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Chapter Six!

Back from the dead, and apparently my computer is innocent. Our internet provider hit a VIC (Very Important Cable) while digging, so the connection is shaky at best and non - existing at worst. Good thing there aren’t too many chapters left!

Here is the promised thing though! 

In the sharp, unforgiving plains of the Canadian Arctic, Erik is since long adapted to solitude and silence. Separated from civilization, dedicated to nothing but his research, he has formed a life that suits him. There is nothing he would ever want to change. So, naturally, the arrival of grad student Charles Xavier upends everything Erik ever thought he wanted, for better or for worse.

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The 5'8 anon here 😊seriously though about the boob thing, it's hard to find clothes that fit sometimes. I was a C at 13, a D at 14, a DD at 15, and I'm a full DD pushing a DDD/E and I'm currently 16. Aomine would love me... or at least my... assets.

Nu: Run girl! I can’t hold him off! I’m gonna fight him for your breasts

Aomine: Too late idiot, I’m already coming.

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autumnpunksnet intro!!

Yo I’m Camille, I’m 16, my birthday is March 10th and ’m from Canada. My likes include music, art, and comic books. My dislikes include homework (which I should be doing right now lol), spiders, and clowns. My hobbies are writing, reading, drawing, and playing piano. My favourite song atm is either Right There by Electric Century, or Gasoline by Halsey. The best thing about autumn is pumpkin flavoured/scented things imo. I love sweaters too, though. 

Here’s a lame joke: Why didn’t the vampire have any friends? Everyone thought he was a pain in the neck.

And here’s my face.

(image quality is shit sorry)

first post! still haven’t bought any proper pens/pencils, but i didn’t want that to stop me from studying biology all day, while listening to my favourite streamer. still need to go shopping, though.


I love how in this scene Yu is literally ready to follow Yosuke anywhere

Meanwhile the others are like “Bruh. No way. You’re on your own on this one.”

Novice rounds

A huge thank you to anyone who decided to follow this mess of a blog!!!! I swear all it ever is is me crying over kbieksa, manny, sid, hot dads or french-canadians. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  

A little bit of mushy gushy always has to come along with a ff, so here it is. Some of the people I’ve met on this website have changed my life. This past year has been one of the roughest out of my 19 years of existence, and I don’t know where I would be without the love and support some of the amazing friends I made here gave me. There’s been alot of ups and downs, learning & growth with me the past few years and I truly want to let every single person who stuck around, follows me, interacts with me, talks to me, or even just reblogs my posts that I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart!!! You’re all beautiful humans to your very core and I’m blessed to know each and every one of you. 

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I am not allowed to write a Pantheon AU for Veronica Mars. Don’t let me do this. Save me from myself.






“When I was 18, I ran for mayor of my small town and won. Little bit of anti-establishment voter rebellion I guess. Here’s the thing, though, about 18 year olds. They’re idiots. So I pretty much ran the place into the ground and after two months got impeached. Worst part was my parents grounded me.”



Jared didn’t catch on at first.

No … at first it seemed pretty normal. Jensen would only mention MIsha here and there–the usual things like: “Seriously though, who talks like that?” or “That dude is a bucket of weird.”

But as the months passed and everyone on set got to know their new resident angel a bit more, Jensen’s comments started becoming more and more frequent, and maybe– just a little too curious. “Saw Mish earlier … he was coming from the store or something. He was going into his trailer with a bottle of lotion and some beer … I wonder what he’s getting up to?”

Jared could only shrug at his buddy’s sarcastic remark– refraining at the last moment from asking him: Why do you want to know?

But the “why” became clear a short while later, when it seemed like every other sentence became “Misha this” and “Misha that”. Whether they were initially talking about the guy or not; Jensen always found a way to steer the conversation in that direction. Like when they were eating nachos– it was nacho Tuesday and Jared was feeling much better after the stressful shoot once he had two, steaming plates in front of him– or he was, until Jensen held up a broken chip and said: “Hey, look! This chip is curved like Misha’s mouth. Seriously man, who has lips like that? They are like– flat, but still full and shit. It’s weird.“

The man chuckled, turning the chip with delicate fingers.

“And we all know what ‘weird‘ is code for”Jared grumbled without pause– his filter, way too warn at that point to care; and he really didn’t feel like talking about Misha over his lunch for the millionth time that week.

“What?” Jensen asked, softly setting down the chip, looking horribly confused and innocent– which only annoyed Jared more.

“You don’t think he’s ‘weird’, man! You don’t think about someone’s lips or what they do in their trailer each day or bring them up over a plate of nachos if you think they’re weird!”

Jensen gaped, shrugging helplessly as he furrowed his brow at Jared across the table.

“You know what?” Jared finally hissed, standing up and pulling his tray up with him. “How about you discuss all this with man himself? I’m sure he can give you much better insight on the shape of his lips than I can.” And with that, Jared stormed off, feeling a little guilty but a lot relived that he didn’t have to listen to anymore Misha/food comparisons for the moment.

Later that evening, he saw Jensen standing outside of Misha’s trailer door, hand hovering against it’s surface– unsure of whether to knock or retreat. When knuckles finally landed, Jensen instantly turned into a wriggling lump, smoothing down his shirt and straightening the buttons, shuffling from foot to foot and running his fingers through his short hair just before cupping his hand over his mouth to give himself a breath check– probably didn’t want to still smell like nachos, Jared imagined.

The next day– Jensen didn’t bring up Misha– not even once, but there was a permanent smile on his face and an extra bob in his step. And when he and Jared sat down for lunch, Jensen remained mostly quiet, only commenting here and there on the conversation Jared was finally in charge of carrying. But in the moments when they were both silent, chewing contently on their bites of BLT, Jared didn’t miss the way that Jensen held up a piece of bacon, looking at the curve of it, running the tip of his finger along its edge before smiling softly to himself– no longer curious, no longer wondering … no longer needing to share his interest. Jensen seemed peaceful, happy … like he was remembering something– something really, really good.

Soon, Jared was smiling too–  after all,that’s all he’s ever wanted for the guy.

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