here's to the sun

“Ta-daaaaa! Here it is, one and all– The official tournament match-ups du jour! The games won’t be starting quite yet, as we need to contact our guest referees and let them know who they’ll be working with, but in the case of Team Orca and Team Zero Approval, I’d like to explain how they’ll be working! 

As we have an uneven number of teams, we didn’t want to knock someone out of the tournament just like that. Therefore, Team Orca and Team Zero will be playing best two out of three, and the winner will move on to Team Fujin! We’ll have a special consolation prize prepared for the loser, of course, so please hang in there! Well, we hope to see you soon!”


The Eleventh Hour so far has my favorite storytelling from Griffin! So here’s a pseudo-movie poster ehuehueue

Had to do another illustration for our Fantasy Illust class and our prof gave me the go signal to draw TAZ again as long as I found good face refs for them. B^) I based Magnus, Taako and Merle on John Spainhour, Paul Boche, and Brian Cox respectively!