here's to celebrate our 100th follower!


Admin 🔞🍷🍓🍌🍇, here bringing you something a little different to celebrate reaching our 100th followers! We took Yoongi to Disney with us! Then we created an adventure with our handsome guy that took us all over the place! We have a PT.2 to this post as well as our text post so please look forward to them! 😉

Yoongi’s Disney Adventures - Instagram PT.1

Check out the accompanying text posts: PT.1 and PT.2


We have officially hit 10,000 followers. To mark that, we aren’t just willing to create posts (to finish out this little celebration) with your favorite pairings, we decided to thank our followers by creating posts based upon their usernames. If you are a follower, there is a chance, in the next few days, you may find yourself here on our site.

We’re meta like that. We hope you enjoy.

Obviously, with 10,000 of you, we can’t do everyone, but if we can come up with a post for your name, we’re going to try. But seriously, thank you to everyone for helping us get to this point.