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Black Sails characters  ⇀ first and last episodes pt 4

You’re Not Only Human (Pack x Reader Request)

‘Can you please do #4,14,96 with the pack fro m teen wolf where the reader feels useless or something?- Anon.

‘Can you do something with teen wolf a pack imagine of something where the reader says #14?’ - Anon

Prompts: ‘You don’t need to protect me.’ ‘Nobody trusts me to do anything important!’ ‘I’m sick of being USELESS.’

Characters/Pairings: Pack x Reader,

Warnings: None.

Word Count: 977

Notes: Decided to combine these requests since they weren’t too specific.

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‘You okay y/n? You seem a little… grouchy.’ Lydia asked quietly as we stood by our lockers before we headed home.

‘I’m fine.’ I answered. Lydia stood with her arms folded.

‘If you’re fine, did you need to snap at that freshman who was in front of your locker?’

‘He was in my way, so what?’ I shrugged.

‘Well what about going off on one in gym? You were told to sit out since there were too many players and you took it as if it was the end of the world you couldn’t play volleyball.’ Lydia’s glare intensified.

‘Yeah, she left all the crappy players out of court, it was such a bad game.’ I snipped back. I shut my locker and we began to walk out of the school. I shuffled alongside Lydia who always seemed to walk tall.

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You know the drill, in a few minutes, 1 post will contains dicks, butts etc…I’ll tag as “NSFW” as usual. No particular warning except for what I wrote here. Fully consensual, no particular kink.

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Demon Slayer


A/N: In which hit-men need love too. SO, this is NOT my best. I am super sorry about that. I just have writers block and so many things I wanna write and well, I was hoping this would help. So we’ll see. Until next time. 

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“What the hell is wrong with you now, wench?”

“What’s wrong with me? Let’s recap shall we?” The raven, haired beauty turned on her red clad heel and stuck an accusing manicured finger at him. “I walked in on you and Miroku rolling up a dead body in your living room rug!” She crossed her arms over the red dress she was wearing. “How am I supposed to trust you after that?”

Golden eyes rolled as he pushed his silver bangs out of his eyes. “Geeze. You make one little mistake, and suddenly no one trusts you.”

“One little mistake? You killed someone, Inuyasha!” She put her hands on her hips and leaned forwards slightly as she narrowed her eyes. “No, you decapitated someone!”

“Yeah. So?” She flung her hands in the air and screamed in frustration. “First of all, it’s my job, Kagome. Second of all, it wasn’t someone it was something. A demon, a bad demon, to be exact. I was hired to do a job and that demon you saw was my target.” He walked towards her. “It’s just a job.”

She flinched when he touched her arm. “I can’t deal with this right now.” Kagome turned to leave.

“Kagome. Wait do-” Inuyasha started, but Sango and Miroku came in from the open balcony doors.

“Demon has been disposed of. Waiting orders from boss man and then we can head out.” Sango explained.

“You’re in on this too?” My best friends and my fiancee, all working together to kill demons, my life is a total mess. She mused.

The two jumped at her voice. “Shit, we didn’t see you there.” Miroku gave a nervous chuckle.

“I’m sorry, Kagome. We’re demon slayers, or demon exterminators as they were called back in the day, but we work together to keep the city safe.”

“Murder is a crime. No matter the cause Sango!” Kagome’s mind was reeling.

“Baby, please-”

“No. Inuyasha, I can’t deal with this right now. I watched you decapitate a lizard demon and all three of you are covered in blood.” She moved away from his clawed hand that was caked in dry, green blood. “I’m going to be sick.”

“Kagome, wa-” Sango made a move to console her best friend when the color drained from her face, but she bolted out the front door and disappeared from the hallway.

“Fuck!” Inuyasha punched his wall. “I didn’t want her to find out this way!” Scooping up Kagome’s cell phone -that was lying on the floor where she had thrown it- Inuyasha jumped the ruined coffee table, and made to chase after her, but the shrill ringing of his cell cut him off. “What?!” He barked.

“Watch your tone little brother. I expect Satsuki has been eliminated?”

“Yes.” He growled.

“Good. New target at the Air High club on Broad and South. Menomaru has made an appearance.”

“Shit. Now?”

“Yes.” With that Sesshomaru hung up.

“Dammit. New target.” Inuyasha slammed his front door and locked it.

“Maybe that’s a good thing. Let her cool off.” Miroku patted his friend’s shoulder.

“Yeah.” Turning to the couple, “let’s go.”

“Hai.” Three people disappeared from his living room in a cloud of smoke.


“~Tonight’s gonna be a good night~.” Kagome sang as she walked through the double doors of her lover’s apartment building.

It was quiet, -even for ten o'clock at night- but this was an eerie quiet. Stepping onto the elevator and pressing the button which would lead to the pent house above, Kagome couldn’t help but wonder why Inuyasha wasn’t answering his phone.

“He knows I was coming. Tonight is our three year anniversary, isn’t it?” Kagome tapped her chin with one hand and pulled her cell phone out from the girder hidden under her dress. Kagome wasn’t a purse carrying type of woman. Sliding the lock screen to her right, she opened the calender and smiled. “Yup, I knew I wasn’t that scatter brained.” Kagome laughed at herself before she realized she was actually talking to herself.

The elevator gave a dig before opening up to the pent house floor. Kagome straightened her thigh high dress and made sure her long raven locks were placed over her shoulders neatly, then she made her way to the door. Her heels made no sound against the carpeted hall, so when a ear-splitting shriek erupted in the quiet hall, she jumped. “What the hell?”

Kagome ran towards the door as fast as she could while fishing the key around her neck loose from her breasts. Unlocking the door quicker than she had ever done before, Kagome flung the door open and within that exact moment she wished she hadn’t at all. With wide eyes, she attempted his name, “Inu-” but the words died on her lips.

There standing before her, Inuyasha, -in his black business suit from work- had his ancient sword, Tessaiga gripped in his right hand. Miroku, his best friend, had a lizard demon, -who looked to be stuck between its human and a lizard form- by the arms and the tail was trapped under his left foot. “You have no idea what you’re doing.” It hissed.

Inuyasha grinned. “Yes, I do.” His eyes bleed red as his fangs lengthened. The gagged stripes appeared and Kagome knew what that meant.

“How much is my life worth?”

“More than you think.” Miroku mumbled.

“It doesn’t matter.” A forked tongue slithered out of its mouth. “My boss will come after you. This isn’t over.”

Inuyasha’s voice was deep, dark and Kagome cringed at the sound. “Wanna bet?” With that, Inuyasha swung his right arm in a backwards arc and decapitated the demon. Slinging the blood off of the blade and re-sheathing it, he knelt down and wrapped the head in a black bag.

“Fuck, you almost got me that time.” Miroku spat as he dropped the body.

“Shut up. We got to hurry. I got somewhere to be.”

“Yeah, yeah.” The two knelt down and started to roll the body in the large beige rug Kagome had chosen for the living space. Once it was wrapped up, the two hauled it on their shoulders and carried it to the balcony.

Kagome was shocked beyond belief and was still standing there with wide, blue eyes. Her hand, still clutching the key, was over her mouth and her cell phone was held tightly to her chest when he came back in, without the body and Miroku. His silver hair was splattered with blood and other unidentified body fluids. Kagome inhaled as she caught the sight of a gash across the top of his right eye.

Golden eyes became saucers when his fuzzy appendages caught notice of her presence. “Shit Kagome! What the hell, are you a ninja or something?” He barked, clearly pissed he was caught. 

Kagome snapped out of her daze. “Yeah Inuyasha. I’m a fucking ninja.” She spat as she glared at him. 

“Well, I- you were so quiet and- I- fuck.” Inuyasha was out of the right words to say. I’m in deep shit. He mused. His molten orbs glanced from the green ooze on the coffee table, to the nearby wall and then back to her deep, blue orbs. “I can explain-”

She threw her cell phone right at his gorgeous face.


“Ugh! I even left my cell phone.” It was well past midnight when Kagome wiped her eyes as the memory came back. She sniffled as she roughly beat the whisk in a bowl of brownie mix. “Stupid Sango and Miroku.” Her eyes were puffy and red and she was mad that they kept something important from her. “Stupid Inuyasha.” She mumbled. “Stupid anniversary.” Dipping her finger in the bowl, she tasted the rich batter. “Mmm.”

“Baking brownies at this time of night?”

Kagome screamed as she grabbed the knife laying across the counter. Whirling around and throwing the knife, much like she would a bladed star, Kagome’s eyes widened when she saw the familiar pair of golden eyes staring at her in shock. He dodged the knife as it flew over his head and nicked his fuzzy right ear, which was Kagome’s favorite.

“Son of a bi-”

“Watch it, wench.” He scolded tossing her cell phone on the counter. “Miss this?”

Kagome narrowed her eyes as she reached for her phone and set it on the charging dock. “Damn it Inuyasha, you scared the hell outta me. What are you doing here? I thought I made myself clear earlier.” She went back to the batter, pouring it in a glass pan and placing it on the bottom rack of the oven.

“Feh. No, you didn’t.” He noticed the second pan of brownies cooling on the counter. “Seriously? Baking and eating brownies after midnight? That’s bad for ya, ya know.” He stated in a teasing voice.

Her blue eyes rolled as she flicked him off. “I eat when I’m upset, ass-face.” She didn’t fail to notice he had changed his attire, now in a pair of dark jeans and a deep green tee-shirt. Her gaze softened when she noticed the beaded-fanged necklace she had made him for Christmas last year, draped around his taunt neck. Shaking her head, she stuck her nose up and hmphe’d as she turned away.

Inuyasha laughed. He made his way to her, while she went about cleaning up the mess she had made. “I’m sorry, baby.” His voice was like a whisper against her skin. She shuddered in the way that caused goosebumps along her body. “I never meant to lie-” he paused, “-well, I did, but it was to protect ya.” His hand gripped her hips, pulling her close to him.

Against her better judgment, Kagome leaned back and sighed. “I just- I don’t know. That was some crazy shit, Inuyasha. I never knew you were capable of such a thing.” Pushing away so she could turn to him, “What if you lose control like that on me? What’s to say I won’t be next?”

He growled and hugged her tightly. “It was a job. I would never, ever hurt you Kagome.” She nodded slightly. “It’s not like I go around killing for fun. I’m hired to do a job that involves eliminating very bad demons. Demons that would not think twice about killing innocent people.” Inuyasha pulled away and kissed her forehead. “I don’t think I could ever intentionally hurt you, wench.”

She giggled. “I know. I just couldn’t believe what I saw. How could you keep something so important from me?”

Sesshomaru.” And for Kagome, that was explanation enough. Kagome saw the regret and hurt in his eyes. She knew deep down that he was just doing what he was told and he would never hurt her in any way. Kagome also knew that Sesshomaru was an ass and he demanded a large part of Inuyasha’s time. The older daiyoukai always got his way, so she couldn’t actually blame Inuyasha from keeping it a secret. Who knew what Sesshomaru or someone, -something else- would of done to her if she had been or was involved. The whole ordeal would take getting use to, but she knew Inuyasha loved her and she loved him more than anyone could understand.

Kagome sighed. “I’m not exactly upset about the killing thing, -well, I am upset that you’re practically murdering other demons-” Inuyasha glared. “-whether they’re bad or not, but I’m more upset that I was trusted enough to know about all three of you.”  

He kissed her lightly. “I couldn’t risk it. Ya know how strict lord-icy-ass is. He would have of mauled us for leaking anything out, but since you caught us, technically, we didn’t spill nothin’.” 

“He’s gonna find out, he always does.” 

“Well, too late now. Besides, ain’t I marryin’ ya soon? You’ll be his sister-in-law, so he can’t actually hurt us because of pack law, or some shit like that.”

“Got it. So, these claws will never hurt me?” She pulled one hand up to examine the said claws.

“Not intentionally.” He sighed. “Have I ever in the three years we have been together?”

She grinned. “Well, there was that one time when we were going at it so rough, and your claws nicked my breast.”

“Accident.” He defended.

“Or when you threw me on the bed and flipped me over, claws dug into my hips. Had four puncture wounds on each hip for a week.”

“Accident and you enjoyed that night.” Inuyasha growled playfully, pulling her as close to him as possible.

“Oh, just last week, your claws came dangerously close to ripping my p-” She was cut off as he slammed his lips against hers. Kagome felt the vibration from a content purr -as she like to call it- as she kissed back with equal passion. When he pulled back, he whispered, “Happy Anniversary, baby.” Against her lips.

“I thought you forgot.” She mumbled as he nipped her bottom lip with his fangs. Kagome smiled. “Mmm.” Licking her lips as he pulled away. “I love when you take charge like that.” She whispered.

“Yeah, well as soon as I take those damn brownies out, I’m going to take charge of every part of you.”

Kagome let lose a loud laugh. “That would of been so much sexier if you left out the brownie bit.” He nipped her nose as she giggled batting him away. “Fine, but first, let me take care of that ear. I can’t believe I actually threw a knife at you.” Reaching up with a dish towel, she dabbed the afflicted ear and he winced in pain.

“It’ll heal by the morning.” Inuyasha moved to the stove and pulled the pan out with an oven mitten that was shape like a kitten head, which wasn’t surprising at all -it was Kagome’s kitchen after all-. Turning the oven off and discarding the pan and mitten, he turned lust filled orbs on his woman. “Now. Where was I?”

Kagome squealed. “Don’t you dare-” He moved forward. “-Inuyasha!” She screamed as he lunged at her. Dodging the best she could, she ran for the living room. She secretly loved the cat and mouse chase -or was it the dog and cat chase?- either way, she adored her hunk of burning half-demon chasing her around her apartment. Because once the chase was over and she had been caught, she knew exactly what was to come.

And her body yearned for the touch of the man, she couldn’t live without, Demon slayer or not.

It was a happy anniversary indeed.