here's to you mrs robinson

As Every Man Lives & Dies: A L O N E

I HOPE YOU DIE  (i hope we both die)
a fanmix for the mad trash king


BONUS TRACK the first
( but it’s always someone else’s fault )

EMPIRE alpines
( i must say, this is as good as it gets )

EMPEROR’S NEW CLOTHES panic! at the disco
( the crown! i’m all dressed up and naked, i see what’s mine and take it )

DEMONS sleigh bells
( you pull the hood back, i wanna know: which way will the heavenly go? taken down )

REAPER MAN mother mother
( every good thing, i kill it dead )

PEOPLE II: THE RECKONING andrew jackson jihad
( in fucking fact, mrs. robinson, they probably hate to see your stupid face, so here’s to you, mrs. robinson! you live in an unforgiving place )

UP THE WOLVES the mountain goats
( there’ll always be a few things, maybe several things, that you’re gonna find really difficult to forgive )

NO CHILDREN the mountain goats
( i hope it stays dark forever, i hope the worst isn’t over)

LIVIDITY nicole dollanganger
( i only love the things that i can hurt ) 

BONUS TRACK the second
( he’s got a mean bite )

*to the tune of mrs. robinson*

and here’s to you mrs. robinson ((youtube poop voice) Jeez I Love To Suck Fat GooD CaaC 

*LOUD CRASH sound followed by a reverse of audio and then a sped up half second that’s extra loud*