here's to 50 more years

The year was like a movie. Maybe the year was a movie, and we’ve finally closed the razor-thin gap between reality and entertainment. America in 2016 was an episode of “Stranger Things,” with its alternate reality called the Upside Down — from which we try to communicate with the other side via flashing Christmas lights.

We were always minutes away from a shocking plot twist, and the twists came so fast that we had to keep reminding ourselves of the basic order of the universe.

“This isn’t normal,” people said when white supremacists did a Nazi salute to Donald Trump during a conference on Pennsylvania Avenue.

“This isn’t normal,” people said when the temperature at the North Pole registered 50 degrees above average.

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Congratulations, you guys have made it past the most difficult first five years! Here is to 50 more years to come.✌

exactly, like looking at my dash now these 5 years were nothing in comparison i was in soccerdom before becoming a 1d blog can you believe likeee

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I don't think Othello meant any recent relative of Ciel when he said he recognized him. With Othello's comment about it being 50 years since he last was here, it's more likely he's talking about Claudia, or maybe even Cedric, if that's a possibility. (Depending on how that pans out) He also doesn't seem like he gets in contact with collections enough to know much about the human world.

He doesn’t have to come down to the human realm to conduct most of his business; most of it is sent to him in his lab. Therefore, he has access to interesting corpses for forensic purposes. People who died because of a contract with a demon would be of particular interest, perhaps.

It’s a fair point that he shouldn’t have seen the real Ciel unless he came down to the human realm, but we don’t yet know exactly what happened to the earl’s twin (the real Ciel) or exactly how….

i still love the comic where when joseph ‘died’ in sdc and was like 'hi caesar,’ caesar just shut the door to heaven/the afterlife and was like “nope. nope. go back. you’re not allowed here wtf. i told you to live on. wait 50 more years. go back you loser” and that’s why joseph was forced to come back to life

enzo telling bonnie that it wasn’t her fault that damon left, that she was enough, is so important to me

it didn’t come from a smarmy place, a misguided/creepy attempt to have an in with her, it was just hard facts like hey been there done that with him, struggled with abandonment, anguish and feelings of inadequacy but i’m here to tell you 50+ years later that you’re worth so much more, the onus is NOT on you

side note damon talking out of his neck about ripping enzo’s heart out if anything happens to bonnie really made my eyes roll back in my head. like pls sis she needed this devotion 3 years ago, you’ve been on the scene for 5 mins. but what enzo said was a sick burn “i made a mistake, you made a choice” i was like zamn tell him

this triangle is hot garbage so far. damon’s looking petty and i hate to say deficient. there’s so much love between enzo and bonnie the writers need to have a real redemption story planned for mr. salvatore for me to feel he’s even a little worthy of bonnie’s friendship much less romantic love

Jim Alinder

Utopia Rules at Sean Ranch, a Community Born of ‘60s Idealism

With its gentle footprint on the California coast, simple wood houses and almost doctoral aesthetic structures, it feels as modern today as it did 50 years ago.

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You’re looking at a span of more than 50 years here. The fellow on the right is the actor now playing the lead in Doctor Who. He will star again in the new series premiere one month from now. The fellow on the left was the Director of the very first episode of Doctor Who, which premiered 23 November 1963.

The BBC tweeted this photo today of Waris Hussein’s visit to the set in Cardiff.

“To Kill a Mockingbird” will not be Harper Lee’s only published book after all. Publisher Harper announced Tuesday that “Go Set a Watchman,” a novel the Pulitzer Prize-winning author completed in the 1950s and put aside, will be released July 14. Rediscovered last fall, “Go Set a Watchman” is essentially a sequel to “To Kill a Mockingbird,” although it was finished earlier. The 304-page book will be Lee’s second, and the first new work in more than 50 years.

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Today marks exactly 1 year since I started drawing Sylvania and took this picture of the first 2 pages! I made a bunch of emotional tweets about it earlier this evening that I’ll try to summarize here:

It was so exciting to put the first 2 pages on paper after a year and a half of planning and writing. I’m finishing up page 50 today. Here’s hoping I can draw way more than 50 pages in year 2!!!

I truly and sincerely hope that every single one of you has or eventually finds a project you love working on as much as I love Sylvania.

I’ve struggled with ADHD and related brain problems for my entire life and I doubted for many years whether I had it in me to make a comic. Making High Tide helped me understand for the first time what I was capable of, but even after school I had a hard time finding motivation.

Throwing myself into a project that’s all mine has proved to bring me deeper joy and satisfaction than homework or freelance ever did!!!! This might not be the best sign for my financial prospects, but it’s been an incredibly valuable thing to learn about myself regardless.

Of course, I am so grateful to Comicker Digital for giving me the opportunity and an excuse to finally sit down and start drawing the idea that had been brewing in my head for so long.

Sylvania’s story has just barely gotten started, and I can not WAIT for you guys to come to Mars with us!!!!!