here's to the sun

I’m not sure why
I’m not sure how
not sure what
brought you to me
but all I can say
is between you and me
I’ll love you darling
til last I breathe.
And I will lie
here with you,
forever forgetting
the sun as it sets.
For you are my star
and you are my home.
I’ll love you, love you
for ever and ever.
I’m not one for promises but
I’m sure of you
so I don’t mind so much.
And here with you
is where I’ll be
and where I’ll always
want to stay.
I love you, dear
and please don’t forget
that my love for you
knows no bounds.
Constellations on your skin,
a thousand lights
I always love,
like you
like you
oh my dear
I love you so.
—  3/27/17 5:57 AM, I love you

Just beat it today after getting it a week ago…LIKE REALLY THOUGH, WTF WITH THAT ENDING SQUARE ENIX? REALLY?




God, Evangelion had a more satisfying ending and felt more hopeful than that did…..AND AFTER YOU MADE ME FALL IN LOVE WITH NOCTIS TOO? FUCK.YOU. SQUARE ENIX. 

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BTW this is just a warning to the onslaught of FF15 AUS I’m probably gonna shit out because of this…this travesty.

C25K, take 3

I’m trying, again, to get back into jogging. It’s so hard here with the winds, intense sun, elevation changes (somehow every direction from my house is uphill), & altitude. Add the fact that there are no good gyms that offer childcare and my husband’s shitty and unpredictable schedule and motivation is nigh impossible.

I need to drink less and exercise more.

unsungvaliance  asked:

Reading your quotation of the Summerhall passage from TWOIAF revived a thought I had when I read it the first time... The ink blotting Gyldayn's history struck me as a tad convenient for an order that keeps a book called Blood and Fire aka The Death of Dragons locked away in a vault at the heart of the Citadel. I've always wondered if perhaps Egg succeeded, but the maesters were on hand to make sure he didn't. Not that we'll ever find out, but I'm curious as to your thoughts there.

I don’t think so. My take on what happened here is that Egg flew too close to the sun, and burned for it. 

so, if you guys haven’t noticed, i actually have some conversation series going on this blog. if you notice after the #k-drama tag, unless i made some comments about it, either it will be left blank or it will have an additional tag that shows which series it belongs to. here’s a list of current conversation tags that are going on. there may be more added into the list. for the full page of things i tag and a better description of the tags, here’s my masterlist.

  • sun woo tries to be a brother - sun woo tries his best to fulfill a promise he made to mak moon, which is to look after his sister. i repeat: he tries. 
  • hwarang therapy session - being a hwarang is physically, mentally, and emotionally hard. so hwi hwa created weekly therapy sessions for each hwarang group. 
  • doctor ah ro’s office - when hwarangs get injured or need someone to talk to, they head to her office. nothing else really happens.. so far…
  • hwarang assignments and lessons - in which the hwarangs learn beyond war and art. they learn things that if the queen finds out, she might reconsider the idea of hwarang.
  • han sung time - just all the tags where han sung is mentioned or involved in. poor baby didn’t deserve to die…
  • the royal family - in which conversations go beyond the hwarang house and inside the palace walls. 

**Do not repost/use without permission

Alola! Pokémon Sun and Moon are officially released today!