here's to the onslaught of summer

A tongue has no bones but it can break a heart.

OASAP shorts, House of Haven top, ShuBar sneakers, Ellen’s Dressing Table choker, Mela Purdie jacket, AJ The Label badges, Stefan eye shadow 

I would just like to apologise for my absence on here over the past week, the Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival got in the way. Although, those of you who follow me on Instagram are probably wishing that I would shut up after the onslaught of posts this week. It was an amazing week, as soon as everything settles down again, I’ll get some posts up. Right now though sleep, uni, shooting the abundance of clothes are arrived in my absence and getting ready for Sunday’s wardrobe sale are my priorities. 

This outfit has me a tad excited for summer - the concept of actually being able to wear this House of Haven crop has me thrilled. Plus chokers look all that much better when you’re not rugged up. Only 94 days to go though, then it will be chokers and banana shorts and tie-dyed crops all round, and fruit, beach trips and bare legs and all of the other amazing stuff that summer brings. For the mean time though, with my badges thrown on, I’m content with being grungy with my new found exhaustion induced bitch-face, perched on top of a skateboard that doesn’t move/I stole. 

Writing this post is kind of exceeding mental capacity tonight, so I am off to bed before I write an ode to another season or something else that is equally as odd. But before I go, please please please come along on Sunday to the Eagle Farm Markets from 7am to 12.30pm and shop my massive, unworn wardrobe and meet me. Sweet dreams ❤

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