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yknow what. it’s in the am hours. ive had at least 2 alcoholic beverages tonighit. and i have decided that once im out of tech school im gonna get a degree in ye olde literature just so i can write a groundbreaking paper about how cu chulainn (the actual myth one not the anime one) is a fucking trans icon. my guy is incredibly trans. lets just take a good look at the facts here folks

-these stories were written down by monks with an obviously christian agenda they edited the story to adhere to, in some parts more obviously so than others. considering the roman catholic hatred of trans people at the time, it would not be unreasonable to assume that if cu chulainn was in fact trans in the originals that were being written down said monks would attempt to cover that up by making him cis.

-dude changed his name which is a very trans™ thing 2 do obviously

-the whole thing with the curse and how he was the only one ready to throw the fuck down while all the other men were in bed with the pains of birth like this is such a classic example of using gendered language in magic shenanigans to ur advantage

-often described as being small & beardless “this is supposed to show he’s young” but is it really??? it’s not uncommon for masculine women to be mistaken for young men and him being both notably small and unable to grow a beard is brought up several times in text. either way it’s not like being young and being trans are mutually exclusive. really makes you think.

-alright here’s the big kicker that really says Cu Chulainn Is Trans 2 me in big shiny letters: he had to prove himself as Really Being That Tough over & over again to a frankly ridiculous degree. multiple times (at least 2 in the tain bo cuailnge that i can remember rn) there’s some enemy fuck who knows god damn well the one in front of them is cu mother fucking chulainn who has been absolutely obliterating his enemies by the hundreds but the moment they see him & notice he’s beardless (again, this is usually interpreted as meaning he’s young but that doesn’t necessarily have to be the case) they’re like “nah I’m not fighting that get me a real enemy” and cu has to put on a fake beard to convince them he really is A Big Tough Dude Who Can Kick Your Ass. another time in the tain cu used his sick sword skills to make a fool of someone who was mocking him and the fucking idiot didn’t stop even after cu literally shaved the guys head clear & cut off his clothes with a sword. there’s one story (called bricriu’s feast) of a competition where cu easily beat everyone by a wide margin in everything they compete in but none of the other contestants wanted to accept the result so they kept bringing in other judges trying to get someone other than cu to be declared winner. 

there’s this really weird refusal of people in the ulster cycle to accept that cu chulainn is as good at things as he is (specifically things considered masculine like fighting) and idk about all yall but that really fucking screams good old fashioned transphobia to me lads. like trans folks are still dealing with this shit in modern day with athletes not being allowed to compete with their own fucking gender bc it ~wouldnt be fair~ or other such nonsense. this fuck shit with ppl absolutely refusing to acknowledge cu as possibly being good at Man Things is incredibly Trans Relatable™.

-ALSO i just remembered this but there’s also at least one and i’m pretty sure more than one time where cu talks to people who are like “yea we’re trying to hunt down cu chulainn” and they don’t realise he is in fact that very same cu chulainn or are even remotely suspicious of him which would make a lot more sense if they mistook him for a woman

in conclusion: hes trans

Mr. Graves…………..

Made some quick pair icons for Kai’s twitter (KaiSukiKai) and mine (nekodoruBox) that were originally just supposed to be a joke but here we are.
Kai’s art blog is @kaisukidoodles but she’s more active on her twitter. ♡
Art blog: questionartbox

About SquigglyDigg

My name’s Hailey, but you can call me Squiggly: animator, illustrator, skeleton enthusiast, grown-ass woman with a kid’s interests.  In my spare time I like to eat, draw, sing, cosplay, and voice act!

(If you’re looking for info on my Toon Henry AU for Bendy and the Ink Machine, please refer to this post on my personal blog.)



“Why the name ‘SquigglyDigg?’”

I’ve told the story before, but basically the username “SquigglyDigg” comes from several years ago, when I went on a flight to visit some family and had a little mameshiba keychain on my backpack carry-on.  The flight attendant was charmed by it, and kept giving it silly little nicknames each time he passed by, batting at it, saying “hello” to it, and stuff like that.  When I got off the flight, he patted it affectionately and went “buh-bye, squigglydigg!”And the nonsense word just stuck out in my memory, so I adopted it. :V

“Where do you work?”

I’m currently working for Copernicus Studios as a 2D FX animator on Season 2 of Pickle & Peanut.

“What program do you use to draw/animate?”

I use Clip Studio Paint EX for both!

“Where did you attend college?”

I attended the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, and graduated with a BFA in Traditional Animation in December 2016.

“Do you have an online store?“

Yes indeedy!  My RedBubble store can be found over here:

“What about commissions?”

I do occasionally offer commissions, but unfortunately they are closed at the moment!  I’ll be making a page listing my prices as soon as I get the chance to re-open them.

“PLEASE DRAW  _____!”

The more you ask me to draw something, the less likely I am to do it.  Please – I don’t take requests.

“I drew/wrote something for you!  How can I show it to you?”

Any number of methods (thank you for thinking of me :D)!  If I’m online, a simple @squigglydigg or @squigglydigglydoo in a post might work, but since I’m not always online, that method of getting my attention is unreliable.  A better way of making sure I can see a post you make is to simply make sure that #squigglydigg or #squigglydigglydoo is in the first five tags of the post!  I track both of those tags, and unfortunately, the way Tumblr works, any given post will only appear in the first five tags applied to it.  If #squigglydigg is the sixth tag or later on your post, it won’t show up in the tag.

Unfortunately, I cannot see my tracked tags until I’m at home.  If you’d like to submit to me a link to the post (or simply the content you made, if you don’t want to make your own post) so that I see it sooner, please feel free to do so!

“Can I use your art for insert-thing-here?”

You must ask me for permission if you would like to use my art for anything at all, period.  No exceptions (this includes you, RP blogs–I do NOT like finding my work cropped and edited for somebody’s icons without my permission).  If I give you permission to use my work, you MUST source it back to me with a link to where it was originally posted, and you DO NOT have permission to edit it beyond cropping it unless I explicitly say so.

Trust me–you don’t want to test me here.  I know how to use the copyright complaint function on most websites.

“Is it okay to tag your art as ‘kin’ or anything related to otherkin or fictionkin?”

Please do not.  I’ve explained my stance before, and am a bit uninclined to get into it again, but long story short, it’s more than a little unsettling for me as an artist to have people I don’t even know claiming my art as, in any way, shape, or form, a representation of them.

Anybody who disrespects my wishes on this matter and decides to associate my work with anything related to “kin” will be blocked on sight.

This is not a bluff.  I am tired of asking every single person individually to respect my wishes.

“What computer do you have?”

I actually have a custom PC, specifically designed to run games and process-heavy software!  The specs can be found in this post right here.

“How tall are you?”

As baffled as I am that this is, in fact, a frequently-asked question, I stand at 5'2”.

“Sweet or savory food??”

I actually don’t like sweet food that much, so savory!

♡. — tom holland gif icons !

when you click here, you’ll be directed to a page with one hundred gif icons of bug boy, tom holland. i don’t own these gifs ( they were cropped/edited to my liking ) and credit goes to the original creators. i’ll be updating this frequently so please like and/or reblog if you found these useful and do not repost these as your own. tysm !

Subject Edit | Wen Junhui

where the stars are embracing


when you click here, you’ll be directed to a page with one hundred gif icons of the real queen, adelaide kane. i don’t own these gifs ( they were cropped/edited to my liking ) and credit goes to the original creators. i’ll be updating this frequently so please like and/or reblog if you found these useful and do not repost these as your own. tysm !


So I decided to share my Muslim Lesbian pride edits!! I originally added the moon and star when i was playing around with icon designs and wasn’t gonna upload them, but here we are.

Feel free to use them, no credit needed.

I’d be happy to do edits for other orientations and gender id’s too, so send me a request and I’ll get to editing them as soon as I’m back from vacation

(original lesbian queer chevron design) (lesbian space queer chevron design)


skywarper’s TF commissions - 18/09/2017!

[ Uncoloured Sketches: 15 USD Waist / 20 USD Full Body / +10 USD per extra character
Coloured Sketches: 40 USD Waist / 50 USD Full Body / +30 USD per extra character
Full Coloured: 60 USD Waist / 80 USD Full Body / +40 USD per extra character
Icons: 25 USD / +15 USD for second character ]

more examples of my work in general can be found HERE


  • i do SFW material only!
  • i only take payment through paypal, will be used for orders under 50 USD, i will send an invoice by default for anything above. feel free to ask for an invoice if you need one though!
  • all Transformer characters from any continuity are fine; AU designs, OCs. humanformers, and human companions are all fine as long as they originate from Transformers!
  • i retain the right to decline any commission if i think it’s beyond my skillset or makes me personally uncomfortable (it likely won’t, this is just for my safety!)
  • you are allowed to reprint/reproduce your commission for any non-commercial personal purpose (icons, themes, editing the image, printing out for yourself, etc), please contact me if you plan on using the image commercially.
  • i usually give WIPs for larger pieces, feel free to discuss when you’d prefer WIPs and how many if that’s a concern for you!
  • if something’s not listed here but you’re interested in it, feel free to message me for a quote.
  • any questions? feel free to ask or message me for a no-strings-attached talk!

before ordering, please check my SLOTS as they are limited! i am opening to holding slots, don’t be afraid to ask!

interested? awesome! shoot me an IM and we can discuss! i look forward to working with you!

if you can’t/don’t want to order, that’s perfectly fine! reblogs are infinitely appreciated though, thank you!

♡. — kj apa gif icons !

when you click here, you’ll be directed to a page with one hundred and eleven gif icons of my favorite human, kj apa. i don’t own these gifs ( they were cropped/edited to my liking ) and credit goes to the original creators. i’ll be updating this frequently so please like and/or reblog if you found these useful and do not repost these as your own. tysm !

Hello everyone! So these are my first tumblr awards in celebration of reaching 4.5k followers and my upcoming birthday! I am mind blown! Thank you so, so much ♥ I really appreciate all of you :) Without further blah blah here are the awards!

  • Arya Stark award » my personal favourite
  • Sansa Stark award » best game of thrones
  • Newt Scamander award » best multifandom
  • Daenerys Targaryen award » best edits*
  • Lyanna Mormont award » best gifs*
  • Brienne of Tarth award » best original icons*
  • Missandei award » best icon
  • Margaery Tyrell award » best theme
  • Tyrion Lannister award » best url
  • Jon Snow award » best up and coming**
  • Hermione Granger award » most organised

info: * please enter your edit tag when reblogging // ** please sumbit me a screenshot of your follower count or send me a message; must be under 500


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  • the winners will be announced between 18th-24th September!

Prizes (there will be winners + runner ups!):

  • a follow from me if not already :)
  • a spot on my blog for a month (+ a one time promo post if you want)
  • 1-2 gifsets of your choice
  • an icon pack of your choice with 5-10 icons

yooo I’m about to hit 1.25k followers!! I love you all so much and thanks for sticking with me through my first months of being on Tumblr!! (including my fetus days yikes) You’ve made these months some of the most special months of my life! I’ve met so many amazing people and I wanted to do something to celebrate my gratefulness for you all!! (I’m getting into the Thanksgiving mood waaay too soon but whatevs <3) Here are my 1.25k celebrations!! whoop whoop!

                        R U L E S : 

  - pls be following me! :)

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  - ends 20th of october 2017

  - one winner and one runner up for each category

  - you must smile today. yes. a rule.

                       C A T E G O R I E S :

  - Sweater Weather: best url

  - Pumpkin Spice: best desktop theme

  - Cinnamon: best mobile theme

  - Fall Foliage: best icon

  - Vanilla: best original edits *

  - Scented Candles: most organized **

  - Pecan Pies: best up and coming †

  - Soft Blankets: friendliest blogger ††

  - Flannel: best Single Fandom blog

  - Pumpkin Picking: best Multifandom blog

*lmk your edits tag

**based on tagging system/navi page mostly

submit a screenshot of follower count under 750

††if you have a positivity tag lmk

                       P R I Z E S :

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*.:。 ✦ ⋅ ⋆ — adachi yuto

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♡. — madelaine petsch gif icons !

when you click here, you’ll be directed to a page with one hundred gif icons of my new honey, madelaine petsch. i don’t own these gifs ( they were cropped/edited to my liking ) and credit goes to the original creators. i’ll be updating this frequently so please like and/or reblog if you found these useful and do not repost these as your own. tysm !