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like - ok. I’m feeling very melodramatic today, here’s my rant. I’ve been trying to stay out of it at least publicly, but also sort of low-key constantly frustrated with the backlash against supercorp fandom in particular because like, I’m a high school teacher, and I spend a lot of time with teenage girls sobbing in my classroom over shit, and I just have a lot of protective feels about teen girls I guess.

There is bad behavior in the fandom, I do not deny it. But there’s bad behavior everywhere in every fandom, and lets not pretend all bad behavior gets called out equally. Like - fandom is an embarrassment. We’re all agreed, right? There is no fandom you could join where it would be completely unembarrassing and chill? If you’re about to name one, my suggestion is, “yeah…. wait a year, let’s watch those tags together, shall we?”

There’s a reason that the backlash against supercorp fans behaving badly has been so much more vicious than when other fans are obnoxious, and it has to do with who those fans are - young queer girls. I think teenage girls get derided for being interested in things more than just about anyone else. It makes me angry to be in a fandom where I see so many queer adults being assholes to and about queer teenage girls. Like - you could be a mentor instead? I guarantee that when you were 14 you were fucking obnoxious also?

And there’s a reason that the actors feel so comfortable being shitty to those fans too. Fans of straight ships are obnoxious as hell, and I’ve never seen a musical number about it.

All that said, it’s still an embarrassing fandom to be a part of, and I’m assured by trustworthy people that my refusal to join twitter has shielded me from seeing the worst of what has been some outrageously embarrassing behavior. But none of that makes it cool for a bunch of professional adult straight people to sing  a rude homophobic song to a bunch of queer teen fans making fun of them for seeing themselves in fiction.

I am just…. I’m currently very fed up with straight people. gonna add this to the lengthy list of reasons lol.

All of which is to say, I think I will spend my evening accepting Supercorp Revenge Prompts! Send me your porn prompts, and I’ll see how many I can churn out on a single Saturday night!!

Code Pumpkin story:

We set up the Lemax miniatures for Halloween yesterday and today a woman came in, saw the entire display and said:

“Oh. My. God. I knew they did this for Christmas, but I didn’t think they did it for Halloween!” 

And I’m like - here: let me show you my favorites. So I showed her the miniature of death on a motorcycle flailing his scythe behind him and she’s like:

“On my way to steal yo girl!”

So I just kind of left her to stare in wonder for a few minutes and when she was done she went through my checkout line and bout like four of the houses. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a grown woman THIS HAPPY. 

Things I want to see in VLD SEASON 3


-please bring back Shiro. If y'all don’t, then my boy Keith may never smile again and I honestly just can’t take that

-speaking of Keith and Shiro, GIVE 👏🏻 ME 👏🏻 THEIR 👏🏻 BACKSTORY 👏🏻 I wanna know how they met, their relationship, etc

-speaking of backstories, can I have some Garrison flashbacks? Like show me more Misadventures of Hunk and Lance™

-bring Matt back. Let my girl Pidge be happy pls

-I am 10000000% here for a bit of Langst tho. Tell me about the family and the planet he misses dearly. Or the rain or the ocean.


-Just more of Lance all around.

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Alrighty, this starts a new section of milestones! and yes i’m cryinf in that picture bc i’m a baby like that,, SO! Here’s how it’s done.

1st place winner - full body of their Candy + guy/girl.

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3rd place winner - bust of their Candy + guy/girl.

1. Reblog this post with a picture of your Candy and your favorite girl/guy.

2. Tell me what the two of them would do together. Ice cream date, waterpark, whatever tbh.

3. annnd hope you end up being one of the three! <3 (re-blogging doubles your chances!)

yeah i doubt this’ll be re-blogged but yoo,, good luck!

okay, so today members of the supergirl cast shut down a wlw ship and laughed about it, screaming that it would “never happen” and that’s a whole other issue on its own…

but do they know the effects it has? like, immediate effects on people.

i live in new york city. im a nonbinary lesbian. today, i was riding the subway home when a man rudely asked if i was a boy or a girl. I didnt answer. He called me the T slur. 

I got mad. I told him to shut up. He then called me the D slur and shouted some other derogatory things at my back as I got off the train at the next stop.

I come home, i get on tumblr to try and calm down and instead im greeted by the cast of my favorite show, a show i watch to escape, see myself and who i hope to be represented, bashing on a huge part of who i am.

Supergirl is who I look up to. Seeing her destroyed in season two was bad enough. To then see someone who I aspire to be like laughing and bashing on wlw… 

It broke my heart and it hurt. Its a joke to them, but it really hurts me.

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"I know what a girl sounds like." "I'm not a girl, I'm a boy! I-I mean a man!" Yup, Peter Parker is a trans guy. I don't make the rules, I just work here.

i remember one time in high school this cis guy’s voice cracked in front of the class and his friends were like “dude, you sounded like a girl just then lmao” and he was like “you’re a dick” and that was it, and this was how i saw many cis guys react to being told they sounded like a girl through puberty

meanwhile i remember last month when i was talking to some strangers and they called me a girl and my reaction was basically identical to peter’s in homecoming


Dusty - “I never believe or think on anything they ever say… because I have you, and you’re the only one for me.”


Wow! First time doing a full background like this! I kinda like how it turned out!




Day 6 - Why is Clexa important to you

I usually don’t write my thoughts on this blog, but here we go, bear with me. I live in a country where my sexuality is not accepted. Before I started shipping Clexa I knew my sexuality, I knew i liked girls but I was never comfortable with this aspect of me. So for me, Clexa, the ship, and the fandom are the reason why I am now comfortable with who I am, comfortable and proud to be using the label bisexual for myself. So thank you, for making me feel proud in myself, in my identity and giving the sense of believing that I belong to a community, that I am not alone.

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Oh wow I loved this last fic about Yousef's sister!!! 😍😍😍 could you maybe do a continuation of it? Like Derya actually going to the Bakkoush's house and her talking to Sana about the schools, or maybe her meeting Jamilla too (or the squad girl if you prefer), with some more cute interactions between Sana and Yousef... let me know if you decide to do it! Thanks for all the fics!!!

Hey :) I actually really loved the idea of Derya meeting Sana’s friends so I had to write this. It’s not super long but I hope you like it. :D

This is a continuation of this fic of Sana meeting Yousef’s little sister.

Yousef: Are you home? :)

Sana: Yeah, why? Aren’t you coming here anyway to meet Elias?

Yousef: I am. 

              But Derya asked if you would mind if she tagged along.

Sana: Of course not! The girls are here for at least another hour so she can meet them, too.

Yousef: We’ll be there in fifteen minutes x

Sana opens the door and is greeted by a grinning Yousef and his lightly smiling little sister. 

“Hi!”, Sana says with a big smile and opens the door more widely. 

She is really happy that Derya decided to come here. It’s really important to Sana that she gets along well with Yousef’s family and she knows how important his sister is to him. Also, Derya is not much younger than Sana so being friends with her would be a lot of fun. 

“Hi.”, Yousef says and lets his sister go in before he does, while not taking his eyes off of Sana. 

“Hey.”, Derya says kind of quietly and looks unsure of what to do. 

Sana smiles at her. “Derya, I’m happy that you decided to come, too.”, then she looks towards the living room, “My friends are also here. I’m sure you’ll like them!”

Derya was really unsure of coming here. She is a very loud and open person as soon as she gets to know people and feels comfortable with them but getting to know people is kind of hard for her. That Sana is so welcoming and that she seems so happy to see Derya, makes her relax a little. 

“Hey, why are you happier about my sister being here than about me coming here?”, Yousef complains in a joking tone, still standing at the door. 

Sana rolls her eyes at him, not being able to hide her smile and pulls him inside by his hand. She closes the door with her other hand and turns to her boyfriend.

“You’re not even here to see me and your sister is way cooler than you!”, Sana says and presses her lips together to not smile too much. She can’t help herself when she’s around him.

Derya observes how her big brother looks at Sana as if she is the only important thing in the world and feels like she’s intruding. They’re not even doing anything, just looking at each other smilingly, but Derya still feels like she’s interrupting something. 

“Is that Yousef?”, Sana hears Elias shouting from the living room where he had joined Sana and her friends. 

“Yes!”, Sana calls back and leads the way to the living room. 

Her friends are sprawled out all over the room. Noora and Eva are on the couch. Vilde sits on the floor, leaning on the couch and Chris is also sitting on the floor but across from Elias. Those two are playing some kind of game. As soon as the girls started coming around the Bakkoush house more and more Elias and Chris became good friends really quickly which makes Sana overly happy.

“Girls, …”, Sana says once she enters the room alongside Yousef and his sister. The girls all turn to her and Sana can see that they immediately look at Derya. “This is Derya. She’s Yousef’s sister.”

Derya is greeted by various Hi or Heys and answers with a Hello of her own. Everyone in this room is looking at her with a smile on their faces.

Sitting down next to her brother, Derya looks around the room. All the people in this room are so pretty that she starts feeling intimidated. Well, she doesn’t get the chance to think much about it when Sana starts introducing her friends to Derya.

“This is Noora .. Eva .. Vilde .. and Chris.”, Sana says pointing at each of them individually. “And you know Elias.”

“How are you doing?”, Elias asks Derya, sounding genuinely interested.

“Good. And you?”

“Great. Except, you know, my sister stealing my best friend.”, Elias answer laughingly but narrows his eyes at Yousef and then Sana, who are sitting on different sides of the room but can’t take their eyes off of each other.

Derya laughs at that and watches how that makes the lovebirds snap out of their little bubble. The four other girls in the room start laughing, as well, but Sana shakes her head.

“I’m not stealing anyone. You need not settle that with Yousef.”, Sana just shrugs, looking at her older brother. 

“Hey!”, Yousef exclaims. “Way to throw me under the bus.”, he playfully glares at Sana.

Derya hears one of the girls make a gagging noise and turns to the girl named Chris. 

“Could you be more disgustingly cute? Stop!”, she complains but it’s obvious that she’s just joking. 

In fact, Derya can see that everyone in this room likes Sana and Yousef together. They all look at them somewhat adoringly and she gets it. Her brother and Sana are really cute together. She might envy them a bit.

“Okay.”, Elias says and stands up. He walks over to Yousef and holds his hand out to him to pull him up. “Before something happens that I don’t want to see..”, he shoots a look to Chris, “… I think we should go now and leave the girls to do whatever they had in mind to do.”

“We have to talk about our plans to rob a bank.”, Chris says.

“And how to keep our gang a secret.”, Eva adds.

“Chris’ presidential campaign for later has to be planned, too.”, Sana says.

Vilde and Noora look at each other and say: “Well, we just wanted to bake a chocolate cake but we can do that while doing the other stuff.”

Elias raises his eyebrows and laughs. He turns his head towards Yousef and says: “And I thought my friends are weird.”

“Have fun!”, Yousef says, walking out of the room and sending his sister a look. 

Derya just smiles at him. She feels like this afternoon won’t be too bad. Sana’s friends seem like a lot of fun. 

“Oh, I want some of the cake if you actually bake it.”, Elias calls, stopping at the living room door.

Yousef rolls his eyes. “Elias..”

“Pleeease.”, Elias adds and then looks at Yousef as if to say ‘Happy?’.

Then they really leave. That leaves Derya with only one person in the room she knows and she is not even that close to Sana, yet.

Vilde is the first one to say something to Derya. She leans a little forward and with a genuine smile compliments Derya. “You’re so pretty!”

Since Derya didn’t expect that to be what she would say, she is taken aback. She opens her mouth once and closes it again because she is not sure what do say. 

Then she decides to just say: “Thank you.”

Then, Sana seems to remember something suddenly and she turns to Derya excitedly.
“You choose which school to go to, right?”

Derya nods: “Yeah, I had to a week ago.”

“Aaaand?”, Sana asks Derya with such an interested look that she can’t hide the smile creeping onto her face.

“I’ll be going to Nissen next semester!”

To that new information Sana almost cheers. She starts grinning at Derya and looks really happy.

It’s not only Sana, though. Her friends start getting excited too even though they don’t really know Derya.

“I’m so happy for you. And you’ll have us as familiar faces there!”, Sana exclaims.

“Nissen is really great. You’ll love it!”, Chris says.

“Plus we have very cute guys!”, Eva says with a grin, probably thinking of Jonas.

Hearing that, Sana leans over to Derya and whispers to her, that only she can hear it: “The only thing that’s better about Bakka … they have the cuter guys, honestly.”

when i was in line to get food i was like “can i get a coke” and the dude jokingly goes “nope” and me being me was like “o h okay” and he was like “im kidding here ya go” and then the pretty pretty pretty girl beside me laughed and it was like actual sunlight coming out of her mouth. and wow. me being oblivious made the pretty girl laugh. what a Good moment.

Statement from Lord Bennas on His Attack

By Theodore Bennas

Good day, my friends.

Lately it seems that we have all been going through some very troubling times both at home and abroad. I am sure by now you have heard of what has happened to me at the hands of a cowardly assassin. Perhaps this has filled you with concern regarding my safety and your own. I am here to assure you that just as I am making a safe and speedy recovery so too are you safe.

Our diligent guards under Commander Percy Dewdancer are working around the clock to ensure that Stormwind City remains the safe heart of humanity it should be. Likewise, our boys and girls are out on the Broken Shore giving the Burning Legion a swift kick in the ass.

In dark times like these, it may be easy to give up, to throw in the towel, and to join those that seek our ruin. It is easy to be weary of all the death and destruction that have seemingly become just part of our everyday life. But we cannot. No matter how many foes may be arrayed against us, there are just as many bold women and men that stand beside us and hope to help. So long as we continue to do our part, we will come out on top in the end. Now, more than ever, we must remain united. We must work to help build each other up instead of tearing each other apart.

Thank you, everyone.


Lotty. Part 1

Hello guys so here’s my new fic (it’s been a while) So this is the fic about Rinn’s 16 year old daughter Lotty/Lucky, she’s your typical teenage girl, a little dramatic and can say things she doesn’t mean but she loves her family. Obviously Rinn will be in this as-well. This is a pov fic. Let me know if you like this, I’m not going to finish this fic until I know it’s ok because I’m not sure if you’ll like reading about Rinn’s daughter. As stated in another post of mine, if you do like this fic I will finish it and post it after my multi-chapter fic “Worlds apart” is completed     
P.s  90% of the time Finn and Rae call Lotty, Lucky. The reason will be explained later on in the fic (If you want me to write it that is lol) Hope you enjoy :)

                                                      Lotty. Chapter 1.

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“We weren’t meant to be. We should have never kissed. I should not have become that weak soul which needs you. We shouldn’t have met, but we did.”

Summary: I call him devil because he makes me want to sin. And every time he knocks… I can’t help but to let him in…

Hoseok was my brother’s best friend. He was nothing but bad news, but the more I spent time around him… the more I couldn’t help but to fall for him…

Temptations is a dangerous thing… especially with a guy like him…

Previous Parts:

Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3 // Part 4 // Part 5 // Part 6 // Part 7 //

Part 8 is here~ 


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Please post pics when you chop your hair off!! I love short hair on girls. If you mean you're going totally bald, then please post pics because I want to see what it looks like either way

i appreciate you being faithful to me even if i were to go bald but here some snapchats 

luckysee12 said: Unless they’re referring to the ‘tiger’ aspect maybe? That could be a little iffy if they were referring to Indians from India

Me and Dye were talkin a bit about something like this!! since tiger lilys are/were largely native to Asia (and have since been ported over here) but are kind of regarded as “exotic” so I could definitely see it coming off in a certain way? Which is why I wouldn’t recommend race-bending in the end tbh, esp to other Asian ethnicities, because it still can carry a “~~exotic race w/exotic flower~~” connotation

but this is with the scrutinizing level turned all the way up. Compared to NDN tiger lily (which is suuuper widely controversial and recognizable and openly frowned upon), i don’t think it’d be AS readily problematic for a character from India given the writer is careful to not caricature her further or dress her in an ‘exotic/costumey’ version of an ethnic outfit on top of that, etc!!

i know it might seem like overthinking at this point, but it’s honestly the sorta thing I mull over all the time with Dye for designing both magical girls and regular characters alike, so i’m glad you pointed it out! Even if it’s not as readily problematic, it could still go that way if you’re not careful! it’s always good to be critical imo, you NEVER KNOW when some assholes likened some neutral object/thing to some racist-ass BS!!

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sneks sneks i saw a post abt how theres like a Different Feeling for bisexuals when they crush on a dude vs a girl and since ur my local pan friend i wanted to know if u also felt like tht! o: i mean i know ur not like The Spokesperson but.. shrug emoji :'3

I have re written this post many a times haha.

The thing about talking about pansexuality is that it can be confusing for people. I used to go by bi exclusively, then I started using pan because I found the pan definition applied more to me. But I found it hard to explain to people because, a lot of the time, people assume bi encompasses everyone. Like, “you like men and women, what else is there?” and sometimes, when I’m in a space I’m uncomfortable in, I am guilty of just using the term bi to define myself because it cuts the answer short and then I can move on (I use queer a lot too but sometimes the term queer can raise more questions and there are places or people I just Dont Wanna) But, theres more to being pan, for me. I don’t know anyone else irl who is pan, and I have little experience with how other pan people feel but, when I saw this post I could relate in a way. 

From my experience with bisexual people, they often had this thing. Like, i saw what I believe was the same post you are talking about and someone had tagged it with “when I like a dude i feel it in my gut but when i like a girl i feel it in my chest” or something like that. I have found that, with the bisexual people I have talked to (so this doesn’t necessarily apply to all bi people), there is that disconnect. That very Different Feeling when liking one gender vs another (often times girls vs. boys), which is a very valid way of feeling and not in any way a Bad Thing. When I was in high school this was what I went with but, after a while, I realized that I did not feel this structured disconnect? I was not approaching people of different genders I liked differently (approaching being both physically and mentally addressing my attraction for them), I was not finding I had a type for boys and a type for girls, I was not finding that these feelings were, at all, different. And then I got to college and realized that gender is, indeed, not a binary that got young me thinking a lot too and one day I was like, if I like you then I like you. And it was kinda, wonderfully simple in a complicated way?? And, yeah, dating different people is gonna be different in obvious ways because if I’m with someone masculine presenting I’m seen as straight and if I’m with someone feminine presenting then Im seen as a lesbian and other things that come with being with different genders, but the way I feel about people is so strongly unique to that person, regardless of any of that, that I can’t find any labels or physical types or preferences in me. 

I mean, I have a type as far as being a human being goes (like being nice to me, being hygienic, smells good, being passionate about stuff, liking similar music or willing to share music, maybe you can cook because that is a deff plus, you know? non-gendered stuff) and there are absolutely people out there that I do not find physically attractive like, I don’t go around overwhelmed by how much I wanna bang every living person. But I have no gender specifically that I am Not Attracted To and I have no set feelings for set genders. I can understand the “i feel this when Im attracted to this gender and this with another” but I find that its all one warm, nerve wracking, wonderful butterfly feeling and I guess thats why I drifted away from the bi label and into pan. 

Call me out if i offended anyone or used any bad language or anything like that. Or maybe you are pan and you experience it differently and you wanna talk about it, or you are bi and my experiences with bi people are very different from you, that would be cool. But this is my experience with it and I hope it made any form of sense.