here's the thing though--

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Hehehe does pangur have a black paw now or does it wash off easily?

for a bit afterward, but she licks it off pretty quick. here’s the thing about pawprinting though: I made a Real Monster? 

bc after every pawprint, I briefly play w her as a reward. & so my print packaging has become associated with ‘Pangur’s Hyper Fun Time’, meaning she’ll lurk patiently nearby while I roll & tube prints but if enough time passes & she doesn’t sign one, this animal will BEGIN SCREAMING

THEORY TIME ✧ ⋆  . ✹  ⋆  .

(Gore below)

Buckle up kids because I have reason to believe Nerd Lord is about to get thoroughly crushed.

Before diving into things, we need to touch back on some previous panels. Let’s start here

Ava, with her handy dandy limbo lenses, gets a colorful new look at Odin, complete with his trademark color palette, geometric designs that echo others we’ve seen when dealing with demons and hosts, and a distinct slash mark across the side of his abdomen. Back when this panel was released many speculated that this mark was in fact a part of Odin’s future pact similar to the drawer on Ava. Here’s where things get interesting though.

Presumably a host can pact at any time with their demon, but what if death were more of a key factor in making a pact that it seems? Ava made her pact shortly after being impaled after Odin’s ship crashed 


But this nasty event has an odd, almost convenient parallel

The location of Ava’s drawer aligns with her fatal injury. 

So let’s say, in theory, that the death of a host and the appearance of a particular object (drawer, door, etc) are connected in some way. That could mean that Odin will suffer some sort of lethal injury to his side and midsection…

and it may be coming sooner than we think

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Ok here's the thing though honey. People just watch you and enjoy it for humor and shock value because your body is so repulsive.

I’ll take that shock and humor to the bank.

Also, no, because lots of other plus size women come up and thank me for doing it because it helps them feel good having a body similar to theirs be visible. And that’s my biggest motivation.

Now please go get yourself a hobby or something because you’re boring me.

Hey Dave, what’s cold, dark and underpaid? New Hercules and Cryxilium miners working on it, heheheh! Ah, that really hits the spot Geoff, real original; so funny I forgot to laugh! Ha ha…

Oh come on, Dave! I’m only trying to lighten things up here, even though the next sunrise will only be six months away…! Stop it, Geoff, your jokes are getting creepier by the day, you need to have your brain examined!

And we’re only a month away from getting off this gloomy rock so cool it, Geoff! Sorry, Dave, couldn’t help it; I’m already getting nuttier than Deloxian Chocolate now, this is how I try to keep it together till then…(sigh)

Have you tried Bolixian Scotch, Geoff? It worked wonders, they said! Ever masturbated to a Pibian gay porn, Dave? I think I’m into alien men now! Dude, I told you to stop going through old DeWitt’s locker, you sick mutha! I’m kidding, Dave! Relax, heheheh…

(Picture taken from “The Final Future” Facebook page, poem by yours truly)

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i think about adult giorno a lot…..too much

getting warmer


Super Lovers 2 
#5 black and white


You need to be more self aware. I’m surprised you think you can choose your own image. From the audience’s perspective, you’re just a piglet and a kitten.

me: *has very long reading list* 

me: *has too long a reading list* 

me: *drowns in an overwhelming array of options* 

me: ……………..

me: *goes back to the thing I literally just finished* 

me: :) 


So this is love, so this is what makes life divine…

rewatched part of sdc today with a friend and doodled some highschool boys

i wish i could do things right and i wish i had motivation to get up

What we know so far about bts’ new song/comeback: 

 - its “crazy” and “so good”

 - when we hear it we will say “Jin?? Jin!!" 

 - the best comeback/song yet according to people who worked on it 

 - will catch the attention of not only the fans but the general public as well 

- namjoon himself just said “there are so many people who will listen to our album after it comes out”

- its called either “Spring days” or “Not today” its both probably

 there might be more but just this info is making me hyperventilate already idk how we will even survive


get to know me meme: [1/10] cancelled tv shows
Nikita ( 2010 - 2013 )