship for it. I don’t play as often anymore, but when I do, I usually play pop music, which always sounds hilarious coming from a flute, but hey, it’s fun.

4. I have a condition called Spina Bifida, which basically means that I have a hole in one of the vertebrae of my spine. It causes me pain every single day, but is usually bearable. I was told when I was younger that the form of it that I have is rare, and therefor it would heal by the time I was ten as long as I didn’t have too big of a growth spurt, but of course, I grew 7 inches in two months and my back just couldn’t keep up. The hole is about the size of a loonie now, but it hasn’t gotten any bigger or smaller since it reached that size. I am incredibly lucky because if it didn’t heal by the time I was 10 (which it didn’t) then my doctor was sure I would end up in a wheel chair by the time I turned twelve. Now I’m nearly 22 and still on my feet.

5. I once had Shania Twain sing at me out of the sunroof of her limousine as she drove past my house. 

6. Due to my back being rather susceptible to injury (as I’m sure you can imagine, considering the hole that is in it), I put my back out at least once a month. However, the best story I have with it so far is the time I managed to rupture a disk by eating soup on a hill.

7. I have written complete manuscripts for three novels, but only one of them has been properly revised and edited. Can you guess which one? It’s Scarlett.

8. I still haven’t actually read Deathly Hallows.

9. I used to be a small town pageant queen.

10. I have three major collections that I am working on expanding constantly. First is Disney lunch boxes. I currently have three - one Bambi and two for Cinderella. I also technically have two from Nightmare Before Christmas, which I believe count? Second is books. I own somewhere around 600 books, 400-ish of which currently live with me, the rest still live with my parents. And third, I collect pocket watches. I currently own six (although one of them has kind of been stolen by a friend for a cosplay… She was being Edward Elric, and I had the State Alchemist watch). They are probably the thing that I like to collect the most, but also one of the more difficult things to collect. 

So that’s all I’ve got for you today! I’m going to tag @tangledlinescrumpledpaper @writebruh @theshovelestofknights and @raiswanson if ya’ll haven’t already done this. Anyone else who wants to take part is, of course, more than welcome to!

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Do you or maybe another anon ever feel angry or spiteful if being nb? Lately I have been really struggling with feeling so different from day to day. I feel like a lot of nb people are confident. At least from what I've seen in Tumblr. But I'm not at all. I feel frustrated that I can't just feel one thing and be that. Sorry for complaining... just in a lot of emotional pain right now. Thank you for reading this!

Mod Ember here.

Hun, I am spiteful every day of my life, being a NB, AFAB genderfluid person.

I look in the mirror and have a plethora of thoughts.

Why can’t I look more masculine? Androgynous? Why do I have to struggle and feel the weight on my back from these accursed /things/ on my chest? Why do people constantly misgender me? Why do I have to wipe away streaking makeup when I don’t feel good enough to wear it? Why do I refuse to take showers from depression and think it makes me look more masculine, hair slick with oil, cheeks toned from lack of sleep?

It doesn’t matter how happy all the nb people on tumblr look. Everyone has their days. Some post about it, some don’t. No one really seems to listen when you’re not positive…. That’s why we run this blog. to show people there are PLENTY of reasons to be happy with who you are. For everyone, I try to be happy for them. Other’s happiness is what gets me through my lack thereof. 

You HAVE to find something to thrive for.

I thrive for you.

I thrive for your happiness.

I know you can do it. You are valid, and beautiful, and handsome, and everything all at once and I believe in you.

please keep your head up.

Best of luck.


lance: we should have like…a team voltron sleepover.

pidge: but we see each other all the time? and sleep in the same place? what’s the use of a sleepover?

lance: pidge…we can play truth or dare. you know what that means. 

pidge: [quietly] we can finally dare keith to show us his cryptid conspiracy blog. shit. we need to have a team voltron sleepover.