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Happy New Year 2017! By: Lennon Black

I had a NSFW piece in mind for the “New Year” piece, but I wanted to make something everyone can enjoy! So here it is! I hope you all have a happy New Year! Any of you got resolutions?

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Writer to Writer #1 [Jan/Feb]

Thanks everyone for your fantastic participation in our first Writer to Writer! This is a little sample of our members’ work, as chosen and summarised/reviewed by their fellow members. For more - organised by the fic’s significant relationships, see our tag database (here x). I hope everyone can find something they enjoy!



The Pact by @chinesebakery  (FitzSimmons)
A wonderfully funny and romantic friends to lovers AU where Fitz and Jemma make a drunken pact to marry each other if they are still single when they’re 30, though each is secretly pining for the other and it takes some encouragement from Bobbi, Daisy, Elena, Mack, and Hunter to get them to take the next step.

Keep My Heart Slow by @bookishandbossy (FitzSimmons)
Take a journey back in time with Fitzsimmons, as they meet each other multiple times through the centuries. This bittersweet reincarnation AU will make you grin like an idiot and bawl your eyes out two sentences later, and yet still end on a hopeful note. 11/10 would recommend.

There’s a strange exhilaration by @florchis (FitzDaisy, FitzSkimmons)
Daisy and Fitz are both dating Jemma, but the relationship between the two is distant and somewhat contentious until they are lured into a game of Seven minutes in Heaven and made to face their attraction to each other. The relationships depicted are intriguing and complex; it’s an interesting take on what could become happy polyamory… or not.

FitzSimmons + models by @marvelouswhovianfairytales (FitzSimmons)
A wonderful, sweet, short drabble. Who wouldn’t want to read about Fitz being a reluctant participant in a drawing class only to find out that Jemma Simmons is in the class as well… except not to draw, but to be drawn?

The Way They Happen by @loved-the-stars-too-fondly (May, May x Skye)
Started almost a year ago, “The Way They Happen” is an ongoing, epic Time Traveler’s Wife AU with Melinda May at the helm. This story intricately intertwines canon material with a beautiful, slowly-unfolding May/Skye arc that will keep you asking for more.

Be the Lightning In Me that Strikes Relentless by @pizza-is-my-buziness (Skimmons)
This is an interesting twist on the Maveth scenario with a lovely Skimmons twist, has an amazing amount of fluff for a horrible situation and has some sitting on the edge of your seat moments! 

1440 Minutes by @fitzsimmonsftw(FitzSimmons)
This is a touching interpretation of how FitzSimmons work through their emotions following Will’s death. All it takes is a base lockdown, a much needed conversation, and a Doctor Who marathon to bring these two geniuses back together.

What’s Done is Done by @whatlighttasteslike(FitzSimmons)
This lovely coda fic perfectly captures the small tender moments between FS that we all desperately want to see, as well as the tensions as they try to balance their romantic and professional relationships. A thoughtful, gracefully written, sweetly emotional, and perfectly in-character missing moment.



The Family We Choose For Ourselves by @the-nerdy-stjarna (Bus Kids)
Do you love the Bus Kids? Then this fic is for you! A canon divergent AU sees Daisy going back to her adoptive brother’s (Fitz’s) house in a seeking of refuge. What happens there will have you sobbing your heart out, but you’ll be smiling through your tears at the end. This is a fic you don’t wanna miss!

Just Me & My Mum by @unlessimwrongwhichyouknowimnot (Fitz family)
If you like kid fic, this is the story for you. A bittersweet story about Fitz’s father and the importance of his mum on his life, written from (3rd person) child-Fitz’s perspective with appropriate & accurate use of the voice of a child.

The No.1 Bus Kids Detective Agency by @theclaravoyant (Bus Kids)
Adorable (AMAZING) FitzSkimmons brotp fic! Alternate ending for events following 4.08 (who’s really responsible for AIDA’s actions; who on the team is going to notice something’s wrong with May first…). Our Bus Kids are all grown up and saving the day all by themselves!



This is Us by @delicatelyglitteryperson (Various platonic, romantic FS & Static Quake)
Wonderful collection of different AUs and all different pairings of our favourite Bus Kids/Playground Family. Wide range of scenes, some family, some romance, some meet-cutes, (there’s even a Frozen AU!) all of them *wonderful!*

Operation: Shadows by @mockingbirdsquake(Various platonic + Maria/Sharon, Skye/Bobbi) If you’re interested in the wider world of Shield this could be the fic for you. It starts where AOS started but with a genetic modification AU twist that’s about to change Skye’s life and the Shield that you know. A grand, intriguing and sensual adventure focusing on Maria Hill and Skye and the women of Shield like you’ve never seen them before.