here's the hard part

You are the dancing queen, 

who replaces spleens, 

dominating the DDR machine.

Something I love about the Stranger Things soundtrack is when the two variations of “Kids” are played. The first one, as the boys head home after the campaign, and the second, as they reconvene in the junk yard and Lucas and El forgive each other. It’s a subtle way of marking that El is part of their group of nerdy misfits, loved and accepted by all. She’s one of the Kids


After three long months, I’ve finally finished this semester of school.

This was probably the hardest semester of my life with a lot of personal drama, going through moving, surgery, and so much more..

But it all finally payed off in the end and I now have several long months of time to rest and go back to drawing on here too!

2016 was really hard for a lot of us.. But part of me knows it’s all clear skies from this point forward.

okay so I was going through some old stuff and I found this book from a series called “Amy Hodgepodge” that I bought around 2009 or 2010

and I vaguely remembered something special about it so I opened it up and

(it’s a bit hard to read, so here’s the part that I mainly want to focus on: “I laughed, knowing she was only kidding. Lola has a great sense of humor. She’s the one who came up with my nickname: Amy Hodgepodge. My real name is Amy Hodges. But when Lola found out that I’m African American, White, Japanese, and Korean, she said my name should be Amy Hodgepodge. Lola and her twin brother, Cole, are mixed-race, too. So are some of my other friends. But Lola says nobody is as mixed as me!”)

This girl is African American, white, Japanese, AND Korean.

I remembered how weird being both Vietnamese and white was for me when I was little. I didn’t know any other part Asian, part white kids (and I specify Asian because I did know one or two kids that were part black, but I didn’t talk with them that much), and I had never read about anyone like me in any of the books I had ever read… until these.

Curious to learn more about the series, I decided to Google it. This is the home page of

“Some kids were mean and teased me about looking different, which really made me sad.”

These kids books just briefly tackled racism without actually saying the word “racism” or “racist”.

Interested, I began to go through the website and went to the characters page:

The text is pretty small, so if for some reason if you can’t zoom in or anything like that, here’s what I want to emphasize:

  • Lola and Cole (twins) are part African American, part Irish-American.
  • Maya is pretty much white, but she’s Italian-American and Irish-American.
  • Pia’s mother is white and her father is Chinese-American.
  • Jesse is half Puerto Rican and half African American.
  • Rusty is Hispanic, Native American, and white.

The authors of these books didn’t put a single white child in the group (with the exception of Maya).

But apparently, racial diversity is too hard for people who are 100% white.

The truth is this – human hate can adapt to anything. You think you are safe. But if someone hates you, they will come up with the reason after the fact. (from Years of Future Past #2, written by Marguerite Bennett, 2015)

X-Men comics are fantastic. This is powerful. 

at the end of the day I undress
take the day off of my shoulders,
unclip the love from my back,
spread it out on the bed,
and lay down in it.
we have to remember to be gentle with ourselves, to say today I will love this part right here,
because yesterday it was hard for me.
—  Key Ballah

Yesterday For Valentines Day I Gave Her A Diamond Heart Necklace and Asked Her If I Could Kiss Her On The Cheek, One Day. She Said That She Wouldn’t Mind. Now Here Comes The Hard Part… How Do I Kiss Her On The Cheek?! I Really Want to do it , But I’m nervous because this is my first Kiss…..

anonymous asked:

Hello! I was wondering how does one keep a character-driven story interesting?

By writing interesting characters. 

How to do that is more the hard part. But here’s the golden rule: “interesting characters” is not synonymous with “good people.” Characters who grab our attention are often not the ones whom you’d most like to be friends with in real life. Consider, for example, Gone with the Wind. Melanie is like the nicest, most forgiving person on the face of the earth. But she’s also painfully boring. Scarlett, on the other hand, is catty and selfish and mean, but she’s interesting. People get sick of Melanie after two paragraphs but they’ll read 800 pages of Scarlett being a human train wreck because she’s fascinating. That doesn’t mean every character needs to be a mythic bitch. It just means that you can afford to be adventurous with your characterization. Don’t shy away from the unpleasant, unattractive, or unconventional. Why is this person someone worth reading about? 

If you’re not sure where to start with character building, try here.

Holy crap, remember how I was talking about my experience with trying to get Hormone Therapy from Planned Parenthood? How it took one phone call, one appointment, and they said they’d call me when my blood work was done and send out the prescription as soon as it was done in 3-5 business days? Well they haven’t balled me and it’s been like,,, two? Ish? Weeks since my appointment and I was like “oh no, here’s the hard part..”

Just called them again.

“Yes! Hello sir, I’m glad you called. it looks like it was reported that your phone was giving them technical difficulties. They tried to leave messages telling you that your prescription was sent out to your local pharmacy! Walk in any time, it’s been ready for a week.”


Nightmare x Cross 3

(Here’s part 3! I worked so hard and the next part won’t be here for awhile, I have some stuff I need to get done for a couple days, but at least it’s not so short, enjoy!)

Cross’s pov.

“I’m surprised he actually cares about me.” “Whatever, let’s get it over with idiot and then you can turn all dovey on him later.” Chara mumbled,I blushed and thought at what he said and I was putting all my sh*t on, it takes me frickin 10 mins to put on my crap. I mumbled as I began putting on my cloths,”Need help?” I whipped around to see Nightmare looking at me, with a smirk.”N-no, of course not!” I blushed madly as Nightmare looked up and down at my body,”Wait, what are you doing in here?!” I said enraged and flustered, he chuckled, “The door was slightly open.” I was so embarrassed,’how did I miss that and I thought I shutted all the way, didn’t I?’ before I knew it, Nightmare put my scarf on me, I blushed madly as he did, I was so nervous and excited, wait…WHAT!? I just sat still as Nightmare put my scarf on me and then clipped it into place, I stood up, hiding my blush behind my scarf, I glanced at Nightmare, who was opening up the portal to our destination, I walked behind him as we entered.

??? pov.

I was hiding in the shadows as I watched both of the skeletons walk through the portal, the one with the half soul had a slight blush, I just stared emotionless at  him, my eyes then landed on his comrade, who also was blushing,’I’m going to have to take care of him first if he interferes with our plans…’ I thought,”Yo! Boss, you coming down or what!?” The hoard screech of the triplets rang through the air,”I have task for you three.” I called down, their eyes gleamed,”Anything for our favorite Bossy, Wossy.”

Nightmare pov.

I can’t believe I did that, I blushed,’sure it was only his scarf, but I never been so close to him like that.’ we then came to a bus stop and we waited for the bus, we couldn’t use magic here for some reason, as we got on the train, I felt like we were being watched, but I pushed it away, The train was already moving and it was going to be at least 2 hours before we reach our destination. I pulled a book out, I stared at Cross who was trying not to fall asleep, but after 10 mins he fell asleep, I took out a book and began reading, that was until his head relaxed on my shoulder, I blushed at this, I didn’t want to wake him up, so I continued reading.

25 mins later…

I was still reading, we’re still on the this stupid train and Cross was still sleeping, only he was sleeping on my lap, I was trying not to blush, but I was failing horrible, I then heard him mumble about something and began to whimper,I was curious and I leaned in and listen to what he was saying,”Nightmare…” He groaned and I was taken back, but I continued to listen.”Pl-ease… Help..Me…Don’t leave me…” He whimpered and began crying, I was so glad there was no one on the train with us,”Cross, wake up.” I said calmly, his crying turned to screams and bawling,I then really began to freak out when his magic knives came out of nowhere and began flying around, destroying anything in its path,”Cross! Wake up, NOW!” I shook him and pinched his arm, he then woke up and looked around horrified and he looked at me finally, I was surprise as he hugged me and began weeping in my chest, I nervously rubbed his back,”Don’t leave, Don’t leave, Don’t leave, Don’t leave, Please don’t leave me.” He mumbled over and over again, I hugged him real tight and began murmuring to him it was a nightmare, his breathing began to slow and he was calming down finally after 15 mins like that, I pulled away and looked at him, his face was puffy and purple from crying and he gazed up at me, we stared at in each other’s eyes, I blushed a bluish as he blushed a purple blush, I then looked away and we then stayed silent for a moment,”What was that about, you could have killed us, more so what was happening to you in your sleep?” I said calmly, Cross looked away and at the floor,”I don’t wish to share it…” He said quietly, I then remained silent as I rubbed his back a bit more,’I will make him tell me when we get home.’


the most biting ass freezing part of the year is here… it makes it hard to take cute selfies since i’m more concerned about being a turtle in many warm jackets. not the most stylish sight, let me tell u. so here’s some late summer-fall looks!! i really need to stop taking my photos in the darkest spot in the damn house