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Sometime ago I saw an Iron Man stuffed toy is labeled as “Free Gift” to be given to customers with certain purchase in a chain store here, I can’t help but think Steve would definitely object this idea :D So this art is born haha.

And Happy Birthday to my tumblr account! Time flies and three years have passed, hope I can draw more Stony in the future! :D Thanks for all the support, reblogs and following, and you are always welcome to drop a comment/prompt/idea/just say hi to me anytime :D Love you all <3<3<3

@dm here’s the valko meta/reflection from our last session i said i’d get to you. word vomited before i go to bed.

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Going into the third trimester

- All the trimesters are equally long but damn the last one feels like its FLYING by, second trimester time snailed past, and first was just edgy anticipation waiting for week 13 to roll around for the risk of miscarriage to drop.
- acid reflux is suddenly here. Wasn’t here before but is now. Much discomfort but let’s just hope Podo will have a terrific head of hair.
- I’m getting chubs! You can definitely see it in my face haha
- feeling tired again, I have had a few days where I HAD to take a nap. Sleeping only on your side gets uncomfortable real fast. I wake up numb or with should pain sometimes (should google if this is normal :s)
- dreams are getting more vivid, if thats even possible, and about the craziest things.
- you can see baby’s movement; you don’t need to place your hand on my belly to know she’s moving. Thankfully no painful kicking yet but a lot of rolling about. It tickles!
- I play classical music for her when I can, I like to do it when I know she’s active/awake, and I think it calms her? Like I will feel her moving, so turn on my spotify list, but then she’ll lessen her movement while the music plays. I’m just gunna take this as a sign that she’s going to be a music prodigy that appreciates Chopin before being born (jokes).
- need to start packing my hospital bag haha which I’m not super excited for. I’ve seen a lot of youtubers show “WHATS IN MY HOSPITAL BAG” but to me, I feel like its more of a.. reflective/preparation time where I prepare myself for the feat that will be labour and delivery. I mean.. its going to be mostly packing postpartum pads, breast/nursing pads, snacks for sustenance etc. feel like I’m going into battle, you know? I AM excited, its just not a going-to-a-slumber-party sort of vibe for me.
- need to organise a time to take a super quick photo shoot (find anyone who owns a DSL and willing to take a few snaps of us) around week 35.

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Daisuga Anon here! (back because procrastination is real!) hc that sometimes when Daichi naps he talks, so Suga loves to lay down beside him and listen to his weird sleep stories trying really hard not to giggle because Daichi has some weird dreams (Also Suga will definitely make him remembered later, "Oh no Daichi, don't let the crows burn the souffle ")

Welcome back DaiSuga Anon! :D I hope you had a lovely weekend ❤

Oooh that’s a cute one!! Suga would just have an arsenal of funny phrases Daichi has murmured in his sleep and just drop them in conversation; Daichi probably wouldn’t even have to ask what Suga is talking about after a while because it happens so often.

I’m always a sucker for Suga teasing Daichi :D

Support Cosmic Funnies Page

So, I had many people ask me about opening up some kind of donation page. My patreon account is still in the works because I am trying to shake off this very persistent depression that has left my motivation at a standstill. It’s that same reason why I haven’t been able to reply to questions as often as I wanted.

Nonetheless, I did start a paypal donation! Anyone who would like to help support my series, can scroll down below to see the screenshots or find the “support cosmic funnies” button on my main page. 

See the screenshots below. Or the link if you prefer to go straight there:

I’ll be sure to leave an update once I have my patreon ready! I’m hoping to have it up sometime next week!

And here are the screenshots to access the support page and donation page below: 

                                                                ʜᴏᴍᴇ | ᴀsᴋ | ᴄʀᴇᴅɪᴛ                                                                        

 this is a 2-1 So I really wanted to thank everyone I’ve interacted since these recent months and tolerated my slow rpness and oocness at times lol. I think you all are great wonderful to see on the dash, each and every one of you (even if some of you are no longer here, but the one who are still here I do hope you really stay a while I enjoy reading many of you guys stuffs at work and on my lurking time, some of it even helps me with writer block).  I’ve talked to some of you on Skype, and it’s always interesting to talk your muses or whatever topic we have.  Now this list has been the real task over the weeks because I’m such a picky little person and try to be accurate. So if I missed you I’m sorry just hard getting everyone, if you see doubles?  - Well, I got paranoid. Now I will be dropping my giveaway sometime in August now that I have enough funds

                                            𝐄𝐧𝐝𝐥𝐞𝐬𝐬 𝐏𝐨𝐬𝐬𝐢𝐛𝐥𝐢𝐭𝐢𝐞𝐬                                

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BOB Characters As: Things I Say While Iceskating

Nixon- *squeals at dog in the distance*
Guarnere- *laughs manically at people falling around him*
Toye- Learn how to merge, god dammit. 
Lieb- *getting yelled at for standing by the wall* I’ll stand wherever the fuck I want. This is America.
Web- I think getting the hang of- OH FUCK HELP ME. 
Skinny- Oh my dear wall, I shall never leave you. 
Babe- *darts across rink* HOW DO I STOP?!
Roe- How do you do this? What is happening? I just want hot chocolate. 
Bull- *mistakes someone’s fur hat as their hair*
Luz- That kid with the hockey mask is definitely going to make me fall sometime today.
Perco- If you’re taking selfies while skating I hope you drop your phone and it skids across the ice. 
Buck- I get that you’re professional and all, but I’m really trying to not fall on my face so could you stop skating around me?
Malarkey- Are you wearing a mini-skirt? You’re literally on ice right now. 
Speirs- Welcome to “Danger: On Ice”
Lipton- I feel like a cold buffoon.
Shifty- These skates hold all my powers. 
Talbert- *skates past you while singing* Do you believe in miracles?
Sobel- PIVOT. 
Dike- *grabs your arm* GO.