here's to not getting ticketmastered again

5 probably.
  • Sometimes when I am doing my workout, I can’t help but think about sex, and it can lead to an unexpected boner. Totally not the right time when I am in public, but hey, it happens, right? Also, bless yoga pants.
  • How dare the cats wake me up at 4 AM wanting to be fed! I mean of course I got up and fed them, but they could have at least waited an hour.
  •  It is supposed to rain heavily again this weekend. Remember when it never rained here and everything turned brown?
  • The Cure for Wellness is getting meh reviews, but I want to go see it any way if I have the time!
  • I was half interested in looking at tix for Metallica playing the Rose Bowl, but when they are $105-800 I’ll give it a hard pass. Remember when we got those refunds from Ticketmaster and they were about as useful as a solar powered flashlight? Meh. Have a great weekend all!