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I’m tryna understand why some people automatically think that if Jay does sign with Roc Nation that AOMG is a wrap. If anything, Jay probably signed a management deal with them. Meaning if he does decided to release stuff out here, he has Roc Nation to manage him. Just like CL and PSY signing with Scooter as their manager. For example, DJ Khaled is signed to them under a management deal. Khaled still has his label We The Best. When 2NE1 was still together, they were signed under Capital Records. Dean is signed with two different companies. I highly doubt that Jay would let everything he and everyone else in AOMG worked so hard for end over Roc Nation. And even if he does sign as an artist, there will still be AOMG. That’s why they have a CEO and a Co-CEO. I’m proud of him because this is a good move for him to bring his music to a wider audience and more attention to AOMG.

Ghostbusters Hogwarts Headcanons

-Erin and Abby are muggleborns, Holtz is a half-blood, Patty is a pure-blood, and Kevin is a Squib (but he’s the ground keeper’s assistant because the Headmaster felt bad for him)

-Holtz is an Animagus and can turn into a blonde tabby cat

-Holtz’s favorite subjects are Potions (cause it’s easy to make things explode and Professor Gorin is there) and Muggle Music, her least favorite is herbology but only because in the first class she was attacked by like six of the plants

-Erin’s favorite subjects are Defense Against the Dark Arts and Charms, her least favorite is Astronomy

-Abby’s favorite subjects are History of Magic and Charms, her least favorite is Flying because it scares her and she’s relieved it’s not required past first year

-Patty’s favorite subjects are Muggle Studies and Care of Magical Creatures, her least favorite is Dark Arts because it reminds her of the history of discrimination against half-bloods and although she may love history she hates discrimination

-All of them take the extra-curricular class Ghoul Studies once the squad comes together. They love it

-Erin and Abby grew up together, and Abby was the first one to believe Erin’s stories about being able to do magic

-Erin had to run away with Abby to go to Hogwarts because Erin’s parents didn’t believe her about the letter, even after Abby showing them she had one too

-Holtz and Abby are both Hufflepuff, Patty is a Gryffindor, and Erin is a Slytherin

-Erin always wears her uniform exactly to dress code but somehow manages to get a hold of a Slytherin bow tie, Patty wears everything but the tie, Abby wears basically everything but never the robe, and when Holtz actually attempts the dress code she still only wears the tie and the shirt. “Dress code is for dudes” is her response whenever Professors lecture her about it 

-Erin and Abby were best friends until their third year, when they had a huge fight after the Slytherin/Hufflepuff dueling club rivalry led Erin to cast the attero jinx on Abby’s wand the night before the championship, making her wand snap in half at the beginning of their duel

-Holtz befriended Abby after that by not only helping her fix her wand, but by hiring Peeves to pull a slime-prank on Erin, dubbing her “Ghost Girl”

-Holtz didn’t watch the prank happen because she felt awful about it going down, so she never actually met Erin until their fourth year when Erin accidentally happened upon Abby and Holtz’s “lab” in the ROC

-”Come here often?” happened in the ROC too (Holtz scared the living shit out of Erin when she transformed out of her cat form while leaping onto a table) as did Abby and Erin becoming friends again after they all had to stop a boggart that somehow got in (Abby’s fear was abandonment and betrayal, and that made Erin realize what she had done)

-They met Patty when she joined their new “muggle history book club” which was code for “let’s make a club as an excuse to do whatever the hell we want when and where we want it and we know nobody cares about muggle history so let’s just do that” but they let her stay because she was actually really cool and had some good ideas for some of Holtz’s potions and enchanted muggle tech

-They always hang out in the ROC, half of it is covered with white boards for Erin to write her spell ideas on, and the other half is a bunch of random muggle shit, like iPhones and record players, and a potion station is thrown into one corner next to the lounge area. When Patty joins the “club” they let her bring in all the animals she finds and befriends wandering in the Forest because she loves the fairies and sprites

-Holtz met Kevin when she was in the Forbidden Forest looking for potion ingredients, and she instantly befriended him and taught him everything about magic that he wanted to know, including introducing him to the rest of the squad and the ROC where he now basically lives

-Patty and Holtz join the Quidditch team in their sixth year because Patty bet Holtz she could be a good enough Keeper to keep Holtz from scoring on her all year, so naturally Holtz has to prove her wrong

-Every match Kevin, Abby, and Erin wear Gryffindor and Hufflepuff stuff to support both of them

-The first match goes on forever because both Patty and Holtz keep “accidentally” messing up so the score stays even

-Gryffindor wins but only because a bludger hit Holtz square in the face while she was doing a loop on her broom to impress Erin (the bludger totally came from the Hufflepuff beater who was fed up with Holtz for dance-flying and “accidentally” dropping the quaffle when she could have scored on Patty)

-Erin waits in the infirmary for Holtz to wake up and makes sure to cast the Slug Vomiting curse on the beater when he’s flirting with a group of girls in the hallway

-Erin and Holtz totally make out after every Quidditch match, she would never admit it but Erin thinks Holtz zooming around the pitch with her tinted goggles and blowing hair is super hot

-Kevin knows all the secret passageways around the school and somehow knows all of the Prefect routes. His boyfriend also works at Honeydukes and gives them all free candy basically whenever they want

-Holtz builds a special wand for Kevin and helps Erin to enchant it to allow Kevin to cast certain simple spells without needing magic. He cries when they give it to him for Christmas

-Patty and Abby totally know all the house elves by name, and have them deliver food directly to the ROC whenever the squad gets hungry

-Patty is lowkey obsessed with muggle board games, and has Abby and Erin bring some in so they can have “family game nights” together. Kevin kinda sucks at all of them but they always let him win anyway cause they love him

-They all cry graduation day, even Kevin and Holtz. They lay on the Quidditch Pitch that night, looking at the stars and talking about the future, and right then and there they all agree to start a business together

-The business is called “Exotic Creature Collection and Delivery” but after they catch the ghost of a dragon to use in a Triwizard Tournament everyone calls them the “Ghostbusters” much to Erin’s annoyance. “We only caught one ghost! The name makes us sound like we hate ghosts!” “Erin come on it’s a cool name and it’s good for business.” 

-Kevin is apart of the business too but because it’s too dangerous for someone who can’t use magic to go on Creature Hunts he stays at their headquarters to handle the money and keeps track of the requests as best as he can

-After some initial interference from Minister Bradley, the MoM ends up funding certain collections and also hires them for Dementor hunts every time one goes AWOL

I made utaite keychains for sale on ComiFuro 6 this August! I’ll be selling these with my circle only on the second day. I might open some preorder (for domestic only) after they’re arrived so if you’re interested please stay tuned haha ( ´ ▽ ` )

PS: the final product might differ a liiiil bit since I’m still going to edit it a bit

The King and The Prince

All right my fellow Crickies, so, an interesting discovery was made on Instagram last night.

The picture below is from Tim’s Instagram (Tim works for ROC)


But… #hangingwiththeprince is why I’m making this post!!!!!! Because HELLO. THE PRINCE. RICKY IS BEING CALLED THE PRINCE.

Below is Ricky’s response to Tim:

Why not indeed!

Now, we all know Cris is THE KING don’t we??!!!!!!????

Well turns out the people at ROC call him The King as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Righty, now you all need to look at this picture below:

Here is Tim calling Cris and Ricky The King and The Prince. In the same sentence.


Like HONESTLY what sort of romantic fairytale is this???????? Can you believe Cricky get called The King and The Prince by people who know them??? Somebody pinch me please! Cristiano Ronaldo The King of football fell in love with Ricky Regufe and made him his Prince!!!!!! *Breathes heavily into a bag*

Just to show you that there’s more than one person out there calling Ricky The Prince. Here is another man, who works for ROC, and this is what he said on a picci with Ricky:

As you can see this guy also calls Ricky The Prince. This time The Prince Pozuelo. And do you want to know what Pozuelo is??? POZUELO IS THE AREA IN MADRID WHERE CRISTIANO RONALDO LIVES.


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Me right now ^^^^^^

Loch: (standing with @rocbites after they land in a new region) Alright, we’re all here, right?  All your Pokémon made it off the flight–Roc, Vasco, Garou, and–where’s Pitch.
Pitch: (already mounting every wild canid, lupine, and leporid outside of the airport)
Loch: (just. puts his face in his hands.)

“The Final day of the Formation World Tour was nothing short of Epic. The Jay, X and Ja reunion.. Wow.
New artist like A Boogie & Young M. A. came through and blessed us. Not to mention Ma$e, DJ Mustard & Fetty Wop joined us for the 1st time as well and killed it. Thanks to The LOX too.
This pic may seem random but the people in it are certainly not. It happened right before we exited MetLife stadium at 1am or something still on a high from the show. The artist in this pic like T.I., Remy and August came to several shows, held us down and performed just for the love. As did all the others. You can’t buy that.
The We The Best Team including Justin from Roc is in here as well who held Khaled down. DJ Nasty kept it together on the turntables even though we never followed the show script. Lol. Ivan for capturing the historic moments. Terrel & Smokes kept Khaled fresh to death.
My brother, Jay, who we can’t thank enough for standing on the side of the stage for every show and coached Khaled & I through the performances. He also took a pic with EVERY guest artist that came through. Lol. Applaud him for that.
Steve Pamon, Melissa & Larry from Parkwood for making sure we were good!!!! Anyway, I’m not tryin to do any long dumb thank you speech. It’s important for me to point out and thank those who work hard and deserve it. They often aren’t acknowledged or applauded cause they’re behind the scenes.
Khaled, they said we couldn’t do it. We showed them better than we could tell them.
Kiko, I’m sick you not in this.
I feel like I just came off a Michael Jackson tour. Lol. Beyonce is 1 of the greatest to ever do it.. Ever!
Love you, B. Thanks!!!”

irony-ruined-my-life  asked:

Hi so I saw your post about being Taiwanese and man that really sucks I'm so sorry wow, could you do me a huge favour and fill me in? I had no idea this was going on and I'd like to be aware of it if it's not too intrusive or something you don't wanna talk about, sorry again for bothering this is a really dumb question

It’s really really complicated because it’s not only politics, but I’ll give a simplified version. I did not learn any of this in Taiwan, nor from my parents or school, so hopefully I am as neutral as I can be. But please, if you have the chance it’s best to study it from different perspectives and make your own decision on what you think it’s true!

I personally think wikipedia is a great place to learn about this: [history of Taiwan] [cross-strait relations] [political status of Taiwan]


  • Republic of China (ROC): Current government of Taiwan. Governed China during 1912-1949.
  • People’s Republic of China (PRC): Current government of Mainland China.
  • KMT: One of two major parties in Taiwan. Founded ROC. Pro-unification (sort of).
  • DPP: The other major party. Pro-independence.
  • When I use the word Taiwan or Mainland, I mean the geographic location without any political context.
  • Note that governments and the people should never be viewed as one.


  • Before 1662, Taiwan (and its Aboriginals) was colonized by various powers (Dutch, Spainish…). Zheng of the Ming Dynasty drove the Dutch out and establish his own government on the Island.
  • 1683, Zheng surrenders to Qing Dynasty. Taiwan becomes part of Qing China as a result.
  • 1895 Qing lost to Japan and gives Taiwan away. Japan rules Taiwan for about 50 years.
  • Meanwhile KMT overthrows Qing and establishes ROC in Mainland.
  • After WW2, Taiwan was returned to ROC (there is actually a loophole here; documents only said Japan was to give up Taiwan, but didn’t specify that China gets to take it back).
  • Civil war between KMT and the communist party. KMT escapes to Taiwan, communists establishes PRC in Mainland. Both sides claim they are the only China.
  • 1949-1987 Taiwan was under martial law (more on this later)
  • 1970s, ROC is replaced by PRC in the United Nation and therefore is no longer recognized. USA breaks off diplomatic relations with ROC to establish relations with PRC. Most other countries follow.
  • 1996 first presidential election in the history of ROC.

Current situation of Taiwanese people:

  • ROC flags are not allowed to be shown in any official events, conferences, competitions etc outside Taiwan (such as the London Olympics flag incident). We usually have another flag specifically designed for the event.
  • The national anthem is replaced by the flag anthem in events.
  • We have to use “Chinese Taipei” for the name (the “Chinese” here meaning the ethnicity). Some countries force Taiwanese to put down “Taiwan, China” on documents. 
  • The above absolutely cannot appear in Mainland. Singers get banned and attacked all the time if they’re not careful (Tzuyu is only one out of many cases). Chinese TV news covered the flag pin on our president’s shirt just before the “historic” first meeting ever of the two leader last November lmao
  • We can travel with our ROC passport, but a while ago the UN offices stop accepting it as a valid ID (but we can use driver licences issued by ROC lol). To travel to Mainland we have to get a “Taiwan compatriot permit”.
  • Basically whenever something can be interpreted as “Taiwan independence”, PRC jumps in and pressures the country or committee to stop it.

Some important events that changed many Taiwanese’s view on their identity:

  • Qiandao Lake Incident (1994): Mysterious murder of 32 Taiwanese tourists and local guides on a boat in Mainland. Lots of censorship, unprofessional investigation, reports not matching, officials disrespecting the victim’s families, hurried execution of the “suspects”. After the incident, for the first time there were more people identifying as Taiwanese than Chinese in Taiwan, and supporters of Taiwan independence went up by 10%.
  • Third Taiwan Strait Crisis (1995-96): A series of missile tests in the waters between Taiwan and Mainland in response to Taiwan’s first presidential election.
  • 921 Earthquake (1999): China asked that others ask for approval before sending help, Chinese oversea units opened accounts for donation under “Province of Taiwan, China”, delayed Russian plane, and “helped” Taiwan thank the world.
  • SARS Outbreak (2003): Lots of censorship, which was really dangerous for Taiwan because we are not in the World Health Organization. Chinese newspaper also lied about providing Taiwan vaccines.
  • World Health Assembly (2003): After SARS, Taiwan asked again to be included in WHO. USA, Japan and the EU supported the idea, but China said “to invite Taiwan to WHO is 於法不符, 於理不容, 於情不合” (sorry I have no idea how to translate this; basically “nonsense”). When a reporter asked “did you hear need of the 23 million Taiwanese?”, the Chinese diplomat replied “we already refused. Didn’t you hear the committee’s decision? Who cares about you guys.”
  • Sunflower Student Movement (2014): A protest against the undemocratic processes of KMT signing the Cross-Strait Service Trade Agreement between Taiwan and Mainland, organized by mostly young students and activists. Inspired many young people to get involved in politics, and lead to the creation of many new parties and the rise of the “third power” in this year’s (2016) election. From what I see, this was also a huge spark for the current conflicts between the older and younger generations.*
  • China still has thousands of missiles pointed at us, and if we are to say we want to be independent, they won’t hesitate to use it… is what they say.
  • Some people argue that they don’t want to be Chinese because the “bad image” of the current China. I will not talk about this because it’s an uncomfortable topic to discuss.

* The current generation is said to be “born pro-independent”, because from birth most of us have zero attachment or affection toward Mainland China and PRC, unlike the generations before who are either born in Mainland (or second generation), or taught that they were Chinese since childhood by KMT.

But the “Taiwan problem” is not only because the “two Chinas” wouldn’t recognize each other. There are tons of conflicts within Taiwan itself. Until 1996, KMT basically had dictatorship over the island, and were quite corrupted. During the martial law / white terror period, Lots of people were robbed, imprisoned, tortured, assassinated and executed (see 228 massacreFormosa Magazine incident,  Lin Family Massacre). A huge part of KMT’s money came from this. These lead to the rise of the other parties, the major one being DPP. Depending on whether they were treated better by the Japanese or KMT, Taiwanese divided into two sides (hence the “are we ROC or Taiwan?” argument). 

KMT realized it is no longer possible to take back Mainland, so they started leaning towards PRC. One time a Chinese official came to visit Taiwan, and KMT (elected at the time) pulled down every ROC flag that could be seen and arrested people for holding flags. You’d think people would all support DPP by this time, but because the only time they ever got elected and everyone had hope for a change, the president was discovered to be corrupted. Also the older generation who had been through war just wants a peaceful life, so they hate any change that could take it away. In short, Taiwan is divided into two in everything: KMT— DPP, unification — independence, status quo — change, older — younger generations.

The side that supports KMT generally prefers status quo, because otherwise it means conflict. The extreme ones tend to support unification. The opposing DPP generally leans more toward independence. The extreme ones on this side tends to want absolutely nothing to do with China, therefore wants to abandon the name “ROC” and be independent as “Taiwan”. These are the people the PRC hates the most. 

Basically, if everyone understood and respected each other’s opinions and values, none of these would’ve happened.

Edit: I should mention that up until the Qiandao Lake Incident, most Taiwanese identify themselves as Chinese, because that’s what the KMT had been teaching them.

Edit 2: How did I forget the assassinations of Henry Liu and Chen Wen Chen.


Just gonna leave this here *goes back into the cut*