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other ppl: the black has rlly deep important symbolism!! it’s abt his rebirth and character development after the end of cacw, it’s the ultimate symbol of his Grief but also his reinvention + moving past cacw
me: it looks hot, literally the armor is sexy af in black that’s p much all i got

Tumblr handle switching to HUITALITY

Hey all! I’ve been thinking about this for a little while. To make my tumblr handle a little more personal to me, I’m going to switch it to:


I’ll keep a redirect page up for objectionable-code for a little while to lead people here. Thank you all for all the support, I apologize in advance for any confusion!!

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'We’re hiding from the authorities and it’s very close quarters in here, I can feel your body against mine' + jimon xoxo

“This is cozy,” Simon whispers, pressing his back further against the wall, as though if he does it hard enough the small closet will become bigger. Need the Room of Requirement, he thinks hazily to himself.

Jace glares at him, the sliver of light coming from the outside room making his eyes shine. “Do you ever shut up?”

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Letters to Bucky (Part 11)

What?! Two updates in one day! Yes! If you’re missing any updates, catch up HERE!
Hang on lovelies, because this one was rough. Thank you for the love/comments/ likes/reblogs/ comments, you all are the best!

“Move.” Tony wove his way through the group of people in the lobby of the medical center. “Move!” he snapped louder, and the crowd started parting to make way.

“What can I do for you, sir?” the bored looking receptionist asked.

“Just directions to the elevator.” he said quickly. “I need to be up on the eighth floor right now.”

“I’m sorry sir, no one is allowed past the third floor without an appointment. Do you have an appointment, sir?” she didn’t look up once as she recited what she had doubtless said hundreds of times before.

“Are you serious? Do you know who I am?” Tony whipped off his sunglasses, and she glanced up then.

“Handsome and stressed?’ she shrugged. “Do you have an appointment?”

“I don’t need a fucking appointment!” he yelled. “You call Dr Persson and tell him that Tony fucking Stark is standing downstairs NOW!”

“Shouting isn’t going to get you anywhere, sir, now if you would please repeat your name-”

“Oh my god, what in the actual–”

“Tony!” he stopped talking when someone called his name across the lobby. “Tony Stark!”

“Wow, someone in this backwards country actually–”

“Maybe you don’t insult the Germans, huh?” Steve silenced him with a firm handshake and a quick comment. “Captain Steven Rogers.”

“Steve. Wow.” Tony looked away for a second to collect himself, to swallow back the emotion suddenly clogging throat, then met his gaze again. “Good to meet you, Captain. Wish it was under better circumstances.”

“You and me both.” Steve led him across the room to the elevators, pushing the button for the eighth floor. “I had kind of assumed I’d meet you at the wedding or something but–”

“Are you getting married?’ Tony asked, hardly caring, but trying for polite.

“I meant yours and Bucky’s wedding.” Steve said, and Tony snapped his head around so fast his neck audibly popped. “And I was completely joking.” Steve added, holding his hands up.

“It’s fine.” Tony took a deep breath. “It’s..fine. So he is…”

“Not doing great.” Steve finished. “But you will understand more when you see him.”

Silence fell in the elevator, until it slid to a smooth stop and the doors opened. Steve went first, and Tony followed quickly, down a long hallway, several medical personnel and down another short corridor until they stood in front of large observation windows, staring at the form on the bed.

“Bucky.” Tony’s voice cracked, and he covered his mouth with his hand. “What the fuck. What in the actual fuck is going on? Why is he strapped down? He’s not a fucking animal, he needs medical attention! Where the hell is–”

“Tony.” Steve said quietly, and pointed, as two doctors carefully uncovered his left arm.

“Oh Jesus. No no no.” Tony shook his head, staring at the absolute mess that was Bucky’s left arm. “What-what–” he stopped talking since he couldn’t do much more than swear, and crossed his arms, waiting for an explanation from the big blond soldier.

“I found him in an abandoned hospital, about a hundred and ten miles west of the farthest place the unit and I Had searched. Not more than a four hour drive as the crow flies, but we just never made it that far. Not in that terrain. It would have taken us weeks to cover all that ground, searching the way we were.”

“Not blaming you.” Tony said, barely audible. “Not even close.”

“Thank you. Because I’ve been beating myself up for days. Ever since I found him. Kicking myself for not pushing the unit harder to find him.” Steve cleared his throat. “He was sedated, handcuffed and strapped to a medical table. He was unconscious the entire time, until the plane arrived to get him out of there. Then he woke up and went to move and his arm- that, that piece of metal.” Steve was breathing harder. “He went to move his left arm, and it’s not all the way, um attached?- so he went to move, and I saw all those cords and wires jerk nerves. And he just…screamed.” Steve rested his forehead against the glass. “Tony, I’ve never heard a man scream like that. His head was all bandaged up, there’s so many stitches under his hair, I don’t understand what they were–

“The metal arm is wired into his brain.” Tony explained dully, not able to take his eyes off the still-as-death soldier lying in the other room.” “His mind thinks it’s his real arm. Thinks the wires are nerves. And it’s nearly severed from his body. But it’s not, so all those  wire nerves are just open and exposed and telling his mind how badly it hurts.”

“Good Christ.” Steve ran a hand over his face. “What the hell were they doing?”

“Exactly what we’re doing, just not as well.” he answered. “The super serum you injected yourself with has a robotic counterpart, which I have been working on. There were rumours that the Russians were working on the same thing and obviously–” he motioned to where Bucky lay so still. “They haven’t perfected it. Looks like they abandoned him half way through, just gave up and left him.”

“So what, they performed brain surgery on him? In some dirty hospital? And then just didn’t attach the arm all the way? I can’t imagine how much pain he’s in.”

“No.” Tony said quietly. “Neither one of us can.”

“I had to knock him out.” Steve confessed. “He was screaming, and I just…clocked him. Took him out with one punch. Wrapped the arm as close as I could to his chest and strapped him into the plane to get him home. They are pumping him full of sedatives all day to keep him still until they figure out how to help him. They seem to think they can’t just disconnect the arm, and they certainly can’t leave it there.”

“One punch?” Tony asked, eyebrows raised and Steve flexed his right hand.

“Before the super serum it might have taken two or three, but not anymore.”

“Side effects?”

“I don’t sleep a whole lot.” Steve said, still not taking his eyes off Bucky. “Ive become a lot more cautious, a lot more aware of my strength I suppose. I put a fifty pound punching bag through a wall when I was just warming up. Ran ten miles on the treadmill at the research facility in about thirty minutes. Maybe a little less, I’m not actually sure. Oh, and I’m actually two inches taller now. I used to be a flat six foot, now I’m six foot two and a little more.”

“Impressive.” Tony looked him over quickly. “So what, you juiced off and took off running across the desert?”

“Basically. I had to stay at the facility for a week, then they flew me back to base and I went looking for him. Not needing to stop to sleep a lot or even really rest made a difference.” he finally turned to look at Tony. “So you’re designing the robotics on our end? Is that why you are here? To try and fix this?”

“I’m here because it’s Bucky lying in that bed. I didn’t have any idea about the arm. But now that I’m here you can damn well count on it that I will be fixing that shit.”

They fell silent again, watching Bucky lying between all those machines.

“Do you love him?” Steve suddenly asked, but Tony didn’t answer, striding away down the hall, yelling for someone to find him Dr. Persson.
“Mr. Stark, I understand you were–”

“So, a soldier gets rescued and has a metal arm grafted onto his body like some sort of Frankenstein experiment  and you didn’t think to call me?” Tony asked, pushing everything on the Doctors desk to the floor with a long sweep of his arms. He hefted a large suitcase onto the desk and opened it with a flourish.

“Well, we didn’t think–”

“That what? I wouldn’t want to see exactly how far along our Russian friends were with the same technology I’ve been working on?” Tony’s voice rose and the Doctor flinched.

“We were just going to–”

“Try to fix it yourselves? Leave that soldier sedated to the point of comatose and strapped down to a bed until he–he–” Tony took a deep breath, not even able to say the word. “You should have called me. You should be glad Captain Rogers called me. Kudos on the super serum by the way. Captain Rogers is the very definition of a successful super soldier and you should be proud of yourselves. Doesn’t mean I’m not still furious, but I will admit to being impressed.”

“Um, thank you?” the doctor said hesitantly, eyeing the pieces Tony was laying out on his desk. “Is that– did you bring an arm with you? Is this your prototype?’ his voice rose in excitement.

“I didn’t bring it with me, I had no reason to, considering you and your team had left me in the dark about this situation. However I had it sent over from New York, and you should be damn glad it got here so soon, because now we can fix this. Now we can fix him.”

“What do you need from me?”

“I need this desk, your lab, and for you to stay the absolute living fuck out of my way.”

To Bucky
–I’m going to hurt you today and I’m so sorry for that. I have to remove the piece of shit they tried to graft onto you. Each wire I snip is going to hurt you, and when it’s all done I’m going to sit in my room and cry into my whiskey because I can’t handle this. But I am going to save you Bucky. I will. I promise.

To: Bucky
– the arm is off, but the ends of the wires are still exposed. Short of cutting your skull open again and tracing each wire, I can’t just rip them out.
–your whole body spasmed every time I touched the wires, and it almost killed me. It nearly killed Steve. He’s a good guy, you were right. Do you know he volunteered for the super soldier program just so he could go out and find you?
-he’s my hero. You both are.
–I’m so sorry for hurting you soldier
To: Bucky
–I had to watch today as they opened your head up. They could pinpoint where the nerves are spliced with the wires, or something. I don’t really understand it all to be honest. I’m not really paying attention to be honest. All I can think about is seeing you open your eyes. My favorite shade of blue. I can’t wait to see them again.
– the doctors are scared to death of me. I think they think I will pay to have them killed if they mess this up. Little do they know all I’d have to do is look at Steve and he would rip them apart.
–we are rooting for you soldier. Please wake up.
To: Bucky
–I attached your new arm today, the one I designed. They pumped you full of that serum they gave Steve to speed the healing, and I grafted the arm right into your shoulder. It’s a clean fit, a good fit. The serum will pump your strength so you hardly even notice the difference in arms.
–this sounds awful to say, but when we tested it, but probing at the impulse switches implanted in your mind, it worked beautifully. Fingers twitched, arm flexed. It worked, Bucky. But I know underneath all that sedation you are still feeling some of this. When you wake up, you will be sore for weeks.
–I am so sorry for that. Sorry for my part in hurting you.
–please wake up from this.

To: Bucky
–I cut your hair today. Gave you a shave. You will need a shower when you wake up, but at least I can see that sexy jaw line again. The scars on your shoulder and collarbone are brutal, but I like them. Because you will survive this. And the scars will remind us of all you made it through. And I’ll try some mouth to scar therapy when you wake up. It worked so well on me, it’s bound to work on you as well.
–wake up soldier. I’m tired of never getting a reply to these letters. I haven’t left your bedside yet, and I’m not going to.
To: Bucky
–Okay, I might have lied in my last letter. I have to be gone for a few hours, dealing with the research team and doctors and trying to figure out what to do with this program from here. But I will be right back.
–i’m leaving a notepad by your bed so if you decide to be an asshole and wake up while i’m gone, you can leave me a note.
–it’s been a long three weeks, soldier, but I’m ready to talk to you again. It’s time to wake up. Please wake up.
–please write me back

The word was shaky, barely legible, barely more than chicken scratch on the notepad.

But when Tony had come back to the room, late that night, the notepad had been lying in Bucky’s lap, a pen dangling from limp fingers, and Tony dropped his head into his hands and finally let himself cry.


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Imagine Draco falling for you so he decides to go to your best friends, the twins, for advice as to how to woo you, which ends up with him flirting with you using bad pick up lines.

Draco took a deep breath before making his way towards the red-headed duo.

“Oi, Weasleys,” he shouted.

“What do you want, Ferret?”

“Want to make the transition permanent? It would be quite the improvement.” Draco huffed and ducked his head.

“No, I actually came to ask you for your help.” After a few seconds without a response, Draco looked up to see the twins gaping at him.

“Wait, what?”

“I need your help to woo y/n.” The twins shared a impish smile before turning back to Draco.

“Ok. Here’s what you need to do.”


A small smile was permanently etched on your face after today’s events. All today you had found small little notes in your classes, the Great Hall, even in the library. Each one addressed to you in the same handwriting, and each one had an awful pick-up line.

‘I know we’re not in Professor Flitwick’s class, but you are still charming.’

‘Interested in making some magic together? My wand is at the ready.’

‘I’m not sure what quid ditch position you play, but I bet you’re a keeper.’

‘Wow, when I said “Accio Hottie”, I didn’t expect it to work!’

‘I may not be the boy who lived, but I can still be your chosen one.’

‘Save a broom; ride a quidditch player.’

You were studying in the library when Malfoy came up and sat at your table. A few minutes went by until you looked down at your watch and realized how late it was. You gathered your things into your bag and were about to leave when Malfoy asked, “Going to bed?” You raise an eyebrow at his question, but answered that you were. 

“Mind if I Slytherin?” You broke out in laughter as Draco turned bright red.

“So you were the one that left all those notes,” you said once you were able to control yourself. Draco muttered something. You could only make out  “The Weasley Twins”.

“What about Fred and George?”

“They told me that the notes would make you laugh and fall for me.” You chuckled again as you cupped Malfoy’s face.

“Never listen to Fred and George,” you told him before kissing his lips. 

I love it up here, it makes me feel strong and connected. Carrie June #femalemuscle #femalebodybuilding #bodybuilding #fitness #femalewrestlers #bikini

I took the sheet off the bed, i threw out the peepads, I put the litter box in the bathroom, I took away all the water bowls and food bowls, i threw the scratching posts and box/steps into the hallway.

And then I sat down, and I cried.

Next up will be to dismantle the IV pole, and gather all of his meds.

little steps… little steps.

toys, stuffed animals, so much stuff… I can even close the pull out tray on my desk now… it was only out for him.

I miss him. I’m trying hard to not just sit here crying… but it’s hard. I’m trying.

I want to give away some of his stuff. I will do that next.. make posts. maybe. I don’t know. Saline is expensive, someone can really use the last 6 bags.

I miss him.


I’m so excited to finally be able to post this! A few months back I was contacted by a production coordinator for Disney XD. They had seen the mug cosies I make and ended up commissioning me to make four “book sweaters” - props for a infomercial skit they did for the show Gravity Falls! Now that the infomercial has been aired, I can finally share these! See the infomercial here:

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What ? Packing things? You guys are moving out?

I know I just came back, but there’s so much to do. Sitting around in one place too long has gotten so boring for all of us.

On a more meta level, the munbun wants to move on from the blog and go toward telling more stories and making comics. They felt bad leaving things unfinished and inactive for so long so we wanted to answer what messages we had left here.


Getting us back into action made them miss it more than they realized, so who knows. We’ll try to be firm about closing up here!

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Can you do a description of the first and second hug in episode 10?

oh Nomy I’ve done so many write ups of those I’ve lost track. But since you asked nicely and it makes me happy why not do another. We could use a reminder of these lately.

So here goes:

Hug #1

Carol, having just sent Zeke packing, wanting to be left alone, settles back down and reads her romance novel (nice little throwback there) when she hears a knock on the door. A very polite one too. Thinking it’s Zeke back for more she gets up and flings the door ready to read him a new one when she’s stopped cold.

Because there’s Daryl, looking a little apprehensive. Wary. A bit hurt. The reactions on her face, shock, pain, love, all those things in one beautiful montage on her face. Daryl standing there, looking like a kid in away, shifting slightly on his feet. There is a brief moment of staring before Carol finally steps forward and with tears in her eyes, wraps her arms around him.

Daryl returns the hug, still staying slightly wary with his hand fisted at her shoulder, his love and confusion born on his face clearly. He still needs to know why. He can’t fully let her back in until he does. So he separates himself from her and steps back to ask her..

“Why you go?’

The break in his voice as he asks breaks all of us and Carol’s teary answer tips us further over as they keeps their eyes locked together, moving in tandem in their special way.

“I had to..”

For precisely this reason. Cause her emotion is overtaking her just being near him.

Hug #2

After dinner Daryl is leaving, stepping down the steps to walk away when he stops. There is a look on his face at that moment that says he doesn’t want to go. Dosen’t want to leave her. Knows he can’t just walk away. He knows he loves her. So he turns and walks back to her.

He wraps an arm around her back, low on her back and Carol wraps hers around his neck, burying her face in his shoulder for a brief moment. Her hand caresses the back of his neck just under his hair and he reacts by pressing his face into her shoulder as well, almost smelling her, memorizing, letting his hand slide over her back. It is a close hug. Dosen’t smack of familial. Smacks of two people who don’t want to let go but know they have to.

Daryl’s hand slides over her back and over her shoulder before he lets her go. He leaves his hand on her arm in that gentle way he always does and says in a soft voice…

“Take care of yourself..”

Just “Stay safe..”  It’s like he’s telling her how he feels without saying it. Not wanting to walk away. Knowing it might be the last time he sees her. That they ever see each other. Knowing if goes back he will never leave. But its not safe yet.

So he walks away, not looking back as he does so, and she watches him and you can see, she wants to call him back or even go after him. And if she had called to him, he would’ve come back. But she chooses not to.

It still hits me right in the feels when I think of this perfection. Of this tragic beauty. It means something. The next time they see each other is going to be just as amazing. That’ what I feel.

I’m willing to wait for that. Especially if its anything like this. Especially if its more.

There ya go my 1000th write up of these scenes.. I never get tired of it :)

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the hell? are you seriously into incest? What makes you think thats ok??

Hew fucking boy anon. Okay. Here’s the deal. In addition to tagging all of my Crispino twins appropriately, “incest, nsfw” are the ones I use consistently btw. I DO NOT think it’s okay at all. 

I don’t write some kind of glorified or idealized sexual relationship with these two. I don’t write it being functional, or consensual. I write it as being mutually abusive and very fucked up. 

So, if you’re going to ask me if I think that familial violence and sexual abuse okay, quite frankly I don’t. I think there are better ways to ask me this question, like an anon stating “can you pls tag as x so I can blacklist x” which I would love to accommodate. Quite frankly, I’m not here for behavior policing via fandom, considering this is something I do in my free time, and because appropriately tagged posts do not harm individuals who blacklist/communicate with bloggers what tags they wanted blacklisted. 

About a Girl [5]

Originally posted by joonjuly

Part 1/Part 2/Part 3/Part 4

Let’s make a deal.

“M-mr. Kim? What are you doing here?” Discomfort was written on his face. It was clear to you that he had no desire to be here. But why was he here? Your mind drifted to Jangmi, every dreadful possibility began floating through your mind. “Is everything alright? Is Jangmi okay?”

Mr. Kim threw up his hands to halt your onslaught of questions. “Please, miss Y/LN, Jangmi is alright. Well, kind of.” His face fell along with his hands. “I need to speak with you privately.” 

You opened the door a little wider, taking a step to the side. “Would you like to come in then?” He took a step into your hotel room and taking in his surroundings. You watched him closely as you shut the door. “So, what exactly did you want to talk about?”

“It’s Jangmi,” he turned to face you. “No one is good enough for her.”

Your head cocked to the side. “In what regard?”

Your former employer let out a deep sigh as he clenched and unclenched his fist. His normal calm and in control aurora gone had been replaced with one of frustration. “I’ve been looking for a new nanny. Normally that’s Jungkook’s job, but after your little outburst it made me think. I didn’t even know who you were the first time we met, what kind of father does that?” There was a brief pause. “All these candidates are amazing. Their experience, references, education, they’re all impeccable. But for some damn reason they aren’t good enough. And I have no one to blame but you!”

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Styles & Co. Part 9

Authors Note: The italic paragraph is Harry describing Elise an event in his point of view. (Sorry if it is confusing, but it will make sense once you reach it).
Thank you so much for reading my work!!
Previous parts found HERE Xx

When Harry told me to pack a bag for the weekend I did not take him seriously one bit, I assumed he was just trying to be cheeky and make up for our previous disagreement; turns out, he was serious about the weekend. He — presumably with the help of Anastasia — Planned a small getaway just for the two of us, promising that his phone would be used at a minimum and I was *all* his for the whole weekend, no interruptions, no business talk, no business problems, or even clients that need to be seen. He is absolutely, one-hundred percent mine for at least the next forty-eight hours.
Oh, how so much can be done in forty-eight hours without interruptions…

Despite having a splendid cabin to relax in and partake in various activities with my boyfriend, I find myself hand in hand with Harry while we stroll along a hiking trail he specifically selected.

A walk within nature is refreshing; the rich air fills my lungs with a sense of clarity.
The worn trail leads a route through a chirr of insects sounding while within the terrain of old decayed logs, some softened by rot, along with many forest-y like shrubs, towering trees, and tussock grass.
Thick grass carpets contoured lines as a border for the narrow pathway we travel on— between the rich verdant woodlands on either side of us. The further I advance the more of a lush scent radiates from the various grasses that line the channels, the dips and curves of the uneven terrain. 

“Harry, are you sure there are no snakes?” I challenge while I continue to gaze over the region, feeling as if I have been undividedly swallowed by a viridian forest of chaparral.

“Elle, you’re in the heart of nature. Just relax and enjoy the walk.” Harry responds, appearing to appreciate the calmness of the trail and the greenery it contains. I have never really been fond of walking trails, I find them rather boring, in my eyes all I see is greenery and random shrubs that may or may not be poisonous, but, Harry seems to appreciate the walk in nature, the least I can do is smile and breathe in the fresh air. After all, there have been things over the years he has done for me that he has thoroughly despised, such as attending a few theatre productions with me, and not complaining through the Nut-Cracker — that he found to be unquestionably tedious and torturous.

We subsequently reach the top end of the trail, the peak of the trail allowing us to appreciate a promising landscape. My eyes set themselves among the breathtaking panoramas over the edge — it’s almost as if the whole world is at the edge of my feet, — Rugged Alpine mountains line the distance where the snow caps peak the skyline, the mountains accompanied by a thick mist at the base where rolling land dip and curve in the spaces between the hilly mountains and the valleys.

“It seems so peaceful out there.” My eyes continue to gaze over the view thoroughly, taking in the beautiful detail and picturesque scenery offered, from the rigid cerulean mountains to the shadow the mountains cast over the scattered villages — almost as though the mountains are nature’s shielding casings for the settlements before them. 

Harry’s arm benevolently encloses itself around my waist, a small kiss becoming pressed to my cheek. 

“It does, it’s a lovely view, I love the colour variations between the landscapes, how the colours elegantly dip and transition. It is remarkable.” He agrees with the sense of peacefulness the distance emits. “Tell you what else is lovely?” He begins with a slight chuckle, 

“You’re about to say something incredibly cheesy and cute, aren’t you?” I smile, my eyes turning to gaze at him, his view being one of my all time favourites. I can never get enough of his features, his blue-green eyes that sometimes turn to grey, his pink lips, or even the way his nose crinkles at times.

He shrugs, his eyes moving back towards the landscape before us, “I was,” he nods, “But since you just outed me, I will refrain from my comment.” He continues as I lean into him, his arm becoming tighter.

“I want to hear it,” I gently poke at him, 

“Nope, are you ready to go back down the trail?” He questions and I nod, taking one last look at the view before I move from Harrys embrace and begin to step away from the edge. 

“You coming?” I turn to smile at Harry, holding out my hand. I observe as he timidly nods, his hand fidgeting in his pocket. “Harry?” I narrow my eyes onto him and he catches onto my glare, he makes his way closer to me and takes my hand, his fidgeting making me curious. “Why are you fidgety?” I softly question as we begin to walk back down the trail.

“Uhm,” ..“Sorry, love. I couldn’t help myself and quickly checked my phone.” he clears his throat, seeming a little apprehensive and nervous. I shrug it off and kiss his cheek, assuring him I am not mad — if that is what is making him timid and nervous. 

My eyes stay focused on the rocky trail while I continue to admire the surroundings I missed on the way up the trail.
Harry’s voice distracts me at a distance and it takes me a moment to realise he isn’t right beside me, again.

“Elise, wait a second.” He affectionately calls,

“This is the third time-” I begin as I stop in my tracks and turn around, immediately freezing when my eyes coincide with his. He returns to me a grinning smile, his eyes glistening a penetrating bluish-green from the rays of sunlight radiating down on us. I stand speechless, a tiny box in his hand, a diamond shining radiantly from the sun. 

“Since the day I met you, I knew I wanted to one day marry you.” He stammers, appearing nervous, a tone I barely ever catch. 

A stuttering Harry is scarcely every detected. He’s always calm and confident when speaking, it’s how he tends to make his territory. The only other times I have seen him seeming timid or nervous was for a few major business settlements, and a wedding toast he was terrified as hell to make. It took him two glasses of strong liquor to calm him down and convince him that his speech was perfect and that he, in fact, did not need to prepare an expeditious getaway.
“For almost five years I have looked into your beautiful eyes, witnessed your adoring smile, and have had the privilege to wake up beside you for the last two years we have lived together. I have fallen in love with you, every inch of your personality, your body, and soul; your witty comments, and your touch. I love you,” he continues, gaining a little confidence as his hand shakes a little. “I have come to realise that you have put up with a lot of my shit that my business throws at us; you have been one of the only ones to stick by me, even when things go south, you are there… you are the girl that my Mum used to tell me about, she told me that I would find a girl that starts a wildfire in my soul, a girl that is captivating in every way, talented, caring, loving, and most of all a girl that will stand by me even when things get tough…” ..“She told me to marry the girl that I wouldn’t want any other man to be with, the girl I want to dance with it at random hours, to marry the girl that stays even when she has seen me at my worst….., and I was wondering if you’d take the next step with me and marry me?” The proposal makes my heart skip a beat. A question I didn’t think he’d ask me, at least not for a while. 

We’ve never discussed marriage, I honestly did not expect to hear this speech for a while; I thought he would drop hints, or I would have to drop the hints by bringing it up or leaving my laptop open on a wedding dress page for him to find and freak out over, but none of that seemed to have happened… Neither of us has dropped hints. But here he is on one knee with a beautiful diamond ring cushioned within the box. 

 I stare down at him, lost for words, lost in my own thoughts. 

This, this is really happening.

“Really?” My voice comes out as more of a squawk rather than a regular tone, my own nerves beginning to rapidly pulsate.
He nods, a smile spread across his face, his dimples becoming exhibited. I stare into his eyes, bewildered and clouded. 

This explains why he was timid before we started walking down the trail again, why he was fidgeting his hand in his pocket, blaming it on him just wanting to check his phone… 
Was he wanting to pop the question with a stunning view in the background? Was he just too nervous to do it?

I open my mouth, promptly closing it as a sense of nerves takes control of my body, I can’t tell if I’m incredibly dismayed by the sudden question or if I’m about to throw up from being put on the spot.

His eyes soften as they do their best to interpret my own, “Elise?” a delicate film begins to cover his eyes —  a covering that looks as though a tear is threatening to spill from his gorgeous eyes. 

Without much more consideration I find my head nodding, a “yes,” slipping from my lips. The moment the word escapes my tongue my lungs fill with fresh air, a smile embroidering itself across my lips.
His smile stretches wide, his agile fingers taking the delicate ring from the box, gingerly sliding the ring onto my finger before I’m kissing him ever so sincerely. We pull away, still smiling at each before he breaks the silence, 

“For a minute I thought you were going to turn me down.” He clears his throat, placing the ring box back into his pocket. 

“I uhm.. I stopped breathing for a moment.” I chuckle, 

“Yeah I thought so, you just looked at me with a stunned expression.“ 

"Well, you did just out of the blue propose to me,” I remind him, wondering just how much thought he put into this. 

“It wasn’t entirely out of the blue.” He shakes his head while we begin to continue to walk down the trail. 

“We have never discussed marriage." 

"Well… true, but we have been dating nearly five years.” He acknowledges my point, reminding me that our five year anniversary is swiftly approaching, along with his twenty-sixth birthday.
Damn, how time goes by moderately quickly.

Harry catches me admiring my ring while I sit relaxed in the bed, the comforter draped over my legs. He leans on the doorframe, a smirk coated cutely across his face, a mug cupped in his hand. I bite my lip and give him an innocent smile, blushing at the fact he caught me watching my ring glisten in the lighting. 

“Is it real or fake, darling?” He questions, seeming to be amused by the fact I am delighted with the diamond on my finger. 

“Oh ha-ha,” I roll my eyes, “It is extraordinarily beautiful, you have a good eye,” I confess, rather surprised that he chose so well and selected something that suits my style.

“Mhm,” he hums, stepping into the room, leaning over the bed and handing me the mug he was previously cupping in his large hand, “Here, sweetheart.” I take the mug and press my lips to the rim, relishing in the aftertaste of the tea he graciously made for me.

“So, can I know the details?” I reference to the whole proposal, curious of his thoughts and planning involved. He crawls onto the bed and lays himself down beside me, 

“What details?”

“How you asked my Dad and stuff.”

“I have had the ring for six months sitting at the jeweller, I had both your parents look at it before I bought it. I was going to propose on the trip, but I had to go back and deal with my bloody business, then I thought of doing it on our anniversary in a few weeks, but I thought it would be far too typical and public at a restaurant.. it has been in my pocket waiting for the right moment.” He explains, once again surprising me with the fact that he had the ring six months ago and never dropped a hint about it. Not one. “As for asking your Dad, that was the hard part.” He admits with a low voice.

The thought of marriage lingered in my mind for a while, in fact, it was March of last year when I decided that I wanted to propose to you. The moment I knew I wanted to marry you is a whole other story that will have to wait for another time. Anyway, when the idea arose, I began to ponder on different things, whether you would say yes, whether your parents would give me their blessings, I even had to think about whether the two of us would be better off staying the way that we were — happily in a relationship as we had just crossed the four year mark. I sat at my desk trying to think of a way to ask your Father, preferably in a way that he would give me a yes. I wondered about it for quite a while, it wasn’t until mid-May that I gathered up the courage to speak to your Father about marrying you. It worked out kind of perfectly, it just happened your Dad asked if I could have a car organised to pick him up at the airport, so I did, but I decided to accompany him. Your Dad played along perfectly into my plan, inviting me in once we arrived at his house —  we spoke about business, his trip to Chicago, the stock market, all that nitty-gritty stuff you hate discussing with me. It was nerve-wracking, sitting in front of your Dad while he sipped on a glass of bourbon, explaining to me his own business things. It was in the moment that your Mum walked in with the lovely smile that you got for her, that I realised it was now or never. Well, it was also in that moment you began to call me and interrupt my process, making me even more nervous and uneasy. I managed to calm myself down after getting off the phone with you and I looked over at your Dad.. with a nervous breath I politely asked your mother to join our conversation, that is when I proceeded my speech, and yes, I remember it all like it was yesterday. “For a while, I have been thinking about what I am about to ask, I have put a lot of thought into this and think it is the right thing to do. I love Elise, it has been evident since the first time she introduced me to you two as her parents. Your daughter… your daughter is the girl that I would go to the ends of the world for, there is nothing I wouldn’t do for her. We have been together for four years, and I would like to vow to her to stay with her for another seventy-four or for how many more years I live. I am asking for your blessing to marry Elise.” I am pretty sure I stuttered through the whole damn thing, and I remember staring at your Dad as he gave me his answer,
I was devastated, I kinda just looked at him, unsure of why he turned me down, and that is when your Mum burst into laughter, making me feel even worse about myself. I thought she was laughing at me. turns out that wasn’t the case. “You should see your face,” Your Dad chuckled, extremely amused by my lack of words and expression. 

“Put him out of his misery, you had your fun.” Your Mum piped in, giving me a grinning smile.
“We actually spoke about this the other week and wondered when you would finally ask us. Yes, you can marry Elise… It is about damn time you bloody ask, thought it would never happen.” Your Dad smiled, giving me his blessing to marry you, along with a fucking heart attack.
“Even asked while in a suit and tie, how could we say no?” Your Mum continued, settling the situation and assuring me that they would not have said no and that it was purely a joke. So, that is how that went…..

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in order to make sure that there is enough slots for people here on tumblr who wanna join, it will be passworded. (anyone on here is allowed to join i just don’t want like random people outside of Tumblr coming across this server if that makes sense)

password: grandmaster

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I'm so so sorry that it's so dark for you rn, but please please stay. Please don't stop fighting. I love you so much and you are so lovely and sweet and important, and you honestly mean so much to me. I'll always be here to support and love you as best as I can. Please please just don't give up. I don't know what to say to make it all better, but I wish I could make it all go away, I wish I could give you peace and happiness. But just please know that you are loved and I believe in you and ily

“+ You are so important to me, I hope you realize that. You’ve always been so sweet and kind to me, and I truly love you so much. I know I tell you that a lot, but I really do mean it. I haven’t known you very long, and I don’t know you very well, but you play such an important part of my life. Please please keep fighting, you are so worth it and I hope with my whole heart that it gets better for you very very soon. I love very very much, please keep fighting, you are amazing and I believe in you 💖”

Awwww Kate, I love you SO MUCH. You have no idea how much your words mean to me and how much you make me feel loved, and safe and capable. You really make my day better everytime you send me something, and it doesn’t even need to be a long message. Sometimes you just send me a little heart and that makes me SO HAPPY. I’m thankful for you being here and for you believing in me. Always. Like you are the sweetest person ever. I can’t thank you enough. I’m just so glad we are friends. 

Sorry if I worried you. I never wanted to do that. I love you and I care so much about you, friend. So I hope you are okay and having an amazing day. If you need anything, just let me know. Thank you again. Your words mean a lot and geez, they make me feel so much better.

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@akireyta wanted brotp + “remember, if we’re caught, I’m deaf and you don’t speak english.”

Honestly, this is the first time I’ve written the brotp, so. Here ya go.

“Remember, if we’re caught, I’m deaf and you don’t speak English.”

“Is that really the best you can come up with?”

“You weren’t supposed to come back here!”

“Neither were you.”

The noise she makes was not the kind that would be considered appropriate for a lady of her prestige, but John tactfully refrains from pointing this out. He did still want to make it home in one piece. Preferably with his body parts all where they belonged.

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Hey I was watching one of your speed paints and I notice you and a lot of artists have these thick to thin lines when drawing lineart, what brush settings do you use for this? (I use Manga studio 5 so I don't know how different each program is). Thank you! <3

Oooh that’s a good question!

I guess it really depends on the canvas size. The bigger your canvas, the larger you want your brush to be. Small brushes are good for digital, but not very good for printing images. Whereas large brushes on a small canvas might mess with your pen pressure muscle memory and make all your lines look thick.

Usually, I draw on a 1193x835 (for long horizontal images) and 1000x1444 (for long vertical images). My lineart is always done with a 4 px brush. I also have my sensitivity up high though, because I push really hard to keep my hand steady. 

Here’s my lineart setting in Painttool Sai though:

I haven’t worked in manga studio in so long, I can’t give good advice. I’m sure there are some good tutorials to look up on YouTube though :)

Good luck, anon friend!

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I'm here to flood your inbox!! 💜💜💜 Imagine Erik and Christine giving each other little kissies. Late night, pitch black, all curled up in crimson sheets. Erik distinctly making out a pair of little rosy lips dancing all up and down his neck. He shivers under her touch and she loves that. Hand holding, lips wandering up to his mouth where she playfully steals a little kiss. Sleepy smiles and desperately trying to get her to go to sleep because IT'S 4 AM CHRISTINE. But lord does he love her.

That’s so precious I want to cry and curl up under a giant rug for the rest of my days because AAHHHH

I made a post a while ago about the time duplicates of the TMNT 2012 kids turning into Space Pirates(!!!) and I was thinking about that again so here are some headcanons I’ve come up with so far:

  • -the original person to suggest it was Raph in a very sarcastic tone because Donnie had gotten arrested for stealing again, and this is the eleventh time they’ve had to break him out of jail why not just make it official already
  • -and then Mikey in a very not sarcastic manner wouldn’t let the idea go and essentially one by one they all ended up on board with the plan to become Intergalactic Space Pirates
  • -their original timeline selves had already accumulated plenty of enemies and bounties on their collective heads, might as well roll with the roles they’ve been given.
  • -Leo was tempted into it because SPACE ANYTHING is always tempting to him.
  • -also because typically they only steal from ‘bad guys’ and have a sort of Robin Hood thing going on.
  • -except when Donnie/Casey/Mikey/Raph/April absolutely have to have that one thing and laws be damned.
  • -Fugitoid was already a fugitive anyways so he’s just going along with things at this point.
  • -he has six kids now and apparently they all want to be pirates and he won’t disappoint them by saying no.
  • -Donnie is scary good at manipulating shit on the digital Black Market, and has actually held fake auctions for the ownership his siblings when he gets pissed at them. he only ever lets his brothers get a little kidnapped after they’re sold off. just until he’s got the money, alright?
  • -if there’s fire or fighting or a combination of the two anywhere in the area they’ve landed for the day it’s probably the direction Casey and Raph have gone.
  • -April gets a bigger gun than the pea-shooter she’s given by Fugitoid almost immediately, and then proceeds to keep collecting various guns as they go. she’s breaking twelve universal possession laws just by having a quarter of her collection.
  • -Leo isn’t always sure how they get into the situations they do but he’s basically just resigned to shenanigans and being chased by space police at this point.
  • -Mikey has caused more intergalactic incidents than one being should be able to feasibly cause, and has the highest bounty on his head.
  • -his wanted poster is him smiling widely at the camera and giving a peace sign because even though they’re light-years from earth he’s still a weeaboo piece of shit.
  • -Mikey might have the highest bounty but April has the biggest rep for being fucking terrifying and she loves it.
  • -Mikey’s bounty is only higher because of the sheer property damage he causes. April just scares everyone she meets into comas. it’s much less messy.
  • -Casey and Raph have a running tally of who can get into and win more bar fights.
  • -April is currently winning that tally.
  • -there are no legal drinking age laws in space and long story short they all got smashed one night and woke up with matching tattoos on their shoulders.
  • -the nonsense symbol was then assumed to be their flag sign and now they can’t escape being associated with it, even though it was originally just a half-assed drunk scribble courtesy of Mikey and Donnie fighting over a pen.
  • -it looks cool enough though so they’re rolling with it.
  • -Space!Donnie and Earth!Donnie eventually figure out how to contact each other and proceed to become each other’s best friend/worst enemy. they either hate each other’s guts or agree on literally everything together and there’s no in between for those moods.
  • -their conversations typically end with them either storming off and yelling “WHY AM I SUCH AN ASSHOLE?!” or them saying “Why can’t you be more like him?” to their family.
  • -Leo has way too much fun monologue-ing villain speeches at the ship crews they rob, and maybe kind of practices said monologues in the bathroom mirror before using them.
  • -Earth!Leo sometimes asks if they can switch places, and Space!Leo always says no.
  • -the Earth!Kids are maybe really jealous and want in on the Space Pirating shenanigans.
  • -it ends up being where they spend their vacation time.
  • -also everyone is gay in some manner because Space Is Gay and they’re in space so they are all gay and there’s no way around that.

Feel free to add your own hc’s!!!