here's to now photography

Hubble is spending spring break at the University of South Florida.

A campus canine catching up on studies and playing in the leaf piles!


You see, 

the quality of your life 

is not defined by two or three 

major moments.

The quality of your life

is defined 

by countless little moments 

which in turn

shape how we respond 

to the major moments.

It’s why I maintain

that we wake up each and every day 

committed to live in the small moments,

that we be here now, with 

open and humble eyes, 

with expectant hearts …

Moments ~

Our Journey to Balance


Oh my god. Oh my GOD. My dragonageholidaycheer gift was delayed a little, but I see now that it was lost at sea.

Fenris writes letters to Varania. He searches. He has friends in Sebastian and Captain (of the glorious signature!) Isabela. His handwriting is just right. His words are…yes, theobsidianorder, you have succeeded in making my cry. I am going to podfic the hell out of this.

We’ve never met, but you have given me my favorite things in the most thoughtful, wonderful way I can think of. Complete with Old Norse Christmas carols and letters tied in string.

You are amazing. Thank you.